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Metal bondage is the order of the day at Inescapable Conclusions
18 Feb, 2006 - Introduction by Mark, essay by Travis
s many high-tech companies will tell you, the only way to stay in the technology game is to invest heavily in research and development. Laboratories all over the world are achieving
impressive breakthroughs because of their continued commitment to innovation.
Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than at the Inescapable Conclusions research and development laboratories. Within this secret and high-security facility we find cutting-edge materials and technologies being utilized to create some of the most advanced bondage devices known to humankind.
Inescapable Conclusions, or "IC", is the brainchild of Travis, a frequent contributor to this web site. IC is an incubator for new and unique bondage gear fabricated with extruded aluminum supplied from a company called 80/20. Normally, R&D ventures are kept secret until patent rights are secured, but in this case Travis was kind enough to share a few of his laboratory photographs with us - against the advice of his venture capitalist backers. Travis' IC web site will be operational soon, so stay tuned for notices about its launch.
The following photos and text highlight Travis' playroom and his latest invention called the Neck-Stock. Notice that all the corners of his playroom are outfitted with 80/20 aluminum struts which allow maximum bondage versatility and experimentation. Travis' current Neck Stock project centers around a heavy milled aluminum plate and a set of special brackets which allow Clejuso heavy weight handcuffs to be mounted to the 80/20.
If you would like to learn more about this modular bondage construction system, Travis can be contacted at: You can also view Travis' bio, and one of his previous 80/20 articles titled High Tech Restraint. Travis is available for consultation with people who are interested in implementing an 80/20 solution in their private playrooms.
Travis, like other inventors, prefers to experience his own prototypes firsthand. In the photo we see his maiden voyage in a 'Neck-Stock', a severe bondage device designed specifically to provide an industrial strength bondage experience.
In 2002 I began researching what would be required to set up a private play space.  Even in my earliest concepts, it was important to me that the space would be clean, easy to manage, and above all everything had to be modular and versatile. I came to realize that the space would need to utilize many of the same structural components in a variety of different ways.

To facilitate this I looked to a company called 80/20 which manufactures a wide range of aluminum parts and extrusions.  Right away I was impressed by their quality so I contacted them and ordered their massive catalog.  I was already familiar with 80/20 from other work related projects (that's right, I do have a real job) so this background provided me with a baseline to work from. Little did I know that my play space project would become an obsession for the next three years!

The 80/20 extrusions are available in many different lengths and widths, not to mention the hundreds of adaptors and mounting brackets which are provided to join the extrusions together. It's much like an "Erector Set" for those who might have played with such a toy in the 1960's.

After considerable work I was able to merge two adjacent rooms of my house, paint the walls, lay new carpet, and install 80/20 in every corner of this new space (see photo below). When I was finished, I realized that I had actually completed my versatile play space, and immediately my mind ran wild with extreme bondage scenarios which I could create. The possibilities seemed endless. Had I actually created the first high-tech 21st century dungeon?

In the coming months, and I will bring you further articles about the construction of the play space itself. I'm a big fan of suspension play and without a doubt there's no easier way to get a room up-and-running for heavy suspension than to do it this way.  I've had a lot of fun designing with the 80/20 and I look forward to sharing more of my adventures on my new Inescapable Conclusions web site.

Before embarking on my playroom project I knew that the vast array of 80/20 parts would get me most of the way towards creating my fantasy projects, however they would not be able to accommodate all the things I had in mind, so it was then off to the machine shop. After a while I began to work with not just one - but two machine shops and some industrial plating companies. All these businesses are located in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California, where cutting-edge electronic and metal fabrication companies are located on just about every corner.

One of my early ideas was to create a metal head box with a sliding stock opening in the bottom for closing around the neck. I decided to create this project in stages - the first being the neck stock which you can see in the following photos. The stock is made from a 1 inch thick aluminum plate with a hole bored in the center for the neck, then cut in half and the edges milled so they would slide into the surrounding 80/20 frame. The photo directly below is of me on the floor, assembling the pieces from the machine shop after I got home from work. Mark had brought over some of Martin's Rigid Cuff gear, so as you can see, the floor was beginning to look like Christmas morning around the tree.

Another component to my modular approach are my movable shackle mounts. When I first saw a pair of Clejuso heavy weight handcuffs, I remember thinking to myself how thick they were. Once I started working with the 1.5 inch thick 80/20 extrusions I thought back to those heavy cuffs and decided to order a pair. Sure enough, the Clejuso cuffs are almost exactly 1.5 inches thick so they can be mounted quite easily to the 80/20. How cool is that?

As a result of this coincidence, I had my machine shop create a variety of aluminum mounting brackets for the cuffs. They drilled out two of the four rivets which held the cuffs together, then used a long through-bolts to mount the cuffs. The result was an easily reproducible set of restraints which could be installed anywhere on the 80/20, in any position (see photo directly below). Additionally, as you can see, the Clejuso cuffs mount perfectly to my new neck stock.

After assembling the neck stock, I mounted it to one of the vertical struts that is part of my "Split Bench". This bench has been featured in past articles as a free-standing piece of gear, but since then I have mounted it to the 80/20 grid in my playroom. The Split Bench normally uses a Humane Restraint leather cuff for securing the neck, but I removed it and replaced it with the new Neck Stock.

Each time I design something new for my playroom I'm not satisfied until I give it a personal test, and naturally the Neck Stock wasn't any different. The shear weight and rigidity of this heavy metal stock sent shivers up my spine. I fantasized how it would feel to be restrained within it, and it wasn't very long before I experienced this firsthand!

Again, versatility is the key to making a small play space work.  The Neck Stock can easily integrate with extrusions to form a stand-alone toy, or to work with the other aluminum plates to create an entire Head Box.

I wasted no time in changing into my favorite red spandex 'exosuit' from, a Studio Gum hood, and a leather corset and boots.

I paused for a moment to reflect on all the work my friends and I had put into building this play space, and realized just how fast I could now turn a kinky idea to reality and personally test it within a week or so of its conception. Unbelievable! I also realized how lucky I was to have friends who shared my kinky interests - like Bekah, who volunteered to secure me into my new gear. As you might imagine, my heart was pounding hard and my body was awash with an adrenaline high as she closed the heavy Clejuso cuffs around my wrists. There was no turning back!

As any serious bondage enthusiast will tell you, there's a point during a bondage session when your brain yells out "Uh oh! I think this bondage is pretty solid and inescapable!" This was the case as Bekah closed the second Clejuso cuff and I began to feel the rigidity of the massive 80/20 frame surrounding me. There was no play or give whatsoever.
Although my neck was still free, I was beginning to slip into that all to familiar submissive state of mind. Not only were the Clejuso cuffs extremely controlling and unyielding, but my hands were held such that I couldn't protect myself from unwanted advances by Bekah. Emotionally, I was already past the point of no return. The helplessness would only get deeper from here, but at the same time my erotic excitement was growing by the second and offsetting my fears. The feel of the heavy Clejuso cuffs and the thick rubber hood with it's clammy rubber aroma were taking me on a journey far - far away.
As Bekah finished cinching all the Humane Restraint leather cuffs and straps I was already on another planet. I didn't want to look down for fear she would see my extreme excitement, child-like fear, blushing red cheeks and totally submissive state. I suppose that she couldn't have seen my emotions through the Rubber hood, however that didn't occur to me at the time. I was like a babe-in-arms, and she was my gentle bondage mother. I suppose Bekah could have sensed my emotions from my quick short breaths and limp and pliable body.
It's hard to describe the feeling of this type of bondage experience. It's like being High, only there's no drugs used to create it. A variety of natural chemical reactions are happening within my body all at once. It's similar to being on a roller coaster - only it's sexual/erotic excitement mixed with fear, vulnerability, love, companionship, anxiety, and euphoria. Sexuality is certainly a part of the experience, but far from the ONLY component. As bondage fans will tell you, the best experience is to ride the High by being restrained in such a way that doesn't allow you to receive any direct genital stimulation. This will prolong the High for a much greater period of time. If I climax - which is certainly enjoyable - I lose the High, and for the most part, all the erotic attraction to the bondage scene. But, if I can continue to ride the High I can enjoy the bondage scene for a much longer time. The High is like an aphrodisiac itself - it intensifies my experience of the bondage, the intense rubber hood and my helplessness. In this case I was certainly riding my own High, but I was about to be taken to the next level of High with the addition of the the Neck Stock.
As Bekah slid the massive neck plate into position I could feel every small rattle and vibration of the metal pieces as they mated. She fitted the lockdown retainer, and at that point I felt that I had become one with the entire 80/20 frame.

I knew that this was the end of the line. I was in deep, and the bizarreness of this scene felt like some kind of out-of-body religious experience. I couldn't begin to explain my complete emotional bliss, no-less try to explain it to the uninitiated.

The final touch was a Studio Gum re-breather bag. Bekah took care to make sure that the bag had full and unobstructed air passage, then slid the bag's rubber nipple onto the end of the end of the hood's chrome breathing pipe. Within seconds the the air I was inhaling took on an entirely different identity - that of heavy natural rubber. For those of us who fetishize the scent and feel of natural rubber, this heady experience was nothing less than intoxicating.

Through the porthole openings of the hood I could survey my helpless situation. My hands were so close yet so useless, held firm within the grasp of the rigid Clejuso cuffs. As I turned my head the re-breather bag seemed to squirm and tumble about freely as if to say "ha ha, you can't reach me!"

I discovered that I could turn my head far enough to allow my hands to reach the re-breather bag, so I made a mental note to add short 80/20 extensions to the Clejuso cuffs so they would be held further away from the Neck Stock and prevent this from happening..
All in all, I was feeling quite satisfied with my custom machined Neck Stock plates and modified Clejuso cuffs. Their integration to the 80/20 was just how I had envisioned it, and I was already looked forward to additional projects which I had on my mental drawing board.
In future articles I'll be expanding on the modularity of my dungeon design, and demonstrate how the pieces you have already seen on this page can be reworked to create an entirely new bondage device... Limited only by one's imagination!
CAUTION: Any kind of rubber hood or device which you breath through can be dangerous and even fatal. Although hoods, gasmasks, breathing tubes and rebreather bags can heighten the experience of helplessness and bondage, they can be very
dangerous and even fatal. Use these devices at your own risk. Never leave someone alone in bondage, and always expect the unexpected. Play at your own risk. does not endorse the use of these items, and assumes no responsibility for your actions.
Equipment List:
Aluminum extrusion - 80/20
Clejuso handcuffs -
Red spandex suit -
Leather cuffs and straps - Humane Restraint
Rubber hood and re-breather bag - Studio Gum
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!