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The Shadows of Fetish and Fantasy
The experience of fresh latex, tight-laced boots, firm bondage, and a partner who is willing to enter the abyss of fetish and fantasy.
By Mark, KitNBoots, Reed, SiliconValleyGuy, JG-Leathers, photography by LT-Switch
04 Feb, 2004
n today's world of cel-phones, freeze dried foods, instant gratification, and a universe of television channels, we can easily
be distracted. Many other forces in our lives also act to take us away from our natural desire to explore the unknown, and sometimes even lull us into boredom and complacency.
Despite the incredible refinements and awareness our society provides, we often strive to balance our achievements with more supposedly spiritually fulfilling activities - i.e. work-outs at the gym, yoga, tantric meditation, treks to the Himalayas, or assorted hobbies.
Really, the challenge is to nourish our inner selves with stimulating experiences and adventures; these keep us feeling alive, purposeful, and growing.
One might surmise that our attraction to fetish activities is often driven by its incredible contrast to the everyday lives we live in the 'real world', but our attraction goes far deeper than that, and relates strongly to the innate desire of the human species to seek different horizons. Then, too, there is the built-in desire of the human species to create things and environments that cater to our own personal views of the world around us, and to mould it, where we can, in many cases, to fit our fantasies.
That we denizens of the scene have somewhat different dreams than the vanilla environment that surrounds us, makes no difference, for we attempt the same thing within our particular fetish worlds. Not only do we visit new areas and stranger than normal places, but at the same time we manage to both entertain ourselves, and to express our deepest emotional and sexual desires in a safe, comforting environment, with friends who share our interests.
The photographs you will see below capture unusual and breath-taking images of skin-tight latex fetish wear, and stringent bondage. Both KitNBoots and her partner, Reed, have found a strange (or perhaps not so strange, in their terms of reference) fulfillment during a playful exploration in this increasingly popular portion of the vast kink spectrum.
Let's turn down the lights, so we can view these images and join them in their original and mysterious setting....

Reed: "I really do love my cat suit, it makes me feel sleek and fluid. As my body warms to this strange latex enclosure, the rubber comes to life. I feel it's grip, gently hugging, constant tension, but not constraining. Inside the suit my own sweat adds to the slickness of the latex, so that the suit flows with me as I move. My tactile senses come alive by this constant stimulation.
Once I adjust to the feeling of the suit and my patent stiletto boots, it's time to hear how my Mistress wishes me to complete my ensemble. Color seems to be the word, so it's red gloves and my red waist-cincher corset.
I love the compression of the corset, and how it checks my breathing. I like to think of the corset as a constant hug from my Mistress; a hug that will stay with me long after her hands let
go. I feel her knee press against my back as she pulls the laces tight. I am in bliss. I steady myself during her efforts to keep myself from melting at her touch.
We complete my outfit with a pair of thin latex hoods; one in black with an alien look, and one in red which encompasses my head - but has an open face. My bizarre latex enclosure and the resulting anonymity are a turn-on for both of us!

KitNBoots: My submissive and I enjoyed three separate play scenarios during this photo shoot; 1) the latex bondage scene where I topped Reed with his wrists cuffed overhead, 2) the Mister S muzzle and leather bag scene where Reed topped me, 3) and the gas mask twins scene where we became playful fetishists together.
During the first scene, I enjoyed the objectification of playing with a faceless, yet warm and vibrant "victim" in slick latex. Despite the heavy shackles, and even through the layers of latex, I could still feel the pounding heart and warmth of a man who is very much alive, willing, and responsive to my touch!
In the bondage bag scene, donning the muzzle was an exercise in submission itself. Once the bag's encasement was complete, I found it to be completely escape proof! I felt helpless and completely at Reed's mercy. With only my eyes, ears and nose exposed, my senses were limited to those of sight, sound and
smell. I swooned at the unmistakable aroma of the heavy rubber gloves as he reached to caress my face, while I lie immobile with his handsome face looming over me!
As for the gas mask twins scenario -- it was truly a gas! I really enjoyed playing dress up, stripping away my identity and abandoning my ego with every additional piece of gear I put on. This was a scene in which switches can revel; I felt a liberating sense of camaraderie with my fellow 'creature' as we 'wrestled' and played together as equals in our pseudo sci-fi attire. This was a precious experience, which I will never forget. The most decadent moment was when I looked around - and realized that we were sitting amidst an astonishing array of assorted bondage equipment!
LT-Switch: I have been into photography for about as long as I can remember, and kinky play for almost as long. I always find it a treat when I can combine those interests. I've photographed leather, rope, and metal bondage in a variety of ways, but latex was a new subject. I've never had a strong interest in latex in my kink play, the but photographer in me couldn't wait to work with this shiny, soft, sensual material.
As a photographer who is sensitive to the energy within a scene, I feel that it's a fine line between getting the shots I need and effecting the interaction that's happening between the subjects. Capturing that energy is the spark that makes the photos seem so special. Having worked with these models before, I had high hopes that this would yield some great results. It turned out that this session had that perfect blend.
We had finished photographing the latex and the leather restraint scene, so we decided to take a break. After a while the models migrated back to the play room and I soon followed with the camera and turned on the lights. That's when things seemed to come together - with everyone coming up with ideas, more hoods, more rubber and toys, which seemed to make the scene and the photos mesh. We were amazed when we looked at the photos we had produced in that last hour!
Equipment List:
Thin gauge red latex hood with face opening: Libidex
Thin gauge black latex hood with pin-hole eyes: E-Bay
One-piece latex suit: Reactor Rubberwear
Black and Red patent calf high boots: Pleaser Shoes
Red corset: Leg Avenue
Thick gauge black latex hoods for twins scene: Cocoon
Gas masks (Israeli style): E-Bay
Metal wrist shackles and leather bondage bag: Mister S
Thick gauge rubber gloves: Purple Passion
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!