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Story by Mark
05 Apr, 05
For those who aren't familiar, Yossie's Handcuff Collection is the primary place on the Web for handcuff information. Yossie is a long-time connoisseur of handcuffs and shackles and has had a keen interest in this subject ever since he was a kid.  As the story goes, a Highway Patrol officer visited his grade school classroom and during the Officer's talk, demonstrated his handcuffs on the teacher.  Well, needless to say that made a big impact on Yossie and he's been a dedicated fan of metal restraints ever since.  Hhhmmm ... I wonder what kind of impact it had on the teacher?
Yossie's handcuff collection boggles the mind and he seems to know everyone involved in the restraints business, worldwide.  Similar to my own interest in "serious bondage" gear, Yossie's life has revolved around handcuffs and metal restraints since that life-altering day in grade school.
For many serious bondage practitioners, the ultimate toy to own is a jail cell.  Most people start with collecting restraints, then graduate to a cage, and ultimately acquire the big stuff like a complete playroom - with a real cell.
As a renowned handcuff collector, this isn't Yossie's first jail cell, however it's the first one in his current house, one that has a basement that was just right for building a bondage playroom, complete with a cell.
Yossie invited his friend Shannon over for pizza one weekend, having asked him to bring along his construction tools, and in no time flat the framing had been erected for a playroom and jail cell.  Not long after that the wall board went up, new flooring had been installed and some gray paint applied.  The photo above shows the framing of the cell's walls, and the one below the walls after being painted.
Shannon does nice work, and he's fast too!  As can be seen, above, Yossie acquired a real, stainless steel prison cell toilet, which, without a doubt, adds tremendously to the ambience of this exciting project.
After the side and back walls of the cell were erected and painted, the work began on the true heart of the project - the front wall of steel bars.  Another friend of Yossie's, Martin of, was in town for the San Francisco Fetish Ball and had volunteered to construct the barred wall and hinged door. Not an easy task, however Martin is a skilled metalworker, and a self-proclaimed "Bondage Engineer", so what more credentials does one need?  Long before Martin arrived from Germany, he and Yossie had created a drawing and materials list for the construction of the bars and shortly before Martin's arrival Yossie purchased all the raw materials, about $300 worth.  Although that amount was pretty inexpensive for a barred jail wall that's around 9 feet in length, the tooling required to actually create it was far more costly.
Yossie next purchased an arc welder, drill press, floor-standing band saw, and angle grinder, these totaling around $700.  With everything needed now on hand, Martin went to work for the next two days.  The material Yossie had purchased to create the barred wall was nothing more than inexpensive, hot-rolled steel, as shown in the drawing and photos.
As it turned out, the hardest part of the project was driving the bars through the 3/4 inch holes in the flat steel stock.  It was an exact fit, but once they were through, they fit like a glove and made the entire assembly look even more scary and intimidating.  What more can a bondage fetishist ask for than a jail cell that's 'scary and intimidating?'
At one point, a neighbor of Yossie's strolled into the open garage and asked Martin what he was building.  Martin, never at a loss for words, paused for a second, wiped his brow and said "Um ... security bars for the windows ..."   A perfect 'vanilla' explanation and definitely quick thinking on the part of Martin!
Alas, Martin ran out of time and Yossie had to take him to the airport for his return to Germany. Martin had done a lot, completing two of the three barred wall panels, including the door. As can be seen in the photo below, the cell was beginning to take shape!  Yossie was really excited and found it difficult to have his pet project only partially-completed, as can be imagined.
With Yossie in limbo, it was time for to leap to the rescue, and so the day after Martin departed Yossie and I went to work and completed the third panel of bars.  Martin had done the hard work for us already - setting up the tools and deciding how the assembly process would be done, so we were easily able to build and install the final panel in less than a day.
After installing the final barred panel, Yossie and I stood back in awe.  Wow!  What a sight!  We were stunned because the stark image of the steel bars was almost overwhelming.  To know that this cell was located in someone's basement, built just for pleasure and enjoyment, left me speechless.  Without a word Yossie walked into his new cell, closed the door, and looked out through the bars ...
Yossie already had plans to host a big party at his house and this was the reason for our final construction rush.  After the party Yossie will address the need for a proper lock for his new cell. As you might expect, a collector of handcuffs has LOTS of connections.  He was very quickly able to get his hands on a few authentic Folger-Adams jail cell door locks and if you're interested in knowing more about these, do a search for Folger-Adams on the Net.  The photo below is one of the Folger-Adams locks from his collection and weighs almost 6 pounds.  Yossie plans to encase the lock in a heavy steel box which will then be welded into the door frame.
Yossie's new cell has turned out to be nothing less than fantastic, and one hell of a toy!  For those who fantasize about being confined in a cell - or being the jailer who holds the keys - I'm sure these images will touch your deep erotic yearnings for solid bondage and inescapable imprisonment.
The final test was when Yossie rolled his heavy steel cage into the cell - just to see what it would look like. It sure works for me!  Where do I sign up?
Yossie's web site can be accessed at Yossie's Handcuff Collection.