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Story JG-Leathers, photos by Mark
05 May, 2005
It was a dark and stormy night ....  Well, no, not really.  Actually it was a pretty nice. A 17th of March Spring evening in San Jose, California, just south of San Francisco and the heart of the famous Silicon Valley.  The primary kink group of the area, smOdyssey, had invited me to do a presentation on my version of human, Equine Harnessing, and after a short break, the presentation continued evolution into "The Creature".   A great bunch of folks , and definitely the place to be if you're in the San Francisco South Bay Area and want to find a friendly home with fellow kinksters.
The event started off quite early for me, what with loading in all of my gear: two large suitcases, a roll-aboard type bag, assorted springs and lengths of chain, and a blue box with assorted goodies tightly packed inside.  After that was done, it had to be laid out for display and some of it set up for an easy fitting process for my 'Victim'/demonstrator.
SmOdyssey has a wonderfully spacious play and meeting area and so I had lots of room ... definitely a good thing given the amount of equipment I'd brought along.  Saying that though, I had left an even larger pile of it back in Canada!  If I'd decided to bring it all, I'd have needed the better part of a semi-trailer.
Seeing as how it was St. Patrick's Day, I was wearing green, although there are some decidedly non-Saint Patrick type accoutrements beneath the top I wore.  In the picture above, I'm attempting to sort out some of the cabling and much of the gear can be seen displayed on the tables behind.
Above, three of my favourite gas mask/helmet combinations can be seen against the wall.  The one on the left was purchased at Mister-S a couple of years ago, the first time I met Mark.  It's traveled all over the world with me and become somewhat of a 'trademark' mask that I wear at parties and events.  The other two gas mask/helmet combinations are also favourites, but in a different context, for these are the ones I play in myself and use with partners when I'm in control of a situation, which, unfortunately, seems to be far too often even though I made The Creature ('TC') for me, I seldom get to actually play in it myself. (Read a 2004 article about The Creature)
On the left, in the middle foreground, are two spun, stainless steel breast cups and I use these primarily for costume purposes, rather than actual scene play.  However, if they're to be fitted to a lady, each cup has a small hole at the tip, wide enough for a thin chain to be slid through, and inside, on the other end of the chain is a snap hook, suitable for snagging a nipple ring.  Hhhhmmmm!  Yep!  That's right!  Tighten the chain, put a pin or lock through the emergent link, and Voila! ... a locked on, bra cup.  Too, the chains can then only be tightened, but NOT loosened.  It can make for an interesting situation, as I'm sure can be imagined.

In the left picture, the primary focus is on my leather Arm Corsets.  At the end of each there are other Mister-S purchases, these being Bondage Mitts, slightly modified to attach securely to the Corsets, which in turn can be strapped to the Chest Harness of The Creature, and once that combination has been fitted, there's NO way the wearer can get out of them without assistance. That's a basic concept for me, when either I'm the one in TC, or I've got someone else in it.
The centre picture .... I'm sure some have already discerned what it is, but for those who haven't, it's a teat sucker from a real milking machine, somewhat perverted by yours truly, and no apologies made.  The picture on the right shows two different butt plugs; both electrically capable of course.  The left one was obtained from P.E.S. and is a bipolar plug; meaning it can be used alone; having two electrically isolated contact strips.  The brass one is my own JG-Leathers creation that's just as effective, but it's only a single pole type, used in conjunction with the penile vacuum/electrical tube of TC's male version.  The length is sufficient to provide e-stim through the prostate gland to the other contacts in the penile tube and so increases the sensation perceived by a male wearer.
In the left picture, above, is the male 'receiver' fitted to a JG-Leathers created, TC crotch piece.  The receiver and its specialized, purpose-built pump are manufactured by the same good folks ABCO Research Associates who make the Sybian, and I can tell you from personal experience that if you haven't tried this device, it is SOMETHING else!
Not only does this evil device suckle, but it also squeezes at the same time, and that's a mind-blower to be sure!  However, being the perverter of technology, I've added-in the capability of e-stim while all of the other stuff is happening at the same time.  But, as with all experiences, there's a limit as to how much sensation can be withstood.  If the Venus-2000 is left active for an extended period after a climax has been generated, then it can truly be a strong and intimate 'punishment'.
The ladies have their Sybian and we have our Venus-2000's!  Who said technology is a bad thing?
The picture on the right shows the interior of the 'normal' male crotch piece, together with its assorted mounting and securing straps.  The little red thingie at the bottom of the picture is the electrical connection for the male crotch piece's 'good stuff', everything being relative, of course.
Here, I'm adjusting some of the hosing connections and in the foreground, one of my ErosTek ET-312's can be seen.  If you want the very best in e-stim equipment, for any scene; be it a teasing/tantalizing type, or a discipline/training scene, the equipment manufactured by ErosTek has no equal anywhere, and their equipment is, in my view, the Rolls Royce of e-stim gear.  Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of equipment delivered, and the versatility cannot be beaten.  Check them out at ErosTek.  You'll NOT be disappointed.
Above left is a close- up of the ET-312's control panel.  Simple and easy to use.  The vacuum pump for TC can be seen in the background.  Above right is an other ErosTek machine, the ET-302R; a unit with a remote control that's good for a considerable distance.  It's pretty amazing what kind of reactions can be obtained in a crowded room if your partner is wearing this.
I suppose it's pretty obvious what the equipment is in the above left picture.  The primary focus is on the female crotch piece for TC, this being the electrifiable dildo and its attached Inhibitor Bar.  However, I'm sure there're bound to be questions about the cap and long brass rod ...  This is an additional option for the male version of TC. Yep, you KNOW where that long brass rod goes!  As mentioned ... an option ... not a requirement.  With my multi-function design of the penile tube, the rod is one electrical pole and the double copper strips within the tube the other.
As to the application and usage ...  After the initial insertion of the brass 'sound', some at-first-mild stimulation with the e-stim begins, then comes the vacuum on the tube.  Yep, it's your classic 'hot rod'!!!  Pardon the pun, and yes, it WAS intended.  From there on things get even more interesting when the strength of the e-stim and vacuum are increased.
The picture on the right shows the interior detail of the vacuum/electrical breast cups.  These are side-specific and work equally as well on males as they do on females, giving the damndest Hickeys you've ever seen.  You'll note that I've said they were also electrically capable ...  A LOT of thought went into the creation of these cups.  Each set is quadruple checked, by me, in full operation, to ensure that their wiring polarities are correct.  Also, note the interior springs that guarantee a continuous contact on the nipple of the wearer, no matter the breast size.
Playing with electricity above the waist is NOT something to be indulged in without detailed and confirmed knowledge of electricity and its effect on the human body and nervous system!
If you are going to play with electricity, you MUST be aware of all the facts.  Is your partner knowledgeable enough?  Do you understand that this sort of play COULD be terminal?  Do you or your partner have ANY medical conditions that may be affected by such play?  If the answer to any of these questions is a 'Yes' or 'I'm not sure.' ... DON'T play!
JG-Leathers and accept no liability or responsibility for the use of electricity for stimulation. Pay attention, play responsibly, and play at your own risk.
The two pictures above show the head cage/collar combinations I've created; used to lock on their respective gas masks, then secure them to the chest harness of the the person in TC.  It's scary enough wearing a gas mask and helmet combination, knowing that you cannot get out of it by yourself, but to have one securely LOCKED in place ... well, that adds a completely new dimension to the whole concept.  Being encased in rubber, over and above the already flooding sensations of bondage and being totally controlled that arise from the wearing of the rest of the TC harness is quite a trip to experience.
The picture on the right shows the ear-defender head-set cups that act to eliminate most sound to the wearer, who normally, already has been fitted with earplugs, under the helmet.
Above is my newest and most favoured gas mask/helmet for REALLY playing in.  This was a gift from Mark who had no further use for it, but for which I saw immediate potential.  I brought it back to Canada in April, 2004 and proceeded to pervert it even further.  A helmet was added immediately, then additional air hoses, and finally, a full-face blackout panel was placed inside the mask.  The reason it's inside is that should the wearer ever have their hands and fingers free (THAT won't be permitted, if I'm in control!), then they still cannot manage to get rid of their blindness!
Once it's been fitted, not the slightest hint of light enters the mask and breath control is absolutely controlled by the top.  Inside, it's black and silent, and if you're gagged with the one of the Latexa ones at the bottom of the photo ... well, it's damned scary to say the very least.
And here, another word of caution is very definitely warranted ...   If you gag someone in a play session, ALWAYS be there to take it out immediately if there's evidence of distress.  I seldom wear a gag inside my gas masks as it is just TOO damned dangerous, to say nothing of scaring me nearly brainless.  To put someone else into that situation without being able to observe their face is unadulterated, idiocy. So the best idea is to FORGET combining gags and gas masks.
Above is a general conglomeration of equipment, most related to the Equine side of the TC harness.   In the centre of the left picture are three real horse's bits and a ball gag-type bit; all capable of being integrated to the JG-Leathers bridle.  The photo on the right shows one of the meanest bits I've ever come across.  This one can only be worn by people with fairly deep mouths, and even then, it's a real killer.  Although not fully visible, the portion that projects back over the tongue is quite long, and even before speech is attempted, this bit will stop it dead in its tracks.
A human horse needs to be shod as one, right?  However, nailing horse shoes to the human foot is not generally considered to be an idea with merit and so a company in Sydney, Australia: Reactor, specializes in making these boots, as well as supplying a wonderful variety of other toys and clothing for the Australian scene ... and yes, from personal experience, let me tell you there's definitely a viable and diverse scene happening 'down under'.
The picture on the right shows some of the metal mesh-clad hoses I employ for both vacuum and air supply lines to the TC equipment and gas masks.  They have a very striking, 'industrial' appearance, as will be seen in the pictures that follow; adding immensely to the visual presentation of TC.
Having had my Creature on display in an Art Gallery in Vancouver, I needed to create an explanation of what it was that people were seeing.  This is one of a series of six panels that partially define what The Creature is and does.
Busy beavers ...  Here, Travis is in the preliminary set-up stages of creating a suspension frame.  Believe it or not, all the aluminum struts laid out on the floor were his bed frame a few hours previously.  Me?  Well, I'm just futzing around with assorted adjustments to my gear and getting it ready to either be put on, or laying it out for display to to the wondering attendee's.  In the right upper corner the six panels described above can be seen on the white board.
Here, Travis has his 80/20 aluminum members laid out and is beginning to get the frame bolted together in a configuration slightly removed from it's previous use as a bed frame.  If you have the money and the desire, with just a smidgen of design skill and some minor mechanical ability, you can make literally ANYHTHING with this 80/20 system.  It truly is a mind-boggling construction system. Have a look at the article about Travis' bed frame, titled High Tech Restraint.
Travis and the smOdyssey construction crew ....  The suspension frame is taking its final shape.  The design is safe, simple, and totally rigid when all of the bolts have been properly tightened.  It will soon be put to the test.
Well!  We're slowly getting there!  My Presentation has begun; I'm dressed, my 'Victim', Charmaine, is mostly in her Horse Woman version of The Creature, and it's time to fit her bridle and bit.  Things are looking pretty good and to this point, she's willing to see just what all the fuss is about.
Charmaine has now been bitted, her reins have been attached, and her wrists have been secured to her sides, as they should be!  The reins, as intended, hold her in place while I blather on about the various aspects of the Horse Woman harness and how she's not going anywhere unless I permit it, and then she WILL go!
Hhhmmmm!  Charmaine seems a little uncertain about the restrictions that her bit imposes.  It's a pretty restricting arrangement, to be sure ... but it's called harness for good reason!
As you can see, I too have dressed for the part in my rubber cat suit, the steel breast cups (the cat suit is designed for this option), my Axsmar collar and the steel belt, complete with a locked-on, chastity crotch piece.  Believe it or not, it's a very comfortable and comforting sensation to be protected like that.  Of course, if the wearer doesn't have the keys to get out of the chastity gear, that opens up a whole other area of play.
In the picture above, the 'Bearing Reins' can be seen connected between Charmaine's  bridle and her waist cinch.  These vertical straps can be tightened to almost any degree and add even more to making the harness an extremely controlling environment, to say nothing of making it become quite uncomfortable after even a very short time.
Charmaine is beginning to understand just how thoroughly she is controlled.  She cannot release herself or ease any of the harness components that control her so effectively.  Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the OTHER end of the reins?  A short excursion in the Horse Woman/Man version  of TC will show you what a horse experiences ... very quickly.
TC has been designed to offer a wide range of adjustment and will fit most human frames, but generally, if I make one, it's custom-fitted to that individual.
Directional control!  THAT's what it's all about  with a Human Horse Woman or Horse Man.  However, it's not JUST about the physical side of the scene.  There's a whole range of mental imagery that many folks indulge in with Human Equine Play. Wearing of the harness, bridle, and bit, greatly aids the wearer to sink into a 'sub-space' that has no equivalent within the other parts of the B&D/S&M spectrum.
It's a special area; one that can be a great deal of fun and very fulfilling to explore although some would argue that turning your play partner into an 'animal' is both demeaning and disrespectful.  However, as in the old cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  If a critic hasn't been there, he/she has no right to pass judgment.
Travis makes some 'mid-flight' adjustments to the suspension frame, during the 20 minute break and costume change for Charmaine.  In the picture on the right, the springs I employ for semi- or full suspension can be seen.  These are standard, ordinary, every day garage door springs, each rated at 60 lb. tension.   Depending on the weight of the person I play with, I 'gang' as many springs as needed to the TC Harness, to either semi-suspend them (or myself), or take them fully into a dangling, helpless, mid-air suspension.
What results once fully suspended, is a bouncing, floating sensation that is very enjoyable to experience,  I call it the Adult Jolly Jumper, and with the proper (or improper!) levels of stimuli being applied, you can be assured that there WILL, in fact be, some considerable jumping about!
In the left picture, Charmaine has been fitted with some of the more interesting parts of The Creature, and is pretty happy with things ... so far.  She has no worries about falling, but wearing the arm corsets and mitts along with the steel spreader bar and cuffs, there is no way for her to extricate herself ... and it's GOING to get more intense!
The right picture shows the other type of springs I employ for restraint within the TC matrix.  These also are 'ganged for effectiveness as well as visual appeal.  When properly adjusted, they pull the wearer's arms and/or legs out and away from the body, and no matter how strong a person is, after a while their muscles tire, then ... BOING!  The hands and arms and/or legs return to the original orientation!  The springs ALWAYS win.
I believe that at this point a little nervousness had begun to set in on Charmaine's part. The suspension springs can easily be seen, as well as those to her wrist separator bar.  A quick comment here about that last item ...  with a wrist separator bar locked between her bondage mitts, there is absolutely NO way for her to escape it.
In other more interesting areas, it can be seen that her breast cups have now had both the vacuum and the electrical connections completed, but these were not active at the time this picture was taken.
In the left picture, it's uncertain what's going through Charmaine's mind at this point, but I'm sure she must have been wondering at both her own sanity (and mine, as the creator) and why on Earth she'd gotten herself into this predicament.
In the picture on the right, you might describe me as 'a man happy in his work', while I connect the wires for the electrical, buttock 'spanker' pads, soon to be used to bring some small rays of sunshine into her life.
And NOW it begins to get much more intense, both for my victim and for the audience.  Charmaine has been fitted with the gas mask/helmet combination and can see absolutely nothing; thus increasing her sense of isolation and total, helpless vulnerability a hundred-fold.  She though, being the trouper she is, handled it extremely well, and although perhaps frightened, was a willing volunteer.
The final adjustments are made and she's just about ready to begin her 'ride' into a place she didn't know existed.  Although Charmaine is an fully experienced player, there is NO doubt that a scene like this doesn't happen every day.  Her bondage, to say nothing of her vulnerability, is complete and totally under my control.   That alone can be a scary place to be, but there is more ... MUCH more, to come.
Perhaps it needn't be mentioned, but the physical and mental well-being of any of my victims is of primary importance in a situation such as the one above.  I continually check in with my partner to ensure that she's OK and if she becomes too frightened of where she's being taken, the scene stops then and there.  This being said, Charmaine was ready for the next part of her 'ride'.
She can do nothing but wait for it to begin ... whatever 'it' may be, and although I'd previously told her a little of what I planned to do to her, she truly had no idea of what was to come.  It could be mild ... OR ... it could take her to the very limits of her experience and endurance ... and beyond.
Without doubt, it's a visual treat for many to watch someone in the rig you see here, but add-in to that visual treat the certain knowledge that it ALL works as it looks like it should.  As a victim or wearer of TC, that knowledge alone can be pretty disconcerting, but that too adds to the whole ambience of a 'ride' ... terror, anticipation, and a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness ... it all goes into the mix.  Then, one adds the body's own endorphins created during physical struggling in TC and you've got a pretty explosive mixture.
In the above two pictures, the Inhibitor Bar can be seen with more clarity.  Any woman fitted with the device cannot help but be aware of its presence deep between her thighs, nor can she escape it.  As mentioned, the IB is directly and solidly connected to the dildo Charmaine has been fitted with and so ANY motions of her legs translates directly to an intimately-felt sensation.
Not only can the end of the Inhibitor Bar be used as a leash connection point, but if of sufficient length, ankle hobble chains can also be threaded through its tip ring and thus an even more concerted control can be exerted.  Imagine wearing it, and every pace you take, or are made to take, the Inhibitor Bar is jostled in weird directions, and as consequence, the dildo too.
Being an Aulde Pharte, I tend to use speech notes a lot, and here's a perfect example.  I haven't forgotten my victim though, who is now at 'light simmer' from the assorted stimuli being sent to her.  It's sort of like the old Carly SImon Ketchup song ... Anticipation.
In the picture on the right, a little more detail can be seen of the gas mask's air supply hoses, as well as the arm movement limiter springs.   Even the burst from the camera's flash gun doesn't penetrate her mask while she waits for the next sensation to arrive.
Now it's time for a little fun, and so the games begin ... for real.   The first thing to do is increase the e-stim to the breast cups and this gets an immediate, strong reaction, to say nothing of a surprised yelp or three.  I've been asked what I get out of doing this when I'm in top/controller mode, and that's pretty easy to answer.  First of all, of course, is a feeling of power, but there's much more to it than just that.
I enjoy taking ladies to areas within themselves that they've not explored before, either in private, as is mostly the case, or in public, if that's their desire.  It's a journey of MUTUAL exploration, and to watch 'the light come on' behind her eyes, is a tremendous reward for me.   Too, I like to show off my creations and just how effective they are, and that can provide a lot of enjoyment also.
Ah!  NOW things are beginning to get somewhat more intense, as can be seen from Charmaine's reaction to increased stimuli to the dildo, as well as higher levels to her breast cups.  There's no escape though, but after a few muffled screams and yelps, the stimuli are backed off, but are NOT stopped.  Obviously, the suspending springs are needed, otherwise she'd have collapsed.
The workout that TC gives is an intense one, without question.  For a few moments, Charmaine was permitted to regain both her breath and senses and the suspending springs allow her to sag into the embrace of TC. even though the breast cups continue to suckle strongly.
Well, no rest for the wicked, and so it begins again!  Charmaine, of course, has no idea when it will, and just has to semi-dangle in her blindness, waiting for things to become more interesting.  There was no question of that happening, and soon she was once more dancing for the crowd, complete with her own muffled vocal accompaniment.
Wearing this gas mask and its hose configuration makes shaking of the head in a negative signal virtually impossible.  Even ordinary movements are quite restricted, adding even more to the feeling of encapsulation and helplessness.  Although she is attempting to get her hands to her body to pull away the things that are tormenting her, the bondage set-up prevents it very effectively.
Obviously, a back view of my pointy head, gray hair and its clip.  In the background, Charmaine awaits further data/stimuli, but now things are getting close to the end and I can see just from her stance that she's tiring rapidly.
That damned gas mask and helmet are finally removed and it's obviously a great relief.  My 'victim' appears suitably fried by her experience and it DOES take a while to come back down after even as brief a ride as she's had.  The experience is definitely a physical workout, creating strong sensations and reactions.  Mentally and emotionally, it can be equally as draining, for TC is designed to assault and control totally, and so can be  a very strong challenge, even to those who've already experienced other sessions/rides.
My presentation would not have been possible without Charmaine's willingness to trust that I would not take her to places she didn't want to go.
What we did was a relatively mild ride and the stimulation was not anywhere near as strong as it could have been.  No matter how experienced and strong a scene player is, like the springs, The Creature ALWAYS wins.
And here she is, ready to come out and call it a day.  It was a very interesting experience for us both and although I've thanked Charmaine in person, I must do so again, for she was an incredibly easy person to work with for the presentation and a happy, responsive victim, despite all of the nasty surprises I introduced.
Although my presentation ran a little over the allotted time, it was fun for us all and I got to meet a whole lot of new friends.  What more can one ask than that?
My sincere thanks go to Erich and Margaret particularly, for inviting me to be a part of smOdyssey, and to the whole happy crew in San Jose, for a great night and a lot of fun.
Click HERE for information about the author JG-Leathers.
CAUTIONARY NOTE: This article is not meant to serve as instructions or an invitation to build your own version of The Creature. JG-Leathers has years of experience with his apparatus, and is fully aware of the heights and hazards it creates.
Should you decide to play or experiment with any of the above mentioned gear, make sure that all the people involved FULLY understand the risks. Breath control and electrical stimulation are especially dangerous. Get educated before you play. does not accept any liability or responsibility for recreation of The Creature or similar combinations of equipment. Pay attention, play responsibly, and play at your own risk.