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Permanent Bondage
Gear by Yossie, photos by Mark
15 Jul, 05
The world-famous handcuff collector Yossie has come up with a simple and novel idea - pick up a friend at the airport, drive off of the airport property pull off the road, open the truck of his car, and rivet a set of five-way shackles onto his guest. Done. Yossie's guest is now in permanent bondage for the duration of their stay - and possibly longer if Yossie can't find his hacksaw.
The idea of using rivets to secure shackles isn't new, as a matter of fact it's been around as long as the Blacksmiths who forged the first set of irons. However, the idea of riveting the shackles on to your slave during the drive home from the airport certainly is. What an exciting way for Yossie to welcome his guests!
This is permanent bondage indeed - or at least semi permanent. A hacksaw is required to cut the rivets - Yossie told me that cutting the rivets isn't a big deal, but I wouldn't want to be the person in the shackles when it comes time to cut them off.
The following photos show the tools that Yossie uses for this proceedure. In addition, there are some photos of Yossie's play room towards the bottom of the page.
Yossie uses a ball-pien hammer and an anvil to pound over the ends of the rivets. Aluminum rivets are easier to flatten than steel rivets, and much easier to hacksaw off.
Naturally, Yossie's prisoner is required to hold their wrist, ankle or neck down and close to the anvil while he hammers over the ends of the rivets. But Yossie says that's half the fun! The hammer and anvil ritual is an important part of being shackled, and while Yossie is pounding away his guest can fantasize about medieval dungeons, chain gangs or blacksmiths. By the way, the folded black-and-white cloth in the photo below is a striped jail suit from PX Direct. Yossie mentioned the importance of having his prisoner put the jail suit on before hammering the rivets closed, although he's having another jail suit suit made with velcro seams so it can be easily removed for washing and bathing. What a great idea!
Yossie's has more than one play room. The photo below shows his metal bondage playroom. Check out Yossie's new jail cell in the article titled Jail Cells R Us.
Yossie's web site can be accessed at