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A Prison Bondage Experience
This 62-year-old guy is having the time of his life.
April 7, 2015
Written by Wired4fun
eople develop their kinky lives in many different ways. Some begin when they are quite young, perhaps by being tied up
while playing “Cops and Robbers.” Others discover their interest in various kinds of kink as teenagers. As an example, I had my first self-bondage experience in Spain when I was 17. Yet others discover it as an adjunct to their adult sex lives: handcuffs or being tied to the bed are wonderful examples. Still others
Locked in a cell, I have just begun my incarceration at Rawk.
can discover their bondage kinks much later in life, if at all. I confess to feeling sorry for people who are simply “vanilla" and have not experienced kink at all.
Of those who discover their kinks, some focus on bondage, as I have done. Of those who like bondage, their kink has probably been kept in the closet, brought out on occasion with like-minded friends, if one can find any, or kept completely out of sight as was the case with me. It’s still a dangerous world out there for kinksters, in spite of the proliferation of bondage sites online and the ease of exploring and making contacts compared with my younger years.
I am 62 years old as I write this, and the world of bondage really opened to me only in the early months of 2013, when I had just turned 60. I had always known I was “different,” and I kept my kinks hidden from friends and family - quite successfully, I might add.
Retired at age 56, I had begun collecting bits of gear in my 40s when the internet made searches and purchases easier.
Finding many websites that appealed to me, had a report of a 19-day incarceration showing the inmate wearing a thick rubber Studio Gum hood which I just had to have. So I ordered it in 2012. The big concrete dam which was holding back my bondage dreams had developed a crack.
Then Steelwerks Extreme had me drooling over their unique metal chastity devices. At the end of my life I was not going to die without owning one of those chastity cages. As we designed my cage, Chris of Steelwerks urged me to join Fetlife. Maybe I wasn’t so “different” after all? I joined Fetlife and posted my first picture, a shot of me wearing my new Studio Gum hood. The crack in that big concrete dam had widened.
After several months of conversation with a person on FetLife, I flew to meet my first online friend, a real treasure, and had my first bondage experience with someone else in control. Next, having patiently and persistently begged to visit Mark and Dalton of, they gave me two excellent bondage adventures and I was hooked, though honestly I never expected to experience bondage again. Ever. But it was too late. The crack in the concrete dam holding back my bondage dreams had become a flood.
The following story (below) began with a chance conversation with Mark of in late 2014. He understood my interest, and pointed me to the Rawk Correctional Institution. That is the story you will read below. In just the past year, I've done so much bondage that some friends have told me I've experienced more in a year than they have in their entire lives. If you dream of something you want to do, put yourself out there. Make some friends, and see what happens. If this 62-year-old guy can have some bondage fun, why not you?

A Prison Bondage Experience
by Wired4fun
A first step in prison is wearing an orange jumpsuit. It helps remove the veneer of civilization. Taking the mug shots and giving the prisoner his number is a second step in preparing the prisoner for his time behind bars.
Overview of the Rawk Prison Facility

Officer Hawk of Rawk Correctional Institution took me into custody at the Los Angeles Union Station on February 1st as I stepped off the train. He led me out through the parking lot to the prisoner transport vehicle. I was now “officially” a prisoner, soon shackled, hooded, and driven off to serve my time. Being led inside the prison while still hooded, placed in Isolation Cell 6, and locked in after they removed the hood provided a pretty intimidating start to my sentence.

The label on the orange jumpsuit sets a prisoner apart from the rest of society. Sleeping shackled and chained is not exactly comfortable, but it is manageable, and with 24-hour monitoring there is no worry about actual harm.
They let me cool off for a while, then transferred me to Cell 5, removing the shackles and stripping off my clothes to don a prison uniform, a one-piece orange jumpsuit. Then they locked me in irons again. My suit turned out to be too large (a common prison occurrence), though eventually they found a suit that fit me better, with “County Jail” imprinted on it. My prison sentence had begun.
Being locked in a cell was quite a new experience for me, but I adapted fairly well. Note I have no shoes on, but I am wearing prison socks. All you have is what you are issued. Often, clothing items do not fit. It is up to the “kindness” of the guards to exchange them for something more your size.

Serving prison time, an idea that has been in the back of my mind for a long time, finally has come to pass. Not wanting to commit a crime, I chose to apply to Rawk Correctional Institution in for my incarceration, making arrangements for a four night stay. Rawk is a private facility for people interested in trying a quite realistic prison experience.

The cell on the right is the narrow isolation cell where I slept while chained and in total darkness for 11 hours my first night. The cell on the left was used for various chain bondage experiences while serving my time.
You can have a variety of prison and bondage experiences at Rawk, depending on your interests - the staff accommodates requests from prospective inmates. My personal goal: to experience time locked in a cell, as well as a variety of bondage. Rawk certainly has the gear for that, as I found out during my time in the prison. Rawk also has an actual prisoner transport van, but unfortunately it was not working while I was there, so Officer Hawk simply stopped his car on the drive to the prison from the train station, put me in shackles and a cloth hood, then continued the drive to the facility. The van has since been repaired and I will experience it during my next visit in June 2015.

Located in a warehouse space in Los Angeles, Rawk currently has four lockable cells, with a fifth underway. Cell 1, under construction, was the largest cell, with bunks for two prisoners. There was no Cell 2 or 3, but they did have space to build them. They were thinking of making one of them a padded cell. Cells 4 and 5, just long enough for a single narrow cot, also had some space for the prisoner to stand next to the cot. Concrete blocks formed the walls, painted in drab shades of green, with heavy steel bars and the cell doors. Cell 6 had just a thin, narrow mattress on the floor - a very narrow isolation cell.

Cells 4, 5, & 6 all faced the Guard Station. Cell 7, called 'The Observation Room', had room for staff to maneuver around a genuine restraint bed as they strap down prisoners who simply need to be calmed or watched. This room had a solid steel door with a glass observation port and concrete block walls that were painted a light, almost white color, but no bars.

In addition, there is a a small kitchen area behind the Guard Station. Bathroom and a shower were down a nearby hallway. Next to the Guard Station is a locked storage room with much of the restraint and bondage gear. They stored my civilian clothes in that locked room.
On the left is the Observation Room, where a prisoner can be restrained in a straitjacket or Humane Restraint gear for simple observation, or to allow time for difficult prisoners to calm down. On the right is the cell where I spent three nights, often in chains. Note the single blanket and thin pillows. I was permitted two.
Furnishings within the cells varied. Cell 1, with two bunks, was not yet furnished. Cell 4 had two thin mattresses on the floor during my visit, but no cot. This cell seemed to be most often used for chaining disagreeable inmates to the wall or floor, sometimes spread-eagle. Cell 5 had a narrow cot with its thin mattress covered with a genuine institutional waterproof material. I was lucky to have two thin pillows, both also covered with the same institutional material. The only comforts: a bottom sheet for the bed, a blanket, and one pillowcase. I spent two nights chained to the bars in Cell 5. Cell 6, the smallest cell, had a thin mattress on the floor (no cot), and I spent my first night chained to the wall in isolation in that cell.
Officer Hawk is having a frank discussion with me about his expectations regarding my conduct during my term of incarceration. He was a formidable presence and there was absolutely no “coddling” going on. Officer Hawk is most definitely in charge.
Most cells have fixtures for chaining prisoners to the walls or floor. The Observation Room had a restraint bed and quite a variety of restraints hanging on the walls, with both Segufix and Humane Restraints to choose from. The staff could also quickly access the storage room for a large variety of more severe bondage gear, for use with a prisoner in any cell. While minimal, the kitchen area proved adequate for prisoner meals. The single toilet room down the hall had a single shower stall. When queried about permitting prisoners to have hot showers, Officer Hawk smiled and told me they planned to add a valve to the hot water pipe so deserving prisoners might be allowed only a cold shower.
The variety of locks, shackles and chains is quite extensive at Rawk. At the guards’ whim, more and more gear can be added to the prisoner, with virtually no limit. Part of the ambiance of the whole experience was the clanking of shackles and chains, which could be heard at any time of the day or night.
This is the Observation Room which features a real institutional restraint bed and plenty of Humane Restraint gear. More straitjackets, muzzles, protection helmets and leather hoods and straps are stored in the main restraint supply room. As officer Hawk says 'you can never have enough restraints'.
This is another view of the Observation Room. As you can see, there is nothing to look at besides the stark white walls. Struggle, yell and scream all you want.
Cell 5 - my home for three nights. Note the sag in the mattress – it is adequate, but there is no suggestion that it will be comfortable here! This is a very authentic experience. And those bars are solid and as real as it gets.
In addition to the two full-time guards Rob and Hawk, there are often officers-in-training at the institution. One of these, Officer Pete, was part of my 4-day experience. Officers Rob and Hawk run Rawk Correctional Institution, and obviously love their work. They tended to wrestle a bit and subdue each other when the prisoners were secured. "It’s good practice for dealing with difficult inmates" said Officer Hawk, "and we have fun as well". Hawk, being larger than Rob, usually won these practice battles, though Rob was quite strong and wiry himself. They were really fun to watch and listen to, better than any TV show. (Of course, this prison had no TV!) They jumped each other several times during my sentence, the encounters usually ending with Rob restrained somehow and forced to beg for release in a variety of ways. But, in a surprise turnabout, I was there to help Rob subdue Hawk - but more on that later.
The main guards are Hawk and Rob. Officer Hawk is the more stern of the two, and his commanding presence and deep voice make the prisoner pay attention without delay. Both of them are pretty much “no nonsense” throughout the experience, but Officer Rob was open to some bondage play several times.
The Story of My Time Served at Rawk - DAY 1

Officer Pete, a guard in training and very good at rope bondage, arrived shortly after Officers Hawk and Rob locked me in Cell 5 the first day. Next thing I knew, Pete had me out of my cell and hogtied face down on a bondage table. A new experience to me, it was rather neat, though I could not last long as it is a very stressful position for me.

After my release, Rob, who was very flexible and agile, got into his Robin (Batman and Robin) costume and volunteered to endure what became a very stressful hogtie, thanks to both Pete and Hawk. That was amazing to watch while I was locked in Cell 5. To my surprise Batman never came to rescue Robin. (Unfortunately, we did not get pictures of Robin’s hogtie predicament.)
Though locked in my cell each night, usually while chained to the bars, I was removed from my cell each day for a variety of bondage experiences. The guards are very enthusiastic and creative in this regard.
On my first day of incarceration, Officer Pete hog-tied me. This was a new experience for me. It can quickly become painful if not done correctly, and even when it is done right, many people cannot tolerate this position for very long. As it was my first time, I fatigued after just a little while and we had to move on to something else.

Next they put me in a leather suspension rig, kind of a parachute-style body rigging, and added a few extra straps to increase the bondage aspect. Quite an experience: to literally hang out for a while. After supper, Officers Rob and Hawk dragged me to Observation Room, restraining me with Segufix gear, with which I am familiar with and enjoy quite a bit.

Officer Rob is known for his nipple torture, so he added nipple suction cups when they learned my nipples needed some sensitizing. It worked quite well, and they kept stimulating my nipples sporadically during my entire sentence. They also like to tickle the inmates, but they were disappointed that they could not find a ticklish spot on me anywhere. Unfortunately for me, the nipple torture made up for that disappointment.
Some of the bondage experiences were relaxing, as you can see. I actually fell asleep while in this suspension! Again, the guards are expert riggers and the gear is all first-rate.
I like hoods and face masks, as well as the trademark magnetic locks of Segufix restraints. Rawk Correctional is well-equipped with a full array of Segufix. We spent hours employing it in very satisfying bondage play.
I don’t know if I’m really unusual in this, but I am not at all ticklish. The guards were determined to find a ticklish spot on me, but they never did. They finally settled for nipple torture. That didn’t make me laugh, either!

Finally, around 11 PM that first day, they took me back to Cell 6, the Isolation Cell, for the night. - the one with only a mattress on the floor. They strapped my legs together and chained them to the far wall, with my wrists also strapped together and locked. The straps allowed very little movement. I spent 11 hours in pitch blackness like that and loved it. Overnight, I dreamed of being welded into a cage, working up the courage to try the stun cuffs: 80,000 volts for 6 seconds. Neither came true, though…this time.

I found out (to my chagrin, as you will read) that they had security cameras recording the cell area to monitor prisoners even when the guards step out for a while. The guards also monitored the prisoners at night using an audio monitor plus an infrared camera in case of problems. You might call this 24 hour service. The infrared camera showed reasonably good detail, even in pitch blackness. Hawk showed me how I looked while in pitch blackness inside the Isolation Cell before they went to bed.
Don’t let the lights fool you - they turned them off whenever they chose to. At one point during my stay they turned them off and left me in pitch black isolation for 11 hours. It was one of many extremely realistic parts of my stay.
On February 2nd, after 11 hours in pitch black isolation, Officer Hawk came into the cell area at 10 AM, unlocked Cell 6 and removed my restraints to allow me to shower. He locked me in Cell 5 for breakfast. Breakfast each day turned out to be oatmeal (no milk), a few raisins, yogurt, some other items, plus a bottle of water - gourmet food for a prisoner who had been in isolation. After eating, he processed me, Prisoner ID Number 020115, with fingerprints and mug shots taken for the prison records.
Processing completed, Hawk strapped me into a black leather straitjacket, then into a leather strap birdcage, which he suspended from the ceiling and hoisted me off the floor. My weight tightened the straps securely around me. Thankfully I had worked off 38 pounds in the last year. After a while, I began to lose circulation in my right hand, so he placed my hands, still in the sleeves, down by my sides inside the straps. That was worse, so he worked my arms out through the spaces in the birdcage straps, then tightened my arms across my chest, straitjacket style again, outside the cage, and let me hang out. This was the best position for me long-term and was very cool to experience. The guards do care about the prisoners. Sometimes.
A combination of a leather isolation hood and leather straitjacket, while standing suspended inside the leather birdcage, was also relaxing. I thought prison was supposed to be about punishment…Well, I was to get some of that later after misbehaving!
Later, released from the birdcage, Hawk locked me in a metal collar and shackles, no chains, made me lie on the floor of Cell 4, and then chained me spread-eagle on the floor pads. He added a spreader bar at my feet to reduce leg movement dramatically, and let me suffer in that position for a while. My arms were a bit stiff after release... no sympathy from the guard this time, though. Then he took me, still in collar and shackles, to Cell 5, and tried various combinations of spreader bars and chains and locks - Hawk using some of the padlocks and me doing some as well. He gave me more spreader bars, chains and locks - no key of course - so I could experiment with various positions. That was rather fun. Hawk laughed, making a comment about model prisoners who lock themselves up.
Next Hawk brought out a steel helmet resembling a medieval knight in armor. He locked it on my head and returned me to Cell 4 for another spread-eagle on the floor. While restrained in that position, he tortured me further by eating his lunch as I lay there helpless, and unseeing, listening to him loudly munch his food. I found my lunch on my cot when he eventually locked me back in Cell 5.
I love steel hoods, and Officer Hawk obliged me by locking my head in this one. I love how it looks like something from medieval times. And it is quite heavy! No escape from something like this, that’s for sure.
Hawk was not satisfied with just the steel hood, so he made me lie down in Cell 4 and chained me spread-eagle on the floor for some down-time. While not exactly relaxing, it was indeed fun! The ambient sounds of voices and rattling chains around me enhanced the experience.
Adding pillows increased the time I could take this “punishment,” as I seek to extend my endurance time while in bondage. Note the left picture where Hawk has stretched chain between my ankles. The real torture here was listening to him eat lunch as I lay there, unable to get up or eat.
After lunch, it was a return to Cell 7, the observation cell, for strapping me down with their Humane Restraint gear. Cuffs at ankles and wrists of course, but Hawk added cuffs to my thighs, calves, and biceps, as well as straps at my waist and chest. I could barely move anything, which was the whole idea. It felt great. I began with a white anti-biting helmet, but he switched it to a white leather muzzle which he told me needed some breaking in.
Officer Rob returned as I lay helpless. They again tried to find a ticklish spot on me, still with no success, though the bottoms of my feet would jerk when they tried those spots. “He’s inhuman!”, Rob declared, at their failure to make me laugh. Following release from the Observation Room, they clipped Darby cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Those were slightly more comfortable than standard Peerless metal cuffs. After supper they locked leather cuffs on me with my feet chained to the cell bars at the front of Cell 5 for the night. This time I had a cot. There was enough chain to get to the pee jar during the night, but no extra. I slept surprisingly well.
Humane Restraints rely on buckles to hold the straps in place. They, like Segufix, are very secure. In the US, Humane Restraints have been supplying the medical industry for years with restraints used for securing agitated patients. Nothing like experiencing “the real McCoy” of professional bondage gear. The muzzle kept me muffled, but not silent.
They tried to keep me quiet. It worked…for a while. It turns out that I was not really the model prisoner they thought I was. I had lulled them into believing I was totally passive, but I had some mischief up my sleeve.
On February 3rd, I woke somewhere around 6:30 AM and decided to rearrange my cell completely in the dark, first removing the plywood under my mattress and placing it against the cell door as a barrier, then placing the cot in front of the door, just for something to do. Officer Hawk came in around 8:00, the cell area still pitch black, commenting, before he turned on the lights, that he saw I had rearranged my cell. Since there was both a baby monitor for sound and an infrared camera, he had seen and heard me do all of that. The plywood went away and I was left with a sagging cot. Hawk then shaved my head with an electric razor while I was strapped into the prisoner transport chair before my shower.
Shaving a prisoner’s head helps keep down the spread of lice. Though there are no lice at Rawk, I wanted my head shaved like that and Officer Hawk obliged. They had the necessary equipment right at hand.
After showering - incidentally, the hot water was in a suspiciously limited supply - Hawk and Officer Rob then securely strapped me to a horizontal bondage table on sawhorses. They next attached the table to the ceiling hoists, removed the sawhorses, raised my head and lowered my feet until I was suspended vertically. Turning me around, they raised my feet again and lowered my head until I hung face down, but horizontal once again. Very cool inversion bondage. I could move almost no part of my body.
This took quite a while to set up, as they told me it was an experiment. Strapping me to a bondage table, making sure there were enough supports, was only a first step. Then I was raised to vertical, spun and lowered face down like you see here. Very cool!!
After my release, Rob got into his Robin costume again and the process was repeated for him. I had (nicely) asked for the experience of helping with this bondage. I assisted with the straps, then snapped pictures as Hawk took video at various stages while Rob got the same treatment I had just had. Once again, Batman did not show up to help poor Robin escape his predicament.
Officer Rob, in his Robin persona, is going to experience what they did first to me. He enjoyed some serious and creative bondage several times during my stay, and it was a pleasure to watch the process.
As a 50/50 prisoner (meaning I was not 100% prisoner), I often helped with scenes like this, with strapping down or taking pictures, or whatever required an extra hand. Robin liked this as well, which became very obvious to us.
Still searching (and still unsuccessful, I might add), for a ticklish spot on me. It seems I am not able to enjoy that kind of torture. Too bad! The closest I can come is tickling someone else who is VERY ticklish, and watching them squirm.

Following that, Officer Rob, back in guard clothing, strapped me into a leather hand mitt - actually a restraint to keep prisoners from using their hands. Hawk had errands to run; after he left, Rob released me when I suggested the white isolation hood, the challenge being to stay in the hood until Hawk returned with lunch.

Officer Hawk ran errands on this day, so Officer Rob had me locked in a hand-warmer style leather restraint, as well as ankle restraints, during part of the interval Hawk was away. He took his responsibility very seriously, and wanted to make sure I had no opportunity to get away while there was only one guard present.
Time hangs heavy for a prisoner so thoroughly restrained. The minutes tick by and seem like hours. And there is no forum for complaint or to ask for mercy. You just have to get through it.
Moving around is the only break in the monotony of living in a cell while restrained. And there is a very limited choice of movements that are even possible. Sitting or leaning in positions that hardly vary at all is about it.
Rob, of course, could not just lace me into a hood. He also strapped me in the prisoner transport chair until Hawk’s return. It was a good long wait. On his return, Hawk pretended to be someone else to keep me in the hood still longer. They eventually freed my head and hands, but forced me to eat my lunch still strapped in the chair.
Officer Rob finally took pity on me and switched me to this mobile chair, adding a hood at my request (I love hoods) as well as fist mitts. It was really a treat to wear this hood.
Rob made me stay in this rig until Officer Hawk returned, adding nipple suction cups for variety. It was a long wait.

Mark and Brianna of arrived from San Francisco in the late afternoon. They were here for the next day’s video and photo shoot and brought some boxes of gear I had previously shipped to Mark. We opened the box containing a steel helmet custom-made to fit my head. It was awesome to finally see it in person. I tried it first and then they locked it on me.

There are two breathing holes, and one eye can see through a tube, which can also be sealed shut. Both Hawk and Rob tried it on as well. Rob is a bit claustrophobic and therefore is not fond of hoods, but he wore this one very well. We added McKenzie Mitts to both Rob and Hawk while in the helmet. They were slightly too small for Hawk and too large for Rob, as Rob was able to pull them off while locked in. We all agreed that the helmet was intense.
This steel helmet, custom made for me by a metal artist, was removed from the shipping box for the first time at Rawk. It had been formed around a casting of my head I had shipped to the artist earlier.
They locked it on my head first, and it was a good fit. Note the eye hole for the left eye. There is an attached plug that completely blocks vision. To keep the plug handy, it hangs on a chain attached to the earring on the helmet.
My head is a size XL, and it so happens that Officer Hawk has the same size head. So Hawk tried the helmet, along with the MacKenzie Mitts made by the same artist. The helmet fit him well, but the mitts were too small and pinched him.

Hawk happened to sit in the prisoner transport chair during conversation with Mark and Brianna, so Rob quietly urged me to help him attempt to restrain Hawk in the chair. We eagerly grabbed the opportunity, one of us quietly getting on each side of Hawk, then quickly seizing and forcing his arms into the loops on the arms of the chair and getting them tightened. It surprised me that we actually succeeded. After that, the rest of the straps were easy - then we added my favorite anatomical heavy rubber Polymorphe hood to Officer Hawk's head. It fit him perfectly. I love this hood because it is so scarry and intimidating.

At an opportune moment, Officer Rob convinced me to help him catch Officer Hawk off guard. We were fortunate to get Hawk’s arms restrained, then his feet, before we added my rubber hood. He was fairly good-natured about it (not really), and later got his revenge.
Hawk looked pretty good restrained that way. It took a while, but only after Hawk finally pronounced Rob a “superhero god” would Rob allow removal of any restraints. Rob and I were very, very cautious and slow about removing the restraints from Hawk, expecting severe repercussions. Hawk got Rob back by quietly managing to undo the last restraint himself, sneaking up behind Rob as his back was turned, and startling him. That was fun and a good scene.
As my punishment for trapping Hawk, he locked me in my cell, wrapped my hands in plastic, then duct tape, then finally taping my hands together. Before my duct tape punishment, I was permitted to persuade Rob to try my Polymorphe rubber hood, and he lasted very well in it with a harness and fist mitts. Hoods are a specialty of mine, so I stayed with him, aware of his possible panic. Almost constantly in touch, it reassured Rob knowing I was there to get it off quickly if he needed to get out. He later told me I was becoming a pretty good Top for that kind of thing, which was nice to hear.
As a 50/50 prisoner, I participated in setting up some bondage, like this time when we put Rob in the chair with my rubber hood, fist mitts, and other restraints. He tolerated it well.
This was my punishment for catching Officer Hawk off guard and restraining him in the chair. He wrapped my hands in plastic, then duct tape, and finally taped the fists together. My hands were now 95% useless.

After we all went out for supper (not all prisoners do that), I again donned prison garb. The five of us discussed the video and photo shoot planned for the next day. Hawk and Rob locked me in Cell 5 again for the night after catching me trying to sneak my laptop into my cell. Hawk and Rob then walked Mark and Brianna out the door and I quickly “disappeared” from my cell! On their return, Rob and Hawk got quite a surprise when they noted my cell was empty. They had come to think I was a model prisoner up to that point.

Methodically they began to search the prison for me. Finally they left the cell area to search the garage and office. I quickly returned to my cot with the cell door locked. Their double-take on seeing me back in my cell was priceless and I could not stop laughing about my successful Houdini trick. I would not confess to them how I did it, in spite of being mercilessly grilled. Finally, with me still smiling, Hawk went to check the security recording while Rob kept trying to get me to confess. I led Rob to believe I had gotten the cell key (I had not) and sneaked it into the cell with my laptop, using the laptop as a red herring, and they had caught only the laptop.
At first, I had them convinced I had escaped. It was exhilarating.
I finally said I would tell them how I did it only when they showed me the security footage. Hawk returned from the office, and they kept hammering at me to confess, but I continued to insist on seeing the recording. Not admitting there was actually a recording, they decided to plan my punishment. I began to suspect there was no recording. I told them, still with a smile, that whatever punishment they could come up with would be worth it after seeing their reactions at my reappearance. They stepped out for quite a while, finally coming back to put cuffs with dangling chains on my wrists and then unlocking my cell. Rob held me in custody at the door, waiting for Hawk’s signal that all was ready in the garage. I honestly expected to be restrained and forced to sleep locked in the transport van in the garage! But it was still worth it - their reactions were priceless..
At Hawk’s signal, Rob took me out to the office where they finally showed me the security video. It had captured me climbing under my cot and squeezing up under the end of it into the far corner, as well as a funny moment where I reached from under my cot and dragged a pillow down underneath for some easing of my uncomfortable position. The video also showed their reactions to my “escape”, my reappearance, and their stunned reaction when they spotted me back in my cell. Rob claimed he never truly believed I had the key. They should have spotted me instantly, and that was my real expectation from the start, but they simply did not look closely enough under my cot, so I went with the flow and rode my prank as far as I could. We all laughed and they told me it was probably the best stunt that had been pulled on them to date.
The video record proved my undoing after my Houdini-style escape from my cell. I am visible sitting on my cot in the lower left view. I was amazed that I managed to fool them at all. Afterwards, they had me fully convinced I was going to be heavily punished for my “escape”. In the end, we all had a good laugh at my prank.
Our laughter ended, they returned me to Cell 5. Through the cell bars, we discussed the photo shoot the next day, devising six bondage scenes based on the premise that I was being punished for my attempted “escape” and fooling the guards. Hawk returned my laptop to my cell to make notes during the night if I woke up. I tried to sleep when they finally left me at 3 AM, but gave up on sleep at 4:30 and went to work until 6:00 AM, typing & thinking, before I finally had it all planned out. I made noise as the chains clanked against my laptop continuously as I typed, but no one came to check on me. They knew I was not planning another escape.

Already having been up most of the night, I slept only until 8, then refined the scene plans on my computer. At 9:15 AM I began to worry about getting ready for the video shoot, so I hollered, “We have a lot of work to do and only three hours to do it!” and made other noise to get them up. Hawk came in, bleary-eyed, wearing only shorts. That is also a great memory for me. He was followed shortly by Rob, and we went to work after they unlocked my cell for me to help.

By noon, virtually everything was in place for shooting six scenes. I outlined the plan once Mark and Brianna and Officer Pete had all arrived, and explained how we could do this in 4-5 hours. Ambitious, yes, but we came close to that goal; we cut only one planned scene. The entire video shoot, including a break for lunch, lasted 6 hours. Not bad! The advance planning had helped save time. During the shoot, our friend NoEscapeSlave (Recon) arrived and was bound in my cell, partly as a background for a couple of scenes, but Pete gave him some nice bondage time as well. NoEscapeSlave also performed as another prisoner while they were doing things to me. Mark shot a couple of video scenes with him as other scenes were being set up. All in all, a very productive day, and very tiring as well.
Pete had NoEscapeSlave in a steel helmet hooked to a chain that ran the length of his cell at one point, so he could walk back and forth like a cat or dog on a trolley-line-type leash. That was very cool.
The day of the photo shoot, Officer Pete amused himself by locking NoEscapeSlave into a steel helmet and chaining the helmet to a trolley across the cell he occupied. It reminded me of a dog in a back yard, hitched up to a clothesline.
NoEscapeSlave loves his bondage: “The tighter the better!” he told me. Officer Pete happily obliged. This prisoner is not going anywhere.
I received five punishments for my failed escape attempt, with Hawk and Rob as the eager and vindictive guards who dealt with me in a variety of ways in the video.
Here I am, contemplating the upcoming punishments for my attempted escape, in the black isolation of a rubber hood with no sight, no mouth, and only two small holes at the nostrils. As I mentioned before, I really thought they were going to throw the book at me for tricking them.
The guards opened the cell and I am about to receive my punishments for the night before. I had butterflies in my stomach and really didn’t know what to expect.
In an orange suit and hoodie, I was placed spread-eagle in Cell 4 and chained to the wall with some unique McKenzie Mitts. The guards, Hawk and Rob, let me down after an evening chained up. They stripped off the orange clothing and mitts to reveal me in a black rubber suit with a steel helmet on my head. They removed the helmet, my head underneath encased in tight rubber. With no mouth or eye holes, I was blind and unable to eat or drink. What a great video shoot!
The guards attach the MacKenzie Mitts, rendering my hands worthless.
I would be chained to the wall, spread-eagle, for most of the day.
The guards returned and began to unchain me, exposing the steel hood I had worn under the orange hoodie.
The guards then unlocked the steel hood, removing it to expose the rubber hood I had worn underneath the steel hood during my entire time in the cell.
Officers Hawk and Rob took me, still in rubber, to Cell 1 and stuffed me in a puppy cage, locking me into an uncomfortable and fairly rigid position for several hours. I protested but was ignored by both Rob and Hawk, who verbally and physically tormented me while I was helplessly shackled and caged.
Stripped of my orange jumpsuit and hoodie, I was next taken to Cell 1 and forced into a cage.
Officers Hawk and Rob tortured me further by adding chains to the shackles. My hands are chained to the top of the cage and my feet to the sides.
I am totally helpless. The chains are very uncomfortable on the wrists and hands, but nevertheless, the cage door is finally closed and locked for many hours.
Hawk doesn’t allow me to rest in the cage - he further tortures me with taunts and grabs such as these.
Next they took me to a suspended bondage table in front of the Guard Station, strapped me down, still in full rubber, then raised me to a vertical position before flipping me and suspending me upside down over the floor, unable to see anything that was happening, then left me there for a few hours. In agony, I wailed and protested, but as usual Hawk and Rob ignored me.
Thoroughly exhausted, I was finally removed from the cage and strapped to the table, still in rubber after two days of punishment. NoEscapeSlave is locked and chained in Cell 5 in the background.
Hawk raises the table to vertical. I am unable to move. Hawk is still angry about the attempted escape.
NoEscapeSlave can hear my moans and protests, but is unable to see or do anything as Hawk and Rob prepare for the final step of this punishment.
Gradually, the guards lowered me until I was facing the floor. I could not see what was happening, and had to rely on my other senses to know what was happening to me.
In my helpless state, Hawk continues to taunt me for my attempted escape. Note to self: never make the guards angry!
Officers Rob and Hawk further punished me by strapping me to the Observation Room restraint bed. I protested yet again and tried to resist Hawk and Rob - unsuccessfully, of course. They also strapped my legs to medical gear intended to stabilize and stretch injured legs, so my legs were painfully stretched. They removed my rubber hood, immediately replacing it with a leather muzzle and blindfold, giving me only a brief glimpse of my tormentors.
Released from inverted suspension, Officers Hawk and Rob are leading me to my next punishment. Inside the observation cell, Rob covers my mouth to keep me quiet.
Hawk and Rob are forcibly restraining me and strapping me to the bed in the observation cell.
“This is for your own good,” is one of Officer Hawk’s comments as he holds down my head while strapping my chest to the bed. Then the guards move to my feet for ‘special treatment’.
Leg stretchers pull on my legs painfully - another punishment I will endure for my attempted escape.
After the strap-in, Hawk & Rob remove my rubber hood so I see daylight for the first time in almost three days. The torture here is the immediate application of a leather face mask that does not even have breathing holes. I must quickly learn not to panic, and to breathe slowly and carefully.
Looking in through the observation window, Hawk checks on me. I will endure another 24 hours restrained with my legs stretched and my face covered in tight leather! What a video this will make!
A late night check with a flashlight finds the prisoner rather quiet. Nice of the guards to come have a look, but there’s clearly nothing I can do about my situation.
As a final punishment, the guards returned me to Cell 4, where they stripped me out of my black rubber. I was very thankful for the release from the rubber, until Hawk and Rob immediately bent my legs and arms, then stuffed me into a rubber hogsack on the floor. I wailed in protest yet again, and NoEscapeSlave hollered at the guards from the adjacent cell about my mistreatment. Of course, none of this had any effect. After the cell door clanged shut, the guards left me writhing in my torment with only one tiny breathing hole at my mouth. I had finally paid the price for my attempt to escape. These videos can be seen on Check it out!
I was initially relieved when Officers Rob and Hawk stripped off my black rubber after four days, but I quickly became dismayed when they stuffed me into this rubber hogsack.
The hogsack is a special torture, as it has only one small breathing hole at the mouth of the occupant.
Arms and legs folded inside the rubber hogsack, I can do little except roll back and forth.
Loud music from a rock band practicing in the adjacent warehouse space prevented Punishment 6 as it would have spoiled the sound recording of the video. The plan had been to chain me spread-eagle to the wall again in Cell 4 as a final punishment and then literally weld the door shut to prevent escape. That would have been a really cool scene for video. I plan to return someday to actually be welded into a cell or cage. We did one more scene anyway, locking Officer Rob into a small cage while he was hooded. I was again permitted to help, though Officer Hawk, as usual, tormented his caged colleague.
After the photo shoot, we were not finished with the fun. Officer Rob’s stature is such that he can easily fit inside this cage. Wearing a leather strap hood, Rob folds himself into the cage.
I appreciated the chance to lock up Officer Rob, getting all the pieces of the cage in their proper places before applying the locks. After all my many punishments, it felt good to be on the giving end.
Note the worried expression on Rob’s face. Officer Hawk is about to torture his friend!
After taping Rob’s hands, Hawk stepped up onto the cage to squeeze his ears.
On my last evening at Rawk, Mark and Brianna of took video and snapped photos the entire day. We went out for supper, and when we got back I was locked one last time in Cell 5 wearing prison garb, with NoEscapeSlave kept bound and locked in Cell 6, the Isolation Cell. I was not bound in any way, allowing for a good night’s sleep before my parole. NoEscapeSlave sleeps better when bound tightly, he later told me, and actually managed to tighten his own bondage before falling asleep.
The night before my parole, my fellow prisoner NoEscapeSlave and I enjoyed some engaging discussions, though obviously not face-to-face. NoEscapeSlave is already bound for his night in isolation. He managed to make his bonds even tighter, later telling me he sleeps better when tightly bound.
My last day in prison, I woke in time for a shower before getting my street clothes back for my parole. Mark and Brianna were taking me back to San Francisco with them for the next three days, but that’s another story. Another bondage dream of mine had been fulfilled: spending time in a bondage prison. I had such a good time that I cannot wait for my parole to be revoked. Rob and Hawk are great guys, great guards, and I hope Officer Pete returns as a guard as well. If you are interested in prison and bondage combined, I can highly and heartily recommend the Rawk Correctional Institution. After editing is complete, look for the video of my imprisonment and punishments on A big “thank you” to all who participated in my time at Rawk and made it possible!.
I bid a fond farewell to my fellow prisoner as I prepare to return to normal civilian life. My parole will eventually be revoked and I shall return to serve more time at the Rawk Correctional. Needless to say, I am looking forward to another fun adventure with Hawk and Rob.
Prisoners often leave marks of their time served on the walls of the cells.
I agree with this comment by NoEscapeSlave.
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