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Bondage Chair - MARK-IIA
The announcement below was posted on following the 2004 Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
Story by Mark
30 Sep, 2004
September 30, 2004
The Latest Bondage Chair
from Paul Mauser Studios
Model - MARK-IIA
This exciting bondage chair can be ordered from Paul Mauser Studios. The price (as of September 30, 2004) is $1,500 (US). This price is quite reasonable if you consider the amount of work that goes into the manufacturing, not to mention the fun you will have when you own one. The chair breaks down into 6 pieces, and is packed flat for easy shipping anywhere in the world.
This chair made it's debut in the Mister-S booth during the Folsom Street Fair on September 26, 2004, in San Francisco. The chair is a new model MARK-IIA, featuring improvements over the previous version with adjustable sliding elbow restraints. Additionally, the chair is available in a wide range of colors.
As with the previous model, adjustment slots in the chair's back, seat, and foot rests allow this diabolical device to accommodate people from 5' to 6'2" in height. This chair is certainly a collector's item - every dungeon should have one.
This MARK-IIA bondage chair features 20 buckling points which completely immobilize the subject. Thick latigo leather straps and 2 inch buckles provide maximum security while maintaining comfort and intense erotic pleasure.
The chair frame is constructed from 3/4" cabinet-grade hardwood plywood, and spruce beams that have been planed for straightness. All of the parts have been engineered for strength, using Mortise and Tenon joints, Biscuit joints, and Half-lap joints where appropriate, combined with screws for reinforcement. Assembly is quick and easy, through the use of twelve 3/8" machine bolts. The seat and back of the chair fit snugly into tracks in the sides, adding strength and stability.
The straps are made of heavy 8-10 ounce latigo, and are 2 inches wide (except for the collar, toe, and head harness). All of the leather edges have been beveled and dressed for a neat and smooth appearance. The straps which pass through slots in the chair are held in place by the use of dowels inserted through the folded ends, rendering them impossible to pull out during use, yet easy to disassemble for transportation.
Both the footrests and ankle blocks are adjustable vertically to fit a wide range of subjects. In addition, there are now two strap slots in each footrest, allowing the 1 inch foot strap to be moved forward or back to accommodate different length feet - along with motorcycle boots, stiletto shoes and boots, and platform heels. The photo above shows the 1 inch strap passing over the foot, above the arch. A second set of slots are positioned further out towards the end of the foot rest, allowing the 1 inch strap to be moved towards the end of the foot instead of the arch, which provides maximum versatility.
In the photos below, a lovely latex lass who was standing nearby wasted no time in testing the vulnerability of our subject who was secured in the chair. I guess latex simply attracts attracts more latex?
Once a person is bound in this chair, the will immediately experience a sudden rush of helplessness. The chair is very comfortable, and as you can see, also very controlling.
Not only do the leather straps hold you firmly within the chair, but the neck strap - in particular - serves as a constant reminder to be on your best behavior around others, or suffer the consequences.
In this case our subject was quite considerate and polite, however that was not enough to dissuade the latex beauty from offering her firm attention. He had no choice but to accept her kind offerings.
In the photos below, Mauser, the manufacturer of the chair, demonstrates how exciting the straps look against a woman's beautiful bare skin.
The chair is completely escape-proof, because your hands and arms are secured far enough away from your sides that there is no possibility you can reach any other part of the chair to facilitate your release. A blindfold or leather hood would certainly add to the thrill of the chair, don't you agree?
Below is an example of a volunteer whose torso was much bigger than any of the previous subjects. With the adjustable straps and footrests, his size was easily accommodated.
Below is another volunteer, who's torso was much shorter than the man above. But he too was easily restrained in complete comfort.
Now here's a couple who stole the show. The infamous Latex Twins. Rumor has it that these latex beauties are officers of the popular SM Odyssey group in San Jose, California. Is everyone in the Odyssey organization this kinky and outrageous? Where do I sign up?
Without hesitation we strapped one of the Latex Twins into the MARK-IIA chair, just to see if complete head-to-toe latex and bondage go together. The crowd went wild, and cameras came out of nowhere!
Since there was another bondage chair available, we took advantage of it's vacancy and restrained the other Latex Twin. How cute, matching Latex Twins and bondage chairs!
All and all, a good time was had by everyone at this 2004 Folsom Street Fair. Thanks to the Mister S and Madame-S stores for allowing us to demonstrate this new bondage chair in their booth. Also, thanks to the volunteers who were photographed.
The photos below show more detail of this fantastic chair, demonstrated by our subject JG-Leathers. JG is wearing a thick latex suit by Invincible Rubber, which I don't think they make any more. The leather muzzle and blindfold are from Mister S.
In the photos below, Gumbi and his beautiful Mistress Mya from demonstrate the usefullness of the Mauser Mark-IIA bondage chair.
Bondage Chair by Paul Mauser Studios