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The Art of Chair Bondage
Chair bondage is the most sexy and interesting bondage scenario
02 Jan , 2006 - Introduction by Mark, photos and video by LT-Switch
ever turn down the chance to restrain a lovely woman in a straight backed wooden chair. Of all the bondage positions, chair bondage
is probably the most fun and unusual.
Conventional wisdom tells us that a bed is the most practical bondage location because it's comfortable, sensual, and lends itself to sexual play. I agree. However, a chair can deliver interesting psychological effects that you may not have considered.
Beds usually carry emotional ties to relaxation, retreat and intimacy, whereas a chair is more about functionality and getting things done: eating, working writing, playing a game or musical instrument.

When someone is tied in a chair they naturally can't stand up, so they are in a submissive position as compared to others standing around them. They are looked down upon. Someone in a chair can be easily addressed, groped and interrogated. Things can be discussed or prepared behind them - out of their sight - which only adds to their feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. Last but not least, a chair requires correct posture. The subject is truly at a disadvantage. Need I say more?

As you can probably tell by now, I love chair bondage. The next time you think about doing spread-eagled bondage on the bed, consider a chair scenario instead. Additionally, chair bondage is great for BDSM play parties because there's always a chair available. Hopefully the following images and video will sway you towards my way of thinking.
Let's turn down the lights so we can view these images in their original and mysterious setting ...
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