San Francisco  03:15 AM
Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Mr. Smooth   (Part 3 of 3)
This article spans three parts which can all be accessed on the Articles page.
While we were photographing Jim's leather gear, KitNBoots and her submissive Reed stopped by to pay us a visit. I had told her about Jim's homemade straitjacket and she wanted to see it for herself. This is exactly what we needed, because Jim wasn't feeling very dominated by the camera, lights, or even me. KitNBoots and Reed are officers of the smOdyssey BDSM group in San Jose, California, and have been featured on many times.
Although these photos look dramatic, we were actually having a hard time keeping a straight face. BDSM photography is a lot of fun which is why never has a problem finding models.

The photo below reminds me of a 'family portrait'. Years from now, in the future, photos similar to this will be found in family albums with captions like "Uncle Joe and aunt Lillie's visit to San Francisco, March 5, 2018".

In the photo below you can see the size of Jim's posture collar, and how massive it looks compared to KitNBoot's hand. Jim is completely helpless because his hands and arms are within the straitjacket sleeves and strapped down tightly to the front of the jacket. Jim really did a nice job on his gear, notice how nicely the straitjacket conforms to his torso.

KitNBoots asked Jim if he had also made a gag and blindfold for his hood, and naturally Jim said yes. As you can see, Jim spared no expense and effort in creating these tight-fitting accessories!

One of the thrills of bondage for both the top and bottom is when extra layers of helplessness are added to the submissive's situation. You can see the pleased and sadistic look on KitNBoots' face as she adds the gag and blindfold. Without a doubt, Jim is feeling a similar thrill.
Without a doubt, Jim's gear is certainly fantastic and inspiration to people who want to try their hand at leather working. Thanks to Jim for sharing his gear, and KitNBoots and Reed for modeling.