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Wings of a Butterfly
This unique straitjacket is nothing less than a work of art
23 May , 2006 - Article and photos by Mark
reativity will continue to provide us with innovative ways to tie up our partners so  long  as  romance  and
sexuality are part of our human life experience.
I use the word romance because to me this delightful straitjacket conjures thoughts of  storybook  characters  and
fairy-tales. How could you consider using such a wonderful piece of bondage gear for enacting scary and seemingly nonconsensual bondage scenes when at the same time your submissive is feeling like flying off on leather gossamer wings?
This unbelievable straitjacket was created by Christopher, a kinky friend and contributor to He named his creation the Butterfly Straitjacket, and we are honored to feature it for the first time on the Web in this article.
Christopher isn't a professional manufacturer of bondage gear, he simply enjoys working at home with leather and sewing machines to create whatever comes to mind. His professional day job has nothing to do with bondage, sewing or kink, but his self-taught skills allow him to create patterns and sew with a degree of quality that makes the experience enjoyable. Christopher has been featured in previous articles on this web site including Christopher's Gear and Sonny Black. You can visit his blog by clicking HERE.
Christopher invited me to Los Angeles early in 2006 to photograph his most recent creations, so we arranged with the local Dominion BDSM Club to shoot the photos in one of their play rooms. I contacted Mya, a bondage model who we had worked with before, and we were all set. The photo below shows Mya and Christopher, half awake at 9am on Sunday morning, preparing a piece of red carpet which we unrolled in the play room for the photo session.
Christopher had brought a big selection of homemade gear, which he spread out on a Sonny Black bondage table for us to look at. Besides the Butterfly Straitjacket he had brought posture collars, a sleepsack, various hoods, and another invention he called the "F-Suit". We photographed the F-Suit and will show it in a future article, so stay tuned!
The photo below shows Christopher holding his new F-Suit. I really appreciate his creativity. Someday you may see Christopher's designs in kinky stores around the world, but for now, just remember that you saw his gear here first on!
In the photo below Christopher cuts a stray thread from a zipper in his F-Suit. He's such a perfectionist. I guess if you're the kind of enthusiast who's concerned with making all your bondage look symmetrical, then cutting a stray thread from your gear isn't out of the ordinary. I've met many people who strive to achieve symmetrical bondage, and only a few who favor nonsymmetrical bondage. Nonsymmetrical bondage techniques appear more in Japanese Nawa Shibari rope bondage. If you want to know more about that, check out our friends at
I'm afraid that Mya didn't fully understand what she was going to model before she arrived, so each piece of gear that Christopher picked up required some explaining. The first piece was Christopher's semi open-face hood, which resembles hoods that are commonly used on the House of Gord web site.
The Butterfly Straitjacket has a zipper which runs up the back for easy entry, and a tall thick collar which is designed to completely overlap the collar of the hood so no skin can be seen around the neck. For the bondage connoisseur, it's important that all the gear fits perfectly and that garments overlap to prevent any breach of total enclosure.
Here's the secret behind Christopher's Butterfly Straitjacket. Mya folds her arms before slipping them into the jacket sleeves. Pretty cool, eh? This idea has been around for a while, pioneered by and their famous gimpsuits. I think this is where Christopher got the idea, but incorporating the folded arms in an upper-torso garment is a really cool idea, as you can see.
I still can't believe my eyes when I see Mya in this Butterfly Straitjacket. Her visual impact is quite amazing, and her folded arms really do look like wings. As you will see, Mya actually tried to become airborne by running around the room and flapping her wings.
No sooner had Mya settled in to her new role as a butterfly than Christopher pulled out another invention called the "Y-chair". This bizarre contraption has four small wheels which allow it to roll freely around the room on the floor.
Although Mya and I recognized the black leather padding as some kink of kinky bondage device, Christopher had to give us a demonstration of the Y-chair so we could fully understand it's use. Seconds later our sexy little Butterfly was seated and ready to be strapped down.
Hummm... I guess I could think of a few things to do to someone who was strapped down to the Y-chair! Christopher rolled Mya around the floor with ease as he finished cinching all the straps. Once she was fully restrained we both stood back and marveled at this amazing site. What a visual treat. Mya is so damned cute, and when she's in the Butterfly jacket and strapped down to the Y-chair she's extra cute! If you would like to know more about Mya, check out her new web site
It's hardly necessary to mention that Mya can't escape from the Butterfly Straitjacket. Because her arms are folded inside the pockets of the wings and the back of the jacket is wrapped around her shoulders, she can't possibly access the rear zipper. As a matter of fact, the zipper doesn't need to be very strong because she can't put any stress on the jacket with her arms folded - she has absolutely no leverage with her arms.
I must say, Christopher's Butterfly Straitjacket is the most sexy and romantic piece of gear I've seen in a long time.
I can imagine attending a kinky event with my date wearing a Butterfly Straitjacket - she would be the hit of the party! Ya know, if she wasn't wearing the hood she could be a hit at any party, kinky or not, since there's no blatant S&M going on. Why, come to think of it, I could attend a party at the White House and tell the President that the jacket was made by a famous European designer.
A special thanks to Christopher for sharing his gear, and to Mya for her fun energy and being such a great model. Also, a big thanks to the Dominion BDSM Club for allowing us to use their play room. Christopher has more gear to share in the future, so watch for upcoming articles on!   "All the bondage that's fit to print."