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Mix some hot fetish materials and the result is nothing less than exhilaration and euphoria
19 Oct , 2006 - Article and photos by Mark
f you combine a skin-tight black latex catsuit with some heavy metal bondage gear, you will probably need
to surround yourself with people who are willing to rescue you from the resulting journey into erotic and euphoric oblivion.
Seriously, in this mind-altering state of pure delight and sensory overload the passage of time seems to be suspended, and you find yourself questioning the reality of your own bondage predicament. You hover in a dream-like trance as your mind, senses and sexuality simmer within the confines of your total rubber enclosure. The steel shackles rattle and clank with your movements, sending vibrations through your body and creating uncontrolled twinges of both fear and excitement...
The bondage scenario on this page was a last minute idea, spurred by a willing model named 'Gumbi' and some metal bondage gear I had on hand.
I have always fantasized about bondage that incorporates a collar connected to an overhead attachment point. Although this is an extremely exciting fantasy, it's also a very dangerous bondage scenario. Fainting, cramps, panic, dizziness or tripping can cause the bound person to choke by leaning, straining or hanging their entire body weight on the collar.
So, lets enjoy the photos but please don't recreate this bondage scenario on your own. Keep in mind that we had 3 people behind the scenes during this photo shoot to help in case of an emergency.
The metal bondage gear I used was manufactured by Martin in Germany. You can view a complete list of Martin's products which I have assembled by clicking HERE, or go to his web site The pieces of gear we used in the photos were the Rigid Collar, Z-Cuffs and the Cuff-8.
Combining latex and metal bondage is currently my favorite play scenario, which has provided me with hours of erotic delight. I hope you enjoy seeing Gumbi in this over-the-top metal bondage as much as I did while photographing him. The only complaint that Gumbi had was that he couldn't reach his cock while his wrists were secured in the Z-Cuffs behind his back. Bummer. What good would it have done since his cock was locked in a metal chastity device anyway? Also, by the way, during the excitement of capturing one of my favorite bondage fantasies in photos, I forgot to put the removable lock into the collar - a small detail which I'm sure will not distract from the impact of the photos. Enjoy!
This version of Martin's collar has four slots positioned in 90 degree increments which are for the attachment of optional chains. In this scene we used all four slots allowing us to suspend the collar at a comfortable height. Each slot has a 1/4 inch diameter steel pin which spans the slot and holds the chain. Each pin can be slid back into the collar itself by adjusting two long set screws, allowing the chain to be installed or removed. You can see other photos of Martin's collar in use in the article titled For Your Eyes Only.
Martin's Cuff-8 ankle shackle is nothing less than a work of art and reminds me of something you would see in a Star Wars movie, used by the Imperial Stormtroopers. Cuff-8 works best when closed around heavy leather boots. Naturally they work great around bare ankles too, but I prefer boots for "comfortable bondage". The Cuff-8 can be custom ordered with any size ankle openings. You can see that this Cuff-8 was a little big for Gumbi's ankles.
Martin's Z-Cuffs are the coolest bondage toy I have ever seen. Once these cuffs clamp around your wrists, you aren't going anywhere. They are 100 percent "serious bondage", and also remind me of the 90 degree cuffs that Princess Leia wore in one of the Star Wars movies. Too bad Princess Leia wasn't around my house to be photographed in Martin's gear!
Although the cuffs can be ordered in custom wrist sizes, I find that by using padded leather mitts on the hands of women they are not able to slide their hands out of the cuffs, and the cuffs look really cool over the mitts. In addition, the mitts protect their wrists from the harshness of the metal. Click HERE to see the mitts I use from Mister-S.
CAUTION: Bondage collars around the neck can be very dangerous, especially if the collar is connected to a stationary object. During a bondage scene unexpected fainting or panic can occur without notice which will put the subject in danger of
strangulation or breaking of their neck. Never leave someone alone in bondage, and always expect the unexpected. Play at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for your actions.