San Francisco  02:30 AM
Thursday October 18, 2018
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2005 San Francisco Fetish Ball
Photos and story by Mark
02 Apr, 05
The following photos were taken at the 2005 San Francisco Fetish Ball pre-party on Friday March 11, and the Ball itself, Saturday March 12. The Ball was sponsored by Madame-S and Mister-S, two fantastic BDSM stores located in San Francisco.  I will be posting more photos as they become available. I was so busy tying people up that I didn't have a lot of time to take photos myself! :-)
The Ball was attended by over a thousand people - it may have even sold out, I don't know.  The photos on this page represent only a small fraction of the kinky scenes and play that was abundant during the event.
The pre-party images below show just how willing people are to be tied up. Maybe this is just a San Francisco phenomenon, but I don't think so.  Everyone these days seems to be open and interested in kink, and it was lucky for us that Martin from was on hand and proceeded to lock his infamous metal bondage "Fiddles" on anyone who happened to be standing nearby.  I think the couple below enjoyed the experience a LOT, and as a matter of fact the woman in the red latex seemed to get into her Dominant role right away!  Yeow!
The next couple wanted to be locked together in the Fiddle.  No problem!  Martin will try anything for a good picture. Hhhmmm ... I suppose it would be pretty difficult to drive home while locked together like that?
"Do you have any other bondage gear we can try?"  Martin pulled out a set of large metal collars with 6 foot connecting chain and wasted no time in locking the gear around their necks.  One collar is sized for a woman's neck, the other is larger, for a man.  How cute! Martin DOES seem to think of everything!
Martin's Rigid Cuff bondage gear was quite a hit at the pre-party and before we knew it there was a line of people waiting to try his inventions. For those who are interested, Martin has two web sites and they're both full of photos of his gear: and
The next night was the big Fetish Ball itself and no Ball can be considered kinky without a few straitjackets.  The couple below are friends of, and brought their own Posey institutional straitjacket.  Once she'd secured him into the straitjacket, they were off to the dance floor! had a bondage demo booth at the Ball where we tied up anyone who asked.  In addition, I'd invited a lot of my friends with the offer of a free ticket if they would wear my bondage gear and roam around in the crowd.  As it turned out, I had no problem signing up 12 friends and their partners, including JG-Leathers. The photo below is of JG in his signature gas-mask, hoses, leather harness and latex outfit, and his ensemble seemed to entrance the crowd!
Below, we see one of my friends wearing an ultra-heavy leather hood from Mister-S, together with one of Martin's fiddles. The man on the left is wearing a Maxcita straitjacket.
The couple in the photos below decided to try out my bondage chair.  This chair has been featured in other articles on and if you'd like more information, do a search on the phrase "bondage chair" at the top of this page. A list of articles will come up for you to browse.
In the following photos we see my friend who was wearing the Maxcita straitjacket from above, but here, his play partner Mistress Minax has slipped the matching hood (which has no eye holes) over his head. As a result, he was totally dependent on her for the rest of the evening... and that was probably what they both wanted!  Minax said she often uses straitjackets in her business, so for anyone who's into them (so to speak), Minax has the gear and the experience!
Never let it be said that Martin misses a kinky opportunity.  I'd brought along my big bondage table, wondering if it would get any use, and it wasn't long before Martin had talked my friends Charmaine and Leta into trying his rigid stocks.  I don't think either of them knew what they were in for until it was far too late.
Martin secured the ankles of one woman and the wrists of the other at one end of the table, then went to the other end and with another set of stocks did the same with the remaining free ankles and wrists. Yikes! Needless to say, this scene was a show stopper and a crowd of people gathered around to watch in amazement.  Camera flashes popped right and left and I think the photo below might appear in the next issue of Skin Two.
Another couple came to our bondage demo area and I asked if either of them would like to try the bondage chair.  Carol (the submissive) nodded with a big smile and her Mistress gave the OK,  In a matter of seconds we were off and running!   I decided to drag the bondage chair into the middle of our demo area so more people could see.
I quickly zipped her into a pair of shoulder length 'helpless' mitts, then secured her into the chair.  It has 19 straps and buckles, so strapping someone in takes quite a while.
Once she was restrained I removed her glasses and replaced them with a blindfold, and this did the trick - she rapidly slipped into a state of submission and bondage bliss.  Surrounded by loud music, camera flashes and hundreds of people, she managed to find an emotional and sensual high within the tight and very secure confines of the chair.  What a beautiful smile!
A week later, Carol sent me a lovely e-mail describing her experience: "While attending my first Fetish Ball in San Francisco, my girlfriend and I discovered the Serious Bondage area where some of their toys and contraptions were on display.  My wonderful Mistress thought I might enjoy being strapped into the chair, and Mark quickly had me secured from top to bottom.  Wow!  I must say, it felt great!  Soon I was blindfolded and on display for convention attendees to observe.  The only thing that could make the experience better would be to own the chair and use it in privacy, allowing me to be completely naked and have private body parts exposed and vulnerable, and of course, be completely helpless.  I can think of a few more stimulating situations, but that's between my girlfriend and I.  Thanks, Mark, for taking the time to treat me to the "Serious Bondage Chair."
Thanks to Madame-S and Mister-S for sponsoring the wonderful 2005 San Francisco Fetish Ball!