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A note from the Editor
What's it like to build a bondage web site from scratch?
By Mark
02 Jul, 2004
lthough the launch of this web site required months of time in front of the computer, my satisfaction
and fulfillment is coming from the wonderful e-mails I receive from people all over he world, and from the interest in bondage that this site generates for others. My days are filled with meeting new people, testing new gear, not

Bondage chairs and their inventors. What inspires these guys to create such strange and wonderful devices? Clearly, they must love serious bondage.

to mention all the exciting photo shoots. My life is much different than it was only a few years ago during the insane roller coaster ride of lay-offs and corporate restructuring of the "dot-com" technology bust. Been there, done that, not again, thank you very much.
Speaking of photo shoots, the photo above shows two ultra-cool bondage chairs, both of which incorporate a whopping 19 sets of leather straps. The chair on the left was created by Paul Mauser Studios, an up-and-coming manufacturer of unique bondage gear. The chair on the right was the predecessor, built by the infamous seriousbondage laboratories. Paul Mauser is on the left, I am on the right.
Mauser's bondage chair is new on the market. For pricing and availability, contact Mauser from his web site. The chair has already been featured on the MisterSDungeon web site in both videos and stills. The Mauser chair is very exciting and certainly a collector's item. No dungeon should be without one!
If you have been following this web site, you probably know that it was officially (re)launched a few months ago, on Saturday April 3rd, 2004. Before that time, it was a personal bondage web site, so the domain name has been around since the year 2000. Since it's re-launch in April, I have been working like mad to clean up some behind-the-scenes technical issues, which is why I haven't posted any new content since the launch. The most recent technical hurdle was the transition to new web hosting company. As a result, this site should load much faster in your browser.
Another technical point worth mentioning are the use of broadband. The deployment of broadband is allowing people to surf at faster speeds, making the Web more useful for business and entertainment. As a result of this faster connection, I decided to not worry about the number of images I put on a page - or their size.
Bondage has an important visual aspect which can't be shared with a few low-resolution photos. So, the pages of this site are designed to include as much text and photo imagery as possible, regardless of the size of the files.
Consequently, the best way to view this site is with a broadband connection, and the latest version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari or Mozilla browsers. Earlier versions of browsers did not conform to the same text positioning rules, so you might find that the page layouts of this site don't align quite right with these earlier versions. One other point - make sure you have the standard "Arial" font available to your browser - most of the text on this site calls for Arial, and if you have removed this font from your computer the page layouts and text will not align properly when your browser substitutes another font.
Okay, enough technical mumbo-jumbo. On the contributor front, I'm excited to announce that JG-Leathers has joined the seriousbondage staff of writers and editors. (previously, the entire staff was just me, so now there are two of us) JG-Leathers is a wonderful writer, photographer and generally
JG-Leathers in his signature gas-mask pose. This photo was taken during the fabulous launch party held on April 3rd, 2004. The canvas straitjacket and hood are from
kinky guy. JG has authored many articles for publications such as Marquis, Secret Magazine, and House Of Gord. Together, JG and I will provide the bondage community with the latest news and information about restraint and related subjects. With any luck, this web site will become the hangout for bondage players world-wide.
While you're looking around this site, take a moment to sign up for the mailing list. E-mails will be sent to you whenever new content is posted on the site. I promise you won't receive any spam, and the list won't be sold or distributed.
The content which was previously posted on this site (starting with the year 2001) can be found by clicking on the blue "Articles" button on the top-left navigation bar of any page (including this page).
Our software guru Jacob has installed a dedicated search engine to this site, which allows you to type in a word like "straitjacket" or "maxcita" and the search engine will search the entire site for articles which contain that word. The search window and button can be found

Alan Selby (left) and Richard Hunter of Mister-S

at the top of every page of the site. Jacob has also customized the search results to display the title, description, and a thumbnail imagerom each article, which make the results easier to read. Is that cool, or what? Try it out by typing in some words like "maxcita", "bondage chair", "handcuffs" or "hood", and see what comes up. If you're feeling lucky, try expanding your search by typing in words like "pony", "bug" or "romance".
On a seperate note, a few months ago I created an article titled "The S in Mister S". This article contains a very touching account of the last few days of Alan Selby's life - Alan was the founder of the Mister S store in San Francisco, who passed away on May 2, 2004. A conversation between Richard Hunter - the current owner of Mister S - and Alan a few days before he died, reveals the depth of a leather and BDSM lifestyle in Alan's life that we can all appreciate.
On the bondage gear front, we have been contacted by a new bondage manufacturer, They have created an interesting product called the "hogsak", which was first shown at the popular IML - International Mr. Leather - convention in June, 2004. Once the subject is zipped inside the "Sak", a strap around the waist confines the arms and hands to the upper portion of the Sak, behind the back. Another strap runs around between the legs, keeping the legs pulled up in a crossed position. The Sak is an extremely simple and effective design, and completely escape-proof. Hoods can be ordered which are attached to the Sak or separate, and as you would expect from a knowledgeable bondage designer, there's a zipper in front which allows full access to the sudject's private parts! The Saks can be ordered in latex, leather, or canvas.
The photos below show a Sak made of heavy translucent latex. This latex has an interesting and erotic look, and is quite different from traditional black latex or leather. This Sak has a separate hood with 1/2 inch breathing hole at the mouth, which is filled with a rubber breather dildo gag. Bailey, our experienced bondage model and product tester, found the translucent latex sack to be quite comfortable, erotic and fun.
Uh-oh! A large breather gag was hidden inside the hood which Bailey had not seen before she volunteered to try the Sak.
In the photos below we can see that Bailey switched, and had the honor of tying up the designer of the Sak in one of his own creations. This black latex Sak has an attached hood, and in my opinion looks much more mystifying, scary, sinister and exciting.
Any one of these hogsaks would make a perfect addition to a bondage collection, and would certainly keep your submissive flexible and limber. Can you imagine a cold and rainy night in front of the fireplace, with your slave bound in a black latex hogsak at your feet? The ultimate in erotic romance!
As you can see, Bailey wasted no time in testing the usefulness of the front-access zipper.
Although we talk about the bondage activities on this page as simple, harmless and exciting, this gear is potentially dangerous and can be easily be fatal. Playing with this kind of intense bondage gear is no different than SCUBA diving, rock
climbing, or other extreme sports. Safety proceedures, knowledge and extreme care must be used when participating in these activities. Panic, choking, fainting, overheating, loss of circulation or cramps can quickly arise without warning, and turn an innocent bondage scene into a full medical disaster. There is no such thing as "oh, that would probably never happen." Never put someone in bondage without full, continuous and uninterrupted monitoring, and never play with bondage under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The bondage demonstrated on this page is done by knowledgeable and experienced bondage players - all with 8 years or more of experience.
If you play with bondage, or use any of the gear shown on the page - do so at your own risk. Never play with bondage by yourself. is not responsible for your actions.

Can you imagine a cocktail party, and the topic of conversation is your subject tied in a black latex hogsak - squirming around on a soft rug in the middle of the room? These hogsaks can quickly turn your submissive into a tight compact package, ready to be taken full advantage of.
Hogsaks are new to the bondage market, but the manufacturer is certainly not new to creating exciting and unique gear. Some of their other products include a combination shorts-and-straitjacket, in black or translucent latex. More products are on the drawing board. The Hogsak is certainly a collector's item, and not to be missed. For pricing and availability go hogsak web site at:
The Hot4hogtie hogsak featured on this page is for use by people with 2-3 years of matured serious bondage experience - novices are strongly discouraged.