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Grimly's Chair
My kinky husband creates the ultimate bondage chair.
May 12, 2015
By This Girl
he Chair is perhaps the piece of bondage equipment that my husband, Grimly Feendish, is most known for since it is quite
unique and continues to evolve. Perhaps some of you will recognize it more so now after seeing the video of Grimly with the wonderfully tormentable-able Elise Graves from when she and the Serious Bondage crew visited us earlier this year.
Grimly’s chair isn’t just a chair that you sit in. It’s not even ‘just’ a bondage chair. It is something that has been adapted to suit his fantasies of total control (and mine!)
The author 'This Girl' in the clutches of her husband's chair.
The basis of the chair is bondage. It has straps to restrain the hands and feet, and body, but also can be used with a combination of masks that also restrain the head and make it absolutely impossible to move. It is truly a piece of serious bondage kit! Now, our opinion of bondage is that it is fun to be tied up for its own sake, but what makes bondage the most fun for us is the ‘what happens next’ bit in the sense of what can happen to someone when they are vulnerable, controlled and subjected to the whims of a sadistic bastard?
Whilst you might think sitting in a comfy leather chair is quite safe and non-threatening, any occupant will soon realize that they are no longer in control once they realize that Grimly can electrify them, and use vacuum on them from his control panel in the corner. In addition to that, he can make the experience either pleasant with the use of vibrators or evil by turning up the juice. He can also control what the occupant can breathe, what they smell, and what they see by a number of varied masks and breath play apparatus. The idea of the chair is that it is not sensory deprivation but sensory overload, that can at the flick of a switch go from being torment to pleasure and back again as many times as he chooses. In addition to this, for those whose minds are open to it, it can be a tool used for hypnosis and mind control!
What follows below is the story from the early version to how it looks today, hope you enjoy! Over the years I certainly have enjoyed the chair very much since it fits around my weird fantasies and possibly what made me realize that its possible to explore these sorts of kinks and that there are crazy people out there who can push the limits of what we can do to each other and go beyond being tied up with handcuffs in the bedroom. I get told I’m lucky a lot to have a man like this in my life, damn right!
The big question is – if dentists today were to have this type of chair that provides a total restraint experience, would they receive fewer patients or MORE patients? Read the following article and then decide for yourself.
Grimly's Chair
by This Girl
A little over ten years ago I first met (my now husband) Grimly Feendish, and experienced the first incarnation of his chair. Since I’ve changed computers, I’ve no longer got very many pictures of it, but I can still remember it (partially because it's in the garage in bits!). It was brown, reclining, it had lots of straps and terminals for electrodes to be plugged in, and it had a fuck machine attachment.
I’ve found this one picture of it temporarily at a friend’s place, taken during a visit from JG Leathers in 2008, with a rather lovely victim enjoying a chair and creature-type harness combo! For those readers unfamiliar with JG Leathers and his diabolical ideas and devices, see the previous articles on this website such as JG-Leathers Biography, JG Leathers The Creature, and check out JG’s personal website at
JG-Leathers (left) and Grimly Feendish shake hands over their mutual admiration of being kinky inventors. As JG says, 'Horneyness is the mother of invention.'
It was not this, but the later version of the chair that got JG to first notice us on Flickr, and he wrote Grimly this testimony:
"I've been around the block a few times and found very few folks who have gone to the places I have, especially with regard to being an inventor, modifier, and generally creative person who thinks outside the box. Grimly-Feendish is definitely out there and does great work, given what can be seen in his imagery, and I give him and his Lady a full Two Thumbs Up!!”
That small comment on Flickr (which we used prior to Fetlife) was the beginning of what, to Grimly & me, is a very valued friendship with a like-minded bent gearhead. I think it's safe to say that Grimly’s mad inventing and my willingness to try things is what has led to the reputation we have in some circles today. You know what, though - as much as I like being recognized for that, what I like most is that my husband’s devious mind is what brought my fantasies to life.
And, in the same way as ‘The Creature’ is the realization of JG Leathers' fantasy, the chair is the realization of Grimly’s and mine.
After the retirement of the very first version of ‘The Chair’, Grimly acquired this, the latest model. These next four pictures show different viewing angles not long after his first modifications. 
This picture shows the front view of the chair. You can see the attachment Grimly has made for conveniently holding nice toys for us girls, - like vibrators.
This picture shows the side view. The switches under the seat are electrical contact points. You can also see the vacuum leads.
The other side... in this view, you can see the breath play hoses....
Rear of the chair, showing further electrical contact points. The hose at the bottom of the picture is an umbilical leading to the control panel.
One of the first things Grimly will tell you about the current version of the chair is that it is NOT a dentist chair. It is a day surgery chair. I mean, personally it doesn’t make a difference to me, since it looks NOTHING like it did when we first got it! We don’t use it for dentistry…or surgery…apart from the odd ‘mind-fuck’ game or two.
The thing is, with Grimly and me, when we play ‘seriously’ we don’t’ really call it ‘play’. We often call it ‘torture’. (for this article I will refer to it as 'tormented' so search engines don't pick it up) Some people may have issues with that, but it is my fantasy to be bound ‘against’ my will, electrocuted (for this article we will refer to it as e-stimulated) and subjected to mind control and (yeah, ok), the odd orgasm or ten. I’m not sure where that fantasy came from, but possibly from my high school history teacher talking about Nazis. As wrong as that sounds, the excitement in his voice when he told us about that made it sound hot to me.
The chair fits that fantasy. It is COMPLETE bondage. The chair was acquired some time ago, and then Grimly updated any poor parts of leather on it, and gradually added the restraints. Over a period of time the restraints have changed a little, but the basic idea is that every part of the body can be restricted. Grimly changed the chest harness after being inspired by JG Leathers’ ‘The Creature’ so that breast suction cups could be held in place more rigidly. The legs of the chair can either be down in the sitting position or horizontal, or the victims’ legs can be restrained in the stirrups if wanting more ‘access’. The chair also reclines and is height-adjustable, ensuring that the occupant is completely comfortable until Grimly decides to add ‘entertainment’. Whether that would be the occupant’s entertainment or his own is extremely debatable!
Truly fucked! The fuck machine attachment is home-made from windshield-wiper motors, but I can assure you, it does the trick!
Of course, it’s not just bondage. The chair also has electrical sockets which can be seen in the side view pictures, which enables the chair to be a little bit away from the control panel containing the Erostek ET312’s (electrical boxes) and vacuum controls, like an extension of sorts, and it also makes the chair more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, the silver cables deliver air which can be used for the vacuum. Also, some of the cables are connected to an oxygen canister so that oxygen can be fed via the various masks that can be used.
Entrancing... this mask has flashing lights that help induce a hypnotic-like state.
The little red clamp on the left hand side of the chair can be used to hold a vibrator in ‘just the right place’, whereas the attachment on the centre of the chair can either fit the fuck machine or an electrical dildo. The idea is that everything can be controlled from a panel a few meters away – the electrics, breathing, suction - everything. Ideally, steps for the future may involve somehow making it remote-controllable, so that it can either be controlled from the PC downstairs or from a computer anywhere elsewhere in the world. How far is Grimly from achieving that? Well, I can’t let out all of his secrets, can I? In any case, the chair is very effective just as it is. My technical description may not be great, but perhaps Grimly can fill in the blanks if you have any questions. You can find him on Fetlife under the name Grimly_Feendish.
Grimly Feendish - Genius at work...
Most chair sessions start with getting dressed up appropriately. Sometimes the easiest way to be tormented is to be totally naked, but Grimly and I asked our friends at TLC Designs to design the pictured latex catsuit below to enable access to every part Grimly would wish to get to. The catsuit helps add to the idea of bondage and complete kink, and stops me worrying about ‘unsightly bits’ being on view! After all, how many women are comfortable with everything being on view and exposed to anyone who might care to look? Not many, and I’m not any different. I don’t have model proportions! Though I must say that it becomes less and less an issue when the level of bondage and perversity is increased.
Vacuum bra - not only an electrifying experience: the cups are vacuum-controlled as well.
As you can see in these pictures, I'm wearing PVC thigh boots and leather bondage mitts - the only bits showing are the areas Grimly wants to torment and titillate. I’m then strapped into the chair using the wrist, leg and chest restraints. After that, he adds the vaginal and anal electrodes and then wires them up to the electrical attachment points on the chair, and also positions the electro-vac bra under the chest harness so my nipples will receive the full extent of his deviousness. The vac bra can be used either for suction or electrics or both together. It helps keep my mind clearly focused in the zone!
We have different masks that work with the chair, all invented or modified by Grimly. My favourite probably is what I call ‘the brainwashing mask’. It’s a Sabre gas mask complete with a Dream Machine (a strobe device) inside and intercom. It is normally controlled by computer using either a brainwave generator program or Mind Machine’s own software. It can also work just as well with music. Whatever sounds are fed into the setup can also be routed through the Erostek ET-312 (e-stim) so it becomes sensory overload rather than sensory deprivation - the lights and sounds can be timed with shocks, and it’s all simultaneous!
The brainwashing mask combined with 'electro-vac torment bra'!
Brainwashing begins
It is difficult to describe what it’s like. A number of adjectives come into mind – ‘brainwashing’ being the main one! Grimly can speak into it via a microphone, and it sounds like he’s in my head and therefore it is easy for me to succumb to the power of his suggestions (especially when despicable things are being done to my body). It’s a bit like hypnosis, and also a bit like being somewhere else where all you can comprehend is what is happening to you physically and the flashy lights and the sound is an escape from reality. It can all be very disorientating after the mask comes off, but it is fun and it gets me into subspace very quickly! You could say it’s like a dream and a nightmare combined in one. They say you can’t scream during your dreams – what a load of bollocks! You definitely can!
Are you sitting comfortably?
The first time Grimly used this device it helped enforce my orgasm control. The lights and sounds relaxed my mind, and the stimulation from torment allowed my body and mind to accept the suggestion that I would only cum when he said I could, and every time he said so. This concept has now been extremely well embedded in me, and although it’s played with some trigger in my mind, it’s been in a fun way and not a harmful one. You might believe that, and you might not, but if you believe in hypnosis, or neuro-linguistic programming, or even Pavlov’s dogs, then you must at least see how this could be possible!
The second mask is a similar idea to the brainwashing mask, or at least, it was originally. Grimly has modified it so that the respirator can still be used for breath play, and he has also fitted it with video goggles so I can see whatever media he chooses to input. So far this has mainly been live video of me being tormented, though he could play anything AV into there, such as images from the computer, a DVD, or maybe a previous recording of another session if he so chose. He might even use a live feed with a lag. Kinky, right?
Video mask: the wearer can see whatever the video camera is pointed at.
There are lots of possibilities still to be explored. Again, the mask also has a built-in microphone so that Grimly can hear what I am communicating via his headset. I have earphones, too, so that I can hear him. Perhaps it may all seem a bit overkill for playing together in the same room, but we figure if it’s possible, why not do it? Besides, it adds to the fantasy of feeling abandoned and yet still maintaining the realization of being totally monitored and controlled.
On this occasion, Grimly also added the fuck machine attachment. This is the second fuck machine he has made – it’s more portable and versatile than the first one, which was very violent and could really only be used if I was strapped to the floor since it’s shaft (the part before the actual vibrator, that is) was way too long to be used in any other way. This little fuck machine can be mounted on the chair, or on the medical bed.
Who needs a husband when you have a fuck machine ;)
This setup allows the victim to watch herself being fucked. If you can try and imagine looking down the eyepiece of a camera, then that is exactly what I would be seeing through my mask. It is a very odd experience to watch yourself from the perspective of another, regardless of what is happening to you. It is a very out-of-body, hypnotic experience, since whilst it feels like you are watching someone else on the TV, you can still feel the sensations and you know that even though it feels like being in some strange fantasy world, it is actually very real and very here-and-now.
The video camera can be quite strange because the zoom features can be used to make things out of proportion. Imagine feeling as though you are sat in front of a huge TV with a close up of certain parts of your body in front of you which are being cruelly tormented. Maybe for some people that would be like some sort of twisted horror film, but for me there is the possibility for my head to feel as though it is in a totally different dimension which is a happy orgasmic place. Watching the fuck machine is a bit hypnotic actually, being mesmerized by staring at the dildo going in and out repeatedly and having to cope with the sight of that together with the feel of everything else such as the sensations to other parts of the body, the effects of restricted breathing, or possibly the added stimulation of poppers. Sometimes when Grimly adds something else like that to the session, or if he moves to change the speed of the fuck machine, he lets me see it coming to keep me on edge. That way, I can anticipate just a tiny bit before it happens. Quite often seeing what’s coming puts an odd twist on things, because I can either fear it or desire it whilst knowing that it’s going to happen anyway!
The chair in its new home.
The fuck machine is a highly erotic torment because there is something about being fucked by a machine controlled by your partner that is just so amazing. Perhaps for me it is just knowing that it is a fuck machine Grimly has made, and that he can make it go on and on and on, and he can choose whether or not to let me orgasm, since he controls that, too.  The machine can go on forever (or until it overheats), whereas there gets to be a point where I feel as though I cannot orgasm anymore without it being a torment. I beg him to stop, all the while watching what he is doing, watching his expression, and knowing from that there’s no chance anything is going to happen unless he wants it to.
In addition to these masks, we also have a mask with a clear visor, and one with a blanked-out visor so nothing can be seen through it. I’m sure you’ll agree, though, that the two I’ve written about above are the most interesting!
The chair has evolved over time - these pictures show it in our current playroom with recent modifications. You’ll see some improvements to our breath play rig here, which can feed oxygen into the chair (or aromas). There are also some new ‘toy holders’ . We’ve also now got a more powerful vacuum regulator and an EKG monitor! It all makes for a lot of fun! The vacuum is incredibly strong, and with the internal electrics, and the eroscillator, and the breathing restriction there’s no wonder I’m having a pretty big orgasm here! Whilst the eroscillator is a very expensive vibrator for this kind of scene, its worth every penny!
A blissed-out session.
As I explained before, the chair has an umbilical cord to allow everything to be controlled from the centralized panel to the left. The control panel has also evolved over the years, and everything can be controlled from there, including the levels of electricity, the power of the vacuum, and the amount of oxygen that is being delivered. The picture below shows my evil friend J Latex with 'this little piggy' (that would be me) at her mercy! I really hated the electrics in this scene because she seemed to think it would be good fun to make it a rather toe-curling experience, and I think from what you can see of her expression she’s rather enjoying herself, whilst I wanted to get out of the chair and give her some of her own medicine!
Our friend 'J Latex' at the controls with 'this little piggy' at her mercy!
In recent years, I’ve found it is equally fun to have someone as a victim in the hot seat and have fun controlling their electrics, vacuum and breathing. Here is my good friend JG Leathers being subjected to a treatment. I have him securely strapped down and subjected to the suction and vacuum on both his breasts and his dick whilst I have lots of fun testing his reactions by turning up the juice! Mua ha ha!
JG Leathers in the hot seat with me at the controls.
Grimly and I both love having friends visit us to try out the experience. Whilst the chair has been invented primarily for our own fun and enjoyment and is based on our own fantasies, we’ve found there are others out there with this shared interest in bondage and hi-tech torment. So sometimes we’ll put others through their paces, either Grimly, or myself, or both of us together. We have a sort of running in-joke as to which one of us is the nice one, Grimly or my alter ego Mrs. Feendish, and which one is the evil one. I’m sure you could try and ask people like my friend Goldilocks the answer to this, but I’m really not sure what she’d say! In this scene, she’s enjoying the combination of electrics and eroscillator for the first time whilst her boyfriend is tied up in a sleepsack and strapped to the medical bed whilst also being e-stimulated and vibrated and unable to intervene!
Goldilocks isn't sure if the experience is too much, not enough, or just right!
Goldilocks: A year ago, on my first visit with my partner 'DespicableC' to the Grimly Feendish playroom, I'd been laced into latex under bust and neck corset and padlocked to a queening stool as Mrs Feendish strapped my partner into the chair, then proceeded to tease and torment him. The cock press and e-stim pads on his ass were audio controlled and so my noises (some involuntary and others made for my own amusement - I do have a sadistic streak too, after all!) had a direct effect on his sensations. I loved watching my partner on the receiving end of the chair, but nothing could prepare me for my own experience! I had to wait for it, though...
Fast forward a year and we were back in the Feendish play room. This time I was the one strapped in and squirming while my partner, enclosed in a leather sleep sack and strapped to a bondage table, could do nothing but watch. I say squirming, but the chair restrains you in such a way that 'squirming' is an overstatement - once your legs, arms and torso are strapped down and then the mask is put on, you can barely move at all... it's a bondage lover's dream! When you get into the chair you relinquish any kind of control - you're completely accessible and at the mercy of the person in charge. I think I was very lucky that Mrs Feendish was in the mood to be nice! Once thoroughly immobilized, the electrics, suction, breath play and an eroscillator were used to completely overload my senses. I squealed. A lot. The chair was quite unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's most definitely a work of (evil) genius!
Thank you, Goldilocks for your comments above. I’ll come on to the fun Grimly had with the Serious Bondage girls in the chair later in the article, but since their visit a few more adaptations have been made. One is that the chair can now be used with this ‘breath play mixer’ that Grimly has made. How it works is the ‘air quality’ can be mixed by turning valves on and off. One leads to air, one leads to poppers, and one of the valves leads to the bubbler bottle. During this scene, Grimly also put some ethyl chloride next to the open air pipe for a moment, leading to a very light-headed feeling! As you’ll see from the picture, Grimly has now also mounted a computer monitor to the chair. The reason for this is to force the person in the chair to watch whatever he chooses to play on the screen. In a sense, this does a similar job to the video mask, just in a different way, since Grimly can now force the person he has in the chair to watch whatever he’s playing them on the computer. In this case…porn…
You can see the flat panel display on the left. I found that this is the best way to watch porn!
I’m not sure what porn video this was, but in it the girl walks into the room and climbs onto a bondage examination table, then she partially straps herself in before the last few straps are fastened automatically. She then has no choice but to orgasm from the vibrator positioned between her legs until the straps are released. I found it quite intense watching porn whilst Grimly was e-stimulating me, using a vibrator on me and suction. He also used the new breath play rig he’s made and put poppers through it and ethyl chloride. So I felt rather drunk and light-headed! I was orgasming so intensely that I couldn’t tell who was screaming, me or the girl in the video. I think probably it was both, possibly me more than her. My poor neighbours!
I’m so lucky to have such an inventive genius as a husband and, like everyone else, I’m interested to see what he does with it next.
Visual stimulation.
We were lucky a few months ago for Mark, Elise Graves and Petgirl Kako to pay us a visit from the US. They were both very keen to try the chair and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the resulting videos - for a preview, just click on the play arrow below. A full selection of videos from their visit are available on
------------------------ VIDEO PLAYER GOES HERE -----------------------
This video clip highlights Grimly's chair in detail and some of the sounds of his intense session with Elise Graves. Check out a video of this scene on our membership website
As you can see in the background, Grimly has added a selection of control and stimulation gear for the chair.
Elise Graves, of course, was very keen to try the chair and to see what Grimly could do to her.  Whether it was bravery or madness, she spent several days taunting him and daring him to ‘do his worst’.  She had also threatened to subject him to a session in the chair with her in control. However, as you may see from the ‘Interview with Grimly ‘ video,  he claimed there was simply not enough time.  Perhaps next time she’ll get him?
Here is Elise's commentary on the session:
Elise Graves: Grimly Feendish was a pleasure to play with. I had spent the first several days while staying with him and Mrs. Feendish making both direct and indirect comments on the fact that I wanted to put Grimly in his own chair. I was really excited to do so, as I saw what a genuinely caring person he most definitely is and I wanted to do something for him. But, alas, it was I who entered the chair, and I am most thankful for that experience.
Grimly heard me comment on my having a strong fetish towards noses, so he, in all his wisdom, decided to hook my nose to an overhead winch with an adjustable metal nose clamp. This was extremely hot for me.
Grimly had strapped Elise securely into the chair and wired her up with electrodes in her pussy and ass and electric pads on her nipples all leading to the control panel and the Erostek ET312s. To further ensure her movement was restricted when the intensity made her want to writhe around, he added an Axsmar nose clamp and chained this to the suspension winch. This added just a little bit of tension the situation!
At one point Grimly raised the nose clamp winch to a point where I freaked out and started crying, only to find I was actually OK so I started to laugh instead. Grimly took me right up to the line.
Elise Graves: Grimly is a very lively man with a pretty thick Scottish accent. It took me at least two days to fully understand what he was saying. Not knowing what someone is saying makes you pay closer attention to them, and while inspecting Grimly, it was apparent that he was a pure bondage-loving soul. He also loved total control of another human being. Minute, complete control. This resonated with me. I knew playing with him was going to be so much fun. He didn't look, talk, and act like a mad scientist only while playing in his upstairs playroom - that was who he was in regular life as well. His ability to conceive, create, and use his special toys is an incredible talent for sure. One has to be a pretty sick fuck to invest that time and energy :)
The mask containing the video specs was a totally eerie experience.  To have a third person, unmoving and limited perspective of yourself being played with adds to the disorientation of it all. Grimly is a pretty disorienting guy in general for me, as understanding a Scot can be difficult at times!
Elise Graves: I was game to try anything with Grimly. I trusted him. I have to admit, I became a little panicked with one of the masks he put on me. I knew he was in full control of my breathing and that was a bit freaky to turn over to a freaky Scottish dude. Trusting Grimly allowed me to fully give in to the experience, and that is beautiful.
A unique feature of the chair is that various masks form part of the bondage,  holding the head securely in place to the head rest. Here we see Grimly’s unique video mask in action. What Elise is seeing is what is happening to her in real time, through the screens that are built into the mask. It gives her a rather different perspective as she can see what is happening to her as though she was someone else looking on, the same way you are now looking at her picture.  It is a bit of a mind fuck, though Grimly was kind to her and didn’t add any time delay or other funky special effects this time, though that is possible too!
Here I am totally wasted immediately post-play.  The mask with the breath control capabilities had just been removed, and I was both exhausted and exhilarated.  I did not know at all what to expect while playing with Grimly, and it takes a lot of mental activity to work your way through a scene attempting to figure him out.
Elise Graves: You'll notice that I was periodically laughing at different stages throughout this experience. This was for many reasons, the least of which is that I find Grimly hilarious. How could you not? The second is that when I find myself in a situation in which I am powerless, I laugh at myself. Thirdly, the hilarity of bondage never ceases to amuse me. This is also to say that I was having the time of my life, and I cannot wait to visit the Feendishes again, if only to put Grimly in his chair and give him the ride of his lifetime too! (Oh yeah – I forgot to mention that I also got Grimly, a man who HATES rope, to tie me up not once, but twice!! He's so easy to control!)
Elise enjoyed her ride. She certainly seemed blissed out and happy. However, Grimly thinks with hindsight that he perhaps should have been a little harder on her. Let’s hope she comes back for another go!
This photo displays my ultimate bliss.  Playing with someone like Grimly is such a pleasure.  When you get the experience to play with totally awesome people, you kind of become a bit of a play snob.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate small to high levels of play, but this experience with Grimly satisfied my need to have my brain scrambled a bit.
Elise Graves: I love both Grimly and Mrs. Feendish. They are both super giving, totally passionate, and utterly freaky playful human beings. I am so thankful that they found each other. Their hospitality towards Mark, Petgirl and myself was truly very touching. I look forward to seeing them again. 
I think Elise’s expression in this picture says it all – no need for words! Grimly and I are in agreement that this sort of reaction is the aim of most sessions: to ensure that the person has the ride of their life and that whilst they may be tormented and in pain, they also enjoy the experience and would do it all again!
Here I am appreciating the fact that this world includes this particular Grimly Feendish.  I wish there were more Grimlys out there.  He plays with others from a place of love and I can both see and highly appreciate that.  He enjoys crafting experiences for the enjoyment and betterment of others (and he has some fun with it too, of course!).  I love the Grimlys of the world. Also notice that I am still tethered to the chair... :-)
Torturing Elise certainly made Grimly happy, but it seems it made another lady jealous, who then also wanted a shot herself! We now lead on to the lovely Petgirl Kako who ended up getting exactly what she deserved!
Let's have Petgirl Kako take up the story:
Petgirl Kako: I love Grimly and his fiendish ways! I always have, ever since we met at Folsom some three years ago. It was such a thrill to actually be able to visit them in Scotland! Their playroom is upstairs - you would have no idea it's even up there unless you were ushered in there by the Fiendish couple themselves. I love the fact that the playroom is hidden...but the ladder to get up there can be a little scary ;-)
Grimly decided that as Petgirl Kako is such a brat, probably the easiest way to handle her would be to turn her into a bimbo! Let's get these tits to a more 'bimbo-like' size!
Petgirl Kako: I wasn't nervous at all when I was strapped into the chair. I've seen it for years, and always wanted to experience it. I was really excited, and I also fully trust Grimly. I truly felt like I had some kind of energy connection with him, which made the scene more intimate. When you have that type of intimacy, it makes it all more magical.
Here Doctor Grimly is adjusting the oxygen intake to make the experience more breathless and intense. The vacuum continues to do its job, and her breasts begin to fill the suction cups...
Petgirl Kako: It felt intense when my breasts were sucked completely into the cups, but intense in a good way. Because there were so many other things going on, I couldn't just focus on one thing I was feeling. Being in the chair is a full-body experience. Little did Grimly know that I actually had a bimbo-fication fantasy! Once he expressed that was what he was doing to me, I got all giggly on the inside...but I didn't tell him I had that fantasy until the scene was done. Then he told me how this was just the 'first of many treatments to come'! It looks like I'll be visiting Scotland again...
Once you’re in the chair you really have no choice of what happens to you. Pain and pleasure are intermixed to give the subject an intense experience. With so much going on, it is difficult for the brain to focus on any one thing and as a result the experience is orgasmic.
Petgirl Kako: I didn't orgasm in the chair, but it felt incredible. (It's super-hard to make me orgasm, though.) Most Dommes feel like they have to inflict pain as the only way to torment a sub, but even with the electricity and the suction and the vibrators and everything, Grimly uses settings that don't inflict pain but just torment you with pleasure, leaving you wanting more. And I have to say, with all honesty, that I would always rather be in the chair than in control of it. I can service-top at times, but my heart is being a sub and I love when someone is in control. Grimly satisfied all my desires in one.
After making Petgirl Kako’s breasts bigger, Grimly decided the best thing to do would be to see if he could milk them or not. Either way Petgirl Kako certainly enjoyed the experience.
After her boobs have been pumped, Dr. Feendish finishes her off with a milking machine. Petgirl Kako sits helpless in a daze of pleasure. Once the Dr. is done he mentions that this is the first of many treatments to come.
And there we have it - yet another blissed-out girl who will be due for her next appointment with Dr. Grimly Feendish very soon. Thank you, Petgirl Kako! It was truly a pleasure!
All in all, it seems that everyone really enjoys their time under Grimly's fiendish control. I know he had a fantastic time tormenting all of his victims this time around. He can't wait for the next arrivals! We expect the Serious Bondage crew to visit us again later this year...we understand he has recently acquired two 'space suits' - who knows how those will be modified by his twisted mind...or who might wind up in them! By the way, visit Grimly's retail website, and my personal blog ThisGirl.
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