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The Art of Cage Bondage
Solid steel bars will talk to you like no other bondage equipment can
23 Jan , 2006 Introduction by Mark, modeling by Jon, photos and video by LT-Switch
teel cages, like jail cells, are a big attraction to bondage enthusiasts. The solid steel bars, heavy door, oversized
lock and loud clank when the door slams shut are just a few of the many turn-ons.
Although cages are meant for controlling pets and animals, they are powerful icons, much like jail cells, and represent capture, control, discipline and punishment. Thus, a bondage aficionado is drawn to the restrictive and controlling experience of a cage just like any other piece of serious bondage gear.
The cages which provide the best bondage experience are made of heavy steel and project
a feeling of overwhelming control and absolute inescapability. Only when the prisoner's mind is satisfied that escape is impossible does the emotional satisfaction of the bondage experience begin.
As with any sport, once the basics have been mastered the player looks for higher and higher challenges to keep the game alive and the excitement fresh. Bondage play is no different, and the true aficionado - either the Top or Bottom - is always looking for ways to up the ante. After all, the fulfillment of bondage is from the experience of helplessness and loss of control, so naturally the first thought is that more is better.
In the same way that sometimes ice tea is better than a soft drink, sometimes more bondage is better, and sometimes it's not. It all depends on the mood of the players. As you can see in the photograph above, we decided that more was certainly better during this photo shoot.
The Art of Cage Bondage is actually nothing more than having fun and exploring the wide range of bondage scenarios that are possible with a cage. We hope you enjoy the photos and video of the cage scene we put together for this photo shoot. The cage was supplied by Mister-S, and includes a special order sliding bolt lock that makes the cage even more intimidating!
Let's turn down the lights so we can view these images in their original setting ...
------------------------ VIDEO PLAYER GOES HERE -----------------------
Equipment List:
Cage, double-lined leather straitjacket, hood, straps: Mister-S
Leather leg binder: David Menkes
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