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The Unbearable Lightness of Bondage
Self-bondage play and inquisitive dinner guests demonstrate the truly unbearable lightness of bondage!
Story by Mark, modeling by Mayumi, photos by LT Switch
29 Aug, 2003
o wonder there's so much bondage portrayed in the media these days. People who have never been tied up are starting to explore the alluring and
titillating qualities of bondage. I think the secret is out!
The public is beginning to differentiate between non-consensual bondage which occurs during kidnappings and robberies, forced bondage used in law enforcement, and the erotic, sexy and playful bondage explored in the privacy of your own bedroom.
Consensual and playful bondage can fulfill someone's secret yearnings to have control over another person, or give up control to another person - or to simply experience the feeling of the bondage equipment itself.
It's often difficult to put our emotions into words, but sometimes we have a deep curiosity and fascination to the (seemingly) barbarian and distasteful act of making someone immobile and vulnerable by tying them up. That's why bondage is highlighted in moves, books and TV shows - it has a secret and subconscious allure to most people.
If we remove the forceful and violent aspects with which bondage is normally associated, we can start to explore its unique and unusual emotional qualities. Imagine frolicking in a fantasy wonderland, or experiencing emotional euphoria. Often, bondage can evoke rich and satisfying feelings which we thought we had lost after childhood.
When we experience bondage and it's associated feelings of helplessness, we can sometimes suspend our daily worries about problems, issues and responsibilities. Some people will say that being in bondage is relaxing, like meditation. In any case, bondage aficionados usually agree that it's an emotional and oftentimes erotic experience.
Not long ago my good friend Mayumi came for a visit. Mayumi is a favorite friend because she's open to exploring all kinds of bondage, and game for almost any kind of scenario I can dream up!
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. The day was warm and rays of sunlight filtered in through large overhead skylights of my house, filling the rooms with a warm and natural glow. Sounds of birds frolicking and children's laughter drifted through an open window. It was the perfect day to capture images of Mayumi in bondage, and as usual, she was more than willing to be photographed. Come to think of it, that's probably why she came to visit me in the first place.
I picked up the phone and called my kinky photographer friend. He was free, and said he would be right over. He said he wanted to shoot some 16x9 wide screen video, which I was interested in as well. The wide screen format would add extra depth and impact to the bondage videos I wanted to highlight on my web site. "Come on over and bring all the gear!" I said and hung up the phone.
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the pictures of Mayumi were no exception. The question comes to mind though; why is this beautiful woman - who's naked except for her black leather boots - handcuffing her own wrists behind her back? And why are there metal shackles around her ankles - did she put those on too? Mayumi! What has gotten into you?
Well, the truth is, we had asked Mayumi to share her enjoyment of self-bondage with our cameras. Mayumi says she loves the emotional rush she experiences when she hears the steel handcuffs clicking closed behind her back. However, before I get carried away with what else Mayumi said, let me share an important safety tip with you:
Self-bondage is actually quite dangerous, and should NEVER be practiced alone, even for a few minutes. Self-bondage can turn from a sexy and exciting experience to panic, harm and disaster at a moment's notice. If you practice self-bondage, do so at your own risk.
Mayumi said she enjoys limiting her own freedom and mobility by locking the cuffs around her wrists, and at the same time savours the clanking sounds of the cuffs when she struggles. Once the cuffs are closed, she knows there is no escape without the key, and she enjoys learning to submit to the cuff's relentless steel captivity. As you can see, the photo's capture the essence of her unbearable lightness of bondage.
It's simple and effective bondage. Bondage that's clean, sensual and erotic. Bondage that's serious and escape-proof, which allows the captive's mind to drop all thoughts about how they might free themselves.
Mayumi tells me that the shackles talk to her. "They're like a parent or older sibling reminding me of my child-like limits. They can also take the form of my lover, pinning me to the bed or floor and making me helpless to resist his desires. The shackles allow me to feel owned, wanted, and loved."
Mayumi has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Mayumi says that the shackles talk to her, meaning that they evoke thoughts and emotions within her that she finds comforting. Here's another perspective: have you ever been stuck at home with a bad cold, and although you don't feel well, some part of you enjoys the relaxation and lack of responsibility that being sick provides? After all, it's not your fault that you're sick! So you stay home and watch TV, and have someone bring you your meals. Mayumi's in a similar situation; she's all tied up in those harsh and unforgiving metal shackles!
It's not Mayumi's fault that she's helpless and can't escape, it's the fault of the shackles which hold her. Additionally, it's not her fault that she's been caught in the shackles with no clothes on! Poor Mayumi! Alas, all she can do is twist and squirm and enjoy her embarrassing predicament until someone comes along to.. um.. uh.. rescue her! Yes, as you can see, this is a perfect example of the unbearable lightness of bondage - filled with erotic fun and romantic fantasy.
Of course Mayumi feels safe practicing her self-bondage because my photographer friend and I were around to help. As it was, we ended up "rescuing" Mayumi from her shackles so we could move on with the photo shoot. Hummm... now that I think about it, that was probably not the erotic conclusion Mayumi had in mind. Oh well, c'est la vie!
One of my favorite bondage scenes incorporates a straight-back wooden chair and some simple leather gear. As you can see, this chair lends itself to bondage, since there are so many places to secure someone to!
In addition, Mayumi said that all the colors all match perfectly - the chair, strait-jacket, ankle straps, leather boots, and her hair - all sexy black! I'm sure you can appreciate the simplicity and elegance of this chair bondage. Doesn't Mayumi look erotic and sexy?
This type of bondage is fun, playful, and of course visually powerful. As a matter of fact, this bondage lends itself to all kinds of inventive scenarios, one of which I will share with you.
I recently hosted a dinner party at my house, inviting two couples who are my token non-kinky (vanilla) friends. They know of my interest in bondage, but none of them have ever explored BDSM. One of the women, who's name is Judy, seems to be especially curious about bondage. As a matter of fact, I think she gets a secret thrill when she asks me about it from time-to-time; "So Mark, have you tied up any women lately?"
The evening of the party - shortly before my guests arrived - I tied Mayumi in the chair exactly as you see in the photos, straightjacket and all. I left her in the bedroom with the door slightly ajar, so if someone accidentally opened the door they could easily see Mayumi in this striking bondage pose.
Minutes after I finished restraining Mayumi the door bell rang. It was Bill and Judy. They had brought a bottle of wine, and after a few minutes of informal greetings, we moved the kitchen where I started to make a fresh salad. The dinner itself had been prepared by Mayumi earlier that afternoon, which of course was unknown to my guests.
"So are you seeing anyone these days?" Judy asked.
"Yes, I just met a really fantastic woman by the name of Mayumi" I said. "It's too bad she can't join us tonight, she's been tied up most of the weekend."
"Where did you meet her?"
"I met her at a local kinky event for singles"
"Is there really such an event? Bill asked.
"Bill, in San Francisco you can find anything!" I said.
"Amazing" said Judy, "I'd like to meet her sometime, just to see what a kinky person is like."
"I think that can be arranged" I said with a smile, "besides, what makes you think kinky people are different than you and I?"
Just then the doorbell rang again; it was Michael and his wife Anna, the second dinner couple. Within minutes we were all back in the kitchen, and everyone was asking more questions about my new kinky lady friend. It's amazing how much interest vanilla people have in kink.
Right on cue Judy asked me "So Mark, have you tied up any women lately? What about this woman Mayumi? Does she like to be tied up?"
"Well yes" I said, "as a matter of fact she does, and it's too bad she can't join us for dinner tonight, we could give you a demonstration!"

"Personally, I'd love to see a bondage demonstration sometime" said Bill. "Maybe we can come over next month and you can give us a private demo right here in your own house?" The others nodded.
"Why wait till next month? I exclaimed. "Maybe I can arrange a private demonstration for you tonight!"
With that Judy smiled, "Mmmm... that sounds very interesting. Mark, where's the bathroom again?"
"Down the hallway, first door on the right" I said.
Judy left the kitchen while we continued to laugh and joke, but it wasn't twenty seconds before Judy was back in the kitchen.
"Mark! Who is that woman tied up and blindfolded in your bedroom?" The kitchen suddenly became very quiet.
"What woman?" I asked smiling, as I looked up at the ceiling.
"The woman in black leather, tied to the chair in your bedroom!" Judy exclaimed. Judy's eyes as big as saucers.
"Show me!" I said. "Come on everyone, let’s see what Judy's talking about. Judy, you have such a big imagination!"
Judy entered the bedroom first, followed by myself, then Bill, then Michael, and Anna bringing up the rear.
For a moment we all stood silently, gazing at this unusual site. Mayumi was twisting very slowly from side to side, gently pulled against the straps that pinned her ankles to the chair. The leather was creaking in a most erotic and sensual way.
Judy was staring without a blink, Bill's mouth was wide open - he had a cracker in his mouth but I guess he forgot how to chew. Michael's wine glass seemed to be glued to his lips mid sip, and Anna was motionless with a carrot dangling from her lips like a cigarette.
"This woman?" I exclaimed.
"Let me introduce my new friend Mayumi. She is being punished for spilling gravy on the floor while she was cooking earlier this afternoon. As a result, she has been restrained in this chair for the last few hours".
"However, in light of your interest in meeting Mayumi, I suppose we could invite her to join us at the dinner table. Would that be ok with everyone?"
"Forget the dinner!" Judy exclaimed, "how about if I trade places with Mayumi! She looks sexy as hell all tied up like that!"
Mayumi could barely hold back her laughter.
Bill her husband asked "Judy, would you mind if I tied you up like that?"
"Only if you let me tie you spread-eagled to the bed, like that movie we rented last week!" Judy replied loudly.
We all laughed, breaking the silence in the room.
Mayumi's laughter let everyone know that the whole scene was a prank, especially designed to liven up the party.
"There's an extra setting at the table for Mayumi, Bill would you give me a hand?" I asked.
"Sure, but I don't know anything about bondage gear." said Bill.
"No, no, don't untie her! Help me pick her up!"
Bill and I picked up the sides of Mayumi's chair, bondage and all, and carried her into the dining room where we placed her in front of a setting at the table.
"I can't believe my eyes" said Judy. "That's the most erotic sight I've ever seen in my life! I thought you said Mayumi couldn't join us tonight?"
"I told you that Mayumi had been tied up this weekend, but I didn't say she couldn't join us!"
Everyone laughed, including Mayumi.
Then suddenly, without warning, Judy threw up her hands and shouted "Wait! Nobody move! I gotta go pee, but I don't want to miss Mayumi's introduction when Mark takes her blindfold off!"
Now that's an example of the Unbearable Lightness of Bondage!
The Unbearable Lightness of Bondage
(2:12 min)
Hear the sounds of Mayumi's bondage as she twists and squirms with delight!
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(Click HERE for information about the author Mark)
Equipment List:
Pearless handcuffs and ankle shackles, wide leather straps for securing ankles - Mister S
Leather straitjacket - David Menkes Leather
Blindfold material - local fabric store
Black wooden chair - garage sale
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!