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An Afternoon of Delight
Over-the-top bondage can be exciting and overwhelming, especially if it's made of double-layer leather
Story and photos by Mark, modeling by Kira
30 Feb, 2003
have been dreaming of owning a double layer leather straitjacket for quite sometime now. I have two
single-layer straitjackets, but after playing with them for a few years I began to yearn for more thickness and weight to the leather. I knew that the heavier the straitjacket was, the more confined and helpless I would feel. The more the leather resists my movements, the more overpowering it becomes!
The author explains: "You can never have too much bondage."
Heavy single-layer leather cow hides don't bend very easily, so they wouldn't make a very comfortable straitjacket. The answer lies in the use of two layers of garment leather to create the thickness I'm after. Even though the two layers of leather combined can equal the thickness of one heavy hide, the two layers will shift and stretch when you have the straitjacket on, so the jacket molds to your body. This creates an experience of more restriction - and overpowering confinement. Besides, two layers of leather creates a more erotic creaking sound than one layer!
After saving for months, I was finally able to visit the Mister S store in San Francisco and order a custom double-layer straitjacket and leg binder! That was a day I will always remember!
Mister S manufactures a straitjacket and leg binder combination (two pieces) that joins and connects at the waist, but I wanted two separate and stand-alone bondage pieces that could be used in totally different scenarios. I like for my gear to be versatile.
The photos on this page show my lovely bondage partner bound in this new double-layer gear. You can see that the leather is quite thick by looking closely at the folds of the leather around the arms and chest. She is also wearing a leather muzzle from Mister S, called the "Bishop Muzzle", styled after the famous Bishop bondage artist. The muzzle has a detachable blindfold and mouth covering, with many straps and buckles around the back of her head to hold the muzzle firmly in place.
After cocooning my lovely partner inside these thick layers of leather, I decided to run some heavy straps around the entire bed, which would hold her firmly in place. I didn't want her to fall off the bed if she decided to test her restraints by struggling. Once she has been blindfolded for a while, she will loose her orientation and forget where she is lying on the bed. Consequently, she won't know where the edges of the bed are, and could easily roll off onto the floor. Not so good. Always remember: safety first while playing with bondage, and be prepared for the unexpected. Besides, it's fun to struggle while you're bound - you can more fully experience your helplessness that way. (but only if you feel you are safe!)
If it wasn't enough to bind this poor woman in inescapable and restrictive bondage, the double-layer gear makes her feel all the more helpless. My motto is simple: you can never have too much bondage. Truthfully, I enjoy both simple and ultra-heavy bondage, it just depends on my mood and the person I'm tying up. I'm also a switch, so when someone ties me up I prefer lots of bondage gear - and the more overwhelming the better.
In the photo below, you can see that the Bishop Muzzle completely covers her chin and neck. It also has a wide leather collar, which you can't see because it's under the collar of the straitjacket. The straitjacket is a standard-design - closing in the back with straps and
buckles, and two straps that pass between the legs to hold it downward on the body.
Naturally I ordered extra wide straps on both the straitjacket and leg binder. The straps on end of the arms of the straitjacket (for pulling the arms around the body and buckling in back) - and the waist strap on the binder - are made of two thick pieces of leather sewn together for added strength and weight! The front of the leg binder incorporates an ultra-heavy full-length zipper, thick wide straps, and a full-length heavy lace. The lace permits the binder to be cinched up tightly, conforming the leather to the curvature of the hips and legs.
Once the front lace is cinched and tied off, the leather straps can be buckled around the body, adding an additional tightness and preventing the lace from loosening in stress areas. As an example, if she bent her knees, the long lace would gather and loosen around her knees - and at the same time tighten around her ankles and thighs.
In addition, t he leg binder has a second full-length lace up the back (which you can't see in the photos). This allows you to adjust the overall size of the sack to fit a (finite) range of body sizes. So, if you're playing with someone who has slightly larger or smaller legs or thighs, you can take-up or let-out the rear lace to adjust to the approximate size of the person before they are bound within. The rear lace is is a great idea, because it makes the leg binder more versatile. Also, once the rear lace is adjusted, the front lace and straps cinch up fairly symmetrically.
Since the feet are also enclosed in leg binder, the combination of the straitjacket and leg binder enclose the body completely from neck-to-toe so there is no skin showing at all!
Don't the photos taken from overhead look striking? I have always fantasized about inviting guests to my house for dinner, but before they arrive I would set the bedroom door ajar...
During the dinner, one of my guests would wander down the hallway looking for the bathroom and accidentally open the bedroom door, where they would find the form of a woman bound from head-to-toe in black leather, and strapped to my bed! Shocking! The question is - would my guest return to the dinner table and ask about the bound woman, or would they simply close the bedroom door and not mention it at all?
Bondage can be so dramatic and stark. I suppose that's what I like about it. Bondage is scary, intimidating, dark and sinister. None the less, it's something that many of us would like to experience, within safe surroundings and with people we trust.

Struggling while in bondage can be fun and allows the person who's bound to test their limits. Struggling is also a test for a possible means of escape. Sometimes the best applied bondage will loosen or become unbuckled during a struggle, even if the person who applied the bondage is quite experienced. This has happened to me a number of times, which is why I always have bondage accessories on hand - like extra leather straps - to ensure my submissive stays helplessly bound no matter how much they struggle!
The photos you see on this page are of a bondage scene that was done in my bedroom, on a warm and lazy Sunday afternoon. A gentle breeze wandered through the window, and we could hear the sound of birds and children's voices playing in the distance. This is what I call an Afternoon Of Delight. Delightful because the contrast of the heavy black leather against the white sheets of my bed sent a rush of erotic excitement throughout my entire body!
This double-lined leather bondage gear would like nothing more than to catch you, hold you, confine you, and control you! This heavy and intimidating gear is what nightmares are made of... and it's also something that fantasies are made of. Which one to you feel?
Maybe you experience nightmares if you're bound by someone you don't know against your will. But maybe it's a fantasy if you're bound by your partner? We don't usually associate bondage with loving, erotic, or sexy experiences. None-the-less, bondage can be very freeing, and deeply satisfying.  
As you can see in the adjacent photos, my extra leather straps came in quite handy. Each strap which circles around the bed is actually made up of two or three straps buckled together end-to-end. I have lots of these straps because they're so versatile and handy.
After a while I decided to secure each of her arms outwards, to the sides of the bed. I located each of her wrists through the thick leather of the straitjacket, then was able to bind each wrist to the strap that passed over her torso, once again making her arms immobile.
It's been my experience that after I have been lying on my back in a straitjacket for a while, I become uncomfortable because of the weight of my arms resting on my chest and stomach. So, by moving her arms to her sides, she could endure the bondage for a much longer period of time. To complete my bondage artwork, I used two thin straps to connect the rings of her collar to the top of the bed! Voilà!
Time began to slow down, as it often does during a deep bondage session. The room became drenched in afternoon light, which entered through an overhead skylight.
The double-layer straitjacket and leg sack filled the room with an aroma of freshly tanned leather. The thick leather gear made a wonderful creaking sound with the slightest of her movements. She was comfortable, and I could sense that she was drifting into a state of relaxation and total helpless bliss.
The site of this lovely leather-bound lady was quite heady and pleasant for me. I loved the powerful feeling of owning her, and being in control. She could struggle and whimper, but she wasn't going anywhere!
Click HERE for information about the author Mark.

Equipment List:
Double-layer leather straitjacket and leg binder, wide leather straps, "Bishop" style leather muzzle - Mister S
Thin 1/2 inch wide leather straps - home made
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