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Thursday October 18, 2018
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The Neoprene Scene
Neoprene is the latest fetish material used to manufacture bondage gear
15 May , 2006 - Introduction by Mark, photos by Mister-S
or those people who have never tried SCUBA diving but always wanted to wear the rubber suit, here's your
chance. Neoprene, the rubber material that's used to make the sexy black wet suits is now being used to make bondage gear.
This erotic rubber material has been around for years, and with popularity of water sports on the rise Neoprene has found it's way into beach attire and from there to the world of kink.
I'll be the first to admit that when I was in my early 20's I purchased a full diving wet suit just because it turned me on. Later I enrolled in diving classes and actually got my
A neoprene sleepsack is demonstrated by Tim of Mister-S.
dive certification, but my original motivation was the black rubber suit! Many years later I discovered that other people were attracted to diving for the same reason, and as a result someone created a web site called Hanks Dive Locker which spanned the worlds of diving and kink. Unfortunately, the web site is no longer on line, but if you Google the name you will find references and links to other sites that might have similar interests and photos.
In any case, Neoprene is becoming a popular material in the fetish and kink world. As a result, within this article we will highlight a new sleepsack made of 1/8 inch Neoprene from Mister-S in San Francisco. Mister-S has been making leather and latex sleepsacks for a long time, so it's only natural that they expand into Neoprene products. The Neoprene sleepsack featured in this article is available on their web site.
The sleepsack is available in three sizes: small, medium and large, and if you go to one of their store locations in either San Francisco or Los Angeles you are welcome to try one on before you buy it. If you order on-line or by phone, give them your measurements so they can choose the right size sleepsack for you.
The Neoprene itself is a rubber-like material that's able to stretch far more than heavy latex. Most Neoprene products on the market are made with either 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch thick material - the 1/4 inch is used mostly for cold water diving suits. Neoprene is much more durable than latex and won't rip under nominally strenuous activities. In addition, Neoprene seams are much stronger because they are sewn rather than glued. Lastly, Neoprene has a rubber-like odor so you could actually develop a fetish attraction to the smell just like you can with latex.
The following photos were supplied by the Mister-S store in San Francisco, where employees Tim and J.P. explored the various play possibilities of the Neoprene sleepsack. As you will see, they had a lot of fun - and also demonstrated that you can talk on the phone while in a sleepsack, which I don't think has ever been tried before.
The two photos below show the small and medium sleepsacks side by side. In addition to sewn seems, each sack includes 1 inch nylon straps which run the length of the sack and hold metal "D" rings, and another set of straps which run the length of the zipper. The straps are sewn to the bag to reinforce both the long zipper which is used for entry and "D" rings which are used for lacing.
At the top of the zipper (under the chin) you can see 4 silver metal snaps which close the neck collar. The collar is wide enough to overlap the collar of a hood should you decide to use one. The zipper includes three separate handles so you can zip the sleepsack closed and then open the sack in the middle to access the genitals.
For those who are not be familiar with sleepsacks, there are a pair of internal "sleeves" sewn into the sack on each side. When you enter the sack you slip your arms down into these sleeves and once the sack is zipped closed you are unable to move your arms or hands in any way - preventing escape. Cool, eh? That's why Tim (in the sack) can't move his arms away from his sides in the following photos. The blue rope is used primarily to tighten the sack around Tim's body, creating more of a restrictive and cocoon-like experience.
At this point Tim and J.P. decide to trade places. J.P. loosens the rope lacing enough for Tim slip out of the sack. In the below-left photo you can see Tim pulling his arm out of the internal sleeve.
In the following photos you can see the way the neoprene lies when it's limp. Similar to thick gauge latex, Neoprene doesn't conform to every bump, tuck and fold of the body but tends to present a smooth and uniform look which is very sexy.
You can also see the 1 inch nylon strapping which is sewn to the outside of the sack. Neoprene can be easily sewn with heavy thread and special industrial sewing machines, which is how the seams are joined and the nylon strapping and D rings are attached.
Once J.P. is secured into the sack, Tim runs around the store and grabs more rope, carabiners, and some leather belts. There's nothing like having the entire store at your disposal! Tim's plan is to suspend J.P. from the overhead steel canopy of the bed. This heavy bed frame is manufactured by Dungeon Beds.
In the photos you can see how heavy the bed frame is. It's made especially for bondage, suspension and dungeon play, and it's my opinion that every playroom should have one - providing your floor will support the weight!
Ya know, there should be a law requiring everyone to turn off their cell phones before a bondage scene. Sure enough, J.P. gets a phone call in in the middle of this cool bondage demonstration. Paige (the store manager) holds the phone to his ear, and J.P. tells the person on the other end that he's "tied up right now", and will have to call them back later!
The D rings of the sleepsack aren't designed to handle the strain of suspension, so Tim has is using some heavy leather straps and bondage belts to circle around J.P.'s body, for attaching the suspension ropes to.
As Tim hoists J.P. into the air he calmly announces that "almost nobody has died from doing this". The store customers get a big laugh out of this, and so does J.P.
Wow, the Dungeon Bed is designed for some serious suspension play. In the photo above you can see two metal channels which can be pulled out over the end of the bed and used for additional tie points, or for suspension over the floor.
Once Tim has J.P. suspended in the air he decides that a few extra leather belts are needed to further distribute the weight along his body.
J.P. is now fully suspended, completely horizontal, and totally helpless. Suspension bondage provides a unique experience which is much different from lying on a horizontal surface.
Remember, with all bondage play, and especially suspension, great care must be taken to assure safety, quick release, and that the gear you are using can handle the weight. Play with bondage and suspension at your own risk., Mister-S and Dungeon Beds assume no responsibility for your actions.
Our thanks to Mister-S for supplying these cool photos, and to Tim and J.P. for a great demonstration. Mister-S encourages their customers to try out the gear, so if you're ever in San Francisco or Los Angeles make sure to stop by and test-drive a neoprene sleepsack! These sleepsacks are just as fun as SCUBA diving in a tight black rubber suit, only you don't need to be certified!