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The Art of Hogtie Bondage
A powerful scenario for those who love sensual and erotic bondage.
Introduction by Mark, photos and video by LT-Switch
18 Jan , 2006
exual vulnerability is one of the most powerful aspects of bondage, and especially with Hogtie bondage. Once the subject is restrained in this classic tie they become completely helpless and
vulnerable, unable to use their arms and legs for anything other than squirming about.
Although the Hogtie should be experienced only by subjects who are limber, flexible, in good health and not overweight, the visual impact of this tie can be enjoyed by all of us regardless of our mobility and physical condition. (poor physical health is a danger when restrained in this position)
It's been said that the Hogtie is the most popular and powerful bondage fantasy for women, so we decided to conduct an experiment to see for ourselves just how much a woman would enjoy this alluring bondage scenario. Naturally, we wanted to give our bondage subject the greatest opportunity for satisfaction, so we contacted Madame-S and borrowed one of their ultra-restrictive leather body harnesses. This harness is nothing less than the Full Monte of Latigo leather - thick straps passing intrusively between her legs and the heady scent of freshly died leather - which will lead our subject into a submissive and sensual mind space! In addition, rumors are circulating that this harness is capable of inducing spontaneous orgasms by applying pressure to intimate parts of the body. Quite obviously, once the myriad of heavy straps and buckles have been cinched tightly, the heavy leather should work its magic and produce the desired effect!
Notice how helpless and vulnerable this subject appears to be while restrained in this classic Hogtie bondage position.
Not surprising, during our Hogtie experimentation the Madame-S harness became an integral part of our research, and, as a result, we highly recommend it to our readers for this style of restraint - or any other bondage scenario you can think up.
Our bondage model was the famous KitNBoots, a delightfully kinky woman who has been featured in many articles on this web site. We wanted to provide her with the most stimulating and fantasy-like Hogtie experience, so we used a private dungeon play space located across town that she wasn't acquainted with. This allowed us to document her reactions under unfamiliar but controlled conditions.
The following photos highlight our Hogtie experiment, and a video captures the most interesting parts of our painstakingly detailed investigation. We hope that this article will open your imagination to the Art of Hogtie Bondage, and as you will see, the results of our exploration were well worth the effort we put into it. In retrospect, we could have incorporated a dildo or two (which the harness holds quite nicely) or a ball gag, but we'll save these ideas for future research. After all, scientists usually require more than one experiment to validate any particular hypothesis!
CAUTION: Hogtie bondage can be very dangerous and possibly fatal. Expect the unexpected: the subject's breathing may become impaired because their lungs may not be able to fully expand in this position, leg cramps may occur with little or no
notice, and panic is always lurking and can arise without warning.
Never leave someone alone in bondage, and always expect the unexpected. Play at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for your actions.
Let's turn down the lights so we can view these images in their original setting ...
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