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Lost in Wonderful Latex
The mystique of skin-tight latex and stringent bondage is explored in this bizarre bedroom experiment.
Story by Mark
02 Sep, 2002
here's nothing more exciting than a few hours spent in head-to-toe latex. The unusual sight of someone covered in shiny black rubber is exhilarating, but being the person who is inside
the bizarre looking rubber is out of this world!
As you can see, the simple form of my head completely engulfed in thick black rubber is a bit alarming - possibly even shocking. When latex is
added to bondage, it tends to amplify the experience. The lucky person restrained in the bondage realizes that they are forced to wear the latex, and they can't remove it. The latex itself feels rather strange and erotic, so the fact that it can't be removed simply adds to the overall helpless experience. What fun!
I have a small room in my house which is setup exclusively for bondage play. However, sometimes it's fun to bring the bondage gear into another room and enjoy the contrast of my kinkery with the rest of the house. I've experienced bondage in both the living room and bedroom with great success, however the kitchen and bathroom have yet to be explored.
The author shares his passion for being enclosed in head-to-toe tight latex. Combine that with strict bondage and erotic helplessness, and you have a winning combination!
For most people, the bedroom is a place for rest and seclusion. It provides warmth, comfort and emotional safety. It also provides a place for reflection, retreat, and sexual expression.
So naturally, doing latex and bondage in my bedroom, on my bed, was a somewhat familiar experience. This bondage session wasn't planned, and we hadn't thought about photographing it, it just seemed to unfold on it's own. I've found that best bondage photography can be done during scenes that aren't planned in advance. The photographer is able to capture an unspoken energy between the players - the energy that shares the emotional qualities of the scene.
As you can see, I love to wear head-to-toe latex and to be bound in tight inescapable bondage. I love to experience the confining and restrictive effects of latex, and knowing that I'm under it's complete control. I am forced to be within a cocoon of strange material that clings like a second skin. Quite often I come home from a demanding day at work and wish that someone would restrain me in head-to-toe latex for the entire evening, as a means of emotional escape.

"Mark, we need to have your report finished and ready to present first thing in the morning. Management wants to review the data before making any decisions, so double check your numbers - stay late if you have to..."
I've acquired a fetish attraction to the pungent odor of latex - similar to the pleasure people experience from the smell of fresh leather. Without a doubt, latex can be considered a fetish garment, similar to lingerie, garter belts, spike-heel boots and even French perfume.
Just like women's lingerie, latex designers create all sorts of accessories for the wearer, like the cock pouch in the photo to the right. Inside the pouch, the feeling is warm, moist and tight.
As you can see, I am blindfolded and kept in darkness, unable to see the person who is in control of my restraints.
The bondage does a wonderful job of securing me to the bed. My hands are forced deep within double lined leather helpless mitts, preventing me from using my fingers, or even feeling my surroundings. Solid metal shackles are then closed around the mitts and secured to the corners of the bed.
I love the feeling of the metal shackles and chains. They are firm, controlling, and above all, unforgiving!
My hands feel warm and safe inside the helpless mitts, and when I tug on the metal shackles I am reminded that I'm not going anywhere. The chains and shackles don't give an inch to allow me move my arms into different positions to relieve the weariness. As you can see, my upper arms, waist and thighs are all connected together which makes it hard for me to move in any direction. Whoever created this bondage scenario really knew what they were doing. I think they deserve a tip. Hand me my wallet please, I think it's on the dresser.
I love the feeling of my cock being enclosed in the tight latex pouch - it feels strange but not unpleasant. The pressure of the latex is enough to be stimulating but not enough to allow me to climax.
My latex suit feels somewhat institutional - like I'm being held prisoner in a bizarre hospital where all the patients are restrained to their beds - I'm the subject of an experiment to determine how long a person can remain enclosed in rubber...

I settle back into my wonderful bondage experience, like I'm held in a strange latex womb. My rubber hood presses firmly against my face and lips, keeping me silent, meek and controlled. My sight is blocked by a leather blindfold, it's dark fleece lining blocks out all the room light.
I surrender to the latex and bondage, and, as a result, loose myself in helpless and erotic bliss. Not a care in the world enter's my mind. My emotions and senses retreat to a dormant state, and time stands still as I drift into a mindless and wandering light sleep. Some people call this sub-space, I call it blissful erotic relaxation.
As a young boy, I loved to daydream about this kind of bondage and sensory depravation. In my early teens I had seen a James Bond movie in which a prisoner was bound in an inescapable rubber suit and forced to drift underwater in a glass tank. Flexible hoses were used to supply air for breathing, feeding and bodily functions - but the prisoner could not see or hear, or touch anything that had form or shape.
The prisoner was kept under water so they would not receive any outside stimulation. This would eventually drive the prisoner insane, and they would divulge their secret information. This bizarre scene made quite an impression on me, and only fueled my list of erotic daydreams.

I recently communicated with the owner of the web site Hanks Dive Locker, who corrected me on my memory. He said the isolation tank scene was not from James Bond, but was from a special two hour episode of the popular television series Hawaii Five-0. This special episode was titled "Cocoon" and featured an isolation tank which was used to extract information from unwilling captives, including the star of the series McGarret himself. During the first hour the tank was used on an unknown agent, and during the second hour it was used again, this time on McGarret!

Hawaii Five-O was produced by Paramount and aired on CBS from 1968 - 1980. If you do a Google search on "Hawaii Five-O" you will find a wealth if information on the series and places to purchase the DVD's. If you do a search on "Hawaii Five-O, Cocoon" you will find information about this special 2 part Cocoon episode. It was a really cool episode and made a big impression on me, as you can probably tell. Click HERE to see a video clip and a few screen captures which the guy from Hanks Dive Locker sent me - I guess the show made an impression on him as well! If you like the video clip, imagine how exciting the whole 2 hour episode would be like on DVD. Since there were many episodes produced during the show's 12 year run, make sure you order the DVD set which includes the Cocoon 2-part episode.

Regardless of whether it was James Bond or Hawaii-Five-0, at age 47 I'm finally able to create my own bizarre sensory depravation bondage experiences - although I don't have any secret information to divulge and I do it for my own pleasure. And what a pleasure it is!
I made another discovery in my early 20's, dildos, and how exciting they could be when used with bondage play. I discovered that I became even more sexually aroused when I'm bound with a dildo inside me. I can't reach or remove the dildo because of my restraints, which makes the whole process even more exciting. My bondage also prevents me from stimulating myself, so my sexual excitement tends to build on it's own. As time passes the more excited I get, and the more aware I become of my helplessness and embarrassing predicament of being invaded by the dildo. This excites me even more. The scientific community has a term for this elevating process, they call it 'achieving critical mass'. In any case, the combination of bondage and a dildo is certainly fun and usually ads to anyone's bondage experience. Add a layer of latex and you have an over-the-top experience!
I forgot to mention my rubber boots, which complement my total enclosure experience in these photos. The boots match my latex suit very well, and I can feel the rubber inside the boot with my bare feet - it feels a bit clammy and strangely institutional as well. I love the photo below of my rubber boot against the white bed sheets. The image looks very strange, doesn't it?
My bed bondage experience is comforting and loving, similar to how someone feels in their mother's arms. I can struggle all I want - tugging on the restraints as if I were trying to escape. It's really fun to struggle in bondage, which enhances my experience. I can work up a sweat about my helpless situation, but in the end, I'm exactly where I want to be.
I am lost in wonderful latex.
* * * *
Click HERE for information about the author Mark


Equipment List:
Latex suit, metal wrist shackles, leather helpless mitts, leather thigh and ankle cuffs, leather blindfold - Mister S
Latex hood - Cocoon
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