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JG-Leathers - The Creature
Kinks R Us? Not quite, but a fascinating description of some of the interests and devices JG-Leathers is noted for. Truly, it's the
world he lives in, as told by someone who's been around his own slightly bent block a little. You'll find your exploration of this richly illustrated article to be nothing less than entertaining and informative.
By JG-Leathers
03, Apr, 2004
hhhmmm.... The Creature .... What the hell is THAT all about you ask? And, more to the point, who is JG-Leathers?
I'm a fellow kink and sensation slut, and have created a set of equipment that, collectively, I define as “The Creature”, or TC. It's MY hobby; a life long love and fascination that's the equivalent of golf, cars
hockey, boats, or model railroads.
The intent of TC is to pursue the exploration of my senses by stimulating them to the limit, and many times beyond what can be experienced in life.
Also, I didn't want to just limit it to the male gender, and so one of my many design parameters was that TC be a uni-sex creation right from the beginning.
Paris 2002 - The Kinky Princess, ready for the Ball! This was my costume for the Nuit Demonia Party, which caused quite a stir.
Luckily, I've inherited an ability to visualize and sketch, as well as to write reason-ably well, and have accumulated other skills along the way that have helped me to get to where I am now ... wherever in hell THAT is!
I've always been fascinated with harnesses of various types, and over the years, created different versions from all sorts of materials. In conjunction with this fascination, the command and control aspect that so fascinates all of us in the scene goes hand in hand, and so, after some initial and unsatisfying purchases of equipment from various suppliers, I decided to build my own. TC as it now exists is getting close to the culmination of this life long love, but perhaps first I should give a little of its history.
Harnesses, by their very nature and definition are the embodiment of control, and also, for the most part, a highly visual definition of it. I looked around and saw many examples of them (parachute, safety, and animal types), and eventually, settled on the idea of one that would
turn the wearer, be they male or female, into a human horse. I set about creating my first purpose-built version, but even then the idea of using other options to both discipline and train the wearer was in the
back of my mind, and I began to develop those concepts also.
What resulted from my first effort was a bridle/head stall, a chest piece, a waist cinch, and a set of crotch pieces for either male or female wearers. It took some time to bring this equipment to completion, but in the summer of 1980 it was done, and I began to play with my creations and look for ladies to wear it for me.
These are some of my first photos of the original version of the Horse Woman - Pony Girl harness taken back in the early 1980's. My first model was most co-operative and seemed to enjoy her excursion into kinkery!
I found a model and took suitable pictures, then, with some good fortune, showed them to a publisher friend in Los Angeles. In time, my pictures appeared in one of their magazines, and have since become widely spread throughout the web on various pony girl/horse women dedicated sites. A couple of years after the article and my pictures appeared, the video PONY GIRLS AT THE RANCH was made, in which I 'starred' as the ranch ramrod bad ass. Imagine that!
Of course these occurrences were very gratifying, but I wasn't really all that happy with the harness/TC as it then existed, and so began to work slowly on developing The Creature, and its assorted talents even further. I read a great deal, and one of my other fascinations was
the employment of chastity belts. That too became an element in the creative process for TC, as a chastity belt is one of the most basic of command and control devices, and so the idea of control of the wearer's sexual capabilities was also included as one of my design parameters.
Bondage within TC is a basic concept, and I made provisions for The Creature to be irremovable by the wearer; employing hand and ankle cuffs together with suitable restraint arrangements and this is when TC, as it currently exists, began to evolve more fully.
These are concept drawings and, I feel, not very good because I can barely draw the human figure, but the idea comes across pretty well :-). I generally do quite a few drawings before actually creating the real equipment.
Other than the discipline and control that could be exerted by the reins to the bit and bridle in the Horse Woman/Horse Man configuration, I wanted other capabilities to be available and so went looking for additional means of enhancing TC. However, I'm not into 'impact sports' (flogging, whipping, beating, etc.) and too, the harness, covering so much of the wearer's body, made any sort of flogging or whipping almost pointless. I still wanted something that would be extremely intense to experience, and what came to mind was some sort of vacuum system that could be employed on either a male or a female.

Naturally, I wanted the devices to be applied to the breasts of both male and female wearers of TC, and for the male, there was another obvious and interesting area ... the crotch. I began to think about and create the appropriate equipment, and thus came the development of the vacuum penis tube and breast cups.
My second model, shot in the mid-80's while I still lived in Ottawa. The harness continued to evolve.
Being the person I am, THAT wasn't enough, and I discovered the SAFE use of electricity for scene play. I had enough brains, even then, to understand that house current was NOT something to mess around with, and so went looking for some sort of device that would supply the extreme stimulation I craved.
What I first decided upon were cattle prods, then I discovered there were things called TENS units and these seemed to fit the bill quite well for a number of years. I've since moved on to purpose designed e-stim (electrical stimulation) machines made by ErosTek, and to me they are the Rolls-Royce of e-stim toys.
Of course, once I discovered the availability and uses of electricity, my mind leapt to the thought of combining it with the vacuum and bondage to
provide an even more wild stimulation experience. This concept necessitated the first of many revisions of the designs for the components of TC. In due course I created vacuum and electrical stimulation (either separately or together) capable breast cups that worked equally as well on males or females, and of course, the vacuum/electrical penis tube, with even more evil options.
More concept drawings for The Creature. The breast vacuum/electrical cup as illustrated has yet to be created, but the gas mask arrangement has been finished.
I considered placing other e-stim contacts throughout the other portions of the harness, but rejected the idea; going instead for the idea of selective sensory deprivation and stimulation, and this led into the next area of development.
Another long-time fascination and love of mine was gas masks and their inherent limitation of one's senses and ability to breathe without restriction and/or control. It was time for one to be incorporated into the make up of The Creature and so I purchased the first of many that were to follow, then modified it so that the wearer's primary senses (hearing and sight) could be completely governed by the 'controller'.
Blinder panels for the eye ports, together with ear plugs and sound reduction-elimination ear muffs were soon added to the mix. Eventually, I discovered companies that made 'after market' modi-fications to gas masks, incorporating full rubber head and neck covering helmets, and so I went and got some of THOSE also.
Along the way I'd also created leather wrist and ankle cuffs, collars and head harnesses of assorted types and capabilities, but I wanted still more ... as we all seem to at some point in our voyages of discovery within the scene. I'd made leather head cages already; i.e. the human equine bridle, so making others that would fit over and around the gas mask wasn't a major creative effort or problem. These
were designed and integrated to a wide collar, and the entire arrangement was and is quite intimidating to wear. Naturally, it could be locked in place, preventing removal by the wearer, and so I began to get closer to my, still unfulfilled, ideal Creature.
These pictures were taken at Dressing For Pleasure in 1988, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. My first public appearance wearing The Creature and it was a blast. People just couldn't believe that someone would dress up in an outfit like THAT!
Blinded and deafened in the gas mask. As you can see, I'm preparing for the play session, and could not stop the shivering anticipation of what was to soon come. My 'controller' was very happy to watch and assist while I dressed, and anxiously waited to take the controls.
I also liked the idea of suspension in combination with restraint; sort of a mobile bondage experience if you will: an oxymoron if ever there was one! This was a designed in capability, for the harness was already endowed with a plethora of sturdily mounted rings built into its structure. How to manage this though? A trip to the local hardware store provided the answer, as it does for so many of us, and I settled upon the use of garage door springs and 'ganged' bungie cords. All one needed to do was to climb on a stool, connect the springs to the harness, then step off. What would result, I knew, would be a bouncing type of suspension, and I could then happily swing there in mid-air in my glorified version of a 'baby bouncer'; all the while being stimulated by the e-stim machines and vacuum gear. Seemed like a good idea and so I pursued the creation of the environment with dedication. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.
And so, here I was, waiting for it all to begin. Yes, I was scared of what was soon to come, but also very much desiring the intense sensations ... ones I had no control over, except for screaming protests to stop, and even then, they may have continued! Once they began, there was no way I could stop them, and I'd told my 'controller' to be uncaring of any wails or howling I made.
Ah! Nirvana achieved at last? Nope! I wanted yet more (of course!) and so began to work on the idea of self-bondage while all of the pre-ceding was going on. Crazy? Probably, but I wanted a 'ride' that would both scare the hell out of me, and thrill as no other could, and therefore I began to employ the steel ankle and wrist cuffs I'd modified and made some 'liners' for. Eventually, I had all of the equipment I needed to make my desired scene come true, then spent much time planning how it would go, until at last the day came.
At this point I should digress for a moment and say that there is a huge amount of pre-planning and arranging that must be done for a session like this ... but it isn't only the placement and sequencing for getting INTO the situation .... one must also plan to get OUT of it ... at some point.
Once standing on the stool, I connected my ankle cuffs to widely separated floor rings, using lighter tension springs. This wasn't all that easy, for the springs to my ankles pulled constantly, but I was getting closer.
The garage door springs were then connected to the harness, but I wasn't yet wearing the gas mask and helmet. The switch for the vacuum pump was close to
LEFT Pic - This was my first of a very few local, public appearances and play, here in Vancouver. In this picture, I was already suspended and being subjected to various stimulating sensations. CENTRE Pic - This picture was shot in up-state New York and has since been used as a CD cover picture. Again, as is my constant aim and desire, I was utterly helpless to escape the situation I was in, and had to rely on the kindness of the people with me to be eventually freed. RIGHT Pic - This is a self portrait taken at my home. It was difficult to take this series, being totally alone, but where there is a will, there IS a way!
hand and so I turned it on, gasping from the sensation of the penis tube and breast cups sucking themselves leech like onto my body. It was at that point I turned up the e-stim to a level I THOUGHT I could withstand for an extended period, then began to fit my head into the gas mask and it's helmet. Once zipped closed, over the top went the head cage, and I locked it in place, then integrated it to the chest harness, adding even more to my bondage experience and the feeling of isolation.
Finally came the moment of truth and I fumbled to lock my wrist cuffs to other springs from the ceiling. I pretty much knew where they were and could pull my hands close enough together to fasten the springs to the cuffs, but as soon as I relaxed, my hands and arms were pulled out and away from each other, and this would become even more intense in just a moment. I still stood in precarious balance on the stool, some 2 feet above the floor, and then, taking a deep breath, I stepped off into nothingness...
These pictures are more recent in origin and show one of my favorite bondage arrangements. Without assistance, there is NO way to get out of this situation, and any struggling to do so, or to escape the intense sensations of the electrical stimulation and strong suction of the vacuum appliances only results in a wild bouncing ride on the suspending garage door springs. I'm waiting for it all to begin, in some terror of how my new domme friend will treat me.
The stool was nudged back behind me and there I was, hung in mid-air, arms spread widely apart by the tensioned springs, legs pulled apart the same way, blind, deafened; virtually helpless and vulnerable while being suckled by the vacuum, and shocked by the E Stim machines. God! What a sensation that first time (and every one since!)! I struggled against the restriction of the springs, feeling myself
Seeing as how I dislike 'impact sports' such as flogging, I designed an electrical system that does the same thing, VERY intensely, but without leaving marks. Naturally, one has to be leashed to prevent escape from the discipline, and so I was :-).
bounce up and down on the heavier ones, but able to pull my arms and legs against the other, lighter ones, and found that I was pretty well helpless while all of the stimulation was occurring, but it didn't stop, and I had no way of getting to the controls!
Their switches had swung beyond where I could reach them, suspended as I was, and so I just had to endure what was happening, and they were a pretty wild set of feelings on top of everything else I'd done. I couldn't see to get my hands near them, and so had to suffer the almost unbearable sensations they continued to generate.
Every few minutes they'd seem to peak at the same time, and I couldn't help the yells and occasional screams I made, but they didn't matter, for the helmet and gas mask muffled most of them, and, being in the basement of the house with the door to my dungeon closed, no sound escaped the room.
All good things come to an end, and some unknown time later I wanted to escape my self-imposed bondage. Oops! How could I find the stool I'd stood on to get myself into this fix? I couldn't see, thanks to the locked-on gas mask and helmet, and wearing the high heeled thigh boots, I couldn't sense where it was behind me, to say nothing of the springs keeping my legs apart! Damn!

Gas masked, blinded and fitted with the vacuum/electrical breast cups: Although my face can't be seen in these pix, I had an expression of terror while the vacuum sucked at my breasts - simultaneously shuddered by pulsing waves of electro-stimulation. As much as I tried to pull my hands down it was impossible to manage.
I hung there for quite some time, ever more aware of the effects of the vacuum and e-stim, then tried to pull my hands together to release the springs that separated them. I could barely manage it for a few seconds, but my muscles soon tired and my arms were tugged out again, leaving me precisely where I'd been! I tried bouncing myself onto the stool, but that too met with no success and I realized I HAD to get my hands free before any further release could be effected, and the e-stim and vacuum could be turned off.
Well, because you're reading this, it's obvious I eventually man-aged to free myself and recover from the experience, but it wasn't the last one, and I look forward to many more to come, hopefully even more intense.
The situation described above is by no means an open invitation for anyone else to try the same thing. I thought long and hard about all the options and situations I could imagine before doing it, and even THEN, I damned nearly didn't get out of it. Being both the designer and creator of the equipment and situation
described, I cannot stress too strongly how dangerous self-bondage can be. Certainly, many of us are driven to experiment with it, but if you're not paying REAL AND DETAILED attention to what you're doing, no matter that your equipment is the safest and strongest money can buy, you could very well find that you'll be explaining your unexpected appearance at the Pearly Gates to the guardian angel, much to its amusement and laughter. PAY ATTENTION! Self bondage can easily and quickly become a life or death situation, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself if things go sideways, but by then, it's too bloody late.
Along my journey I've accumulated a ton of gear, as we all seem to do. I make most of my own 'toys' (primarily for my own entertainment) and have many other pieces I've purchased: boots, gas masks, steel restraints, corsets, rubber suits, etc., and keep adding more to the ensemble that I've described as The Creature. Fairly early on, one of the things I discovered was that I really liked rubber enclosure,and to this point have had three rubber cat suits.

My 'controller' and the panel that runs all of The Creature's functions. She took great delight in turning the various dials and switches, then looking at me, at the other end of the room while I bounced around and fought my restraints, desperate and all the while howling and, occasionally, screaming when all the sensations peaked at the same time. needless to say, at the same time, the vacuum and electrical crotch gear was ALSO in full and frightening operation.
The most recent suit is quite thick and designed specifically to be worn under the TC harness, with all part of the e-stim and electrical equipment still remaining fully functional. Combined with the helmeted gas mask, gloves, boots of various types, and a rubber corset, I can manage a complete encasement and a totality of bondage experience that is hard to describe.
Outside Play: LEFT Pic - Shot only a month ago, I was fully encased in my cat suit, helmet and gas mask, then taken out into the back yard of my home and leashed to a lawn auger by a chain to the 'Inhibitor Bar' of my chastity belt. It was an incredibly arousing and scary experience to be left out on the lawn, knowing I could NOT escape, and I suppose that is one of the big factors for me ... knowing of the completeness and inescapability of the bondage I enjoy playing in. CENTRE Pic - a detail shot of the neck corset that covered and secured the neck tube of the gas mask/helmet as well as the high neck tube of the rubber suit. It is integrated to the torso corset, preventing any easy removal by me. What an exhilarating feeling to be such a captive! RIGHT Pic - I suppose one could call this picture "Fried but not Freed". It was a long day out on the chain leash, and if it had been other than a photo session, I'd have been happy to be kept out until night came, and maybe beyond.
The advent of the internet was a boon beyond words, for it has allowed us to come together as a community, where before, we all thought we existed in individual vacuums of personal weirdness. It's been wonderful to discover that we have plenty of company in our kink desires, to one degree or another, and when it comes right down to it, it's a freeing experience. In this regard, I came across a web site, back in 1997 that carried a supposedly true story that was extremely arousing and attractive to me. The site (since gone) was called, simply “SABRINA” and I found it on the ALTAIRBOY web site ( a free and wonderfully comprehensive site dealing with

chastity belts and their use.

'Sabrina' was something else. SUPPOSEDLY, she was a young German woman, held as a consensual, yet secret household prisoner by her master, kept confined in a full metal body harness and set of restraints. Apparently, she is always leashed to the wall of the hidden household dungeon, in a time locked, sealed cell and high security area and is never permitted to emerge from of this secret area of the house. Sabrina is required to wear a full rubber 'surf' suit, and a her metal restraint harness
is both bolted and riveted around her body and limbs on top of it, being removed every few weeks for a full cleaning while she is kept in 'light restraints'.
LEFT Pic - "Is THIS what you want to put me into?" she asked with a slight anticipatory shudder. I smiled and said yes it is... CENTRE LEFT Pic - We're part way to her full encasement, and here she is being subjected to the control of the Inhibitor Bar, which is securely and mechanically connected to a substantial, electrifiable dildo. There is no possible way for her to avoid the tug of the leash, for if pulled in one direction, the dildo moved quite disconcertingly in the opposite one. It's a sublimely controlling arrangement. CENTRE RIGHT Pic - I think at this point of the session, the lady was wondering strongly about her sanity (and mine). The picture could easily be entitled "Oh my God! Am I NUTS?" RIGHT Pic - Fully suspended and ready for some fun. She's been drawn up by means of a slightly perverted garage door opener system and awaits the beginning of the session with more than a little trepidation. Note the tensioned spring to the lady's Inhibitor Bar.
Her harness incorporates a chastity belt, a chastity bra, a metal head cage, a wrist separator bar of some 16 inches length (thus preventing her from using her hands in conjunction), and a device called a Spanish Trapezoid. The trapezoid keeps her legs constantly separated and limits her ability to walk freely. All of the component pieces are joined with chains, and her wrist separator bar is interlinked with the trapezoid in such a way that when she stands erect, it snaps tightly to her waist band, and at the same time, her elbows are pulled into and slightly behind her body. Sabrina also has a 25 pound steel ball connected to her ankle separator bar by a short chain, making her ability to walk even more limited.
Metal Head Cage/Collar Pix: LEFT Pic - This is my first version of the 'Sabrina Style', integrated Head Cage and Collar, and was finally created after years of thoughts on the design and how it would feel to be secured in something so limiting. It performed precisely as I wanted it to, and once locked into the thing, it proved indeed to be VERY restricting. Of course, it integrates to the remainder of the Metal Restraint And Discipline Harness. LEFT CENTRE - The metal Head Cage and Collar with the added options of the normal gag panel and the vision restriction panel. A feeding gag and a full blindfold can also be fitted. RIGHT CENTRE - The 'Full Monty' Here I'm confined in the first version of the full Sabrina style metal harness, leashed, and semi-suspended in the Slave Swing. Again, there is no escape, and I love the sensation and knowledge. RIGHT Pic - A detail picture of the front of the Metal Restraint And Discipline Harness. If you look closely, you can see the lighter chains connected to the ends of the wrist separator bar. These act to automatically pull the wrist bar tight to the wearer's waist band when the legs are straightened in any way. A similar set acts on the wearer's upper arm cuffs, pulling them in tight to the body and limiting freedom of the hands and arms even more.
'Sabrina' sleeps most nights chained to the floor on some thing mats, and at other times of her Master's choosing, is hung in a thing called the 'Slave Swing' to spend the night.
As the term of her imprisonment has lengthened further additions have been, again supposedly, been made to her discipline regime. Along her journey, her nose has been fully pierced and she now wears a bar that transfixes both her outer nostrils and septum.
Within the nostrils the bar passes through the ends of a U shackle, and this hangs down with a 20 inch leash chain permanently attached. Sabrina is also, now, forced to exercise by being fastened to either a treadmill or a 'galley oar machine', and if she doesn't work, e-stim of varying but irresistible strengths is applied automatically until she does.
Of course she cannot even hope to escape this arrangement, and at this writing, has again, SUPPOSEDLY, been a prisoner in the dungeon for some 7 years.
More could be written about 'Sabrina' here, but I shan't go further than what I've already placed before you. Suffice it to say that I've written a partial biography of Sabrina, having been totally fascinated with her situation for such a long time.

ABOVE - Concept drawings made for Sabrina's permanent nose jewellery. The U
shackle into the nostrils has a permanently fastened, 50 cm long light leash chain attached. Once fitted, the design is such that it cannot be removed without cutting of the flesh and cartilage in which the bar is embedded. BOTTOM THREE - Illustrations I've done for a couple of my stories about Horse Women and Pony Girls. They get the general idea across, I feel.
These pictures were taken in Germany in October of 2002, and show the total controllability that the bridle and harness render the wearer into. It may surprise, but I thoroughly enjoyed those sensations, and HAD to go where the reins pulled. To add even more to the control that could be exerted, I also had been fitted with an e-stim capable penile tube, and it was used to place me where I was supposed to be for the pix, much to my delight and some terror.
I've mentioned her in this narrative, to indicate where my latest area of fascination with the scene has gone, and that is into the area of metal restraint equipment. Sabrina's tale, true or not (and probably not), has also provided me with the inspiration to write many stories in regard to the type of situation she's found herself in, as well as the previously mentioned, partial biography, and given me immense enjoyment while doing so.
At this point in my journey, I've managed to build the prototypes of Sabrina's full metal restraint harness, and am now actively in the process of duplicating it more fully, with some of my own innovations thrown into the mix. MY harness, both male and female versions, has all of the original capabilities including the gag panels (regular and a options hers does, 'feeding' type, which she wears nearly all of the time), a sight limiter panel and blind fold, and for female usage, a remotely controlled, electrified dildo. The male version has the vacuum-electrical penis tube and breast cups also. I've created much of the other equipment and devices that 'Sabrina' must endure, and so my journey of exploration continues unabated.
ABOVE LEFT Pic - Ah yes! And now for some vibratory entertainment! It's truly wonderful how one can pervert an ordinary vibrator sander! You can see it taped to the Inhibitor Bar between her spread legs. ABOVE CENTRE Pic - It was time for the rubber helmet and ball gag, and here, the lady is being subjected to all of the interesting and terrifying sensations that The Creature is capable of generating, but I'm not done with her yet! ABOVE RIGHT Pic - Totally helpless! Suspended, helmeted, gas masked, blinded, deafen-ed, and with the e-stim on at medium, vacuum suckling her breasts, and vibrator going at full speed! She made some quite interest-ing noises while dangling and jerking frantically at her restraints, but there was no way out!
LEFT - Concept drawing of the 'cow girl' crotch piece. This provides all of the necessary sanitary facilities for long term wear, and although not fully created at this writing, it IS being worked on. ABOVE - The first concept drawing of a full-flow enema butt plug. High colonic irrigations can easily be done with this piece of equipment, but further modifications are required to make it fully functional.
It is my duty and obligation here to state that SAFETY and CONSENSUALITY are the paramount considerations in all of the scene activity I engage in. It may not seem that way, after you've read of my self-bondage experience, but it WAS there. I've made a substantial effort to ensure that my play is safe by reading assorted articles on the human body, its responses, behavioral science, the effects of e-stim, hard-ware manuals, and dungeon etiquette.
In playing with others, CONSENSUALITY is an absolute.If you don't abide by that prime directive, then you may, and SHOULD be sent to jail. No if's, and's, or but's about it. I won't play with 'newbies' because I want the person I play with to have experienced both vanilla and kinky sex in all of their glories, before we do. Body language is very important. I spend a couple of hours or days, learning about the person I'll play with, or she with me, before we proceed to a 'session'. I want more of a 'connection' with the people I play with, than just the scene experience and so, some other outside interests have to be present too, for everything to work for me.
Sabrina Style Metal Harness: These pictures show the first versions of the metal chastity harness. LEFT Pic - Obviously, a bra with a difference! Maidenform will never accept THIS design! This garment can be locked onto the wearer (male or female) and totally prevents access to the wearer's breasts by any but the person with the keys. A feature that isn't readily apparent, are the holes at the apex of each cup, through which a thin chain can be passed and connected to the wearer's nipple rings, then tugged outward to any desired tension, and LOCKED. CENTRE Pic - The integrated metal Head Cage/Collar combination. At this point the piece had not been finished fully, but was already fully functional. RIGHT Pic - The very first version of the male chastity and discipline crotch piece of the metal harness. Note the vacuum and electrical components that provide some outstanding sensual journeys.
I've enjoyed all of the people I've met in 'the scene'. Ninety-five percent of them are interesting, intelligent, curious, and empathetic, and want to push their own particular envelopes, whatever they may be.
The word 'empathy', to me, is probably the most important in the whole scene, for then the top will take care of both him/herself and the one they play with.
And there, you have a small look at JG-Leathers, my inspiration, some desires, and The Creature.
Click HERE for the biography of JG-Leathers, or go to his web site at: