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Maximum Restraint at Mister S
Bondage fun at the Mister S store in San Francisco during the 2001 Folsom Street Fair.
Story by Mark
28 Sep, 2001
ondage fun was the name of the game at Mister S store on Folsom Sunday, Sept 30, 2001. This day is
the last Sunday in the month of September, when San Francisco's famous leather and BDSM community sponsors the biggest kinky street fair ever.
Better known as the Folsom Street Fair, thousands of people from all over the world descended on the South Of Market Area of San Francisco for an afternoon of leather, latex, and general kinkery.
Mister S, a popular leather store located in the same area, receives many customers during the fair. It's no accident that the store is located in the area of the fair, which has been the home of the Gay leather community in San Francisco for many years.
During the Folsom Fair Sunday in 2001, I had the honor of demonstrating my custom-built bondage chair in the Mister S store. I'm a bondage aficionado and a regular customer of the Mister S store, so this was quite a thrill and privilege.
My bondage chair features an assortment of leather straps - strategically positioned to restrain every part of the human body. I have always fantasized about being restrained in bizarre and extreme bondage devices, so a few years ago I set out to build a bondage chair to fulfill my secret fantasies. Building this chair took more than a year, and the chair has been through many revisions since it's inception.
I asked my friends Darren and Michelle to meet me at the store and take a few pictures. When they arrived, Darren was wearing his latex suit which he had purchased from Mister S a few weeks before. So, I suggested that we strap Darren into the chair as the first demonstration of the day.
I had a latex hood with me, and knew that combining Darren's suit with the hood and bondage chair would make an exciting scene for the Mister S customers.
The hood is made by in Canada, and as you can see it conforms to Darren's head and facial features. This is
an anatomical hood, made of one piece of latex which was dip-molded around a form. There are are no openings in the hood except for two small breathing holes under Darren's nose - and a zipper up the back of the head. Darren is completely blind while wearing this hood, which is a fantastic sensory depravation and bondage experience in itself. Needless to say, this is a very intense hood to wear, as well as to be seen by others.
Darren stood motionless as I pulled the hood over his head and adjusted it's contours to his face. I then tucked the wide latex collar of the hood into Darren's suit, which completely
enclosed his head, neck and shoulders with overlapping latex. We were striving for the maximum visual impact, so it was necessary to avoid showing Darren's skin at all costs! Without skipping a beat, Michelle applied a coat of latex polish to Darren's entire suit. The two of us were like a kinky bondage SWAT team, highly trained in the art of restraint in the shortest amount of time!
As you can see, the lack of any openings in the anatomical hood looked quite extreme.
I started to secure Darren into the chair, working my way through the 19 heavy leather straps and buckles. I tightened and re tightened each strap to achieve the maximum restriction.
Darren could feel the gradual restriction of the straps, which was certainly an erotic turn-on for him, as well as for the rest of us. Once I had Darren secured in the chair, I grabbed a leather muzzle from a display rack in the store, which I pulled over his head and buckled in place. The muzzle increases Darren's sense of confinement and restriction, and allows his head to be secured to the top of the chair - as you will soon see. In addition, the muzzle creates a more intense and bizarre visual image for the rest of us, which is a lot of fun!
I secured the muzzle's neck collar to the back of the chair with a small metal clip (behind Darren's head), and connect the "D" ring at the top of the muzzle to the top of the chair with a short chain (see small overhead perspective photo - below right).


These two restraining points hold Darren's head securely against the back of the chair and prevents him from tipping his head forward. After all, slouching is not permitted at Mister S.
In the photo to the right, Michelle checked the tightness of the straps across Darren's chest to make sure he was breathing easily. In the same photo you can see two pieces of leather attached to the back of the
chair, which hang freely on either side of Darren's head. These are part of a special harness designed specifically to restrain the head of someone wearing a gas mask - while confined in the chair. Is that kinky or what? You will see this gas mask harness in action further down the page.
Most of the restraining straps on the chair are 3 inches wide, and use double-tongue buckles. I had originally tried 2 inch wide leather straps and single-tongue buckles, but they were visually unimpressive and not very exciting. Bigger straps are more fun!
In the photos you can see the wide straps which pin Darren's upper arms to the back
of the chair. The straps loop through a metal roller under each arm pit, and come out to join together in a double-ended buckle just above his waist belt. (left photo)
As you can imagine, a combination of the upper arm straps and the wrist straps make it impossible for Darren to move his arms. To increase his helplessness, Darren is also wearing thick rubber gloves which decrease his ability to feel with his fingers, and adds to his experience of isolation.
Clearly, this is the stuff nightmares and bondage fantasies are made of. Which one do you think of when you look at these photos, a nightmare or a fantasy? If you had a chance to experience this chair in a safe setting, among people you trust, would you be inclined to give it a try? Under the right conditions, this chair might change from a nightmare to a fantasy.
Ya know, we forgot to bring ear plugs for Darren. Damn. The ultimate in bondage and sensory depravation can be achieved with ear plugs! Oh well, I'll remember to bring them next time.
Darren's wrists are pinned to the arms of the chair by 4 foot long leather "U" straps. Each strap starts at the bottom of the chair, loops up and around each wrist, then ducks back down to the bottom of the chair again. The two ends of each "U" strap are connected together, and secured with a large buckle on each side of the chair. To make this explanation a little clearer, the "U" strap arrangement allows the
wrist straps to be cinched down tightly by pulling equally on both sides of the straps from the bottom of the chair.
This allows the wrist straps to be very efficient and effective - and in addition, they look really scary! It's my opinion that both functionality and the visual image are important while creating serious bondage scenarios. Don't you agree? Click to enlarge the images to the left or right to see what I mean. Intense indeed!
Darren's lower torso is secured by an extra-heavy four inch strap around his waist, and a pair of smaller straps that pass between his legs. This prevents him from moving, wiggling, or stimulating himself. Hummm... why would he want to do that?
At this point Michelle checked in with Darren to confirmed that he can both hear and talk fairly easily. Care should always be taken to check with the person in bondage, especially if they're in a hood and their mouth and eyes are covered. It's the responsibility of the person doing the tying to make sure the person in bondage is both physically and emotionally OK. Remember, safety is always first.
After we pulled his hood off, Darren was surprised to see a line of people who waiting to try the chair. We should of charged $20 per person and donated the proceeds to the Folsom AIDS fundraising!
Darren enjoyed his experience in the chair, and attracted a lot of attention from customers who were shopping in the store. As time passed, Darren discovered that the bondage chair was actually quite comfortable, and he was somewhat disappointed when it was time to release him. All told, Darren was in the chair for around 90 minutes.
After we pulled his hood off, Darren was surprised to see a line of people who waiting to try the chair. We should of charged $20 per person and donated the proceeds to the Folsom AIDS fundraising!
The photos below, the owner of the Mister S store (Richard Hunter) couldn't resist the good photo opportunity, so he climbed up on top of the bondage chair to get an overhead shot! Richard loved the chair, and was going to publish a photo of the chair in his next catalog supplement! All right!
All in all, a good time was had by everyone at the Mister S store during the 2001 Folsom Street Fair. It was a chance to show off my bondage chair, but more importantly it was an opportunity for people to see and experience serious bondage in a safe and fun environment.
We are lucky to be living in an age where alternative sexual interests are starting to be shared and calibrated in public settings. In San Francisco, this openness comes in the wake of the Gay movement which spent years challenging the suppression of alternative sexual lifestyles.
Thank you to Richard Hunter and his Mister-S store for providing a safe place to make this bondage chair demonstration a success!
Equipment List:

Bondage chair - home made

Molded latex hood with shoulder skirt - Maxcita,
Scene-3: Latex body suit, leather muzzle, blindfold, gas mask - Mister S,
Rubber gloves - Purple Passion
Bonnie's pink latex skirt - Madame S
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!