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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Cynthia and Yoyo
Photos by Mark and LT-Switch
08 Jun, 2005
You never know what kind of magic can be uncovered during a bondage photo shoot. Cynthia and her partner Yoyo came to to have their pictures taken in some of our bondage gear. They had won this invitation during a local BDSM auction at the San Francisco Citadel, when my photographer friend LT-Switch had auctioned off his photo services.
Once we started shooting, Cynthia and Yoyo became comfortable with the surroundings and that's when their energy seemed to blossom. They hadn't anticipated the exciting bondage gear they would get to play with, and LT-Switch and I hadn't anticipated the loving energy between them that our cameras would capture. All in all, we shot around 800 photos, and I think the majority of them would make nice Christmas cards.
Cynthia turned out to be a sadistic top, and a merciless tease. We didn't hear any complaints from Yoyo - except for a few yelps. As soon as we shackled Yoyo to a bolt in the floor, the fun seemed to unfold on it's own. As you will see, their expressions speak of their warm relationship and honesty.
The bondage chair used in this photo shoot was created by the infamous Seriousbondage laboratories. The metal head cage, shackles and leather hood are available from Mister-S, along with a similar bondage chair.