San Francisco  03:16 AM
Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Mr. Smooth   (Part 2 of 3)
Article by Jim, photos by Mark and LT-Switch
This article spans three parts which can all be accessed on the Articles page.
If you aren't familiar with a straitjacket, the opening for entry is in the back, not the front. Straps and buckles are used to secure the opening, and when combined with the closed ends of the sleeves these features prevent the subject from escaping on their own.
For me, part of the thrill comes when the jacket is being buckled up: all the tugging and cinching, and clinking of the metal buckles. Traditional institutional straitjackets don't usually have as many straps and hardware, but for a bondage enthusiast like me, more is better! For the inexperienced, bucking up a straitjacket can be an intimidating task, but for the staff of it's second nature.
What other web site shows you this amount of detail in the construction of bondage gear? We are lucky to have the internet at our disposal so we can share our kinky hobbies with the rest of the world.
Anyone who has experience in a straitjacket will tell you that having the crotch straps threaded between your legs and cinched tightly is always fun. The crotch straps prevent the jacket from being worked up and over the head for escape. Institutional straitjackets typically have only a single crotch strap but then they aren't made for the same fun these are.
The essence of the straitjacket's abilities are in the sleeves themselves. A heavy strap sewn to the end of one enclosed sleeve and a mating buckle on the end of the other allows the arms to be crossed over in the front of the body and pulled tightly to opposite sides of the body. The straps of the sleeves are joined and buckled together in the back, presenting the arms from being pulled apart. And since the arms are crossed over the front of the body, the bound person can't reach and loosen the buckle in back.
Whoever thought up this magnificent device surely had an appreciation for the finer aspects of kinky play. The straitjacket is intended to be a comfortable and harmless restraint device used primarily in hospital environments where patients might hurt themselves or others. The straitjacket is a very effective device, but also comfortable, erotic, and fun to experience.
Below is a great shot of the waist belt. Because of the close fit of the jacket, the belt almost feels like a waist-cincher, and also provides a place for the crotch straps to anchor and for "D" ring attachments.
Some straitjacket designs include a built-in strap located in the front that pins the arms so the arms can't be worked up and over the head. Given what I like, less movement is always more fun, so I decided to add a buckle so this strap could be cinched down tightly. I also made a pair of separate straps that could be used to confine the arms all that much more. I got the idea for these extra straps from one of the bondage programs Mark presented for the smOdyssey group.
I'm quite pleased with how well the jacket fits, it certainly has a custom look and I feel good about all the hard work I put into the various patters and fittings. For the most erotic and enjoyable time, straitjackets should fit snugly, this one looks like a second skin.
Next comes the hood. Most of the erotica I have read likes to describe hoods as fitting like a second skin. The only way to really have that kind of fit is to have one custom made - or make one yourself. Having the blindfold and gag as separate and detachable opens the possibility of adding new designs later on.
My posture collar design was based on one I had seen used by a local pro-domme. The collar is very restrictive but still comfortable, and I must admit that it turned out to be a little more severe than I had originally planned. But, what's the problem with that? I got the idea for the spikes when I was pre-assembling the collar. I was using the spikes to hold the collar together because they fasten with regular machine screws. The looked so good I decided to add them to the final design.
It took a lot of effort to make the straitjacket, hood and collar, but they did turn out to feel exactly the way I had envisioned them. For those who enjoy the process of making things, as well as being kinky, I hope this article will expand your vision of what's possible.
My new gear can be used in different combinations and with other toys I have either made or purchased. Most of my toys are sized such that they will fit a partner when I switch. Did I mention I like to switch? The real fun is using these toys with a willing play partner. For a hint of what that's like, see part-3 below.
Check out a 360 degree view of Jim in his gear as he is rotated around by the movement of your mouse.
You will need the Apple Quicktime player. If you don't already have one on your system, click HERE to download a free Quicktime player.
Click HERE to download and view the Quicktime VR file. (400KB file size)
Once the file has downloaded and you see the image of Jim in your Quicktime player, place your cursor on the image, hold down your left mouse button, and drag your cursor left and right to rotate the image.
Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out.
This article spans three parts which can all be accessed on the Articles page.