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William (Bill) Jones and his beautiful hand-made chastity belts
26 Apr, 2006 - Introduction by Mark, photos and background information courtesy of JG-Leathers
f you meet Bill Jones on the street, you would never know that he's an artist. Maybe his neighbors don't know it either, but there are plenty of
people around the world who value his work and take great pride in owning an original Bill Jones chastity belt.
Bill has been involved in the BDSM scene for more than 30 years, and during that time he's always had a fascination with chastity devices. At one point Bill even visited Tollyboy in the UK, a popular manufacturer of stainless steel chastity belts. After seeing their products he returned to his home in Florida and set out to make his own. Bill's metalworking skills from his career as a mechanic in the Air Force and later at General motors was the key to making his idea come true.
Since that early time, Bill has created an array of chastity devices which reflect his passion for this product. He has manufactured has sold hundreds of chastity belts, and made many refinements to them along the way.
Bill handcrafts each piece, requiring 12 to 15 hours to complete one belt. And, over time he has assembled an intimate list of measurements which the customer must supply before he can start work.
The name of Bill's business is La Ceinture De Chastete, and he only receives orders via traditional mail. He doesn't have a web site, but makes occasional appearances at fetish shows like Florida's Fetishcon. He sets up a booth, displays his gear, and provides demonstrations of his gear on various models. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can imagine that seeing a chastity belt locked around a pretty woman is the best advertising Bill can create.
The assortment of products which Bill has designed extend past traditional chastity belts to collars, bras and head gear which you will see in the photos below. This was a natural progression given the mirror finish of the stainless steel once has been shined and buffed.
Besides chastity gear, Bill has other interests like model railroading and sailing. He owns a 32 foot boat, and since he lives in Florida he spends a lot of time on the water. He's also handy, and opted to repair his own roof after a 2005 hurricane tore part of it off.
At the time of this writing Bill has reached the age of 80. He doesn't have an e-mail address, and if you would like to contact
him you may need a helicopter because he will be on his boat sailing to the Bahamas, which is his favorite pastime.
Most of the photos and background information for this article have been provided by JG-Leathers. JG is good friends with Bill, and visited him a few years ago and took the photos which are shown below.
The following photos highlight some of Bill's most recent works.
The photos below show a lockable head harness and muzzle, collar, bra, double dildo chastity belts, and thigh bands. Also shown are various styles of belts with both chain and solid metal supported crotch bands.
We wish Bill Jones the very best, and thank him for being such an inspiration to the world wide BDSM and fetish communities.
Update - Bill Jones passed away in early June, 2006. He was 81.