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Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Imagine a university where you could attend classes and earn a 'Certificate of Bondology'.
Story and photos by Mark, Travis, Darren
10 Oct, 2002

t was Friday evening, September 27th, 2002, when I hosted one of my most memorable bondage parties. This particular day was one week before the famous San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, so there were many leather people in town including Doctor Mad Max of Maxcita. I had invited Max to my party and since

he doesn't travel to San Francisco very often, this was a special occasion indeed.
And what a party. Forty of my friends showed up for an evening of bondage and latex exploration. Some friends brought their own toys; others came specifically to meet Max and see some of his unique gear. The energy and excitement lasted all evening, with eye-popping fun that only kinky people could appreciate.
Max brought a lot of gear, including a translucent bondage bag, molded latex gas-mask hood, a custom Vac-Rack, latex straitjacket, and an unusual latex sweatshirt with attached hood. I don't know what else to call the garment, but it was certainly a popular during the party.
Max is an interesting guy. He is very knowledgeable about bondage and restraint, and has been playing for years. His web site caters to people who enjoy heavy bondage, and to magicians and escape-artists who use bondage as part of their acts.
A party guest explores the breathing hole in a Maxcita latex hood.
One of the first pieces of gear Max showed us was his translucent latex Sleep Sack with attached hood. If you aren't familiar with Sleep Sacks, let me first tell you that they are escape-proof. The secret lies with the internal "arm sleeves" that are attached to the inside of the bag on each side of your body.
Entering the Sleep Sack is done from the rear; there's a long heavy zipper on the back of the bag that runs from the ankles all the way to the top of the head. As you enter the bag, you slip your arms into the internal sleeves on each side. As the bag is pulled up around your shoulders your arms slip further down into the sleeves. Once the latex hood is pulled over your head and the rear zipper is closed, your arms are held tightly at your sides. The internal sleeves are closed on the ends, so as you might imagine, your fingers are absolutely useless.
Doctor Mad Max (left)
This Sleep sack is unique because the hood is attached to the sack. Max manufactures Sleep Sacks in white institutional canvas, and black or transparent latex. With all Sleep Sacks, as soon as the subject's arms are slipped into the internal sleeves, there suddenly becomes no possibility of escape.
Max explained that the body of the Sack is made of a much thicker gauge rubber than the hood. This allows the bag to withstand struggling and minor abuse. The hood is made of a much lighter gauge rubber which helps to prevent face and jaw fatigue.
The lighter gauge of rubber will easily stretch and conform to the shape of a your head whereas the thicker latex requires more force to stretch, therefore leading to quicker facial fatigue. You can see the two different shades of the hood and torso latex in the photos above.
I prefer the scary and intimidating color of black latex to translucent: Max said that he can supply either. Cool!
The next piece of gear for us to see was Max's white canvas straitjacket. Max didn't have one with him, but my friend Travis owns a lot of Max's gear and brought a straitjacket for Max to show. As I mentioned above, besides latex, Max also manufactures bondage gear in "institutional" canvas. In the following photos you can see that it wasn't long before we had an innocent party guest strapped into the straitjacket and suspended from overhead bolts in my kitchen ceiling.
My friend Travis used long leather Humane Restraint straps to hoist this poor guest's ankles up and off the floor. A blindfold and gag were then added to increase his helplessness. It's my feeling that given enough bondage equipment, anything can be accomplished.
I have found that bolts in the ceiling are necessary if you want to play with suspension during a bondage party. The third photo from the left (above) shows the three suspension bolts in the overhead cross beam. The center bolt is handy for attaching a chain to the top of a hood, which you will see in photos further down this page.
Similar to the straitjacket you see in the photos, professional 'institutional restraints' are made of white canvas and used in hospitals and mental wards. Canvas is very durable and easy to wash. These types of restraints are also manufactured in leather or latex but are usually much more expensive than canvas. I guess it just depends on what turns you on.
In this set of photos you can see my bondage chair which I had setup for the party. Earlier in the evening when Max first arrived we strapped him in the chair, which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that.
However, it wasn't long before another party guest dressed in black latex asked to be strapped into the chair. Clearly, this man liked heavy latex and bondage. Both he and his girlfriend enjoyed the experience - she kept smiling, laughing and holding his hand during the entire time he was restrained in the chair. When I first built this chair, I never dreamed it would get so much use. There seems to be no lack of volunteers who want to try this unusual piece of furniture..
The chair creates quite an unusual experience for the person who's restrained. You are seated - like you would be in any normal chair - only you can't move. your predicament is enhanced when other people are present in the room. It's common to be seated while others are standing, but in this case you are restrained as if you are being punished or interrogated. You have feelings of extreme helplessness as the people walk around you, making jokes about you, or just staring. You can't run and hide, you are forced to sit there and be a topic of conversation.
As the evening progressed, Max brought out another one of his creations. It reminded me of a sweatshirt. Max was at a loss as well so he called it a latex 'pajama'. He said it was designed specifically people who wanted to sleep in latex. It's a garment they could get in to and out of without help.
The garment was basically a long latex shirt, with long sleeves and closed mitts at the ends for each hand, and an attached hood with no eye holes. The mitts allow room for the hands and fingers to move, but not much more than than that. The attached hood fits snugly around the head and has nose and mouth openings only. In addition, a small rubber skin-diving snorkel mouthpiece is built into the hood for breathing, which allows the wearer to relax or sleep without losing track of where the mouth opening is.

This is a fantastic idea because full face rubber hoods can easily slip around on your face and end up with the nose holes no longer aligned with your nose. This can hinder or block your breathing which could be a problem if you are sleeping. In the left photo you can see the oval opening of the snorkel mouth piece.

A long zipper runs the length of the back of the garment from the bottom of the shirt to the top of the head. The hood fits nice and snug, whereas the body of the shirt is somewhat loose. As soon as Max showed us his latex pajama we had a volunteer, and as soon as we had her zipped into the pajama I ran into the next room to get more gear.

I returned with a wide leather posture collar and buckled it snugly around her neck. As you can see, the collar fit perfectly and enhanced the look of the faceless black hood.
Next, I slipped a pair of wide leather cuffs around her wrists which sealed her hands inside the latex mitts. Then, with a long and narrow leather strap I pulled her cuffs to opposite sides of her body, straitjacket style, with the strap running behind her back.
To complete the pajama bondage, we secured the woman's ankles to each side of a padded bondage platform which was set up in my living room. To everyone's delight she remained in this unique bondage the rest of the evening, prompting lots of attention and conversation among the party guests. This garment turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of gear, I wish I would have purchased it from Max before he left.
While we were playing with latex pajamas, Travis found a new volunteer who had become mesmerized by the allure of the soft white canvas straitjacket. This always happens as people become less intimidated and loosen up a little.
It didn't take long for her to be strapped into the straitjacket. Her short skirt was pulled up around her thighs by the two crotch straps of the straitjacket. These straps help support the torso when the jacket is suspended from overhead and also prevent the jacket from being pulled up and over the her head as a means of escape.
Once she was in the jacket and hood we were surprised by her continuous laughter and giggling! I suggested that we get on the phone and call the men in white jackets to come take her away, but wait - I guess that's us!
To squelch her uncontrolled giggling, Travis decided to hoist her ankles up off the floor and attach the top of her hood to a chain from the ceiling. This
idea proved rather unsuccessful however, and matters only got worse when she started to swing back and fourth and sing 'rock-a-by-baby'. Unbelievable.
Back in the living room the latex bondage scene was heating up again. We had another volunteer for Max's translucent bondage bag - this time a woman who proved to be just as crazy as the one in the straitjacket! Max zipped her into the bag as we stood and watched.
"Are you okay?" Max enquired. Moments passed with no response. Then, without warning, she stuck her tongue through the small breathing hole and wiggled it up and down!
There's only one thing to do when this happens - add more bondage! As you can see, we added some leather straps and a single leg binder. Take that!
As you can see, we were having a lot of fun trying Max's gear. In all the excitement I forgot to photograph some of his other equipment which included a heavy latex straitjacket and a unique custom-made Vac-Rack. However, we did shoot some cool photos a molded latex hood and gas-mask which Max had brought especially for me. No sooner had Max pulled the hood from his bag I got really excited and wanted to try it out with my bondage chair (below).

I wasted no time in slipping into my latex suit and tall leather boots. Travis grabbed my digital camera, and one of the guests volunteered to lace me into the hood and strap me into the chair. This turned out to be the same woman who was going crazy while suspended in the canvas straitjacket and hood. I think she was having a really good time.

After lacing up my hood, she proceeded to work her way around the chair, tightening the straps with a confidence I had never seen before. As you can see, buckling all the restraints was a fairly lengthy process and lots of work. The chair has 19 sets of straps and buckles which can be adjusted for optimum comfort - and maximum restraint!
Wait. I take that back. There's 21 straps if you count the straps which are holding my feet to the floor. With both my feet and the chair attached to the floor, there is absolutely no way to move or make trouble.

It was very exciting to be inside Max's molded latex hood. It fit like a glove. For those who are not familiar with latex manufacturing, there are two methods used to make latex hoods. One method is to cut sheet latex from patterns, and glue the seams together. This is the conventional latex manufacturing approach, and was used to make the black latex hood in the bondage chair photos at the top of this page.

The second method is to dip a template into liquid latex, let it dry, and then dip it again. The latex molds to the form of the template, and each time it's dipped the latex coating gets thicker and thicker. To make this gas-mask hood, Max attached a gas-mask to a plastic head model and dipped the entire thing into liquid latex. As you can see in the photos, the hood has no seams, and conforms around the features of the gas mask. Pretty cool, eh? Compare the photos of this molded hood with the glued-seam hood in the bondage chair photos above.
The experience of being restrained in my bondage chair while wearing full latex and Max's hood was just as exciting as it looks. The feeling of erotic helplessness was out of this world.
All in all, the party was a success and everyone had a good time. The gear that Max had brought with him had provided a fun and unique experience for everyone.
Before the party was over, I presented Max with an honorary certificate from the Bondage University, which you can see below. Pretty cool, eh?
Check out Max's web site at
Click HERE for information about the author Mark
Equipment List:
Scene-1: Translucent latex bondage bag - Maxcita
Scene-2: Canvas straitjacket - Maxcita, blindfold and gag - Mister S
Scene-3: Latex body suit - Mister S, latex hood - Cocoon, bondage chair - home made
Scene-4: Latex pajama - Maxcita, leather posture collar - Mister S, leather cuffs - home made
Scene-5: Canvas straitjacket and hood - Maxcita, tan leather straps - Humane Restraint
Scene-6: Translucent latex bondage bag - Maxcita, leather straps - Mister S, leather leg sack - David Menkes Leather
Scene-7: Molded latex gasmask and hood - Maxcita, latex body suit and tall leather boots - Mister S, rubber gloves - Purple Passion, bondage chair - home made
* When purchasing gear from these businesses, please mention that you saw their products featured on! Thank you!