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Thursday October 18, 2018
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Insanely Great Bondage
The author describes his most recent invention - custom wooden stocks for restraining all parts of the body. Yikes!
Story by Mark, photos by Travis
18 Oct, 2002
he selection of unique bondage gear entering the marketplace is on the rise. Thanks to the Internet and international magazines like Skin Two, manufacturers of this gear are constantly
being inspired by each others work, so the bar is being raised higher and higher all the time.
The result of this is a rapid evolution of bondage gear which attempts to fulfill our never-ending search for the most exciting restraint experience. Similar to extreme sports, our attraction to bizarre and unusual bondage is fed by our own imaginations, and the age-old saying "build it and they will come."
As an example, the simple straitjacket has evolved from stark institutional garments found in hospitals and mental institutions to a sensual garment made of latex or high quality leather. Straitjackets can now be purchased in upscale boutiques, along with skin-tight hoods and total enclosure bondage bags. The sky seems to be the limit. Maybe someday you'll see double-breasted tuxedo straitjackets worn at formal affairs like weddings, symphonies and the opera? And it's only a matter of time before you'll find a good deal on a used straitjacket and hood at a local garage sale. "The gear is in good condition, it was owned by a little old lady who only wore it to church on Sundays."

The author - who appears to be caught up in his own devices - is experiencing the thrill of a lifetime during the maiden voyage in his new bondage stocks.

As I watch this explosion of bondage gear on the market, it gives me the emotional permission to turn my own bondage fantasies into reality. I'm no longer embarrassed by creating my own fiendish gear - hey, if they can build it, so can I! The following article documents the maiden voyage of my own unique bondage creations. The gear consists of four sets of heavy wooden stocks, a bondage platform, and a special gas-mask hood manufactured by Mad Max of Max was visiting me during the September 2002 Folsom Fair Fair in San Francisco, and had brought this hood with him from Canada. At the same time I had just finished building my bondage stocks, so this was a perfect time to test all of this bizarre equipment together. Some people ask me if testing bondage gear is hard work, and I always answer yes, "but someone has to do it!" (The text for this article will now be distributed between the photos below, please scroll down)
With the help of my kinky friends, the first step was to get laced into the new maxcita hood. This hood has no seams or creases, it's outer skin is one continuous rubber hood that is molded over the gas mask. The hood was cinched up skintight as the lace was tied off behind my head. The hood creates a very effective seal; the only breathing air that could flow was through the inlet and exhale valves of the gas mask. I was surrounded by the wonderful rubber and latex aroma. I closed my eyes and prepared to embark upon a journey into the world of insanely great bondage!
This is the first time I had been restrained in the very bondage gear I had just finished building! Even though I had been building this gear for months, it felt new to me, and at the same time, quite familiar. I suppose there's a difference between building the gear, and being restrained in the same gear! In any case, additional equipment was needed for this scene. Heavy rubber gloves and massive padlocks were laid out in preparation...
The rubber gloves were quite thick, and helped to provide a more extreme feeling of helplessness and isolation. The gloves are actually quite comfortable though, the rubber surrounds my hands and fingers with a gentle - yet firm - feeling of control.
I was ready to be put into my new bondage apparatus. Carefully, I laid down within the cutouts of my new heavy-duty bondage stocks... they fit my body perfectly! Yes, the months of work I had put into building these custom stocks was about to pay off.
These are not just ordinary bondage stocks, mind you... They are not the simple stocks you might see in an old movie or story book. No. These are serious bondage stocks, designed to hold my body quite firmly, while I am lying horizontally. And what's even more exciting is that there are four sets of stocks, not just one! Each set of stocks is custom-built to hold a different part of a human body! And as you have probably guessed by now, there is no such thing as too much bondage.
The first set of stocks is designed for restraining my ankles, as you can see in the photo below. The stocks are made of very thick and heavy lumber, which creates a wide area of restraint around around my ankles, which feels fantastic! I enjoy wearing tall leather boots over my latex suit, which looks and feels great to me, and also protect my ankles from the harsh grip of the stocks.
After my ankles were in position secured by closing the top part of the stocks, my bondage friends concentrated on the next set of stocks, which were designed for holding my knees. These stocks felt comfortable, my legs sunk into the knee cutouts perfectly! This reminded me of what it would be like to have both of my legs put into casts - the freedom of my legs was slowly taken away - and before I knew it, I couldn't move my legs at all!
I have always been fascinated with bondage stocks, but I had never been restrained in stocks before I made some for myself. When I first considered building these stocks, I decided to make the traditional stocks for holding the wrists and neck. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered what it would feel like to have other parts of my body secured in stocks as well...
I couldn't help but feel a little nervous when it was time to place my wrists in the cutouts... As you can see in the photo below, there are two cutouts for each wrist; a large and small size to accommodate different size wrists. Since I play with a lot of women, I own bondage gear in both small and medium sizes. Also, I have small wrists myself, which fit snugly in the small cutouts of the stocks. But, when I wear heavy rubber gloves, my wrists only fit into the large holes. It's always something.
Without delay, all the stocks were closed and locked down around me, and I found myself helplessly restrained in the very bondage devices that I had dreamed about for years! I was held firmly, the stocks were extremely rigid and controlling. No sooner were the stocks closed and locked than a rubber hose was screwed onto the air intake of my gas mask! Yikes! I had played with this rubber hose and gas masks before, but this time it was different. I was so helpless that I found myself alarmed by the addition of the hose, and it's effect on my fragile emotional state. An air filter was attached to the opposite end of the hose, which created an enclosed and dragging feel to my inhale breaths. As if the bondage and latex weren't overwhelming enough, my breathing now felt controlled as well.
Moments after the rubber hose was attached to my mask, I actually felt that it created the most exciting experience of my bondage scene. As you can imagine, I felt cocooned in rubber; I was feeling, touching and breathing heavy rubber. The unique smell of the rubber hose itself was very soothing. As I considered my bizarre situation, I began to feel very high and emotionally distant.
I was in helpless bliss, knowing that the stocks were so much stronger than I. And, there was absolutely no way for me to escape, let alone move! I was completely overpowered. I was beginning to feel that this experience might actually be better than sex.
In my mind's eye I could see the huge padlocks that secured the stocks. I could imagine their heavy dead-metal weight, and their rattle and clink as they were snapped shut...
I could see the stocks, each one mounted firmly to the bondage table, looking like some bizarre scientific apparatus designed to produce maximum fear and helplessness...
I wanted to be left alone, to endure the grip of the stocks for as long as I could. I wanted my friends to turn out the light and leave the room, and leave me to enjoy my own helpless predicament within my fiendish bondage devices.
Please note: being left alone in bondage is a fantasy for our reading enjoyment. Never leave someone alone in bondage, it can be very dangerous, and even fatal.
I could imagine how bizarre I looked. I always ask myself the same question: why is this kind of bondage so extreme and scary, and at the same time so exciting?
I moaned into the gas mask as my nipples were touched and massaged. I could hear muffled conversation between my friends... What were they saying?
I watched as the end of my rubber breathing hose was lifted up over the bondage table and clipped to a chain that was hanging from an overhead beam. I felt a bit nervous as the hose was handled, as if it was an extension of my own body.
I could hear more conversation between my friends. Then, a soft leather blindfold was placed over the lenses of my gas mask. I was thrown into total darkness. I instantly wished that I had ear plugs in my ears, which would intensify my helpless experience and allow me to be even further removed from the room.
With my hand, I groped in the darkness until I found the lock that secured my neck and wrist stock. It felt heavy, definite, and unwilling to relinquish it's duties. It was quite exciting to pull on the lock, as it reaffirmed my anxiety about my helplessness, which, in turn, increased my erotic excitement!
I knew that my bondage journey was coming to an end, but I longed to extend my bondage time... forever! Well okay, maybe not forever, but how about overnight?
When my blindfold was slowly removed, I realized it was about time for me to be released. Can I do this again? How about tomorrow night? Please??
Click HERE for information about the author Mark
Equipment List:
Burgundy color leather straitjacket - Madame S
Molded latex gas-mask hood - Maxcita
Latex suit, tall leather boots, blindfold - Mister S
Rubber gloves - Purple Passion
Rubber gas mask hose - Studio Gum
Large keyed-alike Master padlocks - local hardware store
Stocks and bondage platform - home made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!