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In Deep
What other words can describe the feeling of heavy multi-layer bondage?
Story by Mark, photos by Travis
21 Oct, 2002
n deep. Those are words I use to describe how I feel when I'm in extreme bondage. I like to be restrained in heavy inescapable bondage - I like how it looks, and how it feels. I find it frightening,
scary, intimidating, and visually shocking - but at the same time it's very erotic, sensual, and emotionally fulfilling. What a strange mixture of emotions!
What feelings do you experience when you look at the photographs on this page? Do they scare you or intrigue you? Maybe a little of both? To me, extreme bondage is similar to Extreme Sports, only
it's done inside the house; in the bedroom, living room, or dungeon if you have one.
Maybe someday in the future extreme bondage will be included in the World Olympics? But that might take all the fun out of it. After all, some kinky activities are best left behind closed doors!
I love to create extreme bondage experiences for my own enjoyment - bondage has been an interest of mine since I was a kid. I also like to share my experiences, so hopefully you will find the following bondage adventure interesting. The photos on this page document an experience I had while being cocooned within a Maxcita bondage bag.

The author explores the world of multi-layered bondage, coining the phrase "In Deep" along the way.

This unique bag is manufactured by Doctor Mad Max of, located in Canada. Two of my good friends - Travis and Simone - purchased a Maxcita bondage bag and offered to bring it to my house one afternoon for me to experience. I invited another bondage friend by the name of Rebecca to join us.
I knew right from the start that I wanted to wear my full latex suit when I was confined inside the bag. My tight-fitting latex suit would create a more intense and cocooned multi-layered bondage experience. I've acquired quite a fetish attraction to latex. I like how it looks and smells, and how it feels. I have a more sensual and sexual experience if I wear latex while I'm tied up in bondage.
In addition to latex, I've been wearing a gas mask during my recent bondage play. The gas mask is also made of rubber, and has an erotic smell and feel of it's own. It's quite an experience to be breathing through the gas mask, rubber hose and air filter while being so helpless in extreme bondage. As you can see from
the photos, it's an extreme experience on the outside of the bondage bag as much as it is on the inside! Luckily, my friends enjoy these extreme images and we usually need to flip a coin to decide who gets tied up first!
When I combine latex with bondage, it provides me with an enclosed feeling as though I'm somehow being protected from the outside world. I feel like I'm a babe-in-arms; warm, helpless, protected, and physically/emotionally safe. I feel cuddled and sheltered from harm. This can be a very deep and emotionally satisfying experience. I suppose on some emotional level it reminds me of being in the womb, although I haven't thought about it that much. Intense bondage also allows me to slip into a dreamlike state, where I drift in and out of the awareness of the room, the bondage, and my surroundings. When I come out of the bondage I feel deeply satisfied and emotionally rejuvenated. Some people call this "being in sub space" (submissive space).
We setup the bondage bag in my playroom in the back of the house. The playroom is nothing more than a small bedroom which has been converted to a playroom by installing dark carpet, overhead wood beams, and painting the entire room black.
The adjacent photos show the playroom with the window curtain both open and closed. The Maxcita bondage bag is lying flat on the bondage table. If you look closely you can see a heavy wooden structure I built within the playroom. This allows me to so attach chains and bondage gear around the room without damaging the original walls or ceiling of the house.
The bondage table is secured to the wood structure so it can be folded up against the wall when not in use. This creates additional space for my cage and bondage chair. You can see the chair against the far wall, and the cage under the bondage table. It's very satisfying to have access to all this gear in one room.
The window in the playroom overlooks my back yard, and the neighbor's yard across the way. I often see my neighbors sitting in their window, peering through binoculars at my window - what's up with that? I decided to close the curtains while we were preparing for my Maxcita bondage bag experience. After all, if the neighbors saw what we were up to, they might copy us and be formidable competitors in future World Olympic games!
As you can see, my bondage table accommodates the Maxcita bondage bag very well. The table is covered with a thick black cushion, which is quite comfortable to lie on and allows for extended-term bondage play.
The table also has black metal strips with evenly spaced screw holes installed around it's parameter. These metal strips allow stainless steel fasteners (called pad-eyes) to be mounted anywhere around the outside of the table, to serve as sturdy but movable attachment points.
We laid the Maxcita bag out on the bondage table, it's white canvas contrasted nicely against the black cushioned surface. You see, this innocent-looking bag is quite inescapable. What's not shown in the photos are the heavy arm sleeves sewn down the inside of the bag. Once your arms are
slipped into the sleeves and the bag is closed around you, you can't move your arms or use your hands to escape. Quite ingenious, I must say. Whoever thought this up must of been very kinky.
What's even more interesting is that this bag is professionally manufactured - a sturdy industrial zipper, heavy cloth straps and riveted metal eyelets for lacing. This bag has been created for no other purpose than to restrain someone for pleasure. Just think of it, a product made especially for people who enjoy the experience of bondage.
My goal was to experience the Maxcita bag for at least a few hours, maybe more. I wanted to fully experience it's confining and restrictive effects, and to be completely helpless, cocooned inside heavy restrictive rubber. I wanted to fulfill my craving for a dark, scary and exotic bondage experience...
I wanted to fantasize that I was the victim of some bizarre experiment; maybe I was being tested for the effects of solitary confinement. During the experiment a special gas would be introduced into my rubber mask which I would be forced to breath.
Through the lenses of my gas mask I watch in horror as a pretty woman in a lab coat connects the hose of my gas mask to a special canister. I could sense the gas moving up the hose with each breath I took. The woman leaned over and peered into my eyes... "No! Please! Help me!" I cried as I struggled against my rubber and canvas restraints. The woman gently cradled my head as the gas entered my mask. She could see the terror in my eyes - "Please help me" I murmured as my emotions reached out to hers. I felt faint and lightheaded. I tried to grasp the compassion I saw in her eyes but the compassion quickly faded, and was replaced by an emotionless smile. I heard her say "the gas should be taking effect now" as I slipped into the twilight of unconsciousness.
Okay, sorry, I got distracted there for a moment with one of my great bondage fantasies. All right, where were we... To prepare for this bondage voyage, I first needed to slip into my latex suit and hood. As you can see in the photos below, I had dusted the latex with baby powder which allows the suit to slip on easily without clinging to my body, or itself. The idea is to powder the inside of the latex, but as you can see, the powder gets on the outside of the latex as well, along with the lens of the camera. Some people use a silicone-based latex lubricant instead of powder, but I find that the silicon gets on the rest of my bondage gear and makes a big mess.
I prefer to wear layered latex garments instead of a one-piece suit, so I first slipped on my thick latex hood, and zipped it up in back. This hood is made by Cocoon in England, and is made of much thicker material than the rest of my suit. As you can see, the hood has a wide shoulder skirt which covers my neck, and no mouth opening. I enjoy the feel of the heavier latex around my head and face which feels more confining and restrictive.
As soon as I zipped the hood around my head, I started to feel an erotic rush throughout my body. The latex has a sensual smell and feel, much like a second skin. The latex presses firmly against my mouth and lips like someone's hand. The hood seemed to instantly confine my emotions. Without hesitation, I pulled on my latex shirt, made of a thinner material. I've found that dressing in layers allows the latex to fit much closer to my body than a one-piece latex suit.
Next, I pulled my "farmer john" suit over the latex shirt. This suit has a zipper that starts at my lower back, runs between my legs, and up the front of the suit, ending at the top of my neck just under my chin.
Three zipper handles run the length of this opening so once the suit is closed, I can move a pair of the zippers down the front to create a small opening for my cock, while the rest of the suit remains tightly closed.
Last, I pulled on a pair of tight latex briefs which have a zippered pouch opening. This is handy for last minute bathroom breaks and for accessing my cock after I'm bound. The pouch fits snugly around my cock which only adds to my erotic plight.
Simone was standing by with a wet sponge and as soon as I was finished dressing she ran the sponge over my entire suit to remove the excess powder. Finally, I slipped my hands into a pair of long rubber gloves, and saton the side of the bondage table. I was ready.
I felt an erotic excitement growing inside me, along with some old-fassioned anxiety. I was excited with anticipation, and at the same time afraid of the restrictive bondage I was about to be confined in. There's a fine line between the enjoyment of intense bondage, and the fear and possible panic. Usually the fear and panic can be offset by sensual and erotic feelings, and the enjoyment of the bizarre situation. I would be testing this theory in the next few minutes.
I was about to be cocooned inside multiple layers - rubber, canvas, lace and leather straps. I felt as if this were some crazy hospital where the patients are restrained and never released. I could be tied up for days on end and there would be no escape and no one to come rescue me. Maybe my friends Travis and Simone are really a mad scientist and Nurse Rachet in disguise?
It's funny how our minds conjure up the most extreme images of possible danger. I guess that's our fight-or-flight response. That same automatic and extreme evaluation of circumstances is what often leads us to panic when we play these intense bondage games. Like claustrophobic reactions to elevators or airplanes, our minds are sometimes too quick to sound the danger alarm.
With anticipation, I lifted my legs up and onto the table, and sat in the center of the open bondage bag. I was as ready as I would ever be. I knew that what I was about to do might seem bizarre to some people, but it turns me on just the same.
In my earlier days of exploring the BDSM scene, I was quite reluctant to be put in bondage around other men, and had no desire to be touched or tied by another male. As a young boy I had some rather unsettling experiences with older men who approached me for sexual favors. But, over the last few years I have hosted a number of bondage parties and presented bondage demonstrations which included both men and women. As a result, I have come to understand that playing with bondage around other men doesn't mean that they have permission to touch me, and it doesn't mean that I'm required to be sexual with them.
I am now mature enough to be able to evaluate the people I choose to play with - and choose to play with only mature and responsible individuals and couples who respect my boundaries. So I'm pretty much at ease when men participate in my bondage play sessions, and I'm also at ease when I help other men during their play. For anyone - male or female - to experience serious bondage, the focus is always on safety and logistics, not what sex the participants are, or what part they play in the in the scene. I'm fortunate
to have a big group of friends who are into bondage, and I enjoy participating with all of them, and together we have had wonderful experiences. I still favor being under the control of a woman while in bondage, but if I don't concern myself with the men participating in the scene it allows us all to have a more enjoyable time.
As a matter of fact, the bondage scene on this page could not have been done without the assistance and gear owned by my friends - both male and female. This bondage scene was actually done twice on two consecutive days, and took five people including myself to facilitate. The photos span both days, and the two scenes took a combined time of 8-10 hours.
Travis and Simone helped me into the bag by guiding my hands into the openings of the arm sheaths I had mentioned earlier. In the photos below, you can see my arms disappeared into the sheaths as they pulled the bag up around my shoulders. As I laid down on my back, they tugged the bag around me. Even though the bag wasn't closed I was already feeling quite helpless because my hands were caught up in the internal sheaths and of no use to me. My mind was screaming - I wanted to struggle and escape while there was still time. My chance to escape was just about gone; once they closed the bag there was no way I could get free on my own.
You can see how easy it is to slip a person into the bag. With a little cooperation and practice you can have someone bound in a few minutes. Too bad, there's no way to put yourself into the bag without some assistance.
Inch by inch, Travis and Simone began to close the bag with it's industrial-strength zipper, starting at the bottom. I heard the buzz of the zipper as I felt my feet and calves being pulled together. As the zipper made it's way up the bag, I fell into a deeply submissive and emotionally helpless state. My hands and fingers felt strangely useless; caught up in the warm thick rubber gloves. I felt as if I were embarking on a long solo voyage, a journey that was exciting yet dangerous, and I would be depending on my comrades for assistance along the way.
Once the front of the bag was zipped closed, a canvas flap extending from my knees to my neck was folded over the zipper and held down by Velcro. Travis had told me that this was an off-the-shelf medium size bag, and as you can see, my body filled the bag perfectly, as though it had been custom made.
As I have said in many past articles - more bondage is better. So without hesitation, Travis and Simone began lacing a length of white nylon cord down the front of the bag, covering over the zipper and it's canvas flap. As they cinched the lace, it gathered up any slack left in the canvas, making the bag feel as tight as a second skin. The feeling was incredible - and also very scary. I was already compressed by my latex suit, so the cinching of the bag was even more confining. In addition, the canvas is thick and unforgiving, so when the lace was pulled tight the bag molded around my body like it was poured from a big vat of liquid canvas.
The nylon lace was tied off at the foot of the bag, and without stopping, eight wide canvas straps were then buckled around the outside of the bag - each cinched up with just enough tension to be felt inside the bag above and beyond the tension of the lace. Yikes! Is this what women experience when they are laced into a corset?
To this day, I'm sure my experience was similar to the swaddling of American Indian babies in blankets by their mothers - only ten times more restrictive!
As you can see in the center photo above, I tried to sit up, but I could hardly move. I wasn't going anywhere. My latex suit - especially my hood - intensified my helpless feeling and gave me a sense that I was somehow disconnected from the room. My senses and emotions felt like they were being confined within the latex.
What a sight I must of been. Quick! Someone bring a mirror so I can see too! I never stop enjoying the visual imagery of extreme bondage. When I see intense bondage like this I can never seem to decide if I want to be in the bondage, or the one on the outside putting someone else into the bondage. The photo to the right is an example of great bondage imagery. It evokes a number of emotions and questions within the viewer. I wonder what would happen if this photo were printed on the front page of the New York Times?
I had a conversation with Fakir Musafar about latex and bondage. For those who don't know the name, Fakir is known worldwide for his fifty years of research and personal exploration of primitive rituals and body decoration. He has a fantastic web site at
Fakir said that during his out-of-body experiences he discovered that he was unable to pass through rubber or glass. I have thought about this many times since. I feel emotional stability and satisfaction when I'm wearing tight latex, especially thick latex hoods. Could it be that the latex provides a kind of spiritual insulation, grounding my thoughts and emotions, keeping them within me, instead of letting my spirit wonder by passing through the latex?
After taking a short break, Travis and Simone pulled out fourteen heavy leather straps and set them on the bondage table beside me. The straps are manufactured by Humane Restraint, and are used for restraining patients in real hospitals and institutions. Each strap was threaded through a D-ring on the side of the bag, then threaded through a corresponding pad-eye around the perimeter of the table. Each D-ring of the bag is attached to the white canvas strap which circles the bag, so when the leather straps are tightened they pull against the canvas straps - pinning me to the table! As Travis and Simone carefully tightened each strap to position me squarely in the center of the table, I thought to myself... "Man, I'm really in deep!"
The leather straps were adjusted and readjusted to hold me straight and centered. The position of each pad-eye fastener around the edge of the table matched the D-rings of the bag. This allowed the leather straps to be drawn up snugly, providing equal tension on all the canvas straps.
At this point Simone opened the window which allowed fresh air to enter and circulate within the playroom. Care must be taken with multi-layer bondage to ensure that the person in bondage doesn't overheat and panic. In this extreme bondage, it would take a few minutes for me to be released if I were to panic, which is a LONG TIME. Panic can feed on itself in a matter of seconds, creating more body heat, which in turn creates more panic. Keeping the room cool, or even cold, greatly reduces the risk of panic.
Also, as you may have noticed in earlier photos that my feet were not covered in latex. At some point during this bondage scene Travis opened the bottom of the bag and allowed cool air from the window to circulate around my feet. Cooling my feet proved to be very calming, and allowed my mind to focus on that one area of my body which was able to expel heat. The canvas bag has multiple zipper handles which allow the bag to be opened anywhere along the front of my body. Since the canvas flap covering the zipper didn't extend down past my knees, opening the bag at my feet was easy to do. In the photo above, notice the extra zipper handles at the bottom of the bag.
Up to this point I haven't mentioned Rebecca, who was busy snapping photos. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Rebecca handed the camera to Travis and climbed onto the bondage table. She passed her hand over the top of the canvas bag, feeling it's tightness and the warmth radiating from my body. Being a top, Rebecca went out of her way to kneel on the leather straps with her tall red boots, knowing that the straps would be pulled even tighter on the sides of the bag. "Just wait until you're strapped in this bag!" I mumbled through my thick latex hood. She just laughed. Clearly, Rebecca was enjoying her dominant position over me.
I could see the excitement in her eyes and smile. It had been a long time since I was in such a helpless and dependent position, and Rebecca knew it. I felt her dominant energy as she threw her booted leg over my torso and straddled my helpless body. I knew what was coming next. I knew that I was in control of this scene; I could shout "stop" and the scene would end and everyone would untie me. Yet I yearned for the next level of this bondage voyage, so I tried to stay calm while Rebecca prepared for the next step.
One of my deepest bondage fantasies was about to be fulfilled - the ultimate total enclosure bondage experience was right in front of me. Travis handed her the gas mask and it's long rubber hose.
Rebecca lowered the gas mask and carefully seating it to my face. After arranging the rubber straps behind my head, she gently tightened them one at a time, which sealed the mask to my face.
After the straps were secured, Rebecca laid my head down on the table. I felt exhilarated, docile, and deeply satisfied. I was in so deep that I was beyond words. I was so happy. I was in bliss, and far beyond helplessness. This was an experience I had been seeking all my life. Rebecca seemed to be enjoying herself too. This was indeed, "serious bondage" and I was in really deep. What emotions do you experience when you view these photos?
Personally, I feel sexually excited. I'm also amazed that such an attractive and popular woman like Rebecca would participate in such a bizarre activity - I guess women are kinkier than I realized. Also, I feel some amount of embarrassment admitting that I enjoy such bizarre activities. When I view these photos I want to look the other way; I guess that's just my upbringing.
As Rebecca laid down beside me I realized I was letting her see one of my deepest and darkest kinks. I felt embarrassed; "what kind of a person would want to be tied up like this?" I asked myself.
But maybe I'm not so strange after all. Suppose other people feel attracted to this kind of play, but haven't had the opportunity to explore it in a safe and trusting environment?
I have had fantasies about intense bondage, sensory depravation and solitary confinement since I was a kid, influenced by movies like Barbarella, James Bond, and the The Avengers. These fantasies of extreme bondage have always been very erotic and stimulating to me. Thanks to my friends, at 46 I'm finally doing the things I fantasized about as child.
Fortunately, Simone had the presence of mind to open the window of the play room. The combination of Rebecca's sexy leg resting on my torso, the thick latex hood and the layers of bondage, it was fairly difficult for my body to keep cool. In addition, I was really turned on!
If my body started to overheat in the slightest, I would start to panic. Not fun. Panic can happen very quickly during the most simple of bondage scenes. We were all aware of the risks during this scene. The latex doesn't breathe at all, so sweat that my body produced didn't have any cooling effect. On the other hand, tight latex does transmit heat in both directions. The room felt cool to my head, even through the thickness of the latex hood. As long as my head and feet were cool and I was breathing cool and unrestricted air, I was OK.
In the photo above you can see that I tried to raise my head to touch Rebecca's face; it seemed like the only affectionate gesture I could make at the time. I don't recommend this kind of bondage play unless you have had a LOT of other bondage experience first.
Bondage play can be dangerous and even fatal, regardless of how simple it appears. Panic, choking, fainting, overheating, loss
of circulation or cramps can quickly arise without warning, and turn an innocent bondage scene into a full medical disaster - not to mention unexpected or uncontrollable events like house fires, earthquakes, gas leaks, electrical shorts or burglars.
There is no such thing as "oh, that would probably never happen." Both players are jointly responsible for their decision to play with bondage. Never put someone in bondage without full, continuous and uninterrupted monitoring. If you play with bondage, do so at your own risk.
My breaths whispered in and out through the valves and passages of the gas mask. I could feel a slight resistance each time I inhaled because I was breathing through an air filter which was attached to the end of the hose. Each inhale was filled with the pungent odor of rubber and latex, which was both soothing and erotic.


I tested my bondage by trying to move and sit up. No slack whatsoever. I could wiggle my fingers, but I couldn't feel anything through the heavy rubber gloves.
I wondered about the neighbors... were they watching us through the open window? Were their binocular lenses steamed up like the lenses of my gas mask? I was quite turned on and riding a thin line between erotic excitement and shear panic. This is the line that serious bondage players unconsciously strive to achieve. A very thrilling experience indeed, and such an intimate experience to share with my friends.
Serious bondage players find that the intensity of the bondage is somehow offset by it's erotic, sexual, and emotional pleasures. These erotic pleasures allow me to balance my own fear and panic when I'm severely immobilized.
I wanted to be left in this bondage for a few hours, to fully experience it's depths, and to play with dream-like fantasies in my head.
I don't usually get a chance to have this kind of intense bondage experience. I usually put someone else in bondage, but I rarely experience being tied up myself. I'm a switch, but I just haven't found the right woman to switch with.
I drifted off into a dreamy fog, somewhere between sleep and fantasy, where the twilight of reality slips in and out of my awareness. I would occasionally come back to the awareness of the room, and re-experience my bondage as if it were for the first time - what a rush that would create through my body. I could lift my head and look towards the window, and each time the room would be a little darker as evening approached. Please I thought... don't untie me just yet... I'm having such a wonderful time!
Click HERE for information about the author Mark
Equipment List:
Latex suit, Israeli style gas mask - Mister S
Latex hood - Cocoon
Canvas bondage bag - Maxcita
Tan leather straps - Humane Restraint
Rubber gloves - Purple Passion
Rubber gas mask hose - Studio Gum
Bondage platform - home made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!