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    What are the Serious Bondage sites all about?
    Our original on line magazine website, has been on line since 2003. We have over 100 photo filled articles featuring the latest in bondage gear, how to use it, and where to find it. Practical information for real people who enjoy heavy gear bondage play.
    Our first membership site featuring over 500 galleries of quality photos and videos. These galleries feature men and women engaged in all types of heavy bondage play.
    Our second site is a membership site aimed at men who crave heavy gear bondage play. This site features over 600 galleries of quality photos and videos of real men engaged in real heavy gear bondage play. is our second on line magazine for men interested in all types of heavy bondage play. It features many informative articles about bondage play and the latest bondage gear and where to find it. focuses on the popular bondage fetish, mummification. This site features short personally written accounts of real bondage scenes involving both men and women. personal bondage scene recaps written by the men and women who experienced them. and its affiliated sites support ASACP (Adult sites against child pornography), and is labeled with the RTA, SafeSurf and ICRA rating systems: and all of its affiliated web sites are a member of: