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Strange Hobbies
Not just "Think outside the box"... This is "Kink outside the box"
Nov 8, 2015
Introduction by Victoria
lthough kink is becoming more and more mainstream these days, most people would have a fairly narrow interpretation of
the word. If you asked the average person on the street, they’d probably say something about tying people up or using ‘whips & chains’.
Even the average kinky person will usually feel an affinity with some particular interest group, such as rope bondage, leather, rubber, and so on, and may seldom venture beyond a particular fetish or type of play.
Physically in the box, but mentally very much outside it!
Of course, there’s no such thing as ‘the average kinkster’, and no one proves that more elegantly than StrangeHobbies, our featured author in the article that follows. To say his tastes are eclectic is an understatement – even the kinkiest among you will find something new and intriguing in the text and photos that follow.
Aware of an attraction to bondage from a very early age, StrangeHobbies has remained curious and adventurous ever since, never letting any one interest limit or define him. As he says himself, he’ll try anything once. His only limit is his own imagination, and he clearly has a very vivid one.
You may notice a crossover element to some of the experiences StrangeHobbies seeks out. Rather than literal bondage in leather or other materials, or mummification using pallet wrap or fiberglass casting, he enjoys being covered by substances like mud or glue which solidify and tighten over time. His adventurousness also includes interesting locations, including the wilds of nature and even public places. In our experience, this approach to bondage is uniquely his.

There is also an artistic element to many of the scenes described below. Some of them border on performance art, and the beauty of the images contrasts interestingly with the sometimes extreme nature of the bondage. It also should be mentioned that these photos are superbly composed and the lighting is excellent. Quality of this kind is rare in homemade photosets.

You will be entertained and amused as you read about StrangeHobbies' personal journey into his own creative world of kinky experiences, and whether or not you decide to try any of them yourself, you must admit he documents them in a very appealing way. The photos presented here are truly a ‘gallery’, in every sense of the word. We hope you appreciate them, and find them as startling and sensuous as we do. Enjoy!

Strange Hobbies
by JP

In the fetish community, I'm known under the name of StrangeHobbies. I've been attracted to weird things for as long as I can remember – I guess this sounds familiar to many people reading this – and it happens that my memory goes back pretty far. I have a very clear recollection of some events and thoughts that date back to when I was barely three years old. For example, I remember being excited very early on by an illustration in a children's book I had. It depicted Peter Pan wearing tights. I would fantasize about wearing such a kind of skin-tight clothing.

I think this was one of my very first "suits" made of brown packaging tape. Of course there is a layer of plastic film underneath to protect the skin. I did this on myself without the help of anyone.
I also know for a fact that medical casts, especially the big and restrictive ones, attracted me very early as well. When I was in elementary school, a friend of mine had some accident and was put in a hip cast. He was immobilized from his waist down to the toes of one leg. Not the kind of cast you see very much nowadays. And of course in those days it was made out of plaster of Paris and was therefore huge and heavy. I was totally in admiration of the cast. Pretty much all my friend could do while in it was lie in bed all day. He required assistance for his most basic needs.

I was a shy kid, not very outgoing and hugely self-conscious. For that reason I pretty much kept all these interests to myself. Of course, when playing games like cowboys and Indians with my friends, I managed to get a taste of a little rope bondage. I never gave away how much I enjoyed being tied up, though, or how much I loved tying up other people. When I was about ten or twelve years old, I remember one evening watching a TV documentary about the production of natural rubber. They had huge vats of creamy white latex that they stirred with their bare arms. The contrast between the pale liquid and dark skin of the natives was striking. After that I would fantasize at night about being encased in a thick layer of the goo, so thick that I would hardly be able to move.

8Foollng around with marshmallow fluff. This stuff is just so sticky...but it dissolves pretty easily in a warm shower. It can actually bruise your skin if your arms get stuck to your torso and you try pulling them apart too quickly.
I had absolutely no idea at the time that one could actually buy clothes made out of latex. This was purely a personal fantasy to me. I actually purchased my first item of latex clothing only many, many years later during a business trip in Germany. One evening, walking around the town where I was staying, I came upon by pure chance my very first fetish shop, right there in the middle of downtown. They had some copies of the magazine "Marquis" – in German of course – which I quickly browsed through before buying a couple. They also had quite a nice selection of latex clothing. The only item I could really afford that day was a black latex hood. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
One piece of gear I own is this latex hood, which looks great with the leather jacket.
In my teens I remember watching with my parents a program about an artist who used life casts of models to create his sculptures. All the process of life casting was shown in detail. The first technique he used was to encase the bodies in a thick coating of plaster of Paris reinforced with some kind of fibre, probably burlap or hemp. Being dissatisfied with the result, he then decided to literally submerge the models in vertical aquariums full of alginate. (This is the rubbery material used by dentists to make casts of one's teeth.) Merely their heads were left showing – these were cast separately. I could only imagine what it might feel like, to have this goo slowly thicken and solidify around me.
This is, of course, not alginate, but more of the marshmallow fluff, with some strawberry jam added for contrast. This might be a bit what the alginate might feel like, though,
Sitting on the sofa, I had a huge hard-on that I barely managed to hide from my family. Retrospectively, such techniques seem all wrong now; no one in his right mind goes around life casting people this way; but visually it was striking. From then on, every time I got the occasion I would experiment with plaster. I was into model making and discovered that the local model shop had strips of plaster bandage, identical to the kind used for medical plaster casts. The problem was, I had absolutely no idea at the time how to safely remove a cast. Therefore I never let the plaster dry completely and always kept it relatively thin.
Some pony boots made out of medical fiberglass. A lot of fun walking around in them.

One summer my family went on vacation for a week or so while I stayed at home because I had a summer job. I took advantage of this time to experiment a bit. I bought a large bag of plaster powder, and one evening I covered the floor of my room with a large plastic sheet. On one side of me I had the bag of plaster, on the other a supply of water and a mixing bowl. Starting at my feet I covered myself entirely with a generous coating of plaster, directly on my skin; lucky I wasn't too hairy.

This cast was actually plaster bandages directly on my skin. We did it in two separate halves, back (pictured here) and front, thinking of making it a reusable shell.
I reinforced the plaster a little using paper towel. Of course it was by no means perfect, or at all inescapable in terms of bondage, but the weight and rigidity of the stuff was enough to turn me on. I spent most of the night like that, until the plaster got too cold and clammy to be fun anymore. For those who have never experienced plaster, it first goes through a phase where it lets off some heat, then it cools down until completely dry. During the cooling process the evaporation of the water makes it feel much colder than it really is.

Around that same age I started playing with other kinds of stuff; one day I found the remains of an old can of bright green water based house-paint. Standing stark naked in front of the bathroom mirror, I painted myself from head to toe. I did this several times, just for the pleasure of feeling the paint on my skin and admiring myself in the mirror coated in this shiny layer. I never quite let the paint dry, worried I may have trouble cleaning it off.

Here I am covered in a thick coating of liquid latex. I can't remember how many layers were applied. Looked and felt awesome.
I actually spent very little time in the latex coating when it was finished. Retrospectively, I really wonder why. It would be fun to put some clothes on an go for a drive in town.
Similarly I would do things like pour chocolate cream and other kinds of food over my face. Much later on I discovered that this kind of activity was part of a fetish called 'WAM' (wet and messy) or 'Splosh'. I know this may seem a bit remote from bondage, but in my mind it is all interconnected.
Having fun with chocolate. It feels great on the skin. I would so much love to be submerged in a bath full of thick warm chocolate, and even more, share such a bath with the partner of my choice.
Chocolate with cocoa powder. Feels great, smells and tastes delicious!
Not marshmallow fluff this time, but cream cheese, looking here very much like white liquid rubber.
Early on, the movies were also quite an inspiration for me. I'm thinking of films like "Young Sherlock Holmes" and its live mummification scene; "The Never Ending Story" where one of the lead characters gradually sinks nearly out of sight in thick dark mud; "Superman 3" where at the end a woman gets transformed in the space of a few seconds into a shiny metallic android with opaque silver eyes. Additionally, any old flick with a good pie fight scene, one of the best of which is "The Great Race".
Some breath control using silicone swimming caps. One of the best ways I've found. So easy to put on and remove, yet totally airtight.

On and off for many years, I carried on experimenting on my own, foolishly thinking I was the only one with such peculiar interests. So much so that one day I decided to give it all up as it seemed pointless. I remember that the very same week I took that decision I quite accidentally came upon a website dealing with my strange interests, then another and another again. This was crazy; a total revelation! It was still the early days of the Internet and I didn't have a connection of my own. I was browsing from my workplace during my lunch break. There were only two computers with an Internet connection for the whole company.

Having decided that browsing the Web was not an appropriate thing to do at work, I found an Internet cafe on my way back home and would stop there nearly every evening after work, and would say I'd been working late. I was just amazed at how much information and how many photos were available, covering most of my fetishes. Up to then I hadn't used the word 'fetishes' to describe my interests, and still today I am a bit uneasy with that term. The expression "kink" sounds more adequate to me. All I know is that I just enjoy doing these things. Don't ask me why. To me that kind of question is pointless. I know people who've done therapy to try to understand. Some have an urge to explain everything; I'm just not like that.
Sometimes I get the chance to bind my friends.

What struck me when I discovered this wealth of information was that all these fetishes were highly codified, and rarely overlapped. To someone like me with so many different interests, this felt kind of boring. Nevertheless, I quite quickly started hanging out with a local group who were into medical bondage. This essentially meant wearing casts and other orthopedic devices for recreational purposes, as well a going around in a wheelchair. One of the advantages is that this is a form of bondage you can do in full sight of everyone without being questioned. Well, you'd get a fair amount of attention, but no one would ever suspect that whatever you were wearing hadn't a perfectly good medical justification.

The problem was I really didn't care much about doing things that were medically correct. From the start I was attracted by the bigger casts, and by having several limbs immobilized at once. I was also perfectly content with staying indoors to enjoy them. I once spent a weekend at a friend's with a plaster cast on every single limb, plus my torso. That was a huge turn on. The climax of this was when two of my cast buddies accepted to put me in a mummy cast. This was a first for us; it was far from perfect but nevertheless a dream come true for me. It was also the first truly inescapable bondage I was in. I remained in it for 24 hours. And though at the end of that time my back was aching like hell, my first thought once I was released was "when can we do this again?" It didn't happen nearly as soon as I might have liked.
My very first full-body cast. Made out of plaster bandage. Utterly inescapable. It was far from perfect: the position of my back was all wrong and I started having lower back pain before long. Nevertheless I spent 24 hours in it.
Thanks to one of my friends, I was turned over every now and then to relieve the stress on my back.
In the meantime I helped put other friends in full-body casts. One could have gone seriously wrong. During the night the friend started feeling sick and threw up. Luckily we hadn't cast his head; otherwise he might have drowned on his own vomit. The cast was so big and was made of plaster - there was no way I could have flipped him over by myself.
During those first years I was quite lucky to find people who helped me experience different forms of bondage: casts of course, but also mummification in plastic film and duct tape, vacuum beds, a little rope bondage…
Tightly wrapped in a layer of plastic film, and packaged in a plastic tub with polystyrene chips. It actually got quite warm after a while.
Encased in a latex balloon. Unfortunately, the last time I used this balloon it ripped open.
A very nice silver duct tape mummy. The wire that you can see coming out of my crotch is intended to be connected to an electro-stimulation device.
Unlike others, I do not own a trunk full of toys. I do have a few accessories. After first having purchased on eBay a second-hand latex catsuit, I went on to get a nice made-to-measure one. I own a few rubber and leather masks, some boots and some smaller items. That's about all. All the rest is single-use stuff that gets thrown away after each scene. Considering I enjoy building things, I have also designed and constructed some items.
A home-made head harness, which is a custom fit to my head.
Another look under the same head harness.
My leather posture collar is very restrictive.
In my latex hood, with one of my mouth-spreaders. I own quite a few of them.
I do not actually know that many people locally who share the same interests as I do. This has brought me to travel quite a bit. I live in Europe, but most of my full body cast experiences were done in America. Through a common friend, I got to know one of the masters of this art, who goes by the name of Filador50. His knowledge and dedication are amazing. He's been into this for decades, has put so many people in full body casts, and has spent so much time in them; he fully comprehends what it means to care for someone who is 100% rigidly encased. I've had the honor of being casted by him several times, and casting him in return.
Another great full body cast made out of medical fibreglass. I've spent up to three days in such casts. Totally confining, rigid and inescapable. These where done by my friend Filador50.
I've been fully casted for anything from 24 hours to three days. I would love to push my limits and manage longer. Some people ask me how I don't get bored. I just don't. I forget about my body. My mind goes wild. I find it more and more difficult to hold onto a thread of thought. Of course I do not remain sexually excited all the while, but the simple act of fighting my inescapable shell will bring me quickly back to a near-orgasmic state.
When I'm encased, after a while my mind just starts drifting, not really knowing if I'm awake or sleeping. I lose the sense of time. Waking up totally immobilized is a unique feeling. For a while the mind does not really comprehend what's going on. I've been close to panic at that stage. You get crazy thoughts. Sometimes you dream you can get your arms out of their shells, just to realize a little later that this was just a dream and you are still inescapably encased.
The wooden contraption I am strapped to was custom built for Filador50. It enables a single person to easily adjust the angle at which the body cast is resting. With hardly any effort, the person in the cast can be brought from the horizontal to the vertical position. Quite a clear view of the external catheter and urine hose I'm wearing.
Here I am having been shifted up into a vertical position. When this happened, I felt rather disoriented.

Being rigidly encased is an amazing experience. I enjoy this the most when I'm totally sealed in, head, eyes and all, and cut off from outside sounds by earplugs. There is definitely a sensory deprivation side to this for me. Whereas some would take pleasure in cutting out strategically placed openings to be able to torment the helpless person, I really prefer being totally enclosed, especially if I'm aiming at a long-term experience. Otherwise I find it harder to achieve the right state of mind. The only concessions I've recently made are to be hooked up to an electro-stimulation device, and to have headphones on.

A great mummy cast made out of medical fibreglass. My arms and legs were first individually wrapped in fibreglass. This is the first time I've been wired up to the electro stimulation device while inside a bull body cast. A very exciting experience due to the fact that you cannot move at all.
I spent two days in this cast.
Though I live close to a major city, there is very little official fetish activity going on here. Every year there is one large fetish event and some minor ones every month or so. I've attended some but always come back a little underwhelmed. It's all so mainstream, and many people there don't even look like they are having fun at all. They usually put on some so-called "performances", but these invariably feel very tame and somewhat boring. How much I would love it if they'd put on some mummification demos or other really large-scale acts. I've expressed this opinion to the organizers and have been told that if I wanted to see that kind of thing I could always organize it myself. But I don't really have the correct connections locally. I was kind of hoping I might meet people at these events, but it just doesn't seem to be the right place for that. What bugs me is that I was expecting to find open-minded people there, only to realize that many of them are interested in just one type of kink. I keep telling myself I should travel abroad to some of the more renowned public fetish events, but so far haven't found the occasion to do so.
I have, however, had the chance to make a brief visit my American friends at the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco. It is the most European of US cities, and while I enjoyed seeing some of the sights, the highlight of my trip was the kinky fun we had at SBI. I had my first experience in a 'standard' straightjacket, and also got to try a butterfly straightjacket, which fit me great but could have been a little tighter in the arms. There was also an amazing heavy-gauge amber rubber mask that fit me perfectly. It was a great time and I hope I can visit again sometime soon.
Wonderful to have my first straightjacket experience in this one by Maxcita. I could have spent hours in it. Would love to try being suspended in one.
Wearing a leather butterfly straightjacket and hood at Serious Bondage. This gear was made by Christopher Fetish in Los Angeles. I would love to try out a full-body suit like this.
The thick rubber hood from Studio Gum. A perfect fit!

It turns out that what I really enjoy the most is the full body stuff, whether it is mummification, bondage or messy fun. Someone once suggested that what really turned me on was the sensation of pressure on the whole surface of my body. There must be some truth there, even in more conventional pastimes.

Trying out my brand-new latex cat suit at the Libidex shop in London. Pretty exciting!
As an example, I've enjoyed scuba diving for many years; the pressure of the water on my body and wearing the skin-tight wetsuit is definitely part of the excitement. The baggy dry-suits don't turn me on half as much. Same thing with Hazmat outfits for that matter. Maybe it's not as much the pressure, as the feeling of having something all over my skin, clinging to it. And also there is, of course, the immobilization. I'm a pretty active person most of the time, so being forced into immobility is very liberating in a way.
Again tape over plastic film. I love this position. It is so restrictive. I nevertheless managed to endure it reasonably comfortably for a couple of hours. I could just about hobble around on my knees.
Another very nice duct tape mummy. I never spend very long in such mummies - probably two to three hours at the most. After that, they tend to get uncomfortable because the plastic wrapping that is under the duct tape starts to shrink due to body heat, and you end up having some pressure points.

Another aspect I enjoy in all I do is the look of it. Actually, in most things I do, the aesthetic and artistic components play an essential role. I love to see a human body encased in a smooth and tight-fitting fashion. I enjoy the way this both simplifies the individual features and enhances the overall look. Transformation also fascinates me; I love to see the human form transformed into something other-worldly, such as a fantasy creature, a monster, or a robot.

The idea behind these pictures was that this creature has been discovered in the corner of a dark cellar. I was covered in clay, mud and ashes. The shots were actually taken outdoors on a cold November evening. I was washed clean using the garden hose. I was so much into it that I didn't really feel the cold.
Once the scene was over, I was cleaned using the garden hose. The friend who helped me actually felt quite guilty to put me through such an ordeal as the water was rather cold. Doing this reminded him far too much of some creepy asylum movie.
A mummy made out of adhesive aluminum foil over plastic film. The aluminum foil was way more rigid that any duct tape I've tried in the past. Much more restrictive.
Not quite a robot, but a bit futuristic-looking.
I very much enjoy being outside in nature when I have the chance, and that goes for daily life as well as when I can have someone indulge me and join me in my kinky interests. Any season can be fun, but of course the summer and early fall are fantastic times to get outdoors and be myself.
For this photo shoot, we went to a nearby forest. Nice to be able to wear my latex catsuit outdoors for once.
Enjoying the sunshine on the lawn. Became very sweaty after a while.
On the other hand, actual body modification is not too much my thing, though I have a lot of respect and a certain admiration for those who follow that path. As far as I'm concerned, it is all far too permanent. It's too much of a commitment for me, and loving variety as I do, I think I would never be able to make up my mind in the first place. Personally, I'll go as far as experimenting with some play piercing and will probably end up trying flesh-hook suspension someday.

Very early on, I started taking pictures of what I did. At first it wasn't for sharing them with others, but just so I could see what I looked like. In those days I didn't yet wear contact lenses, and as I'm very short-sighted, I never got a clear view of my appearance. Even when doing things solo, I'd put the camera on a tripod and trigger it with a remote control. Many of my early pictures were shot on film. To get them processed I used a postal service so as not to have the embarrassment of a local photo shop seeing them.

Fooling around with some surgical tape. I was unable to close my eyes or lips. Drooling a bit.
Experimenting with play piercing while wearing my black sclera lenses. I haven't done much play piercing since; I would like to do a similar shoot again but with many more needles.8
Another of my many mouth spreaders. I love how these devices distort one's face.
A friend of mine actually worked for such a centralized photo lab for a short time. He told me they had a board where every week they pinned up a copy of the craziest pictures they'd printed. I'm sure some of mine must have ended up more than once in such collections. On the other hand, I've never done video. I find this too troublesome, as it required an extra set of hands when I'm already having difficulties finding people to help me with my projects.

The photos I took over the years eventually served as a database when I first decided to build a website dedicated to my weird interests, and I carried on taking more photos as time went on. It was painstaking, as I had to scan every single picture and then clean them up. Things got a little easier when I bought a digital camera. It seems that quite a few people have heard of me through my old website. I ended up taking it down, though, principally because it took too much of my time to maintain it. Now that it's gone, I get people telling me how much they liked it. Although this is rather nice to hear, while the site was up I only very rarely got any feedback at all. If I'd had more, it may have given me the drive to carry on.

Here I am digging myself out of a plastic crate full of soaked cat litter. I am lucky to be able to just about fit in the largest IKEA plastic boxes. I can't remember how many bags of cat litter we used but there were quite a few.
Fooling around with some black slime. The consistency of the slime wasn't quite right. I will be trying this again soon.
Now I rely mainly on places like DeviantArt and FetLife to share my work. One thing that made my site a little different from others was that I always tried to describe what I did, the process and the motivation. I have the feeling that I'm able to achieve exactly the same goal using the ready-made frameworks of social media. This enables me to post pictures, write comments, get feedback, and if I'm feeling like posting a message I can use the built-in blog. Today I couldn't achieve more if I had my own website, and would probably even accomplish less because it would not be a part of a community forum. Social media has done so much to put like-minded people in touch with each other, even if most often it doesn't result in actual encounters.
Some golden body painting. The paint is actually metallic powder mixed with olive oil. It never dries but stays very shiny. I really enjoy the look of the human form covered in a metallic coating.
The most extreme thing I've ever done was when I was gradually encased in a solid block of industrial grade two-component polyurethane foam. It was intense to say the least. It was also one of the rare times I started freaking out. It started to get really hot in there, and releasing me was very time-consuming. It took three friends over an hour of hard work with hacksaw blades to extract me. I became convinced they'd cut me and that I was going to bleed to death. Of course, in the end I had just a few minor scratches. I've not tried poly-foam since. I need to find a way to do this again but in a safer way.
Here I am, partially submerged in the polyurethane foam. It expanded and hardened at the same time, and more rapidly than any of us expected it to.
My face and part of my torso are still visible, but the swelling of the foam can be seen as it encroaches on my neck and shoulders.
With the box turned on its side, the solidity of the foam is obvious. The heat and pressure quickly became too much - then the hacksaws came into play. It was the only time I ever panicked.

Some people will call me a Bottom. Indeed, I'm usually on the receiving end of things. But that's because the purpose of most of what I do is to experience the feeling of it. However, I usually like to remain in control of the creative process. I will do things to others, typically as an exchange, but this does not make a Dominant out of me. When I do so I strive to do it as best as I can, and try to make it look and feel as good as possible. There is the satisfaction of a job well done. I have no interest with being dominant over someone. I'm utterly useless at role-playing.

I actually don't see myself as really being submissive either. I know full well that with the more extreme forms of bondage I enjoy I am totally in the hands of someone else. But that's not the part of it that excites me the most. I'm neither into humiliation or degradation. What I've done so far has mainly been within a circle of close friends. It's only recently that I've tried having a session with a professional dominatrix. I won't deny it was an interesting experience, first of all because of the surprise factor. For once I was not in control of anything, and it forced me in some ways to push my limits. Using the safe-word was never an option for me. I just needed to see how far I could go.
Head harness and tongue vice.

The same custom head harness with my mouth spreader, a nose hook, and some eye retractors. Very much inspired by the scene in A Clockwork Orange.
Here, the tongue vice has been added. The white contact lenses kept popping out because my eyes would dry up.

People have frequently assumed I was necessarily gay, and I've had quite a few proposals going that way. But my sexual orientation, not that it matters much when it comes to kink, is clearly heterosexual. I can nevertheless enjoy male fetish material, as long as it isn't overly sexualized, but not in the same way as I enjoy female fetish content.

Whereas I admire the female form in bondage or in fetish clothing for its beauty, when I see a guy in similar situation, it is more for me a matter of projecting myself in his place. Of course, all the kinky things I enjoy are a huge sexual turn on for me, but I think my interest goes beyond. When I'm in long-term immobilization, like a full body cast, I am obviously not sexually excited for all the duration. The feeling comes and goes. The rest of the time, the enjoyment is something else that can be a little challenging to describe.
Wonderful mummification in industrial grade silicone. Though it remained somewhat flexible, it would have been impossible for me to tear myself out of it. It clung so much to my flesh that when I tried to move I had the impression I was going to pull my skin off. I need to do this again before long, despite the cost of the material.

There are still so many things I want to try out, or do again. I love experimenting. Whereas some of my friends are currently slowing down, as time goes on, I find myself wanting more. So far I have little experience with suspension bondage. I would also like to spend more time in a vacuum bed. As far as messy fun is concerned, one of my top favorites is mud bathing, but finding nice mud spots is not always easy. One of my dreams is to bathe in creamy clay and let it dry on my body in the afternoon sunshine.

I just love mud. Every time I get the occasion I like to bathe in thick mud. Unfortunately finding some good mud in a sufficiently secluded spot is not always easy. Here, I am actually in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It was close to a road, yet totally out of sight.
Ahhh! Soft, gooey, sensuous mud. It was warm enough outside that the mud was just at body temperature – very comfortable.
Nothing anyone can offer at a spa or resort can compare to being out in nature, submerged in mud. It gets cold out in the desert at night – I wonder how much this mud would have solidified around me if I had stayed submerged like this after the sun went down?
I hope that this article may help people better understand what I'm trying to achieve and what drives me. Maybe my experience can serve as an inspiration to others, and I do hope some of you may feel inclined to share your thoughts with me.
Finally, please always play safe! Many things I've done can go awfully wrong, and over the years some nearly did. Only try what you're confident with, with people you can trust and who have the necessary experience or ability. After all, this is meant to be fun!
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