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The author describes his favorite bondage scenario: heavy bondage and secret fantasies.
Story by Mark, photos by Travis and LT Switch, modeling by Mark and Mayumi
14 May, 2003
s you may already know, some bondage scenarios seem to be more exciting and fulfilling than others. I suppose this is due to the kind of bondage gear, the bondage position, the
environment, your partner, and your mood at the time.
Over the years I have enjoyed many "favorite" bondage experiences, experiences which I like to repeat over and over again for weeks or even months at a time. However, as time passes I get bored with that particular bondage scenario, so I move on to create a new one which is fresh and different, and incorporates new gear which I might have acquired.
The bondage scenario which I am about to describe has recently developed into one of my favorites. I have been playing with this scenario for the last month or so, and I couldn't wait to share it with other bondage aficionados on the Internet!
After reviewing my writing on, you might conclude that the kind of bondage I enjoy the most usually includes latex suits and gas masks. But currently, tight-fitting latex suits combined with latex hoods and gas masks just seem to be my favorite! The truth of the matter is that enjoy many different kinds of bondage equipment and scenarios.
In this story, the author shares the fun of being restrained in serious bondage - and then indulging in his own delicious fantasies!

What will my next favorite bondage scenario be? I don't know, but I must admit that I have always fantasized about being locked in a solitary confinement jail cell, while chained to the floor - or wall. A real jail cell with cement walls would be difficult to construct in my home because it requires so much room. However, if I build a jail cell you can be sure I will write an article about it to share with the world! It seems to me that as I get older I'm attracted to heavier bondage gear and more elaborate experiences. Does anyone else experience that? Anyway, on with this article...

The following bondage scene combines two bondage stocks I built recently, metal shackles and chains, and my bondage table. This combination is very exciting because it allows a limited freedom of movement, while at the same time pinning other parts of my body firmly to the table.

Please enjoy the photos while you scroll down to the next text description.

This bondage looks as scary and intimidating as it is in real life! It's probably one of the most emotionally satisfying bondage scenes I have ever created. There's only one thing left to try with this combination of gear; I'd like to restrain a woman in the same position. I just can't seem to find a woman who owns a head-to-toe latex cat suit, and savors tight rubber hoods and gas masks!

Before I discuss any more of this bondage scene, you might like to know that this web page is split into two parts: the first part is a review of this bondage gear, and the second part (towards the bottom of the page) is a fantasy I dreamed about while I was restrained in the gear. I hope you enjoy them both!

For those who are unfamiliar, the smell and feel of the latex is really quite pleasant. It has an erotic and natural feel, cool to the skin. The latex greets you with a smooth and gentle innocence, until you zip up the back of a heavy latex hood, which engulfs your entire head and all your emotions!

The hood I'm wearing in the photos is made of a much thicker latex than the rest of the suit, and fits like a second skin to my face. For those who have not tried a latex hood, it can be very intimidating and claustrophobic at first. You might need to take time to acquaint yourself to it's confining and isolating effects. Latex doesn't "breathe" like leather or spandex - it's not porous, so your head can easily overheat (or you might think you're head is overheating). As you can see, this latex hood doesn't have a mouth opening, which is extra exciting, and intimidating!

I've found that a one-piece latex body suit (cat suit) doesn't work very well for bondage. For one thing, it never fits correctly. Unless you have a suit custom made to your measurements, it will never be very satisfying. Another problem with a one piece suite is that if it develops a tear, you might have lost the whole suit (unless it can be repaired). In addition, I like bondage that requires my arms to be restrained over my head, and I have found that a one-piece suit will sometimes tear under the arms, where the latex is stretched.

The solution to these problems is to assemble a latex suit made of separate pieces. In this bondage scene I use a latex hood with a long collar which drapes down over my neck and shoulders (called a hangman's collar), a latex shirt with long sleeves, and a latex suit that covers my legs and torso, but not my arms.

I take great care when I'm putting on my latex suit. Latex can tear very easily, so I'm careful to not stretch or tug too harshly. I've been playing with latex suits for quite some time, and I've discovered that the latex has a somewhat finite life. Latex can be washed and worn only so many times before it becomes weak, ripping with the slightest tug.

Some people will say that they get years of use out of their latex. Maybe they take better care of their latex than I do. Sometimes I will wear my latex four nights in a row and not wash it until after the fourth night, depending on the amount of use and my perspiration. So my latex gets a lot of use, and as a result, I accept the fact that it will eventually rip and need to be replaced. As far as I'm concerned, that's is just a fact about latex. Latex is expensive, so my fetish attraction to latex is not without a cost!

Some people use a thick silicone-based lubricant which makes it easier to put the latex on. But the lubricant gets on everything, including my leather bondage gear, gas mask, and even the door knobs of my house! In addition, I have an allergic reaction when I rub my eye with the lube on my hands. So, I prefer to use powder instead of the lube when putting my latex on.

In the photo below, doesn't the bondage table look fantastic? It looks like something out a science fiction movie. I feel a rush of excitement pass through my body just looking at the picture! As you can see, there are two sets of wooden stocks mounted horizontally along the black metal railings which run up and down the sides of the table. The stocks can be mounted anywhere along the railings, to accommodate people of different heights. The openings in the stocks are made to fit around my waist and ankles perfectly.

The shackle chains are attached to metal "eyes" which are also mounted to the black metal railings of the table. These eyes can be moved and mounted anywhere around the edge of the table, which is very convenient for this bondage session or any other bondage scenario you might think up. Personally, I can think up many scenarios!

The ankle stocks have two sets of holes; the inside holes are for holding the ankles closer together, and the outside holes are for holding the ankles apart. The stocks are locked closed with the biggest padlocks I could possibly buy. After all, big heavy stocks require bigger and heavier locks! As I've said many times before, the bigger and heavier the bondage gear, the more exciting the experience can be!

These stocks are made to open in the center, by hinging on each en. This is a different design than traditional stocks you might see in the movies or story books. I made them to hinge in the center because the stocks are so long that hinging on one end isn't mechanically practical.

In this bondage experiment I will have my legs spread apart, so my ankles will be in the outer holes of the ankle stocks. After careful consideration, I decided to use a pair of Fetters metal shackles and short chains to restrain my upper legs, just above my knees. In the photo below, you can see that the leg shackle chains are connected to the eyes along the side railings of the table, just below the waist stock.

In the above photo, you can see the leg shackles in the foreground, and the waist stock in the background. In the photo below, you can see the ankle stocks in the background, looking through the opening of the waist stock. (These pictures were taken on different days, which is why the hardware might be in slightly different positions in each photo)

The wrist and neck shackles are attached to metal eyes which are mounted to the top end of the table. If you look closely at the photo below, you can see that the wrist shackle chains have been padlocked to the eyes, so there is no chance for me to escape using my own hands. Also, notice that the neck shackle has metal loops welded on each side for attaching chains, which is very convenient. The Fetters people think of everything!

The Fetters shackles were purchased from Mister S, a leather bondage store in San Francisco. The shackles are usually sold with a welded chain that joins them together. I cut and removed the chain from some of my shackle sets to allow me to use the cuffs individually. These Fetters shackles can be custom ordered in any size, by requesting a specific circumference (not diameter). In the photo below, you can see the way the shackles come from Mister S with the chain joining them together, and the same shackle after I have attached my own chain. These shackles are 15 inches in circumference. The shackles don't use a conventional key, they have a screw-type lock which requires an allen hex wrench to tighten. You can see the small hex wrench attached to the silver chain in the foreground. The allen wrench is pointing toward the hole in the shackle where it is inserted to tighten the locking screw.

A safety note; I have attached small silver chains to all the individual keys for my gear. Each silver chain has a clip on the end, so the chains can be attached together, or attached to the gear, or attached to my belt. This prevents the keys from being lost, and makes them easy find in a hurry.

As you can probably imagine, the combination of the heavy stocks and the metal shackles create quite a thrill for the person who is lucky enough to be restrained within them! In the two consecutive photos below, the first photo shows the shackles lying on the table by themselves, and the second photo shows the same shackles restraining me. Very exciting, don't you think? Once I have been restrained in this gear, I experience nothing less than complete euphoria!

The chains of the wrist shackles are rather short, and although I can move my hands and arms, the chains do not allow me to touch or reach anything, including the chains attached to my neck shackle. The small amount of slack allows me to change the position of my arms and shoulders, which prevents shoulder fatigue and allowing me to stay in the bondage for a longer period of time.

Can you imagine the feeling of the shackles locked snugly around your wrists, and the sound of the chains clanking as you tug helplessly against them? Metal bondage is so definite and unforgiving. It does it's job quite well!

I can tug and jerk against the wrist shackles, but the chains feels like they jerk back with their own force. There is absolutely no arguing with the chains and their immobility; the feeling of helplessness is very thrilling indeed. The heavy rubber gloves protect my wrists from the harsh metal of the shackles, and create a sense of total rubber enclosure from the outside world. I can't feel my own fingers or hands through the gloves, they seem to add to my feelings of isolation.

As you can imagine, even if I had the key to the padlocks which hold the wrist shackle chains to the table, my thick rubber gloves and clumsiness would prevent me from opening the padlocks with only one hand. Not to mention, the neck shackle makes it almost impossible for me to turn my head far enough to see the locks! Obviously, escape is not an option in this bondage scenario.

The neck shackle also makes it impossible for me to rub the gas mask against my arms, which might allow me to dislodge the mask from my face. There is no way out of this bondage predicament, and I'm forced to wear the gas mask whether I like it or not!

As you can see, the neck shackle fits quite snugly. It's a constant reminder that if I struggle too violently I could choke myself. In the photos below, you can see that I can only raise my head a fraction before the neck shackle chains reach their limit. Whoever created this bizarre medley of bondage was cruel and exceptionally fiendish.

I struggle and jerk against the shackles, testing their strength and my physical limits. Once I explore my bondage and range of motion, I begin to feel cuddled and completely satisfied. There is no escape. I then begin to experience a strange thrill and emotional peace.

What have I done to deserve this? What kind of bizarre treatment calls for restraining me in this extreme and frightening bondage? Will I be let free, or will I be forced to stay this way indefinitely? Does anyone know I'm here? The ear plugs and thick latex hood make it impossible for me to hear any sounds, and the gas mask muffles my voice so I can't call for help. Oops... I guess I forgot to mention the ear plugs... and the dildo which is held firmly inside me by the tight latex suit.

In the photos below you can see that the stocks hold my torso quite firmly. The stocks are custom built to my exact waist measurements, and feel quite snug. The heavy padlocks prevent the stocks from being opened by "unauthorized personnel".

My ankles are caught within the outer holes of the ankle stocks, which hold my legs apart and make me feel quite vulnerable. The tall leather boots help protect my ankles from the harsh grip of the stocks, and provide a further feeling of heavy bondage.

The shackles around my legs grip my boots tightly, there is no give to them whatsoever. The short length of chain to the shackles allows my legs to lie comfortably, but whenever I move my legs (to struggle or prevent fatigue) I am reminded of their limited mobility.

I drift in and out of twilight consciousness, wandering through my erotic dreams and fantasies, and eventually forgetting I'm enclosed in this strict bondage. I return to reality occasionally, with a jerk of raw fear and near panic as I am reminded about my bizarre bondage predicament and extreme helplessness.

My breathing is slightly restricted, due to inhaling through the air filter at the end of the gas mask hose. The odor of rubber inside the mask is thick and pungent, and there is no escape from it's intoxicating aroma. I can only lie back and and enjoy the bizarre sensations and emotions that come with this type of extreme bondage experience.

Before I share a wonderful fantasy with you, I would like to pass along a few thoughts about bondage safety, and the fiction story you are about to read. As you may have noticed already, I love to describe intense bondage, and I love to
embellish my descriptions with words that make the bondage sound exciting, erotic, romantic and frightening. In fact, bondage is erotic and romantic to me. But this kind of bondage is also quite dangerous, and should never be done without lots of prior bondage experience. And, it should never be done alone.
Latex suits, and especially the thick latex hood and gas mask you see in these photos, can easily allow your head and body to overheat. Sexual excitement, quick breathing, struggling, helplessness, and body heat are all dangerous ingredients when combined, not to mention unforeseen technical difficulties that could arise with the gas mask air valves and it's air supply hose. Reactions of claustrophobia and panic can be much closer to you than you probably think.
The emotional attraction to this kind of bondage, combined with sexual excitement, can impede one's ability to make rational safety evaluations and decisions before and during the scene. Once the shackles are closed and the chains are locked, the reality of one's bondage predicament can be frightening and completely overwhelming. If the key is dropped, or a cramp develops in your leg or arm, within a matter of a few seconds the experience can change from pure enjoyment to overwhelming anxiety or uncontrolled fight-or-flight panic. The problem is that the chains, shackles and gas mask are very real, and they don't give way simply because you want out. This stark realization will generate more anxiety or panic, which is a vicious circle you can't escape from, and will endanger your own safety.
Be thoughtful and extremely careful with any kind of bondage play. Expect the unexpected. Never play by yourself, and never be left alone in bondage even if it's for a short period of time. And if you play, do so at your own risk.

As I lie in my helpless state of bliss, I fantasize about a partner... a partner who shares my obsession and craving for intense bondage. Both she and I are all to familiar with the rush of excitement we experience as we negotiate which one of us will be tied up for the evening...

So, tonight, my partner has put me in bondage before enjoying a relaxing evening bath. She loves to keep me helplessly bound, forcing me to wait patiently for any attention she might care to share with me.

After being left alone in the stocks and shackles for what seems like hours, she enters the room, wearing only a delicate red slip and tight black leather boots. She leans over and looks into my eyes through the lenses of my gas-mask. She pauses, then climbs onto the bondage table and straddles my latex covered chest. I look up at her as I tug helplessly against the metal shackles which hold my wrists securely at a distance from her body. Her eyes close as she places her hand between her legs... Ever so slowly her body starts to rock forward and back as her naked thighs grip tightly around my latex-covered torso.

She moves slowly to her own internal rhythmic pulse, as she leans her head back and inhales the room's heavy aroma of leather and latex. I can feel her tension building. With one hand clenching my forearm for support and the other hand deep within her sex, we both feel the waves of sexual energy flowing up and down her body. Without the slightest interruption of her own pleasure, she moves her hand away from my forearm and reaches behind herself to the zipper of my latex pouch. Effortlessly, she unzips the pouch and draws my hard shaft from it's cozy home. I moan into my gas-mask as her warm hand slides up and down my shaft, feeling it's firm length and readiness.

She opens her eyes and looks down at me, I stare back, seeing the fire building in her soul. Every time I'm helplessly bound and under her control she rises to a feverish sexual excitement, and this time is no exception. As her sexual passion nears it's climax, she sits up, and quickly moves off my chest. Climbing over the heavy stocks around my waist, she manages to straddle my pelvis and guide my cock into her hot wet sex.

She lifts her legs back over the stocks and mounts the heels of her leather boots under my arms for stability. She then leans back, allowing my cock to deeply penetrate her body.

The lenses of gas-mask fog. My torso is pinned to the bondage table, there is no way for me to control the gratification of our union. She savors my helpless predicament. She had planed my bondage to be as stringent as possible to limit any control I would have during our sexual encounter. She loves to exert control her over my emotions and sexual gratification. As she reaches climax, the bondage table starts to shake and rattle. The sound of clanking chains and a woman's animal urges fill the room. I am building to my own climax, breathing hard and deep into my rubber mask.

She comes hard and full... bending over the stocks and resting her forehead on my latex-covered chest. She moans in pleasure, turning her head from side to side. Her eyes are tightly shut as she rides my torso like a wild stallion. Her body pulses with energy and withers with relief as waves of sexual explosions pass through her. Her enjoyment engulfs us both, our souls touch and stand side by side in the ether of sexual space and time. No beginning, and no end. Acting out our secret unfettered fantasies and dark desires, made real by willing and trusting partners.

I am only moments from my own sexual climax when she lifts her body abruptly from my pelvis, allowing my shaft to slip out from the depths of her body. I freeze and my breathing stops for the longest time. She crawls up and over the stocks, and sits again on my chest. She leans over and peers into my eyes. I'm in a daze, stunned by the sudden change in intimacy. She leans over, where her lips whisper into my latex covered ear "this is for my pleasure, not yours".

With that, she slides her hand up the long latex glove covering my arm, and clinches her fingers around mine. I feel a twinge of sadness and loneliness. I could imagine the feeing of her delicate warm hand through the thickness of my rubber gloves. She loved the feeling of emotional closeness and physical distance - the mirage of intimacy - stifled by the harsh reality of discipline and severe bondage. She knew that I was feeling small and powerless - but that's exactly the way she had planned it. It was indeed her pleasure, and not mine.

She sat up, reached back, and slid my hard cock back into it's warm latex pouch, and zipped up the opening. I was feeling very helplessness and lonely. The distance which the bondage created between us seemed overwhelming. But these were tools of her own pleasure. They were ruthlessly harsh in their duties.

She placed her hands on each side of my rubberized cheeks. Then, bending down, she gently kissed my rubber forehead. I tugged helplessly at the shackles which secured my wrists. I struggled, but my body barely moved within it's bondage. She smiled, knowing that I could sense what was coming next. She lifted her legs up and over my outstretched arms, and with a quick sweeping motion of her body, she positioned herself over my rubber-covered face.

I found myself peering into her wet mound. She put her hands on the sides of my face as her pelvis rocked back and forth in front of my eyes.Then, in a firm posture and voice she announced "I will release you in the morning... please don't try to escape, you know you can't, and you will just exhaust yourself if you try".

With that, she slid her hand into mine and squeezed my palm through the heavy rubber glove. This was her way of saying "good night". She climbed off the table, and without looking back she turned off the light and closed the door. This was going to be a long and lonely night.

Click HERE for information about the author Mark.

Equipment List:
Latex hood - Cocoon
Fetters metal shackles and metal collar, latex shirt and suit, gas mask, boots - Mister S
Rubber gloves - Purple Passion
Gas mask hose - Studio Gum
Large keyed-alike locks - local hardware store
Metal eyes for attachment points around table - local marine supply store
Bondage table and stocks - home made
Black metal strip around perimeter of table - local machine shop, custom made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!