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Sunday February 17, 2019
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Birthdays, Bondage and Latex!
The author receives a special birthday treatment from a friend.
Story by Mark, photos by Mistress K
24 July, 2002
t was lazy afternoon in San Francisco, the sound of taxi cabs and tourists could be heard bustling on the streets below. Mistress K's playroom was cool and comfortable, and her rich velvet curtains
filtered the daylight into a soothing glow. This was a special day, because it was my 47th birthday.
Most people receive birthday presents like socks, bath mats, or gift certificates to a spa - but I have special friends, who give very special presents. You see, my friends are into serious bondage play, so what kind of present might my friend Mistress K give me? How about restraining me in tight latex and leather for the entire afternoon? What a thoughtful gift.
Mistress K is San Francisco's premier bondage expert, and as you might imagine, people who are into serious bondage and live in San Francisco tend to know each other, and even hang out together. We feel like we have special ties - so to speak.
The only problem with Mistress K's exceptional gift is the lack of understanding my family might have if I told them how I spent my birthday. So, I'll make up a story about visiting a museum, then going to the movies. Problem solved!
In one of the most luxurious dungeons in San Francisco, the author finds himself under the control of the notorious bondage expert 'Mistress K', who stretches his bondage endurance on his 47th birthday.
As you might imagine, Mistress K has a fantastic play room, which she affectionately calls her dungeon. Her dungeon is equipped with lots of bondage toys, an overhead suspension system, and comfortable furniture. This creates a warm and fantasy-like atmosphere for erotic and kinky exploration.
Mistress K's dungeon reminds me of a wonderful French movie called "Maitresse", made in 1976. It's a story about a professional dominatrix in Paris, staring Bulle Ogier and Gerard Depardieu. The dominatrix lives in a fancy apartment, which has a sliding coffee table in the living room that opens to expose a secret a stairway. The stairway leads down into her private dungeon, in the apartment below. Very cool!
One night her Doberman watchdog corners two thieves who break in to her downstairs dungeon. In the darkness, the thieves are caught off-guard by the bizarre bondage gear, and by the watchdog who won't let them escape.
The dominatrix confronts the thieves, only to feel a romantic attraction to one of them (Gerard Depardieu). From there, a strange story unfolds as Gerard try's to accept her daily life of kinkery. The movie has plenty of real BDSM scenes, including a cage and rack scene, latex clothing, etc. The movie is still available in good video stores.
Well, I'm not a thief, but as you can tell by looking at the photos below, I do enjoy dungeons - whether they're in movies or real life! Once I arrived at Mistress K's, it didn't take me long to don my my latex suit, Cocoon hood, and my favorite black and red lace-up leather boots I had recently purchased from Dressing for Pleasure.
I must confess, I always feel a secret thrill when I lace up these particular boots; my heart pounds a little faster and I feel a rush of excitement through my body.
I love the feel of my tight sexy leather boots and tall heels. I wonder if women experience the same excitement when they lace up their own leather boots?
My boots are very comfortable, and wrap around my legs like a second skin when they are tightly laced. The boots are made of soft leather, and have a heel that's high enough to look and feel sexy, but are comfortable enough to wear for a long period of time.
Mistress K decided to photograph our birthday bondage session since the colors of my boots and latex, and her red leather chair and bondage gear all look so wonderful together. Did I mention her red leather chair?
Before our bondage session started, Mistress K decided to lace me into one of her tight red leather corsets, then zip my arms into long leather helpless mitts. I was already feeling rather meek, since my head was encased in a thick latex hood with no mouth opening, and only small nose and eye holes.
I will admit however, the latex hood really turns me on. I love the feeling of the thick latex pressing against my face, and I love the smell of the rubber itself. I also like the way the latex hood looks. In my minds eye, I'm excited by the way I think I look when I'm wearing a hood. The hood is dark and scary, like a bad dream. I fantasize about being punished, forced to wear the hood, tied up and helpless. While others move around the room with freedom and ease, I am restrained and isolated, and unable to call for help.
Mistress K buckled soft leather cuffs around my wrists, which she locked to a chain that hung from an overhead bolt in the ceiling. Her dungeon has everything one would need for doing birthday bondage scenes. After attaching my wrists to the overhead chain, she ordered me to spread my legs over each side of the chair. I was feeling more vulnerable, and at the same time feeling more aroused.
After taking a few photos, Mistress K lowered my wrists and locked them to a ring in the center of a black leather belt which she had circled around my corseted waist.
She then used wide leather straps to restrain my thighs and upper arms, which she cinched up firmly. The straps did their job, pulling my thighs apart and forcing my arms back into the chair. Escape seemed impossible. Then, after buckling a heavy leather collar around my neck, narrower straps were used to draw the collar towards the back of the chair to hold my head firmly in place. As you can see, I wasn't going anywhere.
I must say, I really like Mistress K's photos, and the look of my hooded head with the small eye holes.
Mistress K had to unzip the top of my long helpless mitts because they became too tight around my elbows once my arms were in this bent position. But after that adjustment, I could stay tied up for hours.
I settled back into the chair, and drifted into a calm and relaxed state of bliss. I felt warm and safe, and for some reason the thick latex pressing against my face felt very comforting. Maybe it was like resting my head in a woman's bosom? I felt cared for, cherished, owned and wanted.
I was somehow - if only for a short time - under the control of a powerful, confident and attractive woman who had me within her clutches. I had become Mistress K's bondage doll, submitting to her artful expressions, deep within her bondage chamber. For a moment the outside world seemed far away, and all I could think of was my owner, who bent and formed me like a supple play toy.
I fantasized about about being bound like this during a cocktail party. Guests who were dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns would fill the room with clinking Champagne glasses and high-society chatter, while I sat motionless in the corner, restrained in my latex and leather, as a simple object of conversation.
Why am I so enchanted by the thick latex hood engulfing my head? It's black sheen appears skin-like and vaguely organic, removing my identity and forcing me to submit to it's control.
I am no longer able to communicate, locked behind it's blank stare, repulsive to others who are not acquainted.
My spiked-heel boots felt warm and very comfortable. The laces drew the supple leather tightly around my ankles and calf's. I remember having a fetish attraction to women's boots, similar to these, in my early teens. I felt jealous that women were allowed to wear exciting and sensual clothing - why couldn't men wear thigh-high lace-up spiked-heel boots as well? I remember being sexually attracted to women's boots long before I was attracted to women themselves.
When I was in my early 30's I was out on a first-date. We ended up at an outdoor ice-skating rink and while we were lacing our skates my date said that the skates reminded her of a pair of thigh-high lace up boots she had seen in a store window. I was still very shy about my fetish interests, so didn't engage her in further conversation about the boots. Damn - a missed opportunity!

Here I am, years later, owning lots of women's boots. And as s you can see, I enjoy combining sexy boots with bondage - as many bondage people do. For some reason, boots and bondage just see to go together. Now that I think about it, I guess that women's thigh high lace-up boots are nothing more than socially acceptable bondage gear - in disguise!
Doesn't my side-profile photo below look intense? As I said earlier, I like how the hood conforms tightly to the features of my head and face. I also like how impersonal and scary the hood looks. One of my fantasies is to be left alone in this hood, chained to the wall for the night, in a dark basement dungeon. My wrists would be shackled to the walls above my head, so I wouldn't be able to reach the hood to remove it. Maybe I can experience that bondage scene on my next birthday?
A year or so after writing this story I experienced being chained to the wall in complete head-to-toe latex. Needless to say it was a dream come true, and I was very excited to have my fantasy fulfilled. One of these days I'll write a story about the it, so stay tuned!
It wasn't long before Mistress K was scheming again; I could see the look in her eyes through the tiny pinholes of my hood. She wasn't satisfied with my bondage, and probably felt she needed to add another layer of complexity to my helplessness. Without warning she began to wrap a long white strip of latex around my head, tightly pressing over my eyes and mouth! My face was already covered by the thick latex of the hood - I guess she liked the contrast of the white against black.
She tied the ends of the latex strip behind the chair, forcing my head back and my face towards the ceiling.
My head was becoming warmer under the multiple layers of latex. I was caught off guard by this tight bondage, and was feeling a little uneasy, as you might well imagine.
I could feel the latex pressing against my mouth and eyes, and I felt a wave of panic come over me as it seemed harder to breath through the small nose holes. There was nothing I could do, my wrists were tightly secured.

I could sense Mistress K's delight as I fumbled helplessly, twisting and pulling at the leather wrist restraints. Mistress K knew I was in deep. The latex around my head felt like her arms, hugging me to her breasts. I could barely hear the camera clicking through the layers of latex, as she photographed my special birthday bondage treat.
Then the clicking stopped, and there was a long pause of silence... I knew she was looking at me. I sat frozen, motionless, except for my labored breathing.
I could sense that she was pondering what to do next: I was afraid to even consider the possibilities. Slowly, she started to loosen the white latex strip and unwind it from my head. Then, piece by piece, strap by strap, Mistress K removed my bondage until I sat unfettered and relaxed in the red leather chair.
I was free of my birthday restraints, and knew that the next event was a fabulous dinner for the two of us.
If my family asks if I had a nice birthday, I'll tell them "yes, I was tied up with my friends the entire day!"
Click HERE for information about the author Mark.
Equipment List:
Latex hood - Cocoon
Latex suit, wide leather straps - Mister S
Leather boots - Dressing for Pleasure
Fingerless leather gloves - home made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!