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Sunday there is more work to do. I have a pancake breakfast in the cage with my hands cuffed behind my back, without butter or syrup. The "best" way to eat them is to hold one in my hand and twist around enough to get it to my mouth. I try to do most things with both arms/hands, so I eat some pancakes with my left hand and some with my right, but mostly with my right.

Work on the addition consists of mixing up three batches of concrete. My job is to measure out the cement (24.5 pounds), mixing the materials dry, and then mixing the materials wet. The original plan is to do four batches, but it is decided that each footer only needs to be seven inches thick instead of twelve. After three batches I am ready to quit anyway.

After getting some water, I ask my hosts if they would like to see me get into a Posey straitjacket. A short time later, Harold returns with an older style, medium (green collar) Posey jacket with roller buckles.

I buckle all of the back buckles and the crotch strap buckle. With this done, I slip the jacket over my head, pulling it down with the help of the crotch strap and my left leg. The jacket does not have an arm loop up front, but it does have an arm loop under each shoulder. The current Posey jackets have all three. I slip my right arm through the loop under my left shoulder, and rolled around on the floor until I can grab the strap on my right side. Then I pull my right arm as tight as I can get it by yanking on the arm strap with my left hand. I then place the buckle on the end of the left arm sleeve through the loop under my right arm. With some manipulation (read: "rolling around on the floor") I put the strap through the buckle and catch the pin on the last strap-hole. I plan on tightening it up a bit myself, but Harold never gives me the chance. It has taken me about six minutes to get into the jacket. I am sure that it takes Harold less than thirty seconds to tighten up all of the straps and tuck the ends away.

Harold invites me over to the office still wearing the straitjacket where he powers up their Mac system and connects it to the Internet. He showed me Max Cita's measurement sheet for his custom straitjackets. Since Max Cita's "Medium-Large" jacket fits me very well, I can only imagine what kind of a fit you would get with a custom one. (When I get the money together, I guess I will find out!) I show Harold the picture of the kid I think cute at Max Cita's site, but he isn't Harold's type.

Harold let me out of the Posey straitjacket at 1140 hours. I packed up my belongings, gave Harold and Bob hugs and thanks.

I drive away from the MCF at 1156 hours, four minutes early, thinking of my ten-day visit scheduled for next March.

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