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The Art of Canvas Bondage
Explore the restrictive qualities of a Maxcita canvas Sleepsack
20 Jan , 2006 - Introduction by Mark, modeling by Jon, gear by Travis, photos and video by LT-Switch
et's not kid ourselves, if you own a Sleepsack you have one of the most unusual and restrictive pieces of bondage gear available
on the market today. Congratulations!
Although Sleepsacks are quite stunning when you first see them, they are nothing more than a leather, rubber or canvas bag which is made to fit the contours of the human body. The material is chosen according to the fetish interests of the wearer: leather is very sensual and erotic, rubber is used for its scent, color and elastic properties, and canvas is a favorite for people who are attracted to an institutional hospital look and feel.
Some Sleepsacks zip closed, others lace, and still others use straps and buckles. The canvas Sleepsack in the photo to the right uses all three of these methods to assure a tight, formfitting and completely inescapable experience.
The most ingenious part of a Sleepsack are the full-length arm sleeves which are attached to the inside the sack. You can't see them from the outside, but when you enter the sack you slip your arms into these fiendish enclosures and once the sack is secured your arms are pinned helplessly at your sides preventing you from using your arms or hands in any way. For the bondage connoisseur this experience is nothing less than a thrill of a lifetime. By the way, the internal sleeves make the sack impossible to use for self-bondage - an activity which I don't recommend anyway.
These days there are many variations of Sleepsacks and bondage bags available for purchase. The variations span types of materials used for manufacturing, and include more extreme accessories like attached hoods, inflatable sacks, suspendable sacks, straitjacket sacks and double-lined sacks. Make sure you are fully aware of the options and functions of a Sleepsack before you purchase one.
The Sleepsack presented in this article was created by Dr. Mad Max from Maxcita. Max specializes in canvas bondage gear, but also manufactures a wide array of hoods and other unique and bizarre gear. The Sleepsack on this page includes a detachable hood from Max, and the brown leather straps suspending the Sleepsack were made by Humane Restraint.
This Sleepsack was also featured in a previous article in which I donned head-to-toe rubber before being secured into the sack. What an experience that was! The article is titled In Deep, check it out so you can have a full appreciation for the Sleepsack experience. In addition, have a look at the article Snug As A Bug which highlights a Mister-S leather Sleepsack, and the article Sonny Black Dungeon Furniture which shows a unique neoprene Sleepsack from 665 Leather in Los Angeles.
Thank you to our bondage model Jon, and Travis for supplying all of the gear. Enjoy!
Let's turn down the lights so we can view these images in their original setting ...
------------------------ VIDEO PLAYER GOES HERE -----------------------
Equipment List:
Canvas Sleepsack and hood: Maxcita
Brown leather straps: Humane Restraint
Overhead suspension bar: Mister-S
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!