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Beginning My Bondage Journey
After a long career it is time to let it all hang out.
July 4, 2014
Written by Wired4fun
Introduction by Dalton Ott
irst let me say this has become a very familiar theme. We meet men and women on a regular basis who have lived their adult
professional lives in the closet and finally they have reached a point in their lives where they don't have to hide anymore. They now have financial security, their families have moved out or moved on, and their boss can't do anything to them if they find out they enjoy bondage.
This extra thick Studio Gum hood shows no mercy but it feels so cool.
They usually start talking with others on line.Then they move on to a meet and greet at a local BDSM Munch or they may have an awkward conversation with a long time trusted friend. They find the reactions were quite different than they had imagined.
Actually most of the people they tell don't care. Some don't care because it makes no sense and others don't care because it is weird but they don't have a negative reaction, they just don't care. A very few have any real judgment on the subject but only a few of them have the nerve to say anything, but people who don't say things to your face don't matter anyway.
What they do find are those few people who understand what they are doing. They may share a common kink or they may just understand everyone has a closet. It's a common myth that dies hard. We worried our whole life what others would think or do if they knew, but now we finally realize no one really gives a damn.
So here we are fifty, sixty, or even seventy years old and it's finally a rainy day. The toys come out of the closet, the beards grow, the tattoos appear, the nose rings and body jewelry go in, and leather chaps are worn with or without pants. Making up for lost time is the theme of the day.
It's not silly or foolish, it's actually endearing or even a little cute. This isn't a put down, I had my own epiphany, and you will have yours. We become like kids with new tennis shoes, we are excited about life, so I ask you one question, what the hell is wrong with that!
A person who knows what they want, has the money to do it, and now has the freedom is a beautiful thing to watch. These guys were no exception. The gear, the fetish clothing, the instincts to contact us, and the balls to fly to San Francisco. This is a well written story in his own words, the names were changed to protect the innocent, but we haven't found anyone who is innocent. I'm sure you will find his words quite familiar.

Beginning My Bondage Journey
by wired4fun
Bondage. Rubber. Straitjackets. Leather. Hoods. Chastity. E-stim. Yes to all of them and more! Exploring personal kinks and broadening my horizons has been an enjoyable journey over the past two years or so, now that I have the time to do so in retirement.
Bartered for this hood and damn it looks good!  It is tight and squashes the nose almost flat, but is great to put on. At first. All the breathing is through the eye holes. It becomes a real torture hood after a while with the pressure, especially at the nose. Torture me some more!
My interests in kink began in my youth, as so many claim, but I did not dare follow through on most, except privately and alone, until after I retired. During my career, I did explore tattoos (two), piercings (several, of which I have kept only three), branding (one), e-stim (a long story in itself, but as a teaser, it began with an electric fence at the farm where I lived at the time), leather (motorcycle jackets, pants and boots) and finally, almost two decades ago, I discovered heavy metal and other bondage via - surprise! - the internet. I bought a leather harness, and later ordered my first metal gear, which is also my first hood, a metal ball that locks over the head. Even though I was still “in the closet” with my bondage, I absolutely needed that stuff.  That metal head cage is so cool to wear, but the steel ball head cage was only the beginning of real bondage for me.
Fast forward about a decade to my retirement. Now I have the time, can afford to indulge myself a bit and invest in more fun gear. Quite a few pieces of gear in fact. Next thing I knew, I had about a dozen hoods, genital gear including ball stretchers, some chastity devices and three rubber suits. Oh yes, and my Erostek 312 box. All great stuff of course, but still no playmates to share it with. Awwww...
One of my first major purchases after retirement happened to be a Steelwerks Extreme chastity cage with a scrotum cage attached. After many emails and telephone calls with the manufacturer, it arrived in 9 major pieces, some of which interchange, creating more than a dozen combinations. Love the pointed screws pressing into the head of my cock. Yow! Having balls encased in steel is awesome. The urethra tube is so cool. It’s all good for me! But I was still all alone. Sure it has been fun (and still is) experimenting with self bondage and other kinks by myself, but self bondage is not the Real Thing. (For you older folks, I do like Coca Cola.)
I had discovered Serious Male Bondage (SMB) and the Serious Bondage Institute (SBI) online among other sites. Wow! A whole new world had opened for me. There were other people out there with some cool and crazy kinks. My inclinations were not so unique after all. I really wanted to try the kind of bondage I was seeing on SMB. So I got in touch with Mark at SBI to arrange a visit in November 2013. That visit changed my life in a very good way. I began to feel more secure with my kinks, no longer feeling I was quite so alone.
The number of people in all walks of life who are into kink of some kind is amazing.  Meeting the Laser Guy, BMW guy, Mummyed, Dalton, and Mark at SBI turned out to be great and each of them is interesting in so many different ways, but more about them elsewhere.  This is my story.  It’s all about me, as my buddy 'Low Maintenance' (his FetLife name) is fond of saying.
I took very few pieces of my gear with me to SBI this first time, as much as I could fit in my luggage, except for my steel chastity. I was paranoid about the airport security scanning machine revealing its presence. The mere thought of TSA personnel pulling out my evil looking chastity cage and asking “What is this?” haunted me at the time.
The first day’s visit to SBI introduced me in person to both Dalton and Mark. They gave me a tour of the facilities and we discussed possibilities for my short two day visit. I hauled out the gear I had brought: a black latex suit, black latex toe socks, black rubber fist mitts and an amber Studio Gum heavy rubber helmet. Mark was intrigued by the helmet. The fun began the next day. Out came the infamous Serious Bondage Chair. What an intimidating piece of equipment, so familiar to SBI fans. I got into my latex (Mr. S and Polymorphe), as Dalton prepared the chair and got it placed in the photo studio. On went my hood, the hands into latex fist mitts and into the chair I went.
My long anticipated ride in the Serious Bondage Chair is underway at this point as it becomes Serious Confinement. The Studio Gum hood has only nostril holes: No eating or drinking and very limited speech with muted hearing but it’s nice and tight, the way I like it. Dalton and Mark noted I was laughing as they strapped me in. Not quite maniacal laughter. Yet.
The sensations were incredible as Dalton began to strap me in: heavy leather straps around my second skin of rubber. Quite a feeling. Being unable to see, I could still hear fairly well through the amber hood covering my head. With breathing just slightly restricted by the two holes just beneath my nostrils, I felt and heard Dalton working: straps around the legs, straps across the torso, straps around the arms, then returning to check the tightness. He strapped my hood into place against the chair back as well. I tried to move my body, with as little success as I had hoped for, though my hands could still move. Dalton noted that immediately, grabbed a roll of electrical tape, wrapped my hands tightly to the chair arms and solved that problem. They never noted that my feet were still able to move, or they didn’t care. I passed the time tapping out Morse Code and getting into the isolation of my first serious bondage situation. For the first time in my life, I was completely restrained and unable to remove myself from a bondage situation. So this was Real Bondage. How awesome. How intense. How daunting. How wonderful. The bondage bliss continued as they left me alone.
This chair is perfect for a full rubber outfit. The look is great and the feel is awesome. Once I was strapped in, Dalton double checked and made sure the straps were snug all over. Then he noticed my hands were able to move some, so after this picture, he taped them to the arms of the chair. I was completely immobilized at this point. Oh, wait, I could still tap my feet! I began to tap out some Morse Code with my rubber feet. They never caught on, but the sound of my tapping was fairly quiet, rubber against a soft floor material. Tapping was a futile gesture. Nobody came to rescue me.
The Studio Gum amber hood on my head is the third I purchased from that manufacturer and the best snug fit to my shaved head. Made of translucent rubber, I can only tell if it is light or dark when I am sealed inside this hood. The tight rubber becomes warm from body heat within a short time. Moving my head reminds me there is a second layer over my head in case I forget. The straps that Dalton had applied forced a face-splitting grin to appear, but no one could see it. I even laughed with pure pleasure when Dalton taped up my hands after he saw I could still move them. Time passed - no idea how long - and suddenly my right ear began to ache. Sliding on the hood at home, I always check that my ears are straight. Being so excited about the bondage chair, I forgot to do that. Here I was completely immobile, with my right ear folded over. Internal debate: Could I stand this for a while, ignoring the ache as part of the bondage, or should I get help? The internal debate came to a definite conclusion when the ear really began to hurt. Dalton came, but I could not speak, so we played “Twenty Questions” to determine the cause, whereupon he removed the hood, leaving me still totally bound from the neck down.
Nice smile. Look closely, you can faintly make out my lips, eyebrows and right ear, which was folded over (I missed that when donning the hood) and became real torture. Since this session, the hood has mellowed with age and become virtually transparent. This hood is tied for number one in my list of favorite hoods.
I always put the amber hood on myself to align the nostrils correctly, which can be a problem with such a tight hood and such small holes. So we decided the best thing to do was replace it with a black Polymorphe hood. Though not the eye-catching amber of the Studio Gum hood, it was awesome enough that I immediately ordered one when I returned home.
After Dalton got the new hood on me, with ears properly positioned, he bound my head to the chair again and left me. It felt great and time passed - again not sure how long.
That folded ear from the previous picture got to be too much torture, so Dalton replaced it with this Polymorphe hood from their stash, leaving me tightly bound from the neck down. I liked this hood so much I got one for myself. It now ties for first place with the Studio Gum hood as my favorite. Tight, no mouth, no eyes, just nostril holes. Walk away and forget me for a few more hours, please.
Black is the new black. An anonymous creature, bound for public safety. Who knows what havoc this creature would create if released? Full rubber, immobilization, what more could a bondage lover want?
Next, Dalton suggested a Maxcita canvas sleepsack in a horizontal strap bed, suspended from the ceiling by springs. I offered to get back into the amber hood, which really is my favorite. This time I checked my ears carefully and was ready for a much longer time. They got me zipped and strapped inside the sack. The suspension went well. Dalton revolved me. There was some bouncing, which I was able to make happen on my own as I tested my bondage. Time passed and I found my hearing seemed enhanced, noticing things I would never have noted before: individual cars passing in the street outside, a fan, footsteps, the sound of low conversation and the click of computer keyboards. Suspended in the canvas sack was soothing, relaxing and again I was looking forward to a long time in total bondage.
Dalton put me in a trance in the bouncy, springy, spinny thingy. Back in my amber hood wearing full rubber inside the canvas. This a very relaxing ride. Only the sensation of gentle movement and faint sounds from the street reached me and became part of my trance. Let me alone now. Come get me tomorrow or the next day. Whatever it is you want can just wait.
Then I noticed my right arm, inside the interior sleeve, was getting numb. Not good. This debate was even shorter than the ear debate. A grunt for help brought Dalton in a couple of seconds. “Twenty Questions” is a game that he plays very well. Within a few seconds, he identified the problem from my grunts and head gestures. The hood stayed on, but the sack was loosened just enough to free my arm to flex it and regain circulation. I stayed in the bondage, but not with the arm back in the sleeve. Dalton re-strapped the canvas sack around my arms, just not quite so tight. I continued to enjoy my bondage after the short interruption. When they released me, both Mark and Dalton assured me that such things happen, and it is better to be safe and comfortable than sorry and numb.
The adventure in suspension became my second treasured memory of SBI. Before leaving that last day, they had me try a canvas strait jacket over my rubber suit, (fun!) as well as a Rigid Cuffs lockable collar (awesome!) but I got no pictures of those.
So my first visit came to an end. I left SBI wearing rubber under my clothes, and went to ride cable cars before I flew out for home. I was ready to return for another visit, but had no idea when it might be possible. Within three months, however, another opportunity came along in February 2014. I would have four full days in San Francisco this time. Made arrangements to visit the Serious Bondage Institute again, this time with my good friend 'Low Maintenance'. An even better visit awaited us.
Low Maintenance and I arrived on a Wednesday and went to see Mark and Dalton, sharing supper with them at a local restaurant as we talked. Thursday, I was wearing one version of my Steelwerks Extreme chastity cage. We talked about how the cage looks and works. A custom piece of art, it has 9 major parts, some of which are interchangeable, making more than a dozen combinations possible, This day featured the urethra tube in the domed and vented cap with pointed screws which press painfully into the glans when I have an erection.
This baby took months to design and build.  A Steelwerks Extreme custom design for me, it has my testicles trapped in a steel cage cut from a solid block of steel.  The ball cage is locked to the cockring, which then locks to the penis shaft with the vented cap.  Note the six screws (you can see 3 of them) at the tip of the penis cap.  These screws are pointed and become quite painful with an erection. (They are removable, by the way.)  Oh, I almost forgot.  There is a urethra tube as well that extends to the rear end of the shaft tube.  Torture? You bet!  Love it?  You bet!
That same day, Dalton had Low Maintenance simply try on a leather isolation mask.  Next thing we knew, Dalton had him on the 'Gingerbread' table about a foot off the floor, wrapped in plastic and duct tape.  Low Maintenance really enjoys his quiet time when bound like this, so we left him alone, monitoring him on video and audio from an adjacent room.  He told me actually fell asleep for a time, which is awesome, as I am not yet to that point.
My buddy, Low Maintenance, loves to be immobilized for hours and rarely gets a chance.  Dalton did a great job taping him to the Gingerbread table.  Plastic wrap under the tape lets him stew in his own juices.  He also loves some tit torture with a chain attached to his nipple rings.  Low Maintenance is exactly that.  Walk away and let him alone in his Top-To-Bottom leather isolation hood.
Later the same day they put me into an orange/brown leather straitjacket, wanting to try out the newly assembled steel bondage bed in the garage...I mean Research and Development Lab...downstairs, with my steel chastity cage as a third focal point.  A matching leather muzzle from Sinvention completed the picture.  It took a couple of guys to get me over the edge and safely into the bed, since my arms were completely useless.  Mark was excited about using the snowboard boot binders he had mounted at the foot of the bed and Dalton proceeded to strap me into the bed until I was unable to move.  Mark shot video and photos as usual and got some closeups of the new bed, the outstanding strait jacket and the steel cage at my crotch.  When all was finished with me strapped in for a while, Low Maintenance turned off the lights and closed the door as they left for supper.  I managed to holler “Hey!” through the muzzle as the door closed and darkness enclosed me.
A previous bondage aficionado visitor had left this Fetters leather straitjacket for Mark and Dalton to use on someone.  I was that someone.  They also needed a guy to try out the bondage bed Mark had just built.  I was that guy.   The combination was great!  I was also locked into my Steelwerks Extreme cage.  This time my feet were tightly bound as well.  No Morse Code for a possible rescue here.
Two days later we returned. I had reworked my steel chastity cage to include the flat cap with steel points and was wearing my blue rubber surf suit (E7 gear) under street clothes.  They wanted a video interview demonstrating the new version of the Steelwerks Extreme cage I was wearing.  I actually ended up removing it, after only about 5 or 6 hours of wear, during the interview to show the process of removal and how it works, as well as showing parts of the cage and the pointed screws which inflict intense pain to the head of my cock.
Preparation for the steel bondage bed.  Dalton had me in the straitjacket, so I was unable to help with anything as he attached the muzzle, effectively keeping me fairly quiet.
------------------------ VIDEO PLAYER GOES HERE -----------------------
This video clip highlights my efforts to escape the bondage in which they had placed me.  Futile, of course.  Then they left me in the dark as they went off to supper. Check out our membership site and for a wide selection of bondage videos like this.
Later, after the interview, Low Maintenance found himself wearing a leather jock on a narrow bed for some horizontal suspension.  Dalton wrapped him with leather belts around his body and the bed from head to foot while he was wearing a leather hood.  He was also wearing leather arm splints and helpless mitts from Sinvention. Dalton then attached chains to the bed and we worked the hoist handles to lift him off the floor to begin a slow spin as he sank into bondage bliss.  Then I stripped off my street clothes to just blue rubber, putting on my blue Kink Engineering hood and steel collar to attend to him.  As the video ran and the still camera clicked, I was creating physical sensations all over his body with fingers, a Wartenberg wheel, ice cubes and a vibrator.  Dalton soon wrapped him in plastic as well.  After the scene ended, Low Maintenance said he had enjoyed every second of his bondage.  I had also enjoyed every second of his bondage.
My buddy Low Maintenance and I shared this visit to the Serious Bondage Institute.  He loves the immobilization afforded by leather straps like this.  The suspension was an added bonus.
After we let him out, it was again my turn for some bondage.  I stripped off the blue rubber, switching to my black latex strait jacket suit.  This suit, from Skin Tight Rubber, covers me from neck to toe, except for a hole at my genitals, through which we used my black latex cock sheath, since my cage had been removed earlier during the interview.  The emphasis this time would be the straps used to bind me, rather than the chastity cage.  My hood ended up being a great gas mask SBI had in its inventory.  We returned to the Research and Development garage to use the new bondage bed.  Strapped down this time with white hospital restraints from Segufix, I could not move.   The guys had put me in my black leather logger boots for the snowboard boot bindings, but the rest of me was just in rubber.  Segufix straps require a special magnet key to remove the locks.  No way out otherwise.  Low Maintenance did some breath play on me as I lay struggling and helpless during the video shoot.  I finally just lay there and enjoyed the scene.  I had no choice.  Still fairly new to total bondage like this, my endurance does not yet last the length of time Low Maintenance can handle.  One thing occurred to me as I lay there helpless:  I’d like to try raising the head of the bed to see how much of a difference it makes to the experience and my ability to go longer.  Maybe next time.  Maybe all night!
Total rubber, there is nothing like it.  I love being in rubber by itself.  I love bondage by itself.  Put them together and it is a blissful experience.  No struggle can result in escape, breath control is possible and effective at keeping me quiet. 
Finally resigned to my predicament, I lay back in exhaustion and simply let time pass.
------------------------ VIDEO PLAYER GOES HERE ------------------------
This video clip highlights the steel bondage bed with Segufix straps holding my rubber covered body tightly to the rigid form of the bed.  Then they leave me alone in the dark.  Yet again.  Check out their membership sites and for a wide selection of bondage videos like this.
Our final day at SBI finally arrived.  The time had gone fast.  Three days at SBI out of four days in San Francisco were great, as far as we were concerned.  I was again in my blue rubber suit and chastity cage when we arrived.  For a couple of hours, we assisted in an experimental scene testing some expanding foam for a radical idea envisioned by another friend 'ModeNarr' on FetLife.  While I won’t go into details here, it became obvious that some tweaking to his idea is still needed and we discussed it.  After cleaning up the foam and putting items away, we put Low Maintenance into a Maxcita canvas suspension sleepsack, strapping him in and attaching the sleepsack to the hoist with chains for vertical suspension, which has been one of his pet dreams.
Low Maintenance had long wanted to try vertical suspension.  He got his wish in a Maxcita canvas suspension sack with a leather hood and gag.  I worked him over while wearing my blue rubber suit and hood.
ModeNarr started the physical play with Low Maintenance including some slapping and a vibrator, later adding a penis gag. I simply added my blue rubber hood to the blue rubber suit I was already wearing and managed to expand the sensations with two of us working Low Maintenance over from head to foot with occasional breaks. It took some work to locate his nipples, which were well protected under the canvas straps over the canvas sleepsack.  Finally we left him alone to enjoy his suspension and the fulfillment of his long time dream.
I added this strange-looking Maxcita canvas hood so we could see a smile on the face of Low Maintenance.
Later that day, the popular mummification artist 'MummyEd' arrived but had time to do only one mummification.  As Low Maintenance likes that kind of bondage and I am still unsure how I would handle it, I stepped back and captured video of the scene as Mummyed did his quality wrapping.  After the wrapping was done, we had some great conversation outside the room as Low Maintenance sank into his bondage bliss yet again.  Watching him and talking with him afterward made me realize I want to try it, but we had run out of time in San Francisco.  Our visit had come to an end.  A realization has come to me, thanks to my visits to SBI:  I am no longer alone. That thought feels great and I will continue to explore bondage and its endless possibilities.  Both Low Maintenance and I had some amazing experiences at SBI.  My purchases in San Francisco included a gray rubber hood, which I love and plan to use regularly with my other hoods.
MummyEd does his thing.  Low Maintenance submitted to MummyEd for a duct tape mummification session, his specialty.  After adding a few decorative contrasting stripes, MummyEd left him alone to fall into his usual trance.
Thanks to all the guys at SBI for all you do, as well as what you did for us. You guys are great!
Below are some of my favorite pictures, me in the new (to me) gray rubber hood, comforting my “little brother” Low Maintenance, in his leather hood while he is bound.
I am comforting Low Maintenance while he is in bondage. Yeah, right.  I am working on Low Maintenance, trying a variety of sensations through the layers that have him bound and immovable.
Here you can see the steel points inserted fully into the flat cap of my Steelwerks chastity cage. I managed 15 continuous hours on Sunday and was in pain much of that day. It was great!
Mark asked me to demonstrate my Steelwerks Extreme cage in an upcoming video on  The flat cap presses the six points into the glans even without an erection.  Painful?  You bet it is!!  I wore it 15 hours one day. The key was not on the premises, so there was no way to get relief.  Serious Torture.
During one session, I am wearing all my blue rubber gear and steel collar, working on Low Maintenance while he is suspended.
Low Maintenance and I love to exchange places.  In this scene, I am in my blue rubber suit and hood with a steel collar, creating a variety of sensations for my buddy Low Maintenance, who is strapped to the table with leather straps, with the table suspended by chains to allow some movement.  Low Maintenance loves leather.  I love rubber.
Low Maintenance was even kind enough to lock me up in my hood in our hotel room at night.
Low Maintenance locked me up in our room at night.  Sleep?  Elusive, to say the least.
I’ve been enjoying hoods for a while, but had never tried this Sinvention muzzle until this visit to SBI.
Can’t hide that smile.  Buckles, more buckles, straps, leather, rubber.  It’s all good!!
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