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Thursday October 18, 2018
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The Latex Bondage Coffin
A unique latex-lined bondage coffin from Regulation Ltd. (England) is fully tested prior to a Society Of Janus bondage presentation in San Francisco.
Story by Mark, photos by Darren and Travis
01 May, 2003
n April of 2003, the Society of Janus asked me to present a bondage program on a very short notice. I agreed, and after thinking about it, I decided that the title of the program would be 'Total Enclosure
Bondage". I had friends who owned this type of bondage gear, so invited them to participate in the program, and together we could create an exciting evening of show-and-tell.
Among my bondage friends was Darren, who told me he had just acquired a new piece of bondage gear, but he wouldn't tell me what it was. He purchased the gear during his last trip to England, but the only way I would be allowed see it was to come to his house.
Well... the new gear turned out to be an exciting latex bondage coffin from Regulation in England. I must say, when I first saw it, it sure looked like a coffin! Darren had the coffin in his bedroom, next to his bed, on the floor.
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The coffin's jet-black color contrasted sharply with his room's freshly painted walls and hardwood floor, which sent a flush of erotic excitement through my entire body. Darren removed the coffin's heavy cover, and inside was an inflatable latex bondage bag with attached gas-mask hood! I had to catch my breath again, as I peered down into the coffin's blackness.
Darren explained that the inside of the coffin was lined in one inch thick padding, which was then covered in thick black latex. This created an enclosure of complete and total isolation, surrounding the... um... victim in 100% latex!
The latex bondage bag had a zipper that ran up the back from the knees all the way to the top of the head. Darren reached into the coffin and laid out the bag, face down, so the back zipper was facing upwards. Without a word, he unzipped the bag, the latex opened and unfolded gently like an expensive mink garment. I could imagine myself trapped within the confines of the latex bag and coffin, spending
the entire night helplessly subject to it's restrictive and unyielding blackness. The thick padded interior and it's heavy cover would prevent anyone from hearing my cries, I would be forced to relinquish control to a night of total enclosure bondage!
"Care to give it a try?" Darren asked. I nodded. My heart was beating hard. It was the middle of the afternoon, but there wasn't a better time to try a new piece of bondage gear than in that very moment! Without wasting a second, I stripped down to my shorts. I stood ready, anticipating the sensual feel of latex. Darren directed me to stand in the coffin, then step into the opened bag. Once I'd done this, I knelt and slid both feet to its bottom, enjoying the cool, smooth feel of the latex envelope while my feet and legs were forced gently together the deeper they went.
I snuggled further into the embrace of the bag with my arms held at my sides, and then slipped my head into the confinement of the gas mask. It seemed to welcome me, sealing itself against my cheeks and forehead, almost like an insistent facial massage.

With my arms at my sides, Darren folded the latex closed over my back and legs, and slowly pulled the zipper up the bag. Starting at my ankles, I could feel the smooth rubber closing around my body, welcoming me in it's clutches like a spider welcomes a fly into it's web. It was a very deceptive and erotic experience, to say the least. The soothing rubber cloak would soon bind and restrict me, and limit my ability to interact with the rest of the outside world.
With a few tugs here and there, Darren completely closed the bag. The zipper had finished it's travel at the top of my head, effectively sealing the gas mask to my face. I was breathing rubber; it's thick and pungent odor was very arousing. I could hear Darren's muffled voice through the latex hood: "we need to turn you over now". I felt his hands slip under my thigh and waist as he gently nudged me. Moments later I was face up, I felt a slight twinge of panic. As I peered up through the lenses of the gas mask I began to appreciate just how confining the inside of the coffin was going to be... Is this what a burial coffin was really like?
Darren smiled down at me. "The best is yet to come" he said. "What?" I said loudly into the gas mask, "I can't hear you!" Darren repeated himself "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!". I nodded. My mind was somewhere between an erotic bliss and shear panic, I wasn't sure which, and I didn't really care. Sometimes I need to forget my daily life and sink into a sensory experience which soothes and nurtures me, and this was going to be the experience that provided that escape.
Some people I know enjoy meditation, massage, or soaking in a hot tub. Others lose themselves in reading or gardening. Personally, I favor an experience which is extraordinarily bizarre and scary, sensual and erotic, and capable of removing all of the control I exert in my own life. Sometimes I'm worried that people will judge my emotional escape methods as shocking, distasteful or repulsive. But alas, the experience of total enclosure bondage is far too satisfying to worry about what others think. My only concern is when they discover the unique qualities of bondage for themselves, and as a result, bondage gear becomes available at Macy's or Kmart! I can just imagine the cover of Sunset magazine: "Build Your Own Home Dungeon".
I enjoy being somewhat unique and different from other people. The thrill I experience when I play with severe bondage is due to the fact that it's scary, shocking, and socially unacceptable. That's exactly what I like about it. Severe bondage has a unique flavor of being on the edge - and it's done in private, behind closed doors, which is very fun and attractive to me.
Darren moved away from my site, but soon returned with a small black box. He bent over the coffin and attached a hose to the small metal valve sticking out of the latex bag near my right shoulder. "Ahhh... an air compressor" I said to myself. Sure enough, within seconds, the sound of the compressor filled the room like the whirr of a vacuum cleaner. I didn't feel anything at first, but within a few seconds the bag started to inflate. Slowly, the inside layer started to compress around me, while the outside layer expanded like a balloon. As the bag grew larger and larger it filled all the available space inside the coffin. I suddenly realized that once the bag was fully inflated inside the coffin, I wouldn't be able to move at all!
My eyes were probably as big as saucers. Darren looked down at me with a fiendish smile. Our eyes were communicating even though the sound of the air compressor filled the room. The pressure of the inside latex bag became comfortably tight and secure. I felt like a child, swaddled in blankets on the back of an Indian mother. Darren turned off the compressor and removed the hose. Silence followed. I tried to lift my head to see around the room but the bag had inflated around my neck and chin, so it was impossible to lift my head more than an inch or so!
Darren gently rolling my head to one side while he screwed a thick rubber hose to the air intake connector of my gas mask. Although this didn't seem to add any difficulty to my breathing, I felt more and more helpless every second. It was far too late to ask that the top of the coffin be kept open; the heavy cover was the single remaining piece which would take me into a state of euphoria, bliss, and to a point of no return.
As Darren slid the cover over the coffin I felt like I was being buried in a latex grave, never to be seen again. I was on a spiritual journey to the other side. Darkness filled the coffin, I could no longer see the lenses of my gas mask in front of eyes. I was in blackness, darker than the most foul winter night. And the silence was amazing, I couldn't hear anything except for the air passing through the valves of the gas mask. My breathing was very shallow, and I was afraid I was going to experience something scary and horrific at any second. But the anxiety came and went, and I was able to lie back and enjoy my helpless and bizarre predicament.
Darren's muffled voice came through the air hose from outside the coffin "Can you hear me?". "Yes!" I shouted. "Would you mind if I stayed in here all night?" "No problem!" exclaimed Darren. "I'll leave a note for the house cleaners, they can release you in the morning!" I laughed into the gas mask, knowing that within an hour or so I would need to be released. But I loved my fantasy anyway, enduring the next 24 hours trapped inside my helpless latex bliss!
Later that week another bondage friend by the name of Travis called to tell me he had purchased an old hearse. Can you believe it? My friends own a latex bondage coffin, and a hearse! Unbelievable! As it turned out, we used the hearse to transport Darren's latex coffin to the Janus program.
The program was a complete success, and we all had a wonderful time sharing our gear and experiences with people who attended. The photo to the right was taken in the parking lot, as we unloaded Darren's latex coffin before the program. I have the best friends, and they have the best gear!
Click HERE for information about the author Mark.
Equipment List:
Latex coffin, inflatable latex bag with attached latex hood and gas mask - Regulation Ltd.
Hearse (1975 Superior Crown Sovereign) - Superior Coaches
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!