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Mayumi's First Experience
The Master, Mayumi, and the Chair
Story by LT Switch, Bondage by Mark, Modeling by Mayumi
13, Aug, 2003
ayumi whispered to herself "I'm 35 years old next week and what have I done?" Mayumi had spent all those years in school studying, reading and
achieving grades that most students only hoped for. Success was her's, but Mayumi wanted something more. Something different in her personal life, something a more unique in her social life. To be more specific, she yearned for something a bit kinky in her sex life.
Years of study had left this attractive woman with a career, a great condo, a new car, and a boring social life. Sure, she attended a lot of parties, but they were usually business related and she was always on her best behavior. Mayumi wanted to abandon her "good girl" image, at least on some occasions. It was time to take the tiger by the tail.
She had played some bondage games once with a boyfriend, but it was pretty much limited to being tied up with clothesline and tickled. However, to Mayumi the experience held a certain level of intrigue. She discovered that being helpless wasn't so bad after all.
During a conversation at a business party, a friend of Mayumi's told her about a dominant man that might just fit the bill for the erotic excitement she desired. Although Mayumi's friend had not seen this man in a while, she knew he had a web site and always ran personal ads in the local rag paper.
On the way home, Mayumi went out of her way to pick up the paper, and it wasn't long before she was curled up on her couch scanning the back pages for a specific heading. Minutes later she was rewarded with her find. "BONDAGE: Experienced dominant man seeks interested female for serious bondage. Limits respected". Mayumi's heart skipped a beat when she read the ad, especially the part about serious bondage. Mayumi's clothsline bondage experience had seemed pretty serious at the time; after all, she couldn't escape. But since then her fantasies had grown to include chains, handcuffs and gags.
Mayumi wondered what sort of people placed and responded to such ads, but finally decided that their preferences were no more unusual than hers, and her desire for a special erotic experience seemed to outweigh any possible risks. Now, tucked comfortably in her home, Mayumi's imagination ran wild with deliscious thoughts of being held captive and vulnerable by someone who she, well, admired.
The ad was simple and to the point, and since the man was refered by a friend of Mayumi's, she could wait no longer to experience being bound again. Her fingers trembled with anticipation as she reached for the buttons on the phone. The phone rang once, she nearly hung up, but something held her on the line until a warm masculine voice answered.
"Good Evening."
"I'm calling about the Is this the right number?"
"I did place an ad. What, may I ask, interested you about my ad?"
The voice was confident and calming. It held Mayumi's interest and dissuaded her from hanging up in a mild panic.
"I'd like to...experiment, maybe...with...bondage. I'm not quite sure what I want, but, uh..." Mayumi, who was at the peak of confidence in her business life, could hardly put two words together in the right order and was trembling with excitement.
"I believe I understand," replied the voice, "I can develop an interesting program for a novice if you are willing to spend the time. My interests lean towards rather intense bondage, and I can assure you that there will be many interesting and fulfilling moments."
"I think... I'm interested, can I meet you... sometime soon?" queried Mayumi, wanting to have a real experience before her confidence faded completely.
"You may come to my studio tomorrow at two PM. We will begin your training at that time. Can I depend on you to be there?"
Mayumi gulped and answered meekly, "Yes, I'll be there."
Mayumi was taken back by the immediate scheduling of the interview. She wanted more time to think about it, but the same force that had prompted her to make the call made her to agree to the meeting. Before hanging up, Mayumi was given the address and reminded to be on time. Mayumi wondered about beginning "training" immediately, but she had made the commitment and would follow through with the adventure she was creating...
* * *
Sitting silently in the chair, the man stared at Mayumi for a few moments before he spoke. Those few seconds seemed like an hour to Mayumi. "We discussed many things on the phone before you were invited here. Are you still of a mind to begin your experience?"
Mayumi hesitated for a moment and took a shallow swallow. "Yes, sir. I am. I'm willing to become...your slave, if that's the right word"
"Such labels aren't necessary for now. You will experience many new sensations and feelings as we progress. Many of these might be uncomfortable in some way, but you will not be injured. Mayumi, we are approaching the 'point of no return'. You may leave now, if you wish. If you remain, you must do exactly as I order at all times."
Mayumi's mind was racing so wildly that she hardly heard a word he said. She only knew that the feeling that she had at that moment, standing before him, aroused her and she wanted more.
"If you wish at any time to terminate our proceedings you may use the word RED. We will terminate our activities, but you may not return."
"Yes Sir," answered Mayumi, suddenly snapping back to reality.
"Are these terms suitable to you?"
"Yes they are, Sir."
The master stood and motioned Mayumi to follow him. They went to the back of the house and into a small room. The only furnishings in the room were a single wooden chair and a small chest.
This was certainly not the bondage scene that Mayumi had imagined when she made the call, but her interest had been tickled in any case, and she was ready to proceed.
The Master motioned to the chair and for Mayumi to sit. Mayumi, not knowing what to expect, sat back in the chair wondering what might be next.
Mayumi's eyes widened as the Master opened the small chest and removed several heavy black leather straps, and turned to her.
Mayumi closed her eyes and soon felt one of the straps being wrapped around her ankle, securing it to the leg of the chair, tighter and tighter until the buckle was fastened. Mayumi tried to move her ankle but it was held quite securely. Her feeling of fear was somehow overpowered by some unknown thrill.
As the second strap was wrapped around her other ankle, Mayumi began to feel apprehensive. She felt her legs being pulled apart and her skirt inching up her thighs.
The Master's earlier instruction came clearly to her mind. The safe word. She would use the safe word and end this immediately. "RED"! The word echoed in her mind as the second buckle was fixed in place, but her lips did not respond. Her ankles were secured.
She soon felt the next strap as the cool leather was wrapped around her leg, above her knee, securing it to the chair. It was followed by a matching strap around her other leg. Her body seemed to flow with each strap, and give willingly to its firm and sensual embrace. The Master gently pulled her skirt up her thighs, until her red panties were visible. Mayumi was so high with excitement that she was unable to resist his actions.
With her eyes still shut, she was perplexed when she felt his firm hand nudge under her right thigh, suggesting that she rise up slightly off the chair. With swift and confident actions he threaded two leather straps between her legs and around the back of the chair, cinching them tightly.
The straps applied a firm pressure between Mayumi's legs, and held her pelvis securely in place. Mayumi savored the sensation of the tight straps holding her body. For better or worse, Mayumi was beginning to feel aroused.
Moments later another strap was wrapped around her torso, securing her body to the back of chair. This was far more restrictive than Mayumi had imagined, and again the thought came to mind, "RED". But instead she sat silently, breathing in a slow and deliberate manner.
The Master took her hand and began to slip on a soft leather glove. Mayumi opened her eyes, realizing that it was not a conventional glove. It was long, reaching nearly to her shoulder, but the hand at the end of the glove was closed. There were no finger or thumb openings, and when the glove was zipped all the way up any dexterity she had was completely removed. Mayumi's mind was swimming. "Where did these gloves come from? What world have I entered?"
After the gloves were in place, her hands were guided behind her back where her arms were secured together by leather cuffs positioned just above her elbows. She closed her eyes once again, trying to hide her feeling of erotic excitement.
Mayumi was experiencing a deep satisfaction to being restrained by a man she didn't really know. Item by item Mayumi's freedom was becoming more restricted, and with that she seemed to relax into the security of the Master and his bonds. Her usual thoughts of career and responsibilities were fading, and being replaced by feelings of attraction towards the Master.
Mayumi heard the rattling of handcuffs as they were locked around each of her wrists, closing with a solid metal staccato. With her arms and wrists now fully secured behind her, she tugged at the bindings, testing their hold, but there was no leeway.
Mayumi's mind began to wander as she considered how these items could give such a sense of security; and how much she liked the feeling. The experience was so removed from her normal life of telephones, computers, taxis and deadlines.
Mayumi began to consider the many levels of restraint that held her. "What could possibly be next?" She thought.

The room was silent. Had the master stepped away? She had no desire to open her eyes.
Time was standing still, which was quite a new experience for Mayumi. Images of the Master's face appeared in her mind's eye. She wanted him to touch her. She imagined him standing behind her, reaching around and stroking her breasts with his firm and gentle hands.
She was his slave, a word that seemed to feel right to Mayumi. It was her word, not his. She needed to feel owned and cared for by a man. Mayumi came from a family of achievers; her childhood had focused on education, grades and being productive, so there was not much opportunity for closeness in the competitive environment of her male siblings. So now, years later, Mayumi found herself missing the fulfillment of a relationship.
She lowered her head, wondering if he was watching her. Of course he was.
She felt herself wanting to reach out to him, to take his hand and pull him towards her.
It was then that she realized the juxtaposition of the bondage; maybe she was simply acting out her own insecurity by placing herself in a helpless state around a man of her liking?
Without warning Mayumi felt the tug of a black hood being slipped over her head from behind, cutting off her vision. This action caught her completely by surprise, and yanked her away from her momentary daydream. The hood was tight and form-fitting, molding to the contours of her face like a second skin. She sat motionless, on the edge of sheer panic, and again the thought came to mind, "RED!"
"You can breathe easily through the hood" the Master said in a soft voice.
Mayumi expelled her breath, and with a leap of faith quickly inhaled again, expecting the fabric to block her ability to breath. But surprisingly, the next breath came easily.
"The hood will allow you to more fully experience your helplessness" the Master said, while touching her shoulder with his hand. His soft touch and confident voice interrupted her feelings of near panic. Mayumi wanted to scream. What was she doing anyway? Who was this man, and why did she allow him to touch her, no less put this scary hood over her head?
"Are you OK?" he asked in a more caring voice.
Mayumi shook her head no. She yanked at the handcuffs behind her back and squirmed against the leather straps. "Let me go" she said.
"If you say RED I will release you" the Master replied.
Mayumi paused, then shook her head from side to side and started to cry. She was very scared and confused. She wanted to hold back the tears, but her sniffles and trembling chin were already expressing her feelings.
"I want you to touch me!" she blurted out. "I don't want to be tied up. I want you to hold me."
She lowered her head helplessly. She felt frightened, embarrassed, and completely overwhelmed. She had been attracted to this man from the moment he answered the phone, and now, there she was, tied up in this strange bondage gear, and unable to run and hide her emotions.
"Please Sir?" she murmured through the hood.
"You would be disappointed if I were to oblige your request." The Master paused... "You came here seeking a bondage experience. You are experiencing new sensations and feelings, as I said you would. Were you listening when I explained this?"
Mayumi shook her head yes.
"You may leave now, if you wish. But if you remain, you must do exactly as I order."
Mayumi sat silently, except for an occasional sniff. She had stopped crying, mainly due to his voice and sensing that he cared for her.
"Please... Sir... please continue" she murmured.
With that she heard him rise and stand motionless behind her. Mayumi felt relieved that she had stated her desire for his affection, even if it was not something that a "slave" should say. She didn't care; she had expressed her feelings for someone's attention, which wasn't easy for her.
Mayumi again felt the Master's touch as he wrapped a stiff leather collar around her neck, tugging it into place. This was followed by the distinct snap of a padlock, securing the collar somewhere behind her head. The collar held her head forward and upright, and Mayumi found that she could no longer lower her head if she cried. Since there was no possible hope of freeing herself, she wasn't sure why he bothered to lock the collar on at all. Just the same, knowing the lock was there was somehow pleasing to her
Mayumi found the Master's bondage rather unusual and bizarre, but at the same time fairly pleasant and definitely kinky. She had never worn handcuffs before, and found them rather titillating. The leather straps were firm and sensual, but then again, she always had a fondness for leather no matter what its shape. The hood was very scary, but if she squinted she could see through the fabric, which gave her some relief.
She began to test her bindings, experiencing each one as they held her in their embrace. The bindings would not give way, but somehow communicated to her. To Mayumi's surprise, the bondage seemed to feel like an extension of the Master himself. They felt like the Master's embrace, or more precisely, the Master's ownership. Mayumi yearned for the attention and affection of a man, but somehow her life up until now had kept her removed from intimate relationships.
Mayumi was now beginning to feel some emotional satisfaction to this strange experience. She was confident that the Master would release her if she asked, which was somehow balancing her raw emotions.
She was walking the fine line between fear and pleasure, panic and elation. She balanced each of them in her mind, being careful to not tip too far in any one direction. For the moment they were balanced equally, and as the Master had said, she was passing the point of no return.
Mayumi's First Experience (2:18 min)
See Mayumi as she's bound helplessly in tight leather straps, handcuffs, and the Master's wooden chair.
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Helplessly bound by a stranger of her own choosing, she was indeed playing on the edge. Was she under his control, but exactly where she wanted to be? The contrast between her physical predicament and her emotions were quite stark indeed. For some reason she felt the need to be physically restrained by a man of her liking in order to fulfill her erotic hunger, however, she hadn't planned on awakening her emotional hunger. This was only Mayumi's first true bondage experience, and as she began to relax into the Master's erotic gear, she realized how arousing and romantic bondage could be. Thoughts of calling "RED" had slipped from her mind and were replaced by luscious fantasies, and the anticipation of her next visit!
Equipment List:
Wide leather straps, handcuffs, thin spandex hood - Mister S
Leather arm sheaths, leather collar and arm cuffs, snap-link connecting chains - home made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!