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The House of Gord, Part-2
Gord continues to push the envelope of extreme bondage and kink.
Foreword by Mark
Interview by JG-Leathers
15 Nov, 2006
his article is the second of a two part interview with the famous bondage master Gord. Part-1, which was titled
'Gord - The Early Years' was posted on this web site in March of 2005 and can be viewed by clicking HERE.
For those who are unfamiliar with Gord, he's nothing less than the grand master of bondage and restraint. Having coined the terms 'Forniphilia'
"Let me get this straight - you want to bind me up in latex. Clamp my neck in steel. Armsheath me. Stick a bubblehood on my head. Clamp me tightly on a special saddle, then tow me around the garden with a tractor and mechanically fuck my brains out until I can't orgasm any more? Okay, that works for me!" (typical response from a Gord model)
(human furniture) and 'Ultra-Bondage', Gord continues to create amazing restraint devices incorporating both Einstein-like inventiveness and state-of-the-art technologies. Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to Gord and bondage. His eye-popping work can be found on two web sites: House Of Gord and Naked Gord.
The following interview was conducted by JG-Leathers, a long time friend and kinky cohort of Gord. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this article as much as I did while assembling it. Gord shares his insightful observations about people, relationships and kink, which I'm honored to present on this web site.
By the way, don't forget to check out the video clips. Enjoy!
JG-L:     I know that you wont’ have anything to do with non-consensual bondage, and, in fact, would report all such instances of it to law enforcement immediately.  This being the case, I have to assume that your models enjoy being tied up in Gord gear.  Do both you and your models have fun?
GORD:   Oh Yeah!  (HUGE shit eating grin is evident) And then some!  Ask Mark.  He brought his lady up to House of Gord and we all had a blast.  Not much point in the exercise if the ladies don't have fun as well.  A lady who has lots of fun will come back for more, and so we perpetuate the never-ending flow of fun-loving ladies.  These days we need to fight them off with a big stick.
JG-L:     It’s been my experience that there’s a hell of a lot more laughter in the areas we play in than there is screaming and yelling.  Do you find the same thing?
GORD:   Entirely so.  In fact, the only screaming and yelling I ever heard was when you stuck a gazzilion TENS volts through yourself that day when you forgot it was maxed out.  (He cackles with glee at the remembrance of my yelling and cursing, and I cannot help but smile ruefully at the memory of my own idiocy)  Apart from that, our biggest problem when filming for the website is trying to stop the ladies, who are supposed to be damsels in distress, from giggling and sort of trashing the Machiavellian plot.
JG-L:     Do you have any observations on the reasons why people have an interest in bondage?
GORD:   I think it is a throw-back to our genetic programming.  That has been screwed up by modern society rules.  In the old days, all we needed was a club and she needed long hair.  One bonk on the bonce, and drag the damsel back to the cave for a good rogering.  But, that ain't politically correct these days it seems.
It is my view that those baser methods were actually nature's way of selection.  If the guy wasn't good enough and strong enough to overcome the chick, the kids would probably be wimps and not survive, and she knew that.  But now, we cannot demonstrate our prowess like that, so the inherent programming comes out by the guy mimicking the capture with bondage, and the woman accepts it as the overcoming.  In this way we re-enact the natural selection process without the original physical violence.  I guess now you are going to ask how come men like bondage as well?
JG-L:     You’re a mind reader too!
Gord:    Well the truth is there is no black and white in gender matters.  On a scale of 0 to 10, women are, say, 0 to 5, and guys 6 to 10.  A 10 is a bull guy ... total macho.  A 6 or 7 would still be a guy, but with much more female instincts than the 10.  Same applies with the women.  Zero is a super-femme, Stepford wife type.  A 5 is a “Don't fuck with me!” chick, and so there is this crossover of emotions and genetic programming.  I also figure that many men envy the pleasure they see being generated in bondage chicks, and would dearly love to climb into them and feel it for themselves.
JG-L:     Your comment about many men being envious of the incredible pleasure that women obtain from their bodies rings a lot of bells with me, and I’m sure a lot of other guys out there.  I think we got the short end of the stick in many cases, but we do our best to make up for it, as you’ve proven so amply.
Did you have any people or characters, at the beginning, that acted as guides or mentors in the scene?  Perhaps someone like The Bishop, John Willie, Eric Stanton, etc.?
GORD:   All of the aforementioned and a few others.  None really, in real life.  Never even went to any scene spot until around 1994.  What I initially saw was not really my scene, but more SM.  Later, I found more bondage-orientated clubs, but by then I was already doing over the top bondage and so it usually ended up with me doing the demo.  Until I met a certain super kink called JG-Leathers that is at least an equal in kink!  On second thought ... Nah!  He’s definitely more bent than me. :-)
JG-L:     I very well remember when you started your web site and the untold hours, blood, sweat, and tears you spent building it.  Have you found the experience to be a satisfying one?  Would you do it again, having the perspective you do now?
GORD:   Good question.  Probably not, if I had the money not to.  Producing new stuff every week for a voracious internet can kill the enjoyment very quickly.  I keep going because of the real bondage kinks who understand what goes into that level of output, and they have on occasion voiced strongly that they would sooner be patient and wait for good stuff, than have me rush a load of crap out to appease the arseholes who get really rude and obnoxious if they don't get their fix on time.
JG-L:     You have launched two new web sites this year.  What are they called and why are you putting them up?
GORD:  That would be and  Nakedgord caters to the kinks who want to see my gear festooned with naked ladies, which is not really my style.  Gordcomics is my way of ensuring that Davo the artist comes onboard and maintains the flow of a style of art that really works for me.  Also, Davo and I have found that we compliment each other with ideas, and now there's a good chance that Geoff Ridgway will be adding his pervey artwork to the mix as well.
JG-L:    Are you going to close down the original Gord site, or operate them as separate entities? Will
the original site have less nudity, now that the Nakedgord site covers that genre?
GORD:   No.  I'll continue to operate all three of them separately.  Each one is designed to cater for the different, specific tastes of our particular kinks.  One site could not adequately cover them effectively, without becoming top heavy and ticking off probably two thirds of the members at any time, who were looking for the other taste.  Hope that makes sense?
JG-L:     It does, and thanks for the explanation.  Now, on your original House of Gord site, you have most of your ladies wearing some sort of clothing.  Is this intentional, and if so, why?
GORD:   Very intentional.  I just love ladies in skin tight, second skins of one sort or another.  It is, in itself, a type of bondage, but it has several other attractions as well, apart from the tactile experience for both players.  It robs the lady of her personality in a way, which is of course removing some of her power.  It also has the objectification angle.  Finally, it can add years to the play life of a lady who would otherwise not feel she was at her best when naked as the years roll on.
JG-L:     Certainly there’s an erotic and romantic appeal for seeing a women in bondage while dressed.  Can you elaborate on the differences between naked and dressed bondage?
GORD:   Naked, there is no room for fantasizing about what is there.  With clothing, even if skin tight, it leaves that morsel of privacy for the imagination to run wild with.  After all, the most powerful sexual organ in the body is the mind.  As I said, clothing also has the ability to be used as a tool to remove personality and objectify the lady. Skin tight, super tight.  I wanna see every gorgeous millimetre of those female forms encapsulated by something tight.
After Gord makes final adjustments a pair of cage-mounted dildos, the popular bondage model Jewel Marceau is hauled to the ceiling where she can enjoy a view from the second story window. Naturally, there's no escape from this strange predicament.
JG-L:     It’s pretty obvious that you have your own design parameters and goals when you build equipment and it does have a quite distinctly British aura - sort of an artistic touch of ‘nobility’, if you will.  I guess the best example is the shield you use as your logo, then there are other examples such as the women with feathers, the shiny brass headgear, and the padded, rounded corners with upholstery tacks.  Is that influence from your UK roots, or just touches that are uniquely a Gord thing?
GORD:   No.  I just think that if a lady is good enough to give herself up to my zany dreams, I should honour her by making her look the best.  In addition, there is a drive to match the quality appearance of ladies depicted by the artists I am attempting to reproduce in real life.
As for the logo. That is actually technically correct, and were it not for the nature of my kink personality, would be acceptable to the British Heraldry Association.  The shield is of a European shape which I am entitled to use, due to Spanish ancestry on one side of the family.  The inverted decal in the centre is a dishonour decal, and this particular one means “womaniser, seducer of women, woman chaser”.  The helm
(the head at the top) is a mark of status, i.e. King, Lord, Duke, Squire, etc.  The one I designed most closely denotes “Squire”.  The guardians of the shield(realm) are just, well, very appropriate, seeing as the women in my life seem to be more fiercely protective of my back than most males are. The entire logo is, in fact, constructed with images that were originally drawn by the great artists who helped shape my perception of how my kink could develop.  Last but not least, the Latin script at the bottom is the closest I could get to the words “obsessed by women in tight rope”.
JG-L:     How long does it take to build a typical piece of your gear?  Do you make only one version, or go through a series of revisions before you’re happy with the piece?
GORD:   Anywhere from 6 hours to 6 months, depending on complexity and safety issues that have to be overcome.  I used to make something and then cannibalize it for the next.  But now we are finding that a costly way to go in man-hours of re-converting when new ladies come along and want to try an older piece of gear.
JG-L:     Do you have a big workshop, and do you build all of the equipment yourself?
GORD:   Plus or minus 2500 square feet for the shop.  I build all my own gear now that I have extensive welding and machining facilities.
JG-L:     Which piece of equipment gave you the most enjoyment to build?  Do you still use that gear today?
"The Latin script at the bottom is the closest I could get to the words 'obsessed by women in tight rope".
GORD:   All of them.  Each becomes the best ever in my mind as it grows. As you well know, the catch 22 is that you always think you will never build anything better and then the rush of shit to the brain starts again, and again, and again.
JG-L:     Which piece of gear was the most difficult to engineer and build?  Has it evolved into other things since you built it?
GORD:   Probably the Bor-o-matic.  It truly has the potential to be deadly and therefore the safety mechanisms and failsafes took a long time to figure out.  Simultaneously double boring an inverted woman, clamped into a vice is fraught with engineering problems, mainly as a result of the fact that there is no such thing as a Mark-I, Standard Model, Woman.  The variations in internals and all that stuff make the building of a truly safe and infinitely variable/adjustable machine a real engineering challenge.
The secret to creating fantastic bondage gear is to have an assortment of shapely models available as inspiration. At the Gord Mansion this never seems to be a problem. Who ever got the idea that women don't like hanging around in a workshop? Gord always has two or three inventions in the pipeline so test subjects are constantly needed.
JG-L:     What’s your favourite piece of gear, or the one that you are most excited or impressed by?
GORD:   I really like the Suck-o-matic, which is in the active device category. However, I still love the scenario of women totally bound and immobilised without anything else going on.  She just has to be there, unable to move, and available to play whenever I want.  Guess I should have played with dolls as a kid. In the static device category, my current favourite would have to be the new Female Bar Stool. I recently demonstrated both of these at a Society of Janus bondage program in San Francisco.
Here are a few pics from the program (below). Janus is a very private club, and it was very much appreciated that they allowed us to film the event. Normally cameras are strictly taboo, and I am honoured that they felt so highly of the integrity of myself and Mark from Serious Bondage that they felt confident we would not betray their trust.
I first demonstrated the 'Female Bar Stool' with the help of my bondage model Fem-Car in the red catsuit. Fem Car was wheeled in and set down in front of the crowd, and I got to make a grand entrance and take my seat on the stool. As Mark demonstrated to the crowd before my entrance, the stool freely rotates while keeping Fem-Car firmly secured in her crouched and compact position. After I was seated, Fem-Car was constantly rubbing her hard ball gag up against my dick while I was trying to talk. As you can well imagine, it was hard to concentrate and answer questions from the audience!
My second demonstration was the Suck-o-Matic (below), which needs a bit of explanation because the still photos don't portray motion very well. Once Fem-Car was strapped to this machine, her body position (and more precisely her head) can be pneumatically raised and lowered onto a cock - or in this case the dildo of the operator Rebecca in the chair. By adjusting the controls, Rebecca put the machine into a continuous cycle of gently raising and lowering, thus providing an automated and uninterrupted pleasure able experience to Rebecca's dildo - or my dick if I were seated in the chair. A metal brace holds Fem-Car's head tilted back, and a ring-gag holds her mouth open so she's not able to resist the machine's guidance of the dildo into her open mouth. A Tens unit and associated dildo within Fem-Car provides her with pleasure - or mood control if necessary. Micro vibrators on each side of Fem-Car's cheeks (mounted to the head harness) provide additional stimulation to the operator's dildo or dick. Every home should have one of these.
JG-L:     As a designer and creator myself, and I’ve had it happen ... have you had any truly spectacular failures?  Tell me, what was the most humorous or wacky experience you’ve had with your gear?  Was the model/victim amused as well, after all was said and done?
GORD:   It wasn't my gear.  It was some calf-type suspension cuffs I borrowed and didn’t test myself.  I had Gwen spreadeagled, inverted from the bedroom ceiling with a spreader bar and fortunately had not fastened her hands, when one of the calf supports failed.  She fell about two feet and landed on a shoulder and her arm, but there was no damage done, as she was still partially held aloft by one leg.  As the spreader bar was released on one side, it swung violently upwards and hit the ceiling with a crash, and the next thing, the kids were banging on the door to see if everything was okay.
We hurriedly cleaned up and stuffed all the gear in a closet, then walked out as if nothing had happened.
A few minutes later, my youngest daughter walked into the kitchen and asked why Mommy's high heeled shoe was stuck in the bedroom ceiling.  The spreader bar’s swing had whipped it off and buried the heel into the plaster board and in the rush to clear up I forgotten all about it.  Both of us were red-faced, but for once the instant reply was there when I wanted it.  I told the youngster that we were practising dancing and Mommy's shoe flew off.
Under the saddle is a wheel-driven dildo that slides in and out of Gord's model Anastasa Pierce. The faster the cart goes - the faster the dildo moves. Needless to say, she is chained and strapped securely to the saddle so there's no escape from the relentless motion from below. What a way to tend to the garden!
JG-L:     Gord, I know you’ve got a ton of equipment and that you’ve built much of it yourself, but what piece(s) do you not have, and would like to?
GORD:   A perfect John Willie - Sweet Gwen, form-fitting and perfect-to-drawing, body cage.  However, that requires a lady to be around for some time to get it right.  It would require extensive body molding and then carefully forming compound curves in the steel bands to make a perfect fit.
JG-L:     OK, we’ve dealt with the hardware side of things.  How about the locales? Do you have one studio area, or just look for a likely spot, then shoot the pictures?
GORD:   Generally we shoot in the main studio at Gord Mansion, but we also use the house and grounds.  We have shot in many places, notably SEATAC (Seattle International Airport) where we brought a lady's fantasy to life.  She’d always wanted to be chained up in public and so with her boy friend’s help, we set it up to happen at SEATAC , as she arrived from Paris.  Blanche was dressed as a cop and I was the plain clothes Brit/Interpol cop.  We had check boards and suspect photos and all, and checked off all the passengers coming up the escalator from the gate.  The airport insisted that airport security and SEATAC port authority police were there to oversee the filming, and so with all these genuine dudes hanging around watching, it added to the authenticity of the scene.  You’ve never seen so many guilty faces getting off an air plane!
Finally, our lady appeared and we homed in on her.  The boyfriend (John Hewson of Oz) totally played his part of the indignant boyfriend trying to stop his gal being harassed, but eventually we arrested and chained up his gal, waist chain, wrist and ankles cuffed and fastened to back of waist chain, hobble chains, and then chained her to Blanche with a long leader chain.  We then forced her to shuffle to baggage claim and made her identify her baggage.  I already had big sticker ready to slap on her bags: “Police Forensic Evidence” and all of this watched by hundreds of  wide-eyed passengers.  We left the terminal with the chained lady in tow and it was a blast, but sadly, I doubt that any airport would allow it these days after 9/11.  More’s the pity.  What a hoot that was for all involved.
EAT AT JOES - Mark of had a number of kinky guests staying with him for 2006 San Francisco Fetish Ball. Each day the local cafe owner Joe would see groups of people come in for meals, and he finally asked Gord who they all were. One thing lead to another, and we descended upon his restaurant one Sunday afternoon to show him our kinky ways. Gord parked his model Fem-Car in front of the cafe for additional advertising. From left to right: Pupett and Matthias, JG-Leathers, Kevin (dog), Martin, CC, Yossie, Mya, Steffy the Rubber Doll, Annette and Peter, Jane, Gord and Fem-Car.
JG-L:     Do you have any words of wisdom for people who are interested in bondage play?  What advice can you give those who want to try your bondage ideas at home?
GORD:   Er ... don't, unless you have totally figured out all the safety angles and have a good knowledge of all of the problems for the submissive that can be associated with bondage.  Start small and simple, and never take advice from so-called experts until you are sure they are experts.  Work your way up from simple Ace bandage bondage to more adventurous things.  Especially take lessons from rope masters on the art of rope bondage.  Done poorly, rope is not much fun for the bottom, and careless use of rope in some areas can lead to cinching and tightening during play struggles that could be potentially lethal..
JG-L:     Gord, I recognize you strictly as a top, whereas I’m a switch and enjoy both sides of the coin.  Do you think players should get a personal knowledge of both sides, or just understand that empathy is probably the most important word and ingredient in any scene? 
GORD:   Well I did.  I am a total top, but I did allow my ex-wife Gwen to suspend me upside down in extreme bondage just to get an idea of the stresses and factors involved.
Gord demonstrates his automated pneumatic fucking machine at the 2006 San Francisco Fetish Ball pre-party. Rumor had it that was going to demonstrate there machines as well, but they never showed up. I guess they heard Gord was going to be there and chickened out...
JG-L:     Lady Serena is obviously a major force in your life, and from what we’ve seen in the present site, enjoys playing as much as do you.  Will she also be involved with these new ventures?
GORD:   Probably not.  Serena decided to go back to school.  She already has a doctorate in Human Sexology and Erotology, and now she decided to extend that to full blown Psychology.  She has just started a four year course and will have no time to participate further in my kinky world. Also of relevance is the fact that we split up.  It was an amicable split, we both just wanted to go our own ways.  I have to say, that we both left the relationship much better off than when we met, and we had some truly fun times playing.  So it was a good union, but it usefulness was outlived and blocking us both from moving to new things.
JG-L:     Do you think women enjoy bondage as much as men do?  Any ideas as to why or why not?
GORD:   Probably more; if they are into it and not just doing it as a gift to a good husband whilst they are not personally all that turned on by it.
With an electrified dildo and butt plug, Lady Serena is installed in a padded box with only her head appearing from the top. Rudy the cat is invited to play with the string and when the pole is pulled downward, a Tens unit zapps Serena. Gord calls this his 'home entertainment system'.
Later, when Gord is ready to retire, Lady Serena is wheeled into a closet where she will spend the night - without complaining. A microphone in her gag is hooked to the Tens unit, so if she makes a noise she will get zapped.
JG-L:     When you attend BondCon or other similar events, do you mind if fans come to meet you in person?
GORD:   No, that's why we go.  Those conventions rarely turn into any income and normally we are out of pocket or just breaking even.  But we do have fun, and we do like to let the loyal kink followers see our stuff close up and for real.  It's the least we can do for their continuing loyalty.
JG-L:     Gord, we’ve both been around the block a few times now and at this point, are probably regarded by new folks entering the scene as the classical ‘old farts’ as illustrated by the two geezers on the balcony, on the Muppet Show.  Personally, I don’t feel we’ve hit that exalted status quite yet, but I’m curious ...  do you feel that the on-line, adult industry is maturing?  Is there more room for more variation, other than the simply raw pornographic and gynecological content that now seems to be so prevalent?
Click HERE to download ad play a WindowsMedia video clip (10MB)
GORD:   John , I think the internet will always be predominantly suck-n-fuck, as we call it.  The big players in it for the mega bucks are targeting the youth that’s just coming of age.  As we all mature and gain confidence in a maturity (said with tongue firmly embedded in cheek) we feel more in tune with our true sexuality as nature’s “fuck-anything-that-walks” drive to reproduce is brought under control, and we gain the balls to actually admit that we have deeper and more complex sexual needs.
At this point, they start looking around, and as with myself, Lo and behold, wow!, there are others out there like me.  I'm not alone.  I'm not a freak.  Millions out there have the same strange sexual desires.  Yes I do think the internet, and general media is maturing now.  More and more, even mainstream shows and advertising are tentatively showing bondage and alternate sexual practices, which is why I think that Pandora's Box has not only been opened, but someone ripped the damned lid off, and no amount of nails is going to get it shut again.
"I kid you not people, it is really hard to concentrate when you get this close to a warm, curvy, sensuous female who's squirming and wriggling. Fingers turn into bananas, brain turns to soup, and it becomes difficult to move around with a third leg that magically appears between the other two."
Sorry moralist vanillas, but get real.  Humans are a kinky bunch and burying it can only lead to trouble. It needs to be out there and dealt with in an acceptable style, not pushed underground and forced to become seedy and corrupted.
My classic put-down of a prude happened when I was accused by the prosecutor in the UK obscenity bust of being perverted.  I asked him to define perverted.  He wasn’t very good, so I quoted the Oxford Dictionary.  “To turn aside from it’s proper use.  To distort or misuse.”  The guy looked real pleased that I appeared to be making his case for him and gave the jury a real smug look.  Then I asked HIM if he was married, and had he ever had protected sex or sex without the intention of producing a child.  The Judge was looking real bemused by then and told prosecution to answer.  He said yes, he was married, and yes he had participated in love sex without the intent to produce a child.
Click HERE to download and play an MPEG video clip (10MB)
My retort was that HE was perverted by the definition of perversion.  Human reproductive organs are for reproduction, not fun, by that definition.  That got a few laughs from the Jury and I suspect the Judge was also having a problem staying straight faced.
GRAND ARRIVAL AT THE LAS VEGAS STARDUST CASINO FOR THE OPENING OF BONDCON (Bondage Convention) 2003 - Gord goes all out and creates a kinky spectacle that stops traffic and appears in the local newspapers and television.
JG-L:     I’m sure a lot of folks wonder how much longer they’ll have the pleasure of seeing your new gear and ideas appearing.  Any thoughts as to when you’re going to call it a day, then turn into a university lecturer on the weirdness of humanity?
GORD:   Hmm!  Interesting idea.  Do you really think they'd let me lecture, and do you really think youth would be interested? Actually I have been asked to set up a Gord display at the proposed museum of sex in Las Vegas, and they asked me to curate it and keep it up to date. As for retiring, well I'm hoping I have around 5 or 10 years actual building left.  Then, hopefully, I will have found an apprentice who has the same weird mix of technical skills that I have as well as a twisted brain the equal of my own, to take over so that I can just sit back in my rocking chair and watch fabulous ladies wriggling their latex clad butts around the place. 
As the 92 year old, old fart in London said, when questioned by Ester Ranson about when he’d lost interest in sex, he replied: “You'd better ask somebody older then me gorgeous!  What's yer phone number?”
Click HERE to download and play a Windows Media video clip (7MB)
JG-L:     Of all the people you’ve met, and I know there’s a ton of them, who was/is the most interesting?  Why?
GORD:   No way I can say, John.  Every single one of those that I respect and admire have different qualities and I like them equally for different reasons.  Try answering that one yourself, and I bet you’ll come up with the same answer if you stop to think.
JG-L:     OK, thanks very much for the interview!  We at SeriousBondage wish you all the very best and continued success!
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