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A Danger To Yourself Or Others
The ultimate commitment by a judge, panel, or physician.
June 17, 2014
By Dalton Ott
irst let me say that those who struggle with mental and emotional problems deserve our compassion and respect.
Fortunately the dark history of mental hospital neglect and abuse has been exposed and conditions and treatments have improved over the decades. This new compassion and patient safety was long over due. Please keep this in mind as you read my article about institutional fantasy role play.
Observation room 07 at the Men's Central Prison reserved especially for the institutes more disturbed inmates.
There is a special place in my head for mental hospital play. Over the decades movies and television have attempted to capture the sights and sounds of a mental hospital but I imagine a real mental hospital stay would feel a lot like spending time with family; well at least my family.
Actually most of the people in mental hospitals would seem pretty normal and much like the people we deal with every day. They can sometimes be quiet, loud, and moody, hold grudges, be manipulative, struggle with addictions to drugs or alcohol and all of the annoying tendencies that the average dysfunctional person has. The big difference between them and my family is that at least they are signed into a facility to deal with their problems.
Ironically because they are proactive about addressing their problems they are actually exceptional people, unless they were signed in by a judge, panel, or physician because they are a danger to themselves or others.
The court ordered residents would spice things up because they have been committed for psychotic behavior, attempted murder without motive, acute schizophrenia, paranoia, or multiple-personality disorder. I’m not sure if my family suffered any of these more serious disorders, but I can remember (after a dozen or so counseling sessions) there was that unmentioned uncle I was not allowed to be alone with but that’s another story.

Checking yourself in for observation or court ordered observation is an interesting and quite popular fantasy. Like most fantasies a real prison sentence, real rape, or actual torture is far from what we actually want to experience. What we really want is play acting that includes all of the things that we want, not the damaging or boring stuff.

We all talk big when it comes to our fantasies; I believe this is part of the play. We boast about wanting to lose all control but ironically in a controlled way. Like most BDSM activities we are searching for that “elusive edge”. We want to be completely lost in the scene and totally cut off from reality, but understandably we need that tiny thread of control. Unfortunately we can only get just so close without being reckless and foolish.
Humane Restraints are designed to be comfortable and secure.
Relinquishing blocks of time and outlining specific limits in writing is an effective way to come close to losing all control. Remember there is a big difference between a little blind trust and foolhardiness and thinking through your dick stupid. A well negotiated scene can begin by signing this document that clearly states the length of time and all negotiated requirements and limitations, what can’t be done, what can be done, and what must be done.
Our medical restraint historian letting it all hang out in's padded cell. He has done extensive researched on the use of medical gear and has an impressive collection. He was like a kid in a candy store.
The time period you negotiate will have a beginning and an end. A real prison sentence or a real mental institution stay is open ended because it is controlled by outside official forces. Most likely a “normal” mental hospital stay would be miserable and boring. What we really want is an illegal, dysfunctional, abusive, and unfair experience. We want nurse Ratchet power plays, unfair treatment by orderlies, we want our boundaries violated, our privacy stripped away, and we may even want sexual or physical abuse. Many dynamics are possible like social interaction with unpredictable fellow patients or a victimized patent against the staff dynamic.
This video clip highlights the medical observation room at Mens Central Prison located in Southern California. This facility offers 'recreational cell stays' for hire, including time in their observation room equipped with all the institutional restraint gear you can handle. Check out our membership site and for a wide selection of bondage videos like these.
We actually want the barbaric and cruel therapies used in the past like extreme psychodrama, shock therapy, padded room isolation, fire hoses, strait jackets, and the long term use of bed restraints. Unfortunately modern mental hospital reforms have replaced all of the things we are interested in with caring drug and hug policies. This is what I mean by boring, being sedated and understood does nothing for my libido.
A true vintage institutional restraint collector.
I think the most popular style of play is the self-destructive violent out of control mental patient that needs to be totally controlled 24/7. The patient does not follow rules or orders he must be forced to comply. He can punch, kick, bite, spit, yell, cry, and scream. This type of scene is very difficult for the handler but very freeing for the patient. The patient is regarded as a disturbed animal that must be controlled so it doesn’t hurt itself or others. Punishing a mental patient is always unfair so the patient can spend the entire session wallowing in self-pity.
Mr S Leather strait jacket and a Maxcita canvas institutional style strait jacket.
Prison play is freeing in a different way even though all choices are made for the prisoner a certain level of cooperation is required. Prison play involves rules and punishment, a strict “choices and consequence” dynamic. The inmate is regarded as sane and responsible for his actions so most punishments are for the lack of cooperation. Prisoners can be on good behavior or bad behavior, so in a way they do have some control.
We use institutional gear in a very unconventional ways.
The attraction to institutional restraint equipment is that it is specifically designed to be used for human restraint. It’s the difference between pharmaceutical drugs and street drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed by a physician to treat a specific illness or condition.
Maxcita canvas sleepsack suspended, and a properly restrained stress victim.
They can be abused but they are prescribed by a licensed doctor and dispensed from a nice clean pharmacy. On the other hand street drugs are by their very nature illegal and designed to be abused. They are dispensed out of the pocket of some seedy character we meet in a bar or on a dark street corner. Being high on Oxycodone that was prescribed by a doctor(for your surgery six months ago)or being high on what you were told was Oxycodone you washed down with wine at a bar or night club, the abuse of either has the same result but somehow it’s different.
Institutional style fist mitts from the Church of Sinvention.
In a similar way the Posey institutional strait jacket has a similar comparison to a heavy leather Fetters strait jacket. One is used in an institution and the other is used in a dungeon, but both are bondage and both make us wet or hard.
I think there is a dynamic involving guilt or responsibility in the use of one type over the other; it is about transferring control to an outside source. In dungeon or classic BDSM play we pair off as tops and bottoms, Masters and slaves, or Sirs and puppies, these all have an internal dynamic. The players determine through experience, negotiations, and code words what will happen in a scene and when it starts and ends. The power dynamic is strictly between the players.
Actual Posey bed restraint with original stains.

Institutional and prison play are controlled by external forces even though they are usually staged in fantasy. The Warden, Doctor, or Judge always has the final say in everything but they are usually far from the physical scene if they exist at all. An orderly is only following the Doctors orders when he straps you down, but when he is violating you later he is breaking the rules but there is nothing you can do about it because you are crazy.
Institutional quiet time. This is an actual institutional bed restraint, I get the groin access but the nipple flaps are confusing.
The power dynamics of institutional play can consist of endless plots and subplots. It can range from total abandonment and neglect to intense observation and control. The subject can undergo “special treatments” and “behavioral studies”, all ordered by the Psychiatrist. These can consist of modified E-stim treatments to cure masturbation, padded cell isolation where endless hours of screaming is encouraged, or behavioral studies played out as an elaborate electrified “Simon says” game.
Another vintage sleep restraint
   In conclusion; I’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities, the scenarios are limited only by the imagination of the players. This subset of institutional play is unique because of the specialized gear that is designed to promote struggling with minimal risk for injury.
This is a fine example of an institutional boner.
The power dynamic is also much different because of the out of control no responsibility nature of being a mental patient.
Institutional restraint equipment is available through several companies one of which is the Humane Restraints Company established in 1876.    
Maxcita sleepsack and hood designed for extra institutional use.
I have heard that they sell to individuals but Ebay seems to be the best source. Collecting vintage institutional gear is quite popular so good luck with your search. There are a few companies that produce institutional style restraint gear one of them is Maxcita “Caught in the act” canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks.
Get a willing partner, some gear, and create your own elaborate scenario. Then check yourself in for some locked in and locked down observation, you don’t want to injure yourself or others.

Check out our membership websites and for a wide selection of institutional, metal and rubber bondage videos.
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