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New Bondage Chair by Paul Mauser Studios
Why rent an old movie that might contain a shot or two of a bondage chair, when you could own the real thing?
Story by Mark
17 Jun, 2004
ere's a new piece of furniture that will shurely satisfy your fantasy for being restrained in a chair.
This unique piece of gear is manufactured by Paul Mauser Studios, a business versed in furniture building and serious bondage play.
Mauser Studios is located in the North-Western US, not far from House of Gord. I wonder if there's a special aura in that part of the country which promotes the growth of bondage related businesses?
This amazing chair features 20 leather straps and strap sets for restricting all parts of the body - head, neck, shoulders, chest, waist, crotch, upper thighs, abobe the knees, below the knees, ankles and over the top of the foot. Two different strap-sets are included with each chair for accommodating both male and
female torsos. Pre-cut slots in the chair allow the footrests and ankle straps to be slid up and down to fit a wide range of leg lengths. Additional slots in the back of the chair allow the torso straps to be adjusted for a wide range of body sizes.
The chair can be ordered directly from Mauser Studios, and is easily broken down and shipped in a flat create. Assembly is easy, and detailed instructions are provided.
The photos below show this new bondage chair in action, demonstrated by various willing volunteers. We shot these photos a few days before the chair was delivered to Mister S on June 15, 2004. Enjoy!
Two sets of torso straps are supplied with each chair - for men and women. You can see the difference between the men's and women's torso straps by comparing the photos below with the photos directly above. The men's torso straps are in an "X" configuration, the women's straps are in a "Y" configuration
The photos below show the predecessor to the Mauser chair. The bondage chair on the right was developed in the laboratories - requiring years of kinky research and development.
Mauser handcuffed the wrists of the model, then attached the handcuffs to an overhead strap which is normally used for securing headgear. As you can see, the model was quite helpless and vulnerable to tickling.
In the photos below, an inflatable rubber suit from Reactor Rubberwear was used to test the chair's ability accommodate unconventional fetish clothing. As you can see, the chair easily restrained the inflatable suit, and provided a mind-blowing image as well. The molded latex gas-mask hood was supplied by
Mauser inflates the Reactor suit with a hand pump.
This new chair raises the bar of bondage gear on the world-wide market, and allows aficionados to achieve new heights in their search for the ultimate restrictive experience. Clearly, the combination of the Mauser chair and the inflatable rubber suit is dream come true for the discerning bondage and latex practitioner.
In the photos below, an inflatable latex hood from Studio Gum was added to the mix, which took the entire seen over the top.
The chair was delivered and reassembled at Mister S on June 15, 2004
The chair was brought to the store showroom, where it immediately attracted the attention of a customer.
Richard Hunter decided to put the chair through it's paces, so one of the store employees volunteered to be strapped in for the test. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to work at Mister S?
Richard Hunter subscribes to the notion that "more bondage is better", so without hesitation he added a gas mask, more straps, a head cushion and leather helpless mitts to this poor man.
These photographs were taken during the construction of the first chair, in the Mauser workshop.
WARNING! - This bondage chair can be dangerous and even fatal, regardless of how simple it appears. Panic, choking, fainting, over-heating, loss of circulation or cramps can quickly arise without
warning and turn an innocent bondage scene into a full disaster - not to mention unexpected or uncontrollable events like house fires, earthquakes, gas leaks, electrical shorts or burglars. There is no such thing as "oh, that would probably never happen."
Never put someone in bondage without full, continuous and uninterrupted monitoring. If you play with bondage, do so at your own risk. does not does not endorse this bondage chair or any other product - use at your own risk.