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Saturday July 20, 2024
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Mister-S in San Francisco raises the bar of serious bondage play
14 Oct, 2006 - Article by Mark
was honored to have Richard Hunter from Mister-S send me a few photos of a new body cage he had recently commissioned. I asked him if I could
post the photos on my site and he agreed. So, the photos you see on this page are of this custom cage immediately after it was completed by the manufacturer. As a matter of fact, the cage hasn't even been shipped to the Mister-S store yet, so you are seeing it for the first time.
Needless to say, this unique cage raises the bar in the field of serious bondage play. No longer do we need to fantasize about experiencing crude gibbet cages that were hung at entrances to medieval cities warning newcomers not to commit crimes.
As you will see in the larger photos below, this cage has been constructed with hundreds of feet of 1/4 inch steel rod and hours of meticulous welding. The cage is nothing less than a work of art, created by the same fellow who manufacturers the metal chastity devices for Mister-S (also shown below).
Throughout the years, bondage aficionados have invented and tested a
Imagine being locked in this steel cage for the night, incased in latex, suspended from overhead, with no possibility of escape!
wide range of form-fitting restraint ideas utilizing both flexible and rigid materials. Most of us are acquainted with tight-fitting hoods and bondage bags made with leather, latex, neoprene, canvas and rubber. However, more serious approaches have been explored by some of the popular bondage web sites featuring metal, fiberglass, plaster cast materials, and high-tech liquid expansion foam.


Without a doubt Richard's new cage will go down in the history books along with the other ingenious approaches, documenting mankind's quest for the ultimate restraint experience. Our hats off to Richard, Mister-S, and their kinky blacksmith.
As a side note, my first personal exposure to the idea of rigid and form-fitting bondage gear was in 1975 when I discovered the artwork of 'The Bishop'. Bob Bishop was one of the premier bondage illustrators of the 70's and 80's, and his unique imagery fueled my early passions for serious and over-the-top bondage scenarios. One of his illustrations has stuck in my mind - a form-fitting container used to transport female bondage slaves. In the below-left image, you can see the page from The Bishop's 'Fanny Hall' magazine series featuring this rigid form-fitting bondage container. Pretty cool, eh?
A form-fitting bondage casket drawn by the 70's bondage illustrator 'The Bishop'.
A real form-fitting bondage casket created by the bondage web site InSex, now

Years later I saw a similar container on the popular InSex bondage web site (above, right). InSex had gone to the time and effort to construct a similar bondage container, and the result was nothing less than spectacular. Like Richard Hunter at Mister-S, InSex had brought an exciting fantasy to reality and should be complimented for doing such a fantastic job. The effort of InSex should also be chronicled in the history books as another example for the ultimate restraint device. As a side note, the InSex web site has changed ownership and can now be found at The specific article about their bondage container is titled "Maine Visit".

As I mentioned above, Richard Hunter's body cage was built by the same fellow who manufactures the Mister-S welded male chastity gear. The photos below show these various chastity devices, which can be purchased in their retail stores in San Francisco or Los Angeles, or from their web site.


As you might imagine, the Mister-S store in San Francisco has grown to be the premier hub for bondage gear in the United States. As a result of the store's popularity, Richard Hunter recently hosted a visit by Mario Latowski, the manufacturer of the famous Latowski stainless steel chastity belts from Germany. Mario's chastity belts are considered to be the top-of-the-line for male chastity belts around the world. Check out the Latowski web site by clicking HERE.

Mario spent Saturday afternoon (September 30) at the Mister-S store measuring customers who wanted to order a custom chastity belt. He usually requires customers to travel to Germany to be measured, so this was a great opportunity for local San Francisco kinksters to place an order without having to buy a plane ticket too.

The following photos show Latowski (in the orange robe) measuring customers and visiting with the Mister-S staff. He used two special chastity belts for taking the measurements, which incorporated side laces for adjustability.

The photos below show the unique silicone pouch which holds the male genitals firmly in place within the belt. This pouch fits snugly into the front metal cup of the belt, and is not removable once the belt is closed and locked.
The following photos show how a black plastic replica of the male genitals is used in the silicon molding process. A cut-away view of the pouch shows how the penis is completely enclosed within the silicon, preventing all outside stimulation.
Latowski's belts can be ordered with an optional remote controlled electro-stimulation system, however, some of his demonstration gear was held up in customs so he was not able to show us this hardware. Mario did however, have one of the sexy hand-held remote controls with him, which you can see below. Imagine being locked in a Latowski belt under your street clothes, and your partner has the remote control. You are then instructed to perform embarrassing tasks, like purchasing drinks, which are difficult to carry to the table without spilling when your partner is secretly zapping you with the remote control! (read about similar public games in the article titled The Ballet Mono-Shoe)
Richard Hunter and his friend put on their own Latowski belts and joined in the fun. Mario seemed to enjoy all the excitement even though he hardly spoke a word of English. He had a German friend with him who acted as his interpreter, and some of the customers spoke German, so this wasn't a problem. After all, words are hardly needed when kinky people get together. Smiles and laughter seem to communicate quite well on their own.
Richard Hunter's friend was wearing a unique one-piece leather body suit which incorporated a pair of attached helpless mitts. Since the mitts were heavily padded I suppose it was impossible for him to escape from the suit on his own. In addition, the effect of the padded mitts and the secure metal chastity belt made self-stimulation out of the question. As far as I was concerned, all that was missing was a leather hood with no eye holes, and his wrists needed to be handcuffed behind his back. Now that's over-the-top!
Earlier this year I attended the Boundcon event in Munich, Germany, and ran across a man wearing a Latowski belt. The following photos show the details of his belt, however I'm not sure what model he was wearing. Notice how the circumference of his belt is adjustable by moving steel pins between two holes on each side. This provides some means for accommodating fluctuations in body weight or for wearing the belt over leather or rubber suits like above.
All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone who met Mario. His chastity belts are quite amazing, and it was easy to see that he enjoys his work. Check out his web site for further information and photos.
I will be providing more information and photos on Richard's unique form-fitting body cage as soon as it's delivered to the Mister-S store, sometime in November. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you enjoy gay male leather, bondage, sex and SM, you should pick up the first of a series of DVD's from Mister-S titled "The Basement Tapes". This DVD was released last month and features Richard Hunter, a cast of his sexy boys, and lots of Mister-S bondage gear. Click HERE for more information.
At the end of the day, Mario used his giant calipers to measure a customer's head. What will those crazy Germans think up next?