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The essence of bondage can be captured in a single photo image.
18 Dec, 2005 - Introduction by Mark, essay and modeling by Jane Rose, photos by Mark, Bob and LT-Switch.
picture is worth a thousand words, and for those who find themselves attracted
to bondage, you know how powerful and stunning a bondage photograph can be. As compared to a moving image of film or video, a still bondage image can be more powerful because the viewer is allowed to fill in details of the scene with their own imagination.
I love to stage bondage scenarios and then capture them with a still camera for exactly this reason. As any bondage practitioner will tell you, sometimes the logistics of a bondage scene can be tedious, disappointing, or even dangerous: cramps, lightheadedness or equipment malfunctions can jeopardize an otherwise exhilarating scene. However, in the world of still photography these undesirable facts
The camera captures Jane's uncertainty as she experiences a heavy metal bondage collar for the first time. It's easy to imagine her hesitation and shortness of breath.
can simply be omitted, so the viewer is left with the essence of the scene - unaware of the sometimes tedious logistics that were required when it was photographed. The viewer is left to enjoy the photo, filling in any details with their own mental sound effects, dialog or other emotions. The result is the viewer exclaiming "wow, what a great photo!"
I invite you to enjoy the unique and interesting images on this page, as well as the wonderful essay which our model Jane wrote about her entry into the world of BDSM. She is relatively new to the scene, and to the vast array of bondage gear that's available on the market. As you will see on her face, she was very excited to try our selection of gear. To show her appreciation for the experience she wrote the essay to complement this set of photos. We were able to capture her reactions to an assortment of metal bondage paraphernalia supplied by Martin of and, and for additional fun we strapped her into an ultra-cool leather straitjacket and hood supplied by Mister-S. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did while shooting them. The gear is certainly unique and only available through the mentioned suppliers. Each piece of the aluminum metal bondage gear was made by Martin himself (in Germany), and the Mister-S leather gear was manufactured at their main location in San Francisco. The Mister-S straitjacket is actually a double-lined model: two layers of leather and very restrictive!
Note that the scenes in which we attached the chain of Jane's metal collar to an overhead point were done to capture the image, but were actually risky to perform, and we don't suggest that anyone else try this. What you don't see in the photos is overhead quick-release "panic snap" which can be opened at a moment's notice to release the chain. As experienced practitioners will tell you, a person in bondage can suddenly, without warning, become fatigued or light-headed, and can faint within seconds. This is especially common as a result of standing stationary with "locked knees". Naturally, fainting while the collar is secured from overhead would be fatal, which is the reason for the quick-release panic snaps. As I mentioned above, a still image can capture the essence of the scene and omit the logistics required to photograph it. More information on quick release hardware can be found by doing a Google search on the term "panic snaps". Information on fainting while standing can be found by doing a search on the term "locked knees, fainting". Bondage players should be completely familiar with quick release snaps and locked knees. Play safe, and play at your own risk.
The World of D/s and Bondage
In April of 2004, I by happenstance discovered the world of D/s and bondage. I had the pleasure of pursuing this first experience with an amazing man and friend who thoughtfully and lovingly introduced me to this seductive mindspace. I will never forget him and give him credit for encouraging my continuing exploration and additionally for helping me to grow as a woman.
Just prior to this meeting, I had been introduced to the world of erotic fiction by a close friend who lent me "The Story of O". This was the first erotic novel I had ever read and I was instantly hooked. Something about this novel simply clicked within me. I suddenly became very aware of my true sexual nature and my needs and desires in this regard. I believe that buried deep down inside of me, I had always wanted to be involved in this lifestyle, always knew that I wanted to be dominated sexually, that I wanted to give up control of that aspect of myself..and especially wanted to experience bondage in combination with control. I can recall specifically all those references in "O" to cuffs and collars and locks and chains.I remember being completely turned on by them and wanting to experience these sensations myself.
Suddenly, my world opened up to all those things that before I had thought too intense for me or would have been too terrified to even consider pursuing! I began to search the internet, specifically seeking out sites, both D/s (Latches, Submissive Loving, Leather and Roses, D/s Kiosk) and bondage related (Luvbight, BDSM Café, Gigagalleries) in order to simply learn, read and view all that I could. and to fantasize about future "possibilities". I went to the Good Vibrations store in Berkeley (California) for the first time and discovered bondage photography books by Midori and even more erotic fiction! I discovered the world of kinky toys on the internet (JT's Stockroom, Extreme Restraints). And, in addition to searching D/s related personals online ( and I began to scan the "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist for fun and entertainment. Then one day, I happened to come across a posting for a "Dominate man seeking a submissive woman". At that time, I had read a few of these types of postings on Craigslist, however I had never even considered answering one, until I found this particular ad. I did respond, I did not even hesitate, I was ready. There was simply my intuition that told me it was the right one, that I should not be afraid.
This man and I instantly clicked.mentally and emotionally.we were the same person, in a sense, who both desired and wished to explore the same things with another who they could completely trust. He was especially as interested in exploring rope bondage as I. I myself had just discovered and constantly fantasized about being hogtied by Matt (and I still do). I additionally loved the look of the ball gags and wondered what it would feel like to have one in my mouth and strapped to my head. I wanted to experience a collar and leash, constantly thought about chains, wanted to be told what to do, instructed in positions, follow rules and rituals.everything that one might fantasize about when entering into a D/s exploration, we were in the same mind space in this regard. I particularly wished to experience true, intense bondage scenarios with someone who was as passionate about it as I.
I will never forget the sensation the first time I was tied with ropes.after so much anticipation of what it would feel like. I was the one who actually purchased the rope and cut and marked each section of all 200 feet of it. Because I am an artist, I was truly able to appreciate the art of everything that my partner was doing. While I could not "see" his work physically, I could "feel" everything and visualize it in my head. I relished the sensation of the ropes encircling my body. I paid particular attention to "feeling" his work, closing my eyes in order to experience it all. When he had completed this first ever session of tying me, he made a comment that I will never forget." I never thought that I would enjoy viewing someone tied up as much as I am experiencing you at this moment". That statement, made simply to himself, was so exhilarating to hear, and so erotic. And that I was loving the experience as much as he, was additionally very gratifying and passionate.
I have since realized that rope bondage is the one form of bondage that makes me really, really wet.that turns me on the most. Because of my obsession with rope bondage, I will confess here that I did actually pay to become a member of Hogtied, that I do masturbate to the movies and always purposely wait until that moment when Matt begins the hogtie to pleasure myself. Maybe it's because of the time and effort that he puts into it. Maybe it's because of the sensation of all of those ropes being wrapped around my body. Maybe it's just the physical anticipation of waiting for the next step in the process, not really knowing for sure what the ultimate goal to be achieved is. It is really difficult to put into words, the sensations are just so very erotic. Basically, I consider myself an absolute bondage whore!
Even after such a short time of exploring this world, my love of bondage has not waned in the least, it has only grown more consuming! Bondage is the one thing that I still always wish to pursue when having a session, one of the aspects that I always fantasize about! The more intense the bondage the better! The longer the sensations are the better! I have found that the addition of some sort of sensory deprivation, in whatever bondage predicament I find myself in, just heightens all of my senses, thus adding even more to my arousal! I do still have much to experience however.the more I read, the more I view, the more I want!
Thank god I have a computer again! After my hard drive crashed, and because I am the classic starving artist, I was without one for 4 months! No porn, no stories, no diaries, no blogs, no photos.nothing, but my imagination and a few re-reads of "O", "Carrie's Story" and "Safe Word"! I re-discovered Serious after a visit with a friend who happened to be wearing the infamous "T-shirt" that you see in all of Mark's photo shoots. Thanks to this site, I have found a new way to "relieve" myself (without having to pay) by discovering Gagged Utopia ( and the fabulous bondage stories contained there. After many late late nights, and a few experiments with self-bondage, I believe that I may have now read all of the archived stories! Nothing like a little obsession!

Little did I know that soon after this re-discovery, I would find myself a subject in one of Mark's articles!

Just a short year and a half after beginning my explorations, here I am, writing an article about my experience on Serious I find it incredible to realize how far I have come in this short period of time! To have the opportunity to be involved in a photo shoot, on an actual internet website, being able to experience bondage gear that most people only dream of, that I have only dreamed of! Wow, it is truly amazing!
I happened to come across Serious some time ago, in my initial internet explorations last year, and I can recall reading an article by JG Leathers ( about "The Creature". Well, I am sure that all of you who keep up with this website can understand my arousal at this vision of JG's Creature! Of wondering what it would feel like to be locked inside all of that gear, to be so completely at the mercy of those sensations. Because I do make it a point to keep up to date with current events in the San Francisco Bay Area on the Society of Janus community calendar, I found that there was to be a presentation by JG Leathers at the local Citadel meeting space. Lucky for me, I have a friend who is a member of Janus and I asked him if he wouldn't mind escorting me into the event and he graciously agreed. It was at this event that I was introduced to Mark by my friend and was ultimately given the opportunity to be a become "bondage model" on this web site. Needless to say, I was quite surprised and honored to be asked!
A few weeks later, I found myself speaking with Mark and arranging to meet to discuss future options to be involved in photo shoots for the website, who would have thought, certainly not me! After a very fun and stimulating dinner conversation, Mark invited me to view his dungeon space. Upon entering the dungeon, my first statement I believe was simply "holy shit!" upon seeing all my fantasizes laid right there in front of me. All those chains on the wall! The shackles, the locks, the clips.and lastly, the bondage table and chair and the metal head cage hanging from the ceiling so ominously in the corner of the room.certainly a bondage whore's dream come true.I wanted to experience them all!
Mark asked me if I wanted to try out the bondage table and I responded, yes of course! Mark had me lay on the table and then preceded to attach me to it with metal shackles (my first time, just one fantasy) with chains and locks. Then locking my ankles into his amazing hand made wooden stocks (can't wait to try out the whole body in those) and he even graciously agreed to let me try out the huge collar that was attached to the head of the table by a chain that I had been ogling since walking into the room! I couldn't move, I could only look at myself in the mirror hanging above me on the ceiling and simply fantasize. At that moment, I recalled Mark's article titled "In Deep" about his experience with multi-layered bondage and thought about that sensation, knowing that he had experienced that on this bondage table.
Such fantasizes that can be realized in this space.what can I say.Mark should seriously consider renting it out to all us bondage whore's in order to make his fortune! I would absolutely love to spend the night in that room.or actually come to think of it, a few days would be really fabulous! All tied up with no place to go but to that fantasy world in my head!
And.I even spoke to JG Leather's himself that evening! This was very exciting because I had just a few days prior read an except of his new story "Chained Convict For Life: The Biography of Sabrina". Because I enjoyed that little except so much, he suggested that Mark might lend me a few of his other books to read, published by House of Gord, titled "The Contract: Part One and Two". I believe it took me just 2 days to finish them both.where do I sign up!
The next day, Mark arranged to have some pieces of Martin's Rigid Cuff bondage gear that he had for sale to be shot and graciously asked me if I wanted to model them! I was very excited, I had truly never done anything like this before, other then having pictures taken of me while in certain "private predicaments" that I really didn't have to model for at all! I have of course fantasized about being on Hogtied, but I am not exactly a 20 year old any longer, so I don't believe that I am going to get an offer anytime soon to be a bondage porn star (sigh). Oddly enough, I really do hate having my picture taken and having to "pose" at that is a fate worse then death! However, for some reason the chance to get to be photographed in Martin's equipment seemed to ease that trepidation at least a little bit.
The photo shoot really was a lot of fun. Mark, LT-Switch and Bob were really great. Although Mark could not stop making me laugh, thus making it difficult for me to look "fearful" and "terrified" of the peril I was supposed to be portraying. Additionally, it truly is hard to look scared when you are actually enjoying the experience.
As the shoot went on, I continued to get more and more stimulated and found myself begging to get used. Really, who could blame me. There were three kinky men surrounding me and I was locked in Martin's Rigid Fiddle and Spreader Bar and was most certainly not getting away! I was finally able to get in "role" so to speak, and truly felt my demeanor change when Mark first put a blindfold on me and then, soon afterwards, replaced it with a full head hood. That exact moment was captured on film and it is my favorite photo of the entire shoot! I didn't know what was happening at that moment, for some reason, I thought that a gag was going to go into my mouth.but instead it was the hood. Thank you Mark, it was the perfect choice!
The shoot continued with me in the hood.I could only imagine what was going on around me, what plans were being hatched. It is amazing how your senses go into overdrive when you are in that form of sensory deprivation, the things you hear and feel, the things you fantasize about. Of course, I wanted someone to "use" me, but this was a professional environment and that was not an option. However, I could at the very least dream about it. At some point, I was removed from the above equipment, although not until after enjoying the sensation of my legs being hoisted up in the air by a chain and having someone graciously slap me a few times on that "special" area of my anatomy to keep in me in sensory overdrive!
I did know that at one point I was alone in the room as I could hear them all leave and shut the door. I took that moment to stretch and enjoy the feelings that were surrounding me. I could hear muffled chatting between the men, I had no idea what they were talking about, but I did fantasize about what they "might be" talking about.hoping that they were plotting some kind of terrible fate for me! As I was pondering all sorts of devious things in my mind, my arms were suddenly grabbed, I had no idea that someone was even in the room with me! I was then hoisted up onto my feet and my blouse and bra were taken off.oh god I thought, finally, someone is going to take advantage of me! Then it happened, something which I have had long held thoughts of, which I must have mentioned to Mark at some point the evening before. I felt my upper body being slipped into leather.I instantly knew what it was, it was a straitjacket!
I cannot tell you why exactly I have fantasized about a being in a straitjacket. I suppose that like everyone else who is a bondage whore, it is simply the ultimate in being controlled, of being helpless to do anything about your situation, it is that place where you are free to just "be" within your own mind space. I recall always becoming stimulated when viewing something as innocent as a TV movie, where some poor Joe is being admitted into a psychiatric hospital and, due to the fact that he is completely uncontrollable, is forced into a straitjacket and thrown into a padded room! These types of images have always fascinated me.
I am not sure that I can actually put into words how it made me feel to be in a straitjacket, with the hood on and strapped into the chair, experiencing all of those sensations. In general day to day life, I am always keenly aware and extremely sensitive to every thing going on around me. However, what sensory deprivation does for me is to make me even more attuned, not only to my environment, but additionally to my mind as well. It is a calming space, where I am able to simply tune all of my energy into ME and that particular moment in time! The first time I experience something new like this, that I have dreamt about for so long, it is almost like a Zen moment for me. I always say that I go into a "zone" and when asked what that means exactly, I always have difficulty describing it. It is simply a dream place, a little space of my own, where I have the opportunity to not be in control at that moment.where I finally can let someone else be "in charge".
It really must have been my fate to get the opportunity to finally experience this amazing mind simply took me a VERY long time to discover it! My next fantasy to be fulfilled.I want to be a pony.I just cannot stop dreaming of all that gear!
Or maybe "The Creature". JG, are you reading this?
A House of Gord model.
OK, that's enough.people are going to think I am nuts.oh well, I suppose that means that I will just have to be thrown into a padded cell in a straight jacket after all!
The Equipment List
Click HERE for photos of Martin's
Rigid Fiddle
    Click HERE for photos of Martin's
Rigid Collar
Click HERE for photos of Martin's
Single Feetcuff
    Click HERE for photos of Martin's
Rigid Spreader
Thumbcuffs and handcuffs, leather straps, blindfold, hood, double-lined helpless mitts, double-lined straitjacket, and steel shackles were supplied by Mister-S
Opera length leather helpless mitts were home made.
CAUTION: Bondage collars around the neck can be very dangerous, especially if the collar is connected to a stationary object. During a bondage scene unexpected fainting or panic can occur without notice which will put the subject in danger of
strangulation or breaking of their neck. Never leave someone alone in bondage, and always expect the unexpected. Play at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for your actions.
The author of this article describes contacting and meeting people who participate on Craigslist. Meeting people on-line can be quite dangerous, especially for women seeking BDSM partners. If you choose to meet people on BDSM lists, do so at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for your actions.