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At night, in the twilight between awareness and sleep, I sometimes experience my most erotic bondage fantasies

Story by Mark, modeling by Darren and Michelle
23 Jul, 2001
ave you ever experienced an erotic bondage fantasy that seemed to take on a life of it's own? The more you thought about it, the more exciting
and detailed it became?
I sometimes experience my most exciting bondage fantasies at night, when I'm just about to fall asleep. I'm in the twilight zone, half awake and half asleep, partly dreaming and partly not.
When I'm in that state, I sometimes jump out of bed abruptly with a burning desire to experience some elaborate and kinky bondage scenario. To quench my thirst for immediate sexual bondage, I sometimes handcuff my wrists behind my back and try to go back to sleep. But that only lasts a few minutes before I come to my senses and realize it's 2am and I should stop this erotic nonsense and go back to sleep. Damn! If I didn't have to go to work the next day I would stay up all night playing with bondage.
Have you ever tried to sleep in handcuffs, a hood, or other bondage gear? Let me tell you - you don't get much sleep. You will find yourself so excited that the most you can do is to lie there and enjoy your erotic feelings and fantasies. You might drift into a light sleep, but in the morning you'll realize that you didn't get enough sleep at all. It's my opinion that sleeping in bondage isn't all it's cracked up to be, although it's a great fantasy!

At night, my imagination seems to turn into a playground of favorite bondage scenarios. In my mind's eye I can be tying up a woman, and the next moment I'm helplessly bound in shackles and chains, in a jail cell. My fantasies are always about the most serious of bondage situations - far, far away from romantic candlelight, silk scarves, soft ropes and satin bed sheets...
I fantasize that I'm restrained in a bizarre and inescapable bondage chair. I'm the subject of a strange sensory deprivation experiment, performed in a secret laboratory.
The chair is inside of a small isolation cell. I am surrounded by cement walls and a heavy metal door. There is no escape.



I am frightened and so helpless that I start to cry. The heavy straps of the chair hold me firmly, they are uncaring of my sad emotions.
My body is covered in skintight rubber, heavy gloves, hood and blindfold. There is a strange rubber gag filling my mouth. I will stay restrained like this for the duration of the experiment.

Every few hours a scientist enters the cell to check on my progress. The scientist is female; I sense her sexuality even though I'm blindfolded and my ears are plugged.
She feels my pulse, then gently touches my gloved hand as if she feels pity for me. I turn my head back and forth aimlessly. I try to clutch her fingers in my palm but she jerks her hand away quickly, as if I were some strange creature. I long for her caring and touch.


There is stillness. I sense she is staring at me. I whimper, but with no result. More stillness. Then I begin to feel the weight of her body as she slides up and into my lap.
I am overcome with emotion. I want to to hold her tightly. I tug helplessly against the straps that pin my wrists. I lean my head forward hoping to touch her, but to my horror she starts to inflate my gag!


She clutches my chin as if I were a small child, while she continues to inflate my gag. I feel totally helpless, my life is completely under her control.
I sense her sadistic mood. She strokes the side of my hooded face, I can sense her soft and caring touch. She moves her thigh up on my rubber covered leg, I can tell she is aroused and enjoys her control over me.


More stillness. Then she gently slips off my lap, and I feel an overpowering sense of loss and loneliness.
Moments later I feel my head being forced back against the chair. I sense more sadistic amusement and pleasure. She is communicating to me with her actions, and somehow I feel our emotions are connected - she gives and I receive.
After a short flurry of activity I can no longer move my head. Something across my forehead feels tight and secure. Again, more silence...


She backs away and leaves the cell, closing the heavy steel door behind her. I am alone again, and more lonely and frightened than before.
When will this bizarre laboratory experiment end? Probably in the morning, when I wake up from this delicious fantasy!


Equipment List:

Bondage chair - home made

Latex suit, leather hood, inflatable gag, leather straps, blindfold - Mister S
Rubber gloves - Purple Passion
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