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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Total Enclosure Bondage
This is an a preview for a bondage program that was presented for The Society of Janus on April 22nd, 2003 in San Francisco.
Story and program by Mark, photos by Mark, Darren, Travis
21 Apr, 2003
ou find yourself in darkness, bound tightly and unable to move at all. You are encased in a
heavy canvas bag, which was created especially for holding unruly prisoners.
Your arms are pinned at your sides by fiendishly designed internal sleeves. You are hooded, blindfolded, ear-plugged - and completely unable to sense your surroundings. The straps around the outside of the bag have been cinched tightly, reminding you that there is absolutely no escape.
Your heart is beating quickly, but your mind is at ease... "Finally!" you say to yourself. You are in bliss. You are safe and secure, and exactly where you wanted to
be. You are confined inside this bizarre garment for an unknown duration - but that too, is exactly what you had asked for.
Does this sound crazy and intimidating? During this April 22nd Society of Janus program, we will shed some light on how satisfying and comforting this type of bizarre play can actually be.
The photo above shows Bailey enjoying her confinement and bliss in total enclosure bondage. As the name implies, she is completely enclosed in a material specifically designed to confine and restrict her, and not allow her to escape. The equipment used for total enclosure bondage play has become more popular and available recently, partly due to the explosion of the Internet, and partly due to the world's growing acceptance of alternative sexual preferences. No longer are you required to send a letter to a mysterious P.O. box in hope of buying bizarre and unusual bondage gear. The equipment can now be purchased in local stores, or ordered from web sites from the comfort of your own home.
The white canvas bondage bag used for Bailey's confinement was manufactured by Maxcita, a bondage equipment designer in Canada. Max has designed some of the most unique and restrictive gear available in the world today. Some of his inventions have even been featured in Hollywood motion pictures!
Bondage play is not for everyone, and total enclosure bondage is definitely not for the squeamish or claustrophobic. However, like any sport that involves danger or risk-taking, once you know the rules and safety procedures, you can approach total enclosure bondage with a measure of confidence, thrill and enjoyment.
Have you ever fantasized about being tied up in strange and scary bondage gear? Lots of us have, although we don't care to admit it.
The tighter and more restrictive the bondage, the more satisfying the experience can be. Various materials which are utilized in manufacturing of the bondage gear can provide a range of sensory and erotic experiences. In the photos to the right and below, Kira is experiencing total enclosure bondage in head-to-toe leather. And not just in one layer of leather, her straitjacket and leg binder are made of two layers of leather.
This gear was manufactured by the Mister S Leather Company in San Francisco, a company that specializes in custom bondage designs. Kira's helplessness is enhanced by long leather straps that cross over her body and circle under the bed, holding her firmly in the center. She can struggle, twist, and thrash about - but she's not going anywhere!
Struggling is an important part of the bondage experience, since you need to test your limits and the reality of your predicament. The fulfillment of bondage comes from knowing that you are indeed quite helpless, out of control, and unable to escape from your confinement. After all, what's the excitement of bondage if you can free yourself whenever you want? Kira is also wearing a leather muzzle which covers her mouth and eyes - tending to evoke further feelings of submission and helplessness.
In the photos to the left and below, LadyJo is restrained in a heavy latex straitjacket and latex hood. She is strapped to a solid wooden chair, and her head is further confined by a leather muzzle which is suspended by an overhead chain. The chain keeps her head upright and at attention, and the muzzle silences her by tightly covering her mouth. This ensemble is quite effective at forcing LadyJo into a submissive state of obedience, much like training an unruly domestic pet. Of course, the term muzzle has it's own psychological effect.
LadyJo comments on her striking and unusual bondage: "This is my happy place. It's a zone where I can completely relax my body and brain. The tighter the constriction - the more restricted my limbs are - the less I have to think. I can allow myself to relax the all-too-tight bindings of self control."
"The progression of unyielding layers of restriction. The muffled clicks and squeaking of the gear as the straps are buckled and tightened around me. The final immobility. I can't move, therefore I don't have to think or worry about it."
Recently, LadyJo purchased her own latex sleep sack made by Maxcita (mentioned above), and loves to spend hours confined within it's layers:
"My favorite gear for extreme bondage includes having my face and head covered. Hoods, gags, blindfolds allow me to focus inward. Cutting off outside distractions is just as important to me as restricting my ability to do anything about them. It can be devastatingly delicious to bring the mind to focus on a particular sense when all the others are cut off."
"Trusting your partner is a big factor in total enclosure bondage play, but that goes for any sport involving risk or danger. Being helpless can be a very powerful and satisfying experience, so long as you are sure that you are really safe and cared for by your partner."
In the photos directly below, I am about to be locked into a set of heavy wooden stocks. I love the feeling of total enclosure bondage, so I don a tight-fitting head-to-toe latex suit before being restrained! I have acquired a fetish attraction to latex clothing and bizarre rubber hoods, and love to combine it with my serious bondage play.
No longer do people need to enroll in a SCUBA class to experience tight-fitting rubber suits and face masks! It may seem odd, but the latex suit and hood I'm wearing enhance my experience of extreme helplessness. Adding to my experience is a further sense of helplessness as a result of breathing through a long rubber hose.
Have you ever experienced a secret thrill when you slip on a pair of tight spandex biking shorts, close the buckles on your ski boots, or cinch the laces of your ice skates? These are a few experiences you might of already had - examples of the sensuality and erotica of everyday articles and activities.
My attraction to latex clothing is much like the spandex biking shorts; they fit tightly and feel like a second skin. Latex rubber is an organic based product; it has a very erotic smell and feel, similar to leather. It looks sleek and sexy, and the wearer can easily acquire a fetish attachment for latex during serious bondage play.
As you can imagine, the allure of total enclosure bondage is being confined within scary gear, erotic and unusual garments, and the feeling of complete helplessness.
In the photo to the left, you can see that these heavy stocks are designed to hold all parts of my body; ankles, knees, waist, wrists and neck. Movement, as well as escape, is completely out of the question. I pass through an emotional point of no return as I hear the padlocks being snapped shut. I'm held in a strict, open and vulnerable position, not to mention the helplessness of breathing through a rubber gas-mask and hose - which only ads to my anxiety!
Speaking of latex, in the photo below we see Darren enjoying an afternoon nap in his unique latex bondage coffin, manufactured by Regulation in England. Well... at least I think it's Darren! As you can see, this coffin is the ultimate in total enclosure bondage!
Darren is encased in an inflatable double-lined latex bag, with an attached latex hood and gas-mask. The inflatable bag zips up the back for easy entry, but once the bag is inflated, there is absolutely no escape! The inflated bag fits snugly inside the coffin, allowing absolutely no room to move or turn! All Darren can do is relinquish control to the layers of black rubber.
The inside walls of the coffin are lined with dense foam rubber, which is then covered in heavy black latex to seal out the external noise. The hose of the gas-mask allows Darren to breath fresh air from outside of the coffin. When the heavy cover of the coffin is closed and sealed, all ambient light and sound from the room is blocked out, leaving Darren in a dark, silent and helpless world of his own. Very scary - or quite exciting?
Do you suppose one person's nightmare could be another person's desire? For myself, I can't find words to explain my deep attraction to Darren's latex coffin. I simply yearn to experience it's total enclosure.
Here's another quote from LadyJo (from above): "As a young child, I would roll myself in my blankets and quilts until I could barely wiggle. I would then roll myself off my bed onto some pillows on the floor between the wall and the bed, and drift away happily into sleep."
"My mother thought it was a pain to untangle me in the morning, but she never got truly angry, just a bit perturbed at my messing up the covers. I didn't do it often, at least I don't remember doing it a lot, but I do remember the warm comforting feeling of being hugged all night long."
Click HERE for information about the author Mark.
Total enclosure bondage can be quite dangerous, and even fatal. Claustrophobia, panic and overheating can occur at a moment's notice. The information presented on this page should NOT be used as an educational tool. Total enclosure bondage should be done at your own risk, and never done alone.
Equipment List:
Scene-1: Canvas bondage bag and hood - Maxcita, brown leather straps - Humane Restraint
Scene-2: Double-lined leather straitjacket and leg sack, "Bishop" style muzzle, wide leather straps - Mister S
Scene-3: Latex straitjacket, traditional leather muzzle, wide leather straps - Mister S, latex hood - Cocoon
Scene-4: Latex suit - Mister S, Latex gas-mask hood - Maxcita, gas mask rubber hose - Studio Gum, thick rubber gloves - Purple Passion, heavy wooden stocks - home made
Scene-5: Latex bondage coffin and inflatable latex suit - Regulation Ltd
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!